Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

I met her at the party and she was drunk and sexy. She married with 2 kids. She very beautiful and sexy. After the party I bout to leave, I saw her sitting outside by herself. You ok I ask, can you drive home, she look, said her friends left her behind because she want to go home and her friends went with their man. I ask her, where she live. She told me, I told her I’m going that way and my house is bout 15 minutes from her. She look, you sure she said. If you want to sit here alone and wait than I don’t but you. I walk and she call me “ hey what’s your name, I said Sam and u? Linda she said. I walk back and ask her, you want me to drop you off? She look, sure she said. She got up and stumble and I catch her. I put her around on my neck and I wrap my hand around her waist and help her. Open the door and out her in. While I’m driving she mumbled, you ok I ask? She look at me, I hate my husband because he don’t pick me up because he with his friend. I ask her why they don’t come together. She look and said he never go with her. She said thanks for dropping me off even we don’t know each other. I we almost at her house but she ask if we can go hang out. Where I said it’s late. Can we go to your house if you don’t mind she said. If you want too sure I said. I don’t want to go home, she said. So we got to my house and I helped her inside the house. Sat her down and went to change. Came back down and I make some food. We eat and talk. I think of myself she so sexy and beautiful. She ask me why I stare at her. I said you beautiful and sexy and why your man can’t treat you right. She smile and thanks she said. We talking drink and laugh. We sat on the couch and listen to music and it’s late. I ask her, you can sleep here because I can’t drive. She smile and thanks. I sit there and one song came up, she start to dance. She got up and grab my hand, pull me up but I’m too tired, I accidentally pull her and she fall on me, he lip touch my lip. She sit back and we look at each other. I touch her beautiful face and pull her towards me. I kiss her, she kiss back. She pull back, sorry I said. I’m bout to get up, she kiss me. We kiss and she kiss me hard. I push her back, you got husband and you drunk. She kiss me, I want it and it my first she said. She look at me, said her husband only want sex and after sex he go out. Sometime he rape me when I said no because he drunk. He forces me to suck him but I bite it instead because he make feel I’m just his toy. She start crying and I wipe her tear off and she kiss me. I hug her, my hand inside her skirt and squeeze her ass. She lift my shirt off and kiss my down my chest. She lay me down and start kissing and licking me. She sit up and took off her shirt and bra. She grab my hand and put on her boob. I squeeze it and she lean down, I suck on it. Ahhhhh myyyyy ohhhh. We kiss, I pull off her shirt and undies. I squeeze on her ass and she moving her hip and rub against my dick. I kiss her neck and squeeze on her ass, she lean back ahhhhh ohhh she moan. She got up and lay beside, she feels on my dick. She rubbing it and feel it. She grab it and stoking it. She suck on my nipple and lick down on me. I pull her ass towards me and rub her pussy. She stoking and moaning. I slid my finger inside her and she moan, ahhhhhh and she grab my dick hard. She spread it and I put 3 finger inside her. She shivered and her hip shakes. I start move in and out, ohhhh ohhh, she stoking faster, than I feel wet juicy lip around my tip, down deep in her mouth. She stoke while sucking, she lick my head and hmmm juicy she said. She taste my juice. She suck faster and harder. She got up and sat on top, slowly slid inside her. Ahhhhh ohhhh. Lean down and kiss me. She rock faster and harder. I grab and squeeze on her boob while she working me. I bend her over and start pounding her. She move back and forth, I slept her ass, she moan ahhhhh ohhh. It’s tight and it’s good. You ripping me she said. I turn her around and spread wide. She slid it in and I pound on it. She squeeze her boob and moan. I bout to cum, I pull out and stoke it. She sit up and grab and stoking it. She stoke faster and look at me. She kiss and suck on it. When she suck on it, I exploded, she gagging and pull out. Than start suck it again. She lick and split on my dick and suck again. She got full dose of my sperm in her mouths she lick her lip and kiss my dick, swallowed it. Hmmmm she said, she lick and suck my dick. She lay on me while she still stoking my dick. She got up and go wash up. Came back and sat next to me still naked. You ok I ask? I’m ok and gosh you good. I hope you feel good and not ashamed I said. No she said, you make me smile and there for me when you don’t know me. She lean towards me and kiss me. She ask if I got girlfriend and I said yes but she not into sex. She don’t do nothing but lay there. She giggle, guess good thing we met huh? Yes I said. She rub on my dick, kiss me, I want more she whispered. We kiss and I lay her down, spread her leg. I kiss her thigh and kiss her pussy. Ahhhhh ohhh. You ever get eating I ask with soft voice. Ahhhhh nook she said. I got down and lick and suck on it. Ahhhhhhhj ohhhh she moan. I bite on it and slid my tongue inside her. She shivered and push my head. I suck harder and harder. Than her phone ring. I stop and she answered, it’s her husband, I start lick, suck and she moaning, she was bitching and said I’m at my friends house. I suck hard, she hang up. She smile and pull me up and kiss me.

By Yumiko

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