Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

This is the third installment of my (almost true) adventures with the sexy, award-winning sportscaster Dani Royal (not her real name).

I pulled into the parking lot for what I thought would be just another routine night at the radio station, but when I got out of my car, I noticed the station manager’s incredibly sexy young assistant walking to hers.

“Hi, Johnny” said Maria Saravicci, who was just a year or two out of college and blessed with the most incredible little ex-cheerleader body you could imagine.

“Hey, Maria” I replied as I admired her beautiful white outfit, a jacket that reached almost down to her little skirt which left her perfect bare legs almost completely visible all the way up to her creamy thighs.

Her white blouse had just enough buttons buttoned to keep her spectacular tits from busting out.

“You didn’t have to get all dressed up just for me today” I joked.

Maria laughed and told me she was going to a radio awards dinner that night and excitedly told me that she was hoping to meet her idol, none other than Miss Dani Royal, who was hosting the event.

I told Maria that I knew Dani when she worked at the station years earlier and that Maria should not hesitate to go up to Dani and say hello.

“I will, Johnny. Maybe I can call you later and tell you how everything went?”

I told her was looking forward to hearing all about it and we said goodbye. I made sure to take a nice long look at Maria as she walked away, admiring her beautiful rear view.

Maria caught me as she glanced back over her shoulder, but just smiled and waved as she reached her car.

After my shift had ended, I was walking back to the lot when my phone started to buzz.

It was Maria.

Before I could even ask a question Maria started gushing excitedly that she had not only gotten to say hello to Dani, but was with her role model at that very moment at the hotel bar.

“She is so cool, Johnny. You were right. Dani is amazing and can’t stop talking about you. Please come and join us.”

I had not seen Dani in years, so I could not pass up the invitation. I drove to the hotel, parked the car and headed inside.

Maria and Dani were sitting at one end of the bar. A dozen or so male admirers were close by, but none seemed to have the courage to approach the two ravishing beauties.

Dani was wearing a gorgeous little gold mini dress that was “shorter than short” and together with her younger admirer Maria, the pair looked definitely dressed to kill.

“Johnny!” Dani exclaimed as I arrived. “I missed you sooooo much.” She threw herself around me and kissed me soflty.

Without letting go, she turned towards Maria and said, “I’m so glad you told Maria to say hi, she is adorable.”

A beaming Maria enjoyed the complement and Dani suggested we get out of there.

“Too many leering guys, Maria” she said. “luckily we have a nice guy like Johnny to escort us away safely.”

I could sense the disbelief of the onlookers as I walked out with Dani and Maria on each arm.

Dani pointed us towards the elevator and whispered, “I have a suite upstairs all to myself. Let’s go play.”

I looked at Maria to see if she was okay with this and she smiled and said, “Dani told me all about you, Johnny. She said you were an incredible lover.”

Before I could reply, Maria added “I have a thing for older guys, Johnny and I must admit I have a little crush on you.”

“She has a crush on me too, Johnny….” Dani said wickedly. And when the door of the elevator closed Dani gave Maria her first girl on girl kiss, her tongue tasting Maria’s as we headed upstairs.

There was a bottle of champagne waiting for us in the room and I went to open it for the ladies who made their way to the bedroom.

I popped the cork, poured the glasses and headed in to join them.

Dani and Maria had not wasted any time. Both were now wearing only thongs as they sit on the huge bed playing with each other.

I set their champagne aside, sat down to sip mine and enjoy the show.

Dani soon took charge, helping Maria out of her lone article of clothing and began to go down on her.

I took out my now rock hard cock and stroked along with them.

Dani came up for air and I stepped in, tasting Maria’s sweet wet pussy.

When Dani joined in again, I slipped back and slid my cock past Dani’s thong and started fucking her doggie-style as she licked Maria.

“You’re both incredible” I blurted out as I enjoyed the threesome.

“Fuck us, Johnny” Dani ordered “Show Maria what you got.”

I picked up the pace and gave Dani a good pounding. She in turn went faster and faster on Maria, who soon came hard, fucking her idol’s beautiful face.

Dani’s body was as incredible as I remembered and making love to her with Maria watching made it extra special.

Dani was soon cumming as well and I quickly switched to Maria. She was so wet and sliding into her tight pussy was that much easier.

I could tell Maria wanted to be on top, so I let her and enjoyed watching that gorgeous ass ride me.

Dani stood over us and guided Maria’s face to her pussy. Maria ate her out and soon both of my women were cumming again.

Dani and Maria then turned all of their attention to me, sharing my cock and riding my face.

“Let’s finish him off, Maria,” Dani commanded “cum for us, Johnny!”

The two of them grabbed my throbbing dick at the same time and brought me to a climax.

I must have spurted seven or eight times, most of it on Dani and Maria’s beautiful faces and in their hungry mouths.

The two of them shared my cum as they kissed and licked each others faces and then gave me a taste as well.

“I told you he was good, Maria” said Dani proudly. “and you were great too, young lady.”

The three of us relaxed and enjoyed a few more hours of fun together.

Maria would go on to become a network radio executive and Dani kept rising to TV stardom.

I was left with some wild stories.

By Yumiko

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