Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

Anna and I managed to keep our affair hidden. I would pick her up every day and we’d go fuck in the woods, sometimes even at her place when her parents weren’t home. This time we were in my apartment, both naked after another wild fuckfest.

“So are you going to Matthews birthday today?” She asked as she sat next to me, wearing my jumper that already started to smell like her. “Yeah, but she’ll be there too” I looked at her a bit concerned and waited for her response. “Then I shouldn’t tell you what I planned on wearing” she giggled and slowly jerked me, she likes to play with my cock casually, even when we don’t have sex. “I’m guessing it’s going to be super hard for me tonight?” “I will have you fuck me in the same house your girlfriend’s in” she kissed my lips teasingly and layed down, rubbing her bare feet on my cock, which she knew I loved.

The evening came and I attended Matthews birthday party with my girlfriend. She doesn’t know anything about me and Anna which made things so much more interesting. Anna came to the party just a bit after me and my girlfriend, who has had a bit of drinks already. Anna was wearing a net shirt with a black bra and denim booty shorts that she outgrew a year ago. It made her look younger, plus she was barefoot, ‘it’s going to be a long night’ I thought to myself as she only gave me a short glance with a devilish smile.

During the party she would get touchy with other guys, but never letting them do more than grope her ass. She wanted to make me jealous and it was working. While everyone was on the balcony, I was fixing myself a drink in the kitchen. She came in and sat on the kitchen counter next to me, swinging her legs teasingly “how are you holding up?” She asked. I rubbed my thumb on her lips “my balls are ready to be emptied in your beautiful mouth”. She giggled “lets go downstairs”. I followed her down and she stopped in the hallway “lets do it here”. She pulled down my pants in the middle of the hallway and started to suck me hard.

Anna has changed a lot since our first time at the beach. We’ve been exploring eachother’s fetishes, making eachother’s fantasies come true and this moment right here was our fantasy for the longest time. I pulled her up and made her bend over on the stairs. I pulled of her shorts revealing her dripping pussy and ass to me. I spanked her ass “you like having guys touch you, don’t you” she moaned and whimpered. I spanked her again “it’s hot to watch, just remember, you are mine” I shoved my cock into her pussy in one go. Her juices squirted out as my cock filled her insides and she moaned “yes daddy, I’m your slut”.

We fucked hard right there on the stairs. We tried to keep as quiet as possible in case someone would come down. We could hear two guys chatting about how she was throwing herself on them and saying how they have a shot at getting her. While they were dreaming about their dream girl she was taking my cock hard.

I cummed in her mouth just like I said I will and she swallowed it and gave me a big smile afterwards “gosh you taste amazing” she wiped a but of cum off her mouth and licked it off her finger before going back upstairs.

By Yumiko

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