Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

Anna is four years younger than me. She’s that hot, tight teen blondie every guy wants to have. She’s silent, a bit shy and beautiful. We’ve known eachother from orhcestra and on this occasion, I helped at her final recital and this story begins after the recital.

We decided to go swimming. It was six of us. We reached the beach in no-time and the girls went to change together. That was the first time I or any of the boys saw Anna in a bikini. Her tight youthfull body bested all the girls around. Tight round ass, perfectly shaped breasts and of course a pretty face, I was hard in a second. I walked behind them as we reached the end of the pier and one by one jumped into the water. Refreshing cold as it was, it didn’t help with the massive boner I had going. I had a girlfriend at the time, which made it all so much hotter for some reason.

The other guys, who were also younger than me, to say I was the oldest there, were showing off in the water, trying to get eachother under the water. I stayed back with Anna and we were close. As our hands touched from time to time, we could feel the tension between us beginning to escalate. We would hold hands from time to time and quickly break them as we didn’t want to be seen.

“Ok it’s getting cold, I’m going to head out”, Anna anounced and started swimming back to the shore. “Yeah, I need to go to the bathroom anyway”, I said and went after her, knowing I said that just to justify my trip back to the shore alone with her. As we reached the shore I head towards the bathrooms and for some reason she was following me. As we got to the bathrooms I looked back and saw that none of our group was looking at us so I quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her into a nearby bush where we started making out. She was a bit shy at first as I expected her to be, but she soon started to crave it. I reached down to her ass and grabbed it firmly, it was just as I expected. She took a step back “wait, you have a girlfriend… We can’t”, I blushed and realised what I was doing. I was either going to go all the way, or we would be left with a strange ring to our relationship which of course I didn’t want. “I know I know, she won’t know and I think doing it like this makes it so much hotter”. She hesitated and blushed. “It will be our secret” I said and pulling her back to me for yet another deep kiss. I felt her give in. She started wrapping her legs around me and I picked her up as we made out eagerly. My hardon was rubbing her panties and I felt her moan into my mouth.

I layed down and she straddled me. It was the most perfect view a man or boy could have. That youthfull body revealed to me, her hands teasingly playing with my hard cock. To my surprise she went lower and looked up to me as she started to jerk my cock. It was the first time she was doing it, she was a bit confused as to how to do it, but she quickly learned the proper movements and was soon jerking me with a skill of the best slut. She lowered her head to it and slowly but curiously licked the tip. She smiled as she did it more and more then finally took it in her mouth. I was prepared to cum right there. The feel of her mouth was incredible. Her tongue was curiously rubbing all over me, searching for my weak spot, not knowing her mouth alone was my weak spot. “Hey, bring your ass up here” I said and saw her being a bit confused and embarassed that someone would see her private parts from so up close as I was going to. After just a bit of hesitation she moved up and straddled my face, I felt like I was in heaven.

I gently licked up and down her mound letting her get comfortable with the feeling, before I started with the proper eating of her delicious pussy. She was dripping wet and her juices were running down my face like water. I couldn’t hold much longer. “Anna, I want to go in” I whimpered from under her and she turned around in a second, just like she was following an order. She looked at me, holding my cock in her hand just under her pussy. I was eager and horny as all hell but I waited. She slowly moved down and I could feel my cock slowly spreading her tight pussy. She moaned when my tip entered her fully and she kept moving slow so I was able to feel every inch of her pussy just wrap around my cock. She started to ride me slowly, holding herself back letting out just small cute moans that made me crave her so much more. She started to go faster and we were soon fucking like crazy.

I had her on her knees in front of me, doggy style but with her body up to mine as we heard our some of our friends come to the bathrooms. We stopped and she was holding her mouth. I started to grope her breasts and rub her nipples. She’s super sensitive and I could feel her pussy squeeze down on me and I could see her trying to control herself, but she didn’t stop me. “You have to stay quiet or our secret will be blown” I whispered in her ear and began to suck on her neck, still playing with her breasts. To make things harder for her I started to move slowly. We were both close but I had to have her finish before me so I reached down and started to gently rub her clit. She was letting out muffled moans before climaxing hard. I was about to slowly pulled out but she stopped me “stay in a little longer”. I gently kissed her neck and moved just slightly so I would stay hard. I pulled out and stood up and she looked at me with big eyes, “your turn”… That’s all she said before taking my cock back into her mouth again and it didn’t took me long to cum in her mouth. She swallowed it all and was satisfied with herself. “Does she do that?” She asked me as we were returning to our friends. I looked at her and quickly spanked her ass, hard enough to make her jump slightly “no she doesn’t, you are better”.

By Yumiko

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