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Chapter 1

“Thanks for picking us up Keith.”

“Yeah well it isn’t like I’d be doing anything at 11:30 Friday night.”

“It’s my fault, its my eighteenth birthday and I have been distracted by friends and like all day”, I say as Keith drives us to Ashleigh and his parents house before she is late on her midnight curfew.

Ashleigh has been my best friend since grade 4 when my Mother and I moved to our current home. Keith is 23 and no longer lives at home. Realizing how late it was we knew the bus would never get us to her place on time, so at Ashleigh’s request I called her brother and begged for him to help us
At 11:53, we pull up to the Corby’s and Ashleigh jumps out and asks if I am staying. Before I can respond Keith says, “No, Selena is coming for a few birthday drinks.”

Ashleigh smiles and says, “She will need a ride home.”

Keith returns her smile with more of a grin and says, I will keep her safe.”

Giggling and shaking her head she rushes off to her house.

As we head off from the Corby’s home I ask Keith what he was doing when I interrupted his evening. “Losing at poker” he replies.

“Oh so not all bad I called then I suppose?”

“Well I am the host but I couldn’t say no to the birthday girl. Eighteen now. So your Mother really take off your chastity belt?”

I look at him as I feel my cheeks getting red as I blush. I have sucked Keith’s cock many times since I was 14. My Mother put me in one as soon as I had my first period. “Yes. The key was my birthday gift from Mother.”

He laughs. More of a snort then a laugh, but he is an alpha male so I never really know what he means with some of his expressions.

We arrive at his house and make our way to the luxury condo he lives in. Entering to a bunch of guys ribbing him for going to save his little sister, I count 4 men there, still playing cards.

Keith appears and offers me a drink. “Vodka”, he says. Pulling up a sixth chair, he asks me to sit beside him.

“Guys, this is Selena. It is her 18th birthday today.”

“Wow!”, eighteenth birthday, on a Friday night.”

“And February 14th to boot. Valentine’s Day birthday girl, and just turned 18” shouts another of the men.

As they play cards and I drink my vodka, several joints go around the table. The guys are all being overly flirty and Keith especially is getting very frisky.

I get up to go get another drink and they all ask me to bring then back something to drink. I open the fridge, grab 5 beers and open them on the counter. While making myself another drink one of the guys appear. “Hey girl, we was all wondering if you’d show off those breasts while you serve us beers. The boys will tip.”

At 5’9″, 126 lbs, I am a 36-26-34. Dirty blond hair, brown eyes.

I laugh at him and reply, “Sure they would”, sarcasm oozing off my tongue. He grabs four beers and goes back to the game. I grab my drink and the last beer and head back.

When I walk into the room, Keith is standing beside his chair. I hand him his beer as he looks at me, glares at me as if he is mad.

“Selena, a word please”, he suddenly says to me. I stand and follow Keith to a den within the condo.

“Are you getting drunk?”, he asks.

“I have never been drunk, so I don’t know.”

Grunting, he leads me back to the game.

“This is for you.” One of the guys has poured me a shot of tequila and has also left the salt shaker and a lemon slice. We all do 4 shots and I am now well on my way to drunk.

“I need a refill girly”, says one of the guys. They all say, “Me too”, so off I go to get more beers. I am tipsy as I walk to and from the fridge. When I get back, they all offer me $5 to show my breasts. I take the money and lift off my dress and start to push my breasts together and tug on the nipples as they all whistle and cat call.

Keith stands and moves my chair, sits,. and tells me to knell beside him. I laugh and reach for my chair, when he grabs me and pulls me over his knee and smacks my ass very hard 3 times on each cheek. Ohhhhhhh, it stings. He stands me up and again tells me to knell beside him. As I do so he says, “Remember on the phone? You promised to do anything.” Smirking down at me he grabs my nipple twists it really hard and tugs it. “Suck my cock.”

Shocked that he’d do this in front of strangers was very humiliating. “Selena, you have sucked and swallowed me hundreds of times in the last four years. Pleasure me. Now!” He reaches out and pulls me to his throbbing cock, which I hungrily take deep down my throat. It only takes about 20 seconds and I am lost in the pleasure of sucking and throating cock. In 40 seconds, I am gagging and making horrible loud gagging sounds as I no longer care who is watching or listening.

Subconsciously, I am aware they are playing cards, toking, and drinking. Consciously I know they are talking about me. That’s when i hear someone say, “Well, I’ll take 15 minutes of her sucking my cock to cover your bet.”

“Done”, Keith replies.

“Ha, you lose buddy. Over here you fucking cock sucking slut.” Violently, my hair is yanked to the left. In panties and heels, I am pulled two chairs down to only my fourth cock I have ever seen in my life. “Open wide, I’m going to fuck your mouth.” He proceeds to slam his thick 8 inch cock deep into my throat till I am spitting up bile, yet he doesn’t let up. “Only got 15 minutes to make me cum slut. Don’t disappoint me.” Feverishly, unforgivingly, he continues to fuck my mouth when suddenly he grasps my chin to my throat in his palm. Squeezing the back f my jaw, I open wide as he shoots a very thick, large sour load into my mouth. “Swallow cock whore. Swallow!”

It slides down my throat and someone hands me another tequila shoot. Keith smiles and calls me to him. “Kneel. Suck my cock, now.” I respond to him more because I am drunk and horny then because he asks.

A gentleman named Rodney is the first out of the game. He asks me to help him get drinks from the kitchen. He goes to the fridge toss me a few lemons and says, “slice these.” I turn to the counter and start to slice the lemons. Suddenly he grabs my crotch from behind and palms my pussy through my panties. “Virgin cunt too I suspect?”, he growls in my ear.

“Yes”, I barely whisper as the electricity pulses through my body from the palming motion on my pussy.

“Yummmmmmm”, he growls. He turns and walks out to join the game. I pick up the slices and follow him. Reentering the other room I see another of the guys is out now too. He takes a beer and calls me over with the lemon. The three of us sit and smoke reefer and do a few shots.

“Gentlemen, it is now 2 am and time for the last hand”, Keith suddenly announces. One of the other guys deals the cards. Surprisingly all three of them bid very conservatively. At the end of the hand, one of them has ace high. Keith has two pair, 8’s over 3’s and a 5. The other guy has the same hand….. two pair, 8’s over 3’s and a 5. Tie breaker.

James deals the cards. Keith plays all his chips but is still short. James laughs. “Rumor has it your little girlfriend is fresh meat. Her flower for the bet?”

Keith looks at me and says, “Remember your promise. Anything.” He looks at me and smiles a very wicked smile. My pussy is wet. What is going to happen. Surely they are just joking.

Keith lays out his cards. Queens over 6’s and a 9. James laughs as he says, ” I don’t believe it. What are the odds?” James lays out Queens over 6’s with a 9.

As they all marvel over the amazing odds that just bestowed them they all move to the couches to talk and smoke weed. I am suddenly crushed. The fear and sexual charge I had just felt when being offered as payment and now the game is over and I was not given somehow leaves me feeling….. empty. Thankfully Keith calls me over to kneel before him and worship his cock. Greedily trying to coax some cum from him I swallow him deep gagging away, making loud suction sounds and spitting up. Suddenly Keith yanks my hair up and lifts me slightly towards standing. “Time to fuck you virgin cunt for my boys to watch”, his eyes burning into mine. “I bet that cunt is already wet.” He grabs my crotch and forces my panties with his finger into my pussy. “Oh my, you are soaking wet. Get on the coffee table.

The coffee table was only about six inches from the ground and perfect for lying on your back and throating cock. I, however, was on all fours looking at 5 luscious cocks. Keith takes me unannounced, slamming balls deep into my virgin pussy. He pounds me very hard five, maybe six times. Pulling out of me he proudly stands over me and braggs about the blood the virgin hole has coated his shaft with. “Taste your cunt slut. Prove your worthiness to us, before we all fuck you till you are able to declare you are a fucking slutty cock sucking cum guzzling slut.” Shyly I take his cock in my mouth. The variety of taste is a collage of sensations. The others hoot and cheer. Keith grabs my hair, twists it so my ass is in his direction and again plows hard and deep into my pussy. He strokes me hard enough to slap my clit with his balls on every stroke. “Ready to suck cock and live on seed for the next few days cunt?” I am so lost in the explosions inside me I don’t care what he wants as long as he keeps pounding me. “James. by all means feed the slut some cum.”

“Gladly”, he says. James is black, 6’2″ about 220lbs, physically fit, muscular, 9.5 in by 3.5 in hung man. Pulling up a stool he is at the perfect height to blow while Keith keeps pounding me with his own 8.5 in thick cock.Two of the other guys pull up stools and place my hands on their cock, so I am now pleasing 4 men. The fifth guy rolls a doobie and watches while he smokes.

Suddenly Keith rips his cock from my pussy and again twisting my hair I spin to face him as he pulls my hair back now. “Open your mouth slut.” He moans as he shoots another decent load on my lips, nose and in my mouth. “Milk it slut. James, sorry I cant offer you a virgin, but you can be her second cock.”

“You sure are a great friend man”, James says. “Slut? Who told you to stop jerking their cocks?”, he directs at me. I reach for their cocks but James is mad and he spanks my as hard three times on each cheek. “Never stop pleasing anyone one who wants pleasure till we take you home this weekend. Understood cunt?”

“Yes”, I stammer.

“Yes what?”, he yells as he spanks me 3 times on each cheek harder then before.

“Yes Sir”, I say.

“Fucking dumb cunt, aren’t you?”, he bellows. Everyone else laughs.

Keith slaps my face. “When did I say stop sucking my cock?”

I gobble him down my throat as I sense James probing my pussy hole with the tip of his cock. Would it feel different? Better? He is a tad bigger. With no warning he jabs it deep into my puss. I gag on Keith’s cock and am soon just a ball of electric nerves as James pounds me deeper, harder faster then Keith had.

The fifth guy gets up, leaves the room and returns with a tall clear beer stein. “Everyone. Cum in this cup and we will let our little cum disposal drink it down to celebrate her legal status.

Just as suddenly as it started, James pulls out and globs a huge huge thick load into the cup. “Fucking awesome tight hole you fucking whore. Oh this is going to be a fun weekend.The guys all rotated one spot till they had all fucked me. Keith fucked me a second time, then he let the fifth guy fuck me. He was the first guy Keith got me to blow for a bet.

“I’m hungry”, one of the guys say. Most agree. They order food lie me on my back on the coffee table, my head hangs over the edge. The guys start throat fucking me again. Some cum into the cup. Some just go soft. The door bell rings and Keith goes to answer the door.

“Come on in. How much do we owe?”, Keith asks the delivery guy as he comes into view as my head hangs upside down with a cock in my mouth.

“$46.76”, he replies. Looking at us, all the guys ignore him they just keep fingering me and pulling and pinching my breasts, feeding me cock.

“Here’s $55, keep the change”, Keith says.

“Ahhh, ex-excuse me”, the guy stammers. “If I may be so bold is that girl really sucking cock on that table?”

“Why yes she is. Its her 18th birthday. Would you like a bigger tip?”. Keith says chuckling.

“Hell yeah!”, he says.

One of the guys moves and as he steps in the guys tell him he has to cum in the cup. He pulls it out and I swallow it down hoping to please Keith and his friends. Getting fucked felt awesome and I am not ready to have that end yet. I throat this mans average cock till he pulls out and adds to my celebratory cocktail. With a smirk of satisfaction he slaps my tits and tells the guys he is envious.

“Anyone want to fuck this cunt before I put her away for a few hours of sleep?”, Keith asks the guys.

Three of them fuck me again and one blowjob. Keith then fucks me himself. My pussy is still just going off like fireworks. No wonder Mother put me in a chastity belt and on the pill as soon as I had my period. Keith continues to slap my ass tits and face. He has never been so rough. Maybe its cause now he can fuck my pussy, not only my mouth.

Cumming in he cup everyone cheers me as he has me crawl behind him and off to wherever he is putting me for the night.

He opens a locked door and leads me inside. All that is in the room is a cage. Inside the cage is some sort of device. There are a variety of what looks like handcuffs hanging off the top of the cage.

“Cunt”, he says, “You will sleep in this cage.” When he speaks there is a light that comes on illuminating the cage. I am staring at the device inside the cage. “That is a Sybian fucking machine. It will keep you stimulated and ready to fuck at all times. As you see when I speak the light and a camera come on so you can be viewed throughout the house.” He ushers me into the cage chooses a cuff for each wrist then he shackles my legs to cuffs on the ground too. “Three quarters sped should keep you well ready to fuck. Sleep well cum slut.”

With that he closes and I hear the door lock the machine is already working me to another orgasm as it vibrates very strongly and repeatedly on my clit. As I gasp air I make the slightest noise and there is the light and camera showing me to anyone on his server.

By Tommy

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