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After reading many stories daily here,  wanted to post my real experience which happened in abroad when I was working.
I am 35 years old now, my name is Rohith and with good physique but little tummy and Ramani is elder than Rohith of 2.5 years.
This lady is not fair, Ramani just looks average in color and can see Rohith charming in her eyes and lustful. As this is going to be big story please be patient and excuse me if any mistakes found in this real experience.
We migrated to abroad before 5 years say like after 2010 and was searching for shared room and found this lady house(Indians but converted citizens) and we took their master bedroom and saw this lady looking sexy than her wedding pictures and her husband is very old(later came to know that age difference of 27 years) and I feel very pity for her.
I am very shy and not talkative to ladies and in the good talking with ladies, my wife is getting very close to her and their children. And slowly I am also admiring her with a simple talk. Later I added her in fb and daily checking her whatsapp profile pics as I am getting fond of her and feel to have her in my life, after 2 to 3 months talks with her and slowly sending forward messages in whatsapp and  some romantics too in weekends when I forwarded one message to her at late night after my wife slept, then she started chatting like this:
ramani: nice message
rohith: thanks, still didn’t sleep(I know that she is online in whatsapp)
ramani: no, was watching videos in whatsapp. U didn’t sleep
rohith: trying to sleep, what is the weekend plan
ramani: nothing, simply resting at home. And yours?
rohith: nothing, can go out with your kids somewhere
ramani: will go to the lake nearby
rohith: sounds good, good night
ramani: good night
rohith: one request
ramani: yes tell rohith
rohith: shall I delete our today’s chat as my wife doesn’t like to chat with other ladies
ramani: sure, I will also clear all chats and phone calls daily
This gives me more chance of having her.
rohith: thanks dear
ramani: you are most welcome
rohith: welcome to where?
ramani: hahaha, nothing good night
rohith: good night, I ended up the chat and slept off
Days were going smooth and daily admiring her with my lustful eyes on her and she is responding with smileys
Once we got a long weekend for 3 days and in late night after my wife slept then I messaged her:
rohith: hi
ramani: never slept what you doing in online now
rohith: nothing, not getting sleep so thought of chatting with someone
ramani: so someone is ramani?
rohith: hahaha yes
ramani: winked
rohith: what you doing
ramani: about to watch a film
rohith: ok, carry on good night
ramani: bye
Then after 3 days I message her in the morning while going to the office
rohith: good morning
ramani: good morning
I have forwarded one message which means like missing you.
ramani: good message
rohith: yes, in fact, I miss u three days and not able to chat with you
She is thinking and relief a min later
ramani: really
rohith: yes
ramani: not good if your wife came to know about this.
ramani: in fact I also missed you.
rohith: I was on cloud 9 after reading her message
ramani: we should not be doing like this, we should be careful. What if someone came to know about us
rohith: I am really happy at that time that she is accepting me
rohith: yes, we should be careful
Then for the rest day went awesome by chatting with her and knowing her feelings on me and not happy with her husband because of age factor and not trusting her always and fighting with her and abusing her like having affairs with someone and she wanted to make it as true
Later night at 11 pm I texted her
rohith: hi dear
ramani: hello dear
rohith: missing u so much and wanted to tell u one thing
ramani: miss u too dear whats that
rohith: I want to feel it as real that we are in love
ramani: what to do
rohith: I want to touch you and feel you
ramani: tomorrow morning while I am leaving to office
rohith: good thanks dear
ramani: me too waiting to feel about you, you are most welcome
rohith: I can’t wait to say this, love you dear
ramani: love u too honey
Next day morning, I woke up early and fresh and was waiting for her in front of her bedroom in the upstairs, she saw me and smiled and winked and came to me and checked that no one is watching us, I was expecting handshake but she came and hugged me tightly and kissed me on my cheek and I felt very hard on and her fragrance from her hair gives me so lustful on her there itself but controlled and we parted then we met in the evening at the lake near our house at evening 7 pm thought of can spend sometime together and have romance. we sat on a bench with 70% covered ourselves and facing to lake and we kissed passionately for a min and separated as people doing jogging and again got hugged passionately in the meantime my dick got erect so hard and can’t control and taken her hand kept on my dick and she squeezed a lot.

I opened my zip and given my dick into her hand she was squeezing lot and got precum on her hand and she licked it so passionately and pulled my skin up and down so that it erects so harder and she was giving a good blowjob with her hand and my dick hard is ness keep on growing, I was squeezing her little boobs a lot and we got disturbed and we stopped for a while and continued where we stopped,  she bend down and started sucking my dick so hard and I was on cloud 9 and moaning a lot as this was my first great blowjob as even my wife couldn’t do like this and she was stroking very hard with her mouth and I was fucking her mouth with moving my ass and stomach towards her and I got erected so hard and she was not stopping and sucking my dick real hard and I was not able to cum as its public place and feeling scared too. she stopped as I am not cumming then I closed my zip and walked onto lake and still my cock was really hard and not able to pull back my skin to normal and we were kissing passionately again, exchanging our saliva’s as her lips are so soft and even I bite her lips which she feels so pressure and hugged rohith so tightly as time getting close to 8 pm, we started back to home.

Next day during our chatting, decided to have real sex and she suggested me to check for a hotel on daily basis or hourly basis and have fucking session and she feels real love for me and wanted to get married in church and one evening we went to a shopping mall and we buy gold rings and next day we went to church and got exchanged our rings as she is christian and planned our honeymoon next week and we kissed so passionately in the lift while going to our home.
Later 5 days we took one day leave(to our family as if we were going to office) and we went to a hotel in city center at 10 am and took the hotel for 6 hours(75$) then we went into room and as am saree lover, she bought the saree and went into bathroom to tie the saree, in the mean time I was decorating the bed with lots of roses and jasmine flowers as we decided to have like real couple and real first night and later 5minutes she came out from bathroom and I see my second wife in saree and she is looking so hot in the saree and she was real sex god to me.

I hugged her so hard and our lips got locked and we did french kiss for about 10mins so passionately and I was holding her tight and spread my arms towards her sexy ass and her butts are so big and I squeezed them a lot and I slowly moved down to her stomach and was sucking her abdomen a lot, she was shaking her stomach a lot as she feels so much of ticklish then I moved down, spread her legs little bit and pulled her saree up and I started sucking her pussy so passionately and she feels so joyful and started stroking my face as I am licking her pussy very badly and she loaded a lot of cum on my face and I drank it all and then she took up my face and lip locked and taken all her cum from my face and drink it.

She undress me and stroking my cock very hard and pulled my skin back and bent down and started sucking my cock and licking my dick so hard and I was moaning a lot and also fucking her mouth faster and she was sucking real good and I am getting good blowjob and I am not able to control as she was sucking more than 15 minutes then I cum on her mouth and face and she licked my cum until it stops then we cleaned our self and had semi bath and came into bed and started romancing each other.
She started playing with my cock and stroking it hard to make it hard on and I was sucking her body a lot and turned her into 69 position and went mad on her pussy licking, sucking, biting her clit and teasing her pussy and we came into missionary position, I was playing with her boobs and sucking them a lot and kept my cock in between her boobs and she started stroking with her boobs on my cock and she feels so lust and her expression was looking like real whore, this made me hornier and started to fuck her.

I kept my cock on her pussy and she guided into her pussy and went partially into her pussy and I feel so tight and taken back and inserted again and after to and fro few strokes I am able to enter my dick totally into her pussy and started stroking her pussy very hard and she was in heaven and started moaning a lot hmm fuck me darling you are so good huh huh oh my god tear me apart with your big dick, your dick is really big for me baby fuck you rohith harder ummmmmaaa common baby don’t stop it stroke it hard I am cumming baby uffffff ufffffffff and I feel her shivering as she holds my cock very hard because as she cum a lot and loosen her legs and I started stroking back her pussy very hard as I want to cum on her pussy and fucking her very hard the room is with full of our sexy sounds tapak tapak tapak
I removed my cock from her pussy and made her in doggy style and inserted my dick into her pussy and hold her boobs and squeezing a lot and started fucking her pussy very harder and she was moaning a lot and cried in pain and asked me to fuck harder and I was moaning a lot fuck you babe fuck your pussy, your pussy is so good and your butts are awesome baby I liked it a lot fuck you darling fuck you so much haaaaaa ummmmmmmm baby I am cumming baby then she asked me to cum in her pussy only I stroked it faster some more and released my cum in her pussy and fall down on her and hold her boobs very tightly.

This is how we had our first honeymoon and we had 2 more sessions until 4 pm and started to home in different routes.
Hope you all liked my real experience and we continued our sex sessions until this year and I came back to Bangalore and working here only now.
Now I am searching to have another lady or girl in my life either casual or short or long term relationship in Bangalore or another city.

Please post your comments or suggestions and you can reach me at [email protected]
Keep waiting for more real experiences with her.

By Yumiko

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