Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

I remember as it was yesterday. Since my mom had decided to let me live and dress as Paula a woman. It was a nice spring day and I just got my driver license and went for a ride. Well I was dress as Paula as I did always but today I had juta mini skirt on and spaghetti strap short on with pink bra and thong.

Well I had drove up the old back road when my car decided to start acting up. Well I pulled over and turned it off. Since I was in middle of nowhere I knew that nobody else ever travels that road. So I thought I’d just let the car sit a while.

I seen a apple tree and went to sit under it on blanket I took out of my car. Well I was sitting there running my long painted finger nails on my smooth tan legs.  I even checked my makeup and lipstick. I had been there for a few minutes .

Well I was thinking about sexual stuff I had even removed my thong and was rubbing my gurly-boi-pussi hole. Then I heard something in the woods near me. I quickly removed my hand and pull down my skirt. Just then a horse came out.

I looked around and saw nobody just the horse. I thought to myself he must have gotten out of his pen. It  came over to me and he was very happy to see a person. So I got up petted him he was eating apples off the tree. I sat down for a few minutes and waited to see if someone showed up. Well I couldn’t help but notice that his big cock was hanging out. I just could not stop looking at it.

As I looked at him and his dick I remembered seeing a porno movie with a girl and horse. So I stood up and walked back over by him. I started to pet him and moving my hand down towards his belly.  I knew by then he was very gentle . So I started to feeling his big cock . It was heavy and smooth and thick it was I couldn’t even get my hand around it. So I stood there playing with it and he seemed to like it a lot. Well after a few minutes I was getting tired of standing there.

I let go of him and decided to go sit down on my blanket. I couldn’t believe it when I sat down he walked over to the blanket over top over me. I said ok you like that. So I reached up since he was over top of me . The more I played with it the horny I got. Well it was not long before I was on my knees with both hands on it. Then I started to lick and kiss his cock. I licked the tip of it and taken as much as I could in my mouth my lipstick lips were stretched and mouth open as wide as it could.

Well I suck for a few minutes and I wanted it in my gurly-boi-pussi hole. So I looked around for a place to get up on . Well I seen a old metal table. I was at the point I didn’t care about if someone else saw me. I took my shirt and mini skirts off so I only had my bra and silicone breast on. I grabbed the blanket and lubricated my gurly-boi-pussi hole good and went over to the table an put my blanket over the top of it.

Well I laid down on the he stood beside it I positioned myself and grabbed his cock and holding it start to push it against my gurly-boi-pussi hole. It took a bit of effort to get it in my gurly-boi-pussi ass but I did I knew it was stretched out more than a beer can is around.

I took as much as I could get into me I worked my hips fast and hard I just loving it and then after a good while he shot had to be a gallon of creamy hot load deep inside of me was run out around his cock into the blanket. I was to exhausted to remove. But when I did finally and stand up his cum ran out of me like a river covering my thighs and legs.

Well my gurly-boi-pussi hole was gapping open and all stretched out. I went over to my car to look at the time. I figured that he would just walk around and leave but he fallowed me. So I walked back to get my shirt and mini skirt and thong. Well when I bent over to pick them up he bumped me with his nose. I stood up and went back to the car to put those things in there and he was behind me.

I looked the time and thought about it for a few minutes remembering that my mom was going to gone. Then I remembered that about a mile or so up the road was a old abandon house and barn. So I went got the cum soaked blanket and put it in the car.

I tried the car and it started hoping for him to fallow me. I drove slowly and he was well I pulled down on the driveway so far till I could go any more. The place was over grown and nobody had been there or could see my car.

Well since my breast were glued on and could not get off without special stuff and I had used industrial strength super glue to glue myself down to look like a woman’s virgia I took my bra off so I was completely nude except for my heels I had on.

Well I didn’t know if the barn was still standing but the house was falling down. I got to the barn and was still there. I opened the door and saw that it was pretty good shape. He was like right behind me. I found some old hay bales and stacking up like a bed or bench. I put the blanket over them. I was bend over and nudge me.

I said ok to him and got on the hay bales. He walked over top of me which I felt his big black and pink horse cock on my gurly-boi-pussi ass cheeks. I didn’t even hesitate to reach back and shove it in my gurly-boi-pussi hole. Since I was already gapping loose it was easy to get in. I don’t know how much I had in me but it was more than before felt like it was in my stomach. I didn’t care it felt so good I rocked back forth on my hand and knees for a few minutes before I took it out. He hadn’t cum in my gurly-boi-pussi I was so happy about that.

I turned around and laid down on my back so I could open my mouth and took as much as I could get into my mouth. I wanted him to cum . Well I had massage his big shaft with my hands finally he came well I swallowed as much as I could of his hot thick creamy white load . It was on my face and I made sure that he shot all over my chest and stomach and neck. After I swallowed what I had in my mouth. I took his cock back in my mouth and started rubbing his load all over my body.

After a few minutes of me rubbing it in my body. I got back on my knees and hand shoved his cock back in my gurly-boi-pussi hole. I had know ideal how long it was in me but it was a couple of hours and he came in me a couple of times but I never had his cock out of me during the whole time.

Well it was getting dark out I needed to go but not before I fucked the hell out of my gurly boi pussy hard. I got up not even caring about how sticky an cum covered I was.

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