My bf fucked me so good last night

Last night my boyfriend fucked me so good. I (23F) love rough sex and my bf (23M) is more into romantic side. But last night we got home late from my friends baby’s birthday party. We got home and I was really feeling into it so we both changed and I just stayed in my … Read more

F missing me being on vacay MF

Anne knew she was hooked from the first time at the Tim’s. What sucked was that I was going away on vacation with some buddies for a week and we had had sex twice more since then. Anne met up with me the night before to get a bite to eat. Naturally, we ended up … Read more

I cheated on my bf and it turned him on.

When my boyfriend and I first started seeing each other, I was still having sneaky links with other men. He was known to fuck around with random girls and I thought at the time, our relationship wasnt serious. My bf and I were working nightshifts for different companies. There was a 2-day get together for … Read more

Take a Walk with Me

The weather is phenomenal. There is a small trail between our houses. We decide to finally meet for the first time, we will take a walk towards each other on the trail and meet somewhere in the middle. We don’t know what each other look like so we agree to a sign before we go… … Read more

A Dream cum true (22m with late 30s man)

A dream cum true(22m) This is a fantasy I often think about when pleasuring myself late at night. I had just gotten off work and decided to try a bar down the street from the office I was interning at over the winter. It had been over a month being away from home and I … Read more

The Agreement pt 4

Amy stood in front of Frank’s desk with her hands cuffed together, held above her head, pulling her up. Her legs were attached to a spreader bar keeping them wide open. All she was wearing was a pair of high heels. She’d never felt so helpless or exposed in her life. And, if she was … Read more

The good wife. 28

In the last part: Anny advises Kate and Lisa about poly relationships and orgies. Monday came, as usual, it’s hard to get back on my feet after a long weekend of family quality time with my husband and sister wife. Right before noon my office door opened, Kate and Lisa walked in. I’m used to … Read more