Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

The machine is relentless. Grinding my clitoris over and over, making me buck and squirm in my restraints, each sound I make brings the bright lights and another expose of me showing my pleasure. The hours pass as I sleep maybe 10 or 15 minutes at a time before I awaken, moaning, or screaming out to one degree or another. Each time the light comes on and I am surely displayed to all watching.

“Lean forward cum slut”, I hear Keith command of me.

I look up through my sleep deprived eyes and he is standing with his cock hanging out for me to please. I take him into my mouth and am surprised how fresh he tastes. I swallow him deep into my throat and am grateful for the spittle that comes into my mouth as I gag on his shaft.

After about 15 minutes he pulls out and dumps his load into the stein the guys had been filling with cum last night. Smiling, he reaches into the cage and turns off the sybian. Unshackling me, he then opens the cage and tells me to crawl out. Once I am out of the cage I look around the room trying to get some bearings as to where I am. I see several other machines with dildo attachments scattered about the room. “Yes slut, this is the Play Room”, he smirks at me. “Come the boys will be wanting breakfast.”

My head hurts. Hangover!! Ohhhh no wonder I like getting high. I crawl on my hands and knees and follow him to the kitchen.

“We will all have bacon and eggs with hashbrowns, toast and coffee. You will have a bloody mary and then some bacon to deal with your hangover.”

As I busy myself in the kitchen the boys all show up at the breakfast table. It is then that I realize I am completely naked. Continuing with my tasks at hand, I start to feel better as the vodka in the drink and a few slices of bacon get into my system.

Rodney yells at me, “Coffee you lil cock gobbler.”

Quickly I grab 5 cups and the pot of coffee and serve the guys. Each one of them grabs my pussy or a breast and makes comments on how great it was to be one of the first guys to fuck me.

James says to Keith, “So was she a natural cock whore?”

“Oh yes she was quite good the very first time she sucked me. After about three months and hundreds of face slaps she was acceptable in her role as cock hound.”

“Well she is good at it for sure”, says another.

They all laugh and continue to critique the virgin cunt they violated last night. As I serve them breakfast it is more of the same. Slapping my ass, grabbing my breasts, slapping, fingering and grabbing my pussy

Once everyone is served and enjoying breakfast, James says I can have some breakfast too. He directs me to get my stein and get to sucking cock under the table so I can work on filling the stein. I start with him and go from one cock to the next till everyone has made a great addition to the cause. Rodney and Mark both request seconds and I oblige. Once the last of them has left the table I crawl out, clear the table and wash the dishes. When I walk into the living room they are all smoking pot and watching college football.

“More coffee”, Mark barks at me and I go to fetch the coffee pot. Refilling their cups I retreat to make more coffee.

When I return to the living room Keith says, “Lie on the coffee table slut.”

I quickly do as I am told hoping to get fucked at least once more before they tire of me.

“The stien is in need of many more donations”, James says. “Might want to get some help.”

Keith smirks, “All ready on that. Got the rest of the team coming over for a group blow and dump to fill her cup.”

“Awesome!”, exclaims Ryan.

Oh my. I am going to have about 30 cocks to suck today. Wow a girl who loves to suck cock like me would surely feel like she has won the lottery. As I lie there sucking these 5 wonderful men as they require, I am all tinglie at the thought of thirty cocks at once. I am brought out of my bliss when Keith says, “Ashleigh is on the phone.”

I just stare at him… what am I to say to her. He smirks and says to Ashleigh, “Selena is busy, for the next few days.” I can’t hear her side of the conversation but he says, “No I would never let anything happen to her. She has been smiling since her third tequila shot.” Again I can’t hear her side but he says, “Besides sis you aren’t old enough to come to a bar. I’ll tell her. Bye.”

The doorbell rings and there is a large comotion and the front door. Twenty six more guys are suddenly in the condo and the alcohol starts to flow. Pot, coke and ecstasy begin to circle and get offered. It doesn’t take long before I am nicely buzzed and surprisingly horny. No cloths and 31 guys all there to get blowjobs can make a cum guzzling slut like me very happy.

Keith is the first to start fucking my throat. Hard and deep he strokes in and out of my mouth, my throat. Everyone watches, cheers, encourages and taunts him.

“You are all welcome to enjoy endless knobgobblings from the slut, just make sure you cum in this stein”, he says as he shows everyone the stein.

It is three in the afternoon by the time the last of the 26 new guys has left. My stein is now almost half full and the guys are ordering dinner. Ryan says, “Ordering early dinner will allow for evening delivery so you can thank at least two more delivery guys.” He laughs at me as he looks at me with wanting eyes. “Suck it whore, I want to make a donation.”

I throat him deep, his ball sac slapping into my forehead as he goes hilt deep with every stroke. “Ahhhh”, he growls as he pulls out of my throat and jerks himself into the stein. “Almost made me feed you cunt.”

“What?”, says Keith.

“Slut tried to get a preview of some cum.”

“Is that so?”, says Keith. “You want to swallow some cum bitch?”, he asks me, an evil grin on his face.

“I just want to make you all happy”, I proclaim.

The doorbell rings and Keith brings the delivery guy to me. “Feed this whore your spunk and we’ll give you $200 for her pleasure.”

The poor guy almost faints, then whips out his already rigid cock, “Anything to please the customer.”

Twelve minutes later he is $200 richer and I have finally gotten something moist down my throat.

The boys eat and continue to throat me, as they continue to cum into the stein.

Keith asks me if my mouth or jaw are getting tired. When I say yes he leaves the room and returns with a deep throat O gag. He places the round ring in my mouth forcing it wide open and ready to take any cock placed into my mouth. Securing it behind my head he laughs as he gazes down upon me. He gets this very evil smirk on his lips and says, “So you like to smoke rock?”

“Yes”, I gurgle through the O ring in my mouth.

“Blue pills for all?”, he asks the boys. They all say yes and Keith fetches all of them a little blue pill. I am giving a few rock hits and an ecstacy tablet. Anything but alcohol again, thank goodness. I have always like getting high. Since the first time I smoked weed.

It doesn’t take long before I am being fed very hard cock again. I greedily swallow them down my throat, stroking their shafts, and massaging their balls. The guys chat about sports and make nasty disgusting comments about me. I am so turned on by all the sexuality in the room. Suddenly there is someone slapping their cock on my pelvis. Straining my eyes downward, I see Keith standing between my legs. His cock is so rigid it looks fearsome. “On all fours, time to fuck you.” It sounds so cold. So threatening. So intoxicating, my pussy swells and drips instantly.

I spin over onto all four and beg him to fuck my pussy. They others I notice are all just as hard from the pills and I feel alive. My body is an electric storm that’s got every nerve in my sexual stimulation endings exploding.

Keith starts slapping his cock on my lower back, then he fairly forcefully runs the head of his cock over my cunt. Ohhhh I am so eager for him to ram that into me.

“Your hole is so wet cunt. Have we already made you a cock crazed fuckable cum slut?”, he growls at me.

The edge in his voice makes me shimmer inside as all I can think of is his cock ramming my puss. I try to shift my hips so my cunt will find his cock. He laughs at this attempt and slaps my ass, each cheek three times. I feel them redden. Then like the night before, he plows me to the hilt as hard and as fast as he can, holding it as he pulls my head back with my hair. Growling in his throat he just holds me there for 20 or 30 seconds then he pushes me back to all fours and violently slams his very rigid cock into me over and over and over . Then the others start to take advantage of the O ring in my mouth. While Keith fucks me like the slut i am becoming, the others take turns at my throat. The effects from the pill keep them rock hard and ready to never stop. Then Keith starts to moan and pulls out and smirks and it kills to to not know what he thinks most of the time.

“Next”, he offers me to the boys.

Ryan steps behind me. He slaps my pussy very hard. Ohhh the electric shot that travels through me to my brain. He slaps my ass randomly and my cunt every so often. Without warning he has drilled his cock into my hole and he is pulling me hard back to him by my hips as he strokes and strokes my pussy. Keith is now giving me my first taste of myself today. He watches my face as i taste his cock, taste myself on him. It is a little different from the very first taste I had however that was a lot of sex ago. Why didn’t he offer me a shower. I push those thoughts out and concentrate on the taste in my mouth, but the electric explosions in my cunt as Ryan fucks me are the only thing I really care about right now. He pounds away at my pussy and finally rips himself from me. Slapping my pussy really hard so I yelp he comes to give me another taste of myself. This goes on for some time as they all take turns fucking my cunt and throat. Occasionally, taking time to give me juice and offering drugs.

I snap out of a restful nap? Sleep? I am tied in a chair that’s tilted at a forty five degree angle. My hands are restained above my head my ankles are secured beneath the chair and my knees are spread wide and restrained by leather straps to keep them spread. I still have the O ring in my mouth. The most interesting thing is the dildo attached to some device that is pointed right at my pussy. I look around the room and realise I am in the play room. Again it is all dark and I wonder if I make noise will a light come on. I clear my throat and poof, there is light.

A few moments later I hear the door unlock. In steps Keith and Rodney. Rodney moves a high stool in front of me and starts to fuck my throat. Keith starts to tell me how I fell asleep while sucking his cock so he was just finishing what I started. He tells me how they just hung my head off the table and throated me for a while till they got bored. So they tied me up and went for beers.

“We brought a few more guys home for you”, he says. We have all been waiting for you to wake up or midnight to come, when I would have just woke you. You are strapped into a fucking machine. We will watch you enjoy it on full speed for about 25 minutes, before we enjoy you for ourselves.”

Rodney pulls out of me and leaves as Keith turns the machine on and the dildo starts to stroke in and out of me at an incredibly fast pace. I can’t stop making noise so the light and camera stay on giving everyone watching a very intimate show.

Eight minutes later I cum, the a few minutes later again the again and by the time Keith comes for me I have no idea, my pussy is just dripping and an electrical field of nerves. He has me crawl behind him to the living room. There are 4 new guys there. Keith leads me to the coffee table and I climb onto the table and lie on my back. The four men take position, one between my legs one for my mouth one for each hand. They are reminded they can have me till they have had enough, but all cum must go in the stein. About 90 minutes later, they are happy, I have pleased my five firsts and my stein is over 2/3 filled. Why is all this sex making me feel so alive? Pushing the thought aside I concentrate on Marks’ cock as he fucks my mouth. Eventually all the guys move back to the living room, taking turns in all positions, always sure to add to the collection at every opportunity.

Hours pass and eventually Keith takes me by the hair and takes me back to the play room. Resecuring me back in the chair with the fucking machine, he switches it on and smirks at me as he leaves me there moaning in pleasure as the machine pounds deep into my pussy. Of course, my pleasure assures all watching with yet another show.

As I awaken from a rather restful sleep, I realize I am grinning ear to ear and I am rocking my hips as I stroke my puss to the rhythm of the machine. I start to fuck the machine hard loosing myself in the endless steady stroking of the machine as I start to moan the lights come on and the camera comes to life.

“That’s it you fucking slut”, I suddenly hear. “Yeah that’s right, not only can we hear you but we can speak to you cum slut.”

I know its Ryan and hell he has fucked me so I don’t stop fucking this relentless machine.I get more and more into it, continuously moaning and keeping the camera alive.

“Enjoying that I see”, Keith says standing before me. I am still wearing the O ring so I slip out my tongue and beg him for his cock. He moves closer and sits on the high stool and slides his cock into my mouth and down my throat. “Wonder if Mother would object to me giving you one of these for your birthday?”, he practically threatens me. “I think I will ask her when I take you home later.” He continues to throat me and eventually he pulls out, switches off the machine and unstraps me. Telling me to crawl behind him he leads me to the kitchen where everyone is having coffee and getting buzzed. Handing me the stein he orders me under the table to offer morning relief for his friends.

After they cum in the mug the ones who have had enough move off to the living room. I suck the remaining guys till they eventually leave to. Climbing out from under the table, I pick up what dishes are on the table and go to the kitchen to do dishes. Oh crap, I think as I see all the glasses and plates and stuff all over the kitchen. There have been 36 or so guys here yesterday After finishing the kitchen clean up I go and join the guys in the living room. Rodney offers the seat between he and James on the couch. I sit there and listen as they talk about things and catch a buzz with everyone. Soon enough Rodney and James are pawing me and treating like the slut they have been making me.

James says, “Get on the table cunt, I wanna fuck your hole.”

I get on all fours on the table and Mark sticks his dick through the O ring and starts fucking my mouth. James is taunting my pussy with the tip of his dick and all I know is my hole is dripping for him. Grabbing my hips he launches deep into my cunt and rams me hard, filling my completely. I lean forward from impact and Marks cock goes really far down my throat making me gag up. They all start teasing me and James spanks me extremely hard three times on each cheek. My ass turns dark red and the two of them pound away at me.

Eventually they pull out and add to the stein. Keith stands over me and says, “Now.” Suddenly the four guys secure me arms and legs with cuffs and shackles so I am spread eagle on the coffee table. Keith says, “For falling asleep last night you will now recieve thirty lashes to your cunt with the crop.” He produces a leather crop with a rectangular piece of leather at one end. He places that end over my pussy and flicks his wrist causing the leather flap to slap my pussy. It hurts yet excites me all in one fluent motion. My body betrays me and cunt cream leaks out of me. They all take turns hitting me harder and harder till I am begging for more. They each give me six smacks and as the last one is delivered, Keith moves between my legs and slams his swollen knob, balls deep in my saturated hole.

Fucking me like I was the last cunt he would ever fuck he just keeps slapping his balls against my ass. Finally he pulls out and strokes off into the stein. The afternoon plays out with them taking me as they desire. Hand jobs, blow jobs, and fucking till finally they unchain me, remove the O ring, and tell me to sit up on my haunches.

“Before we get the cock gobbling, cum slurping, fuckable cum slut to drink her just reward, any one like to say a word?”, Keith asks as he stands holding the stein.

They all say a variety of things but they all agree they want me back for their next poker game.

With that Keith hands me the glass and the guys all start chanting, “Chug, chug, chug”

I start to gulp it down, swallowing the thick strange tasting goo, down my throat when suddenly James yanks the glass from my hand and I swallow down whats left in my mouth.

“Have I displeased you?” I ask, with pouty lips.

“No, I just want you to pour the rest in your mouth and play with it for me”, James says.

He hands me the glass and i dump the rest into my mouth. Gargling it, stringing it from my mouth, swooshing it around till Ryan yells at me to swallow it. Gulping it down, I proudly open my mouth and show them I have swallowed it all. They all hoot and cheer for me.

As they start to leave, I suck a few of them off, and then there is only Keith and me.

Keith leads me to his ensuite where he orders me to kneel in the corner. He then has himself a shower and then while shaving he gets me to blow his freshly washed cock. He suddenly grasps the back of my head and forces his cock deep into my throat as he dumps another load into my belly. When he is done he pushes me away and sends me down the living room. When he joins me, he is on the phone.

“No, Lady Lisa. I am bringing her home right away. Hope you don’t mind but I gave her a gift.”

I can’t her the other end of the conversation but I know Lisa is my Mother.

“Yes I will bring her to the door. Yes I will be sure to tell you everything. There is a pause as he listens to Mother on the other end. “Yes. she was great. See You soon.” He looks and me and says, “Come, Mother is home now, and waiting.”`

Keith leads me out to his car where he places a large box in the trunk and then tells me to get in, and off to my place we go.

‘What’s in the box?”, I ask as casually as possible.

“Your gift”, he says just as casually.

“Please, don’t ask my Mother this. I will do anything”, I plead.

“You gave me your virgin cunt Selena and allowed me to share you with my best friends. You have nothing left for me.”

“Please”, I continue to plead.

Arriving at my house, he retrieves the box and leads me to the door. My Mother swings the door open, looks at Keith and smiles brightly. “Nice to see you again Mr. Corby.”

“Lady Lisa, my pleasure as always.”

Mother looks at me and smirks. To Keith she says, “Looks like someone had a great birthday weekend.”

Keith replies, “I am sure she had a great time. I know we did.”

Looking at me Mother says, “Go have a fucking shower, you look like a drowned rat.”

“Drown in cum”, Keith smirks under his breath.

When I join them in the living room after my shower, Keith smiles at me and says, “Mother is thrilled with the gift I bought you. I set it up for you, just like the one in my house. Same lighting system and everything”, he winks at me and I know immediately it is so he can see me use it.

Mother and Keith discuss many things till finally Keith says he must go, university in the morning and all. Mother says, “Perhaps you should thank Mr. Corby again, for your gift.” Laughing she heads off to her room.

I turn and Keith has his shaft out and rigid. I kneel before him suck him, throat him, caress and suck his balls til he cums in my throat again. He just turns and leaves.

“Selena”, Mother calls. “I hear you got really drunk and high and passed out on his couch. Lucky he wasn’t some crazed fool looking for a good fuck or you could have been doing nasty things with strangers all weekend.”

“I know Mother.”

“A girl like you is an easy mark for a man who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to take it, control it, own it.”

“Yes Mother”, I reply. Although I have no idea what she is getting at.

With that, we both say good night and head off to bed.

Lying in bed I reflect on my weekend. What a birthday. From the mall to wanton sex slut. Oh well back to the same old same old. School in the morning. Playing with my freed, well fucked, and swollen pussy I eventually drift into a very deep sleep.

By Tommy

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