Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

35, F, Married to a man who trust me with his life given me two beautiful children, ages 5-7, girl and boy. Sex with husband is a normal thing, yea there are some fantasy or new ways of sex but of course his my husband.

Anyway being an exhausted mom, I told my husband if I can have a “Me Time” with some of my girlfriends, he agreed. Friday night came I went out with my gf’s and there so excited, we went to this popular bar just to have a drink and we all we go our way when done.

Sitting at the bar sipping my 2nd cup of whiskey chatting with friends, suddenly another round coming up from someone else, we asked the bartender and he pointed to one table at the corner of the bar with dim lights, a guy sitting with his friends waving to us, we all giggle together. Suddenly he was coming to the bar and one of gf is saying “his coming” “his behind you” my heart was pumping fast thinking should I turn around or not, when he said “Hi” my eyes widen and I got froze sitting on my swinging stool (in my mind the voice sounds familiar), later when I swing my stool there he is Henry. Henry was my long time boyfriend, we met at the beach, his 6 footer, masculine body, dark black hair (military style), light brown eyes (melted my heart) and big arms, he left to join the army 5 years ago and his back to visit his family for 4 weeks only.

I stood up from my chair 5 footer of me looking up to his eyes and his smiled makes me want to chew on his lips, my gf’s were just looking at me and one of them poke my side arm and said “aren’t you gonna introduce him” I said “uhm this is Henry my ex-boyfriend and his here to visit his families”, everyone of my gf’s looked at him jaw drop, I smiled and said “I’m sorry” I started introducing one by one of my gf’s, he wanted to introduce me to his friends he hold my hand and walk me to their table and he started introducing me as a long time girlfriend 5 years ago. He looked around and see one clean table and he asked if we can sit so we can talk, which we did. While his talking to me my eyes can’t get off him, and I said ” Are you married?” He just stop talking and he sweetly answers “No just got out of a relationship”, I put my hands on his thighs and said ” Im sorry” and he just stared at me about to kiss me and I push back and said “oh I’m sorry”, I took my hands away from his thighs and he asked if we can get out of the bar go for a ride, I told him I need to ask my gf’s and just smiled back. Got up from the table and we went separate ways to talk to our friends, I told my gf’s will meet at the motel so they can bring me back home to my husband and kids.

So we left the bar, got in his car and drove off. He wanted to go the beach and walk with me just like the old times. While in the car he keeps talking and putting his hands on my thigh rubbing it up and down making my pussy wet, my nipples getting hard of the feeling of his hands, his keeps rubbing it up and down into my skirt then down to my thighs again, I want it to fuck him already since my pussy is pulsating in my panty. We finally reach the beach, parked the car, he got down open my door and hold out my hands to walk with him. His arm around my waist walking on the beach with him in a dark, I was holding on tight to his waist too since I’m scared, he told me not to worry because I’m with him. We stop on the beach and he turn me around facing him when he holds my cheeks and started kissing me, our lips touched together and we start kissing passionately when I feel his hands rubbing my back down to my ass, our tongue swirls together that makes my pussy pulsating harder and I can feel his cock harden in his pants. He puts his hands on my ass and squeeze it tight. His cock gets more harder the deeper we kiss. We stop and we walk back to the car, when we reached the car he took my and swing me to him facing him and he kissed me again this time so hard that I can feel his tongue want it my mouth badly, he carried me up on the hood of his car and we still kiss when next thing I know I was on my back on the hood, he pulled up my blouse and push my bra up and start licking my nipples then suck on them, I was moaning for more, then he licks my breast down to my tummy, next thing he spreads my legs, slide my panty side ways and start kissing on my pussy, when he flick his tongue on my clitoris I spread my legs more, he help me take off my panty and he didn’t give me time to make myself comfortable he just shoved his face in my pussy and start licking it hard, pulling on my clitoris with his lips and fuck my pussy with his tongue. I can feel the warmness of his tongue inside my pussy while his sucking and eating me, I was grabbing on his hair pushing my pussy hard on his face and I can feel the tongue deep inside while I’m sliding my pussy up and down his tongue, then he insert his finger inside my pussy while sucking and licking on it he was eating my pussy for good 20 minutes which I had cum for more than 4 times, every time I cum he would lick it off triggering my clit to harden more, He stopped took off his pants and I can see his cock hard and big, He took me down from the hood and I kneel in front of his cock holding it up and licking on the tip making him moan, I can taste the pre-cum on his hard cock, spit on it and start to slide it in my mouth. I begin to suck on it hard then lick it all the way down, I was holding on his ass cheeks pushing him against my mouth for him to fuck my mouth I gag it down and out my saliva’s are dripping down from his cock, the more I suck hard on it the more he tries to push it in, I was sucking him good that he moans and keep fucking my mouth while I’m rubbing my pussy with the other hand, he just took me up and I was facing the car hood again with my ass facing his cock, he spread my legs one more time and lick my pussy again till I cum again, next thing I know he got up and open my pussy and puts his hard cock on it rubbing it till it enters pussy, when the hard cock enters the pussy I was moaning harder the more he fucks me rubbing my breast and squeezing it hard, he took my right leg lift it up and shove in deeper, he was going faster and deeper, his cock was so huge that my pussy was tightening on it, next thing he carried me up and hold on my ass opening my pussy and he shoved his cock in me again, we were fucking like animal faster while his carrying me with his strong arms, we keep fucking till he cums in my pussy, he puts me back on the hood and start licking off our cum in my pussy, after licking my pussy he rested on my tummy standing while I’m on the hood breathing like we run a big marathon. He told me he wants to see me again I told him that I will go thru his friends when I want to see him, I know all will do is fuck, I know he misses my pussy..’

By Yumiko

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