Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

England had been in the grips of a hurricane for three days, winds were recorded at over one hundred miles per hour, very heavy rain had fallen none stop, a lot of damage had been caused, many buildings had been badly damaged because of the wind some had been totally destroyed, rivers had burst their banks causing a lot of flooding and wide spread damage but now the rains had stopped and the wind was dying down, there were lots of warnings about dangerous buildings and flooded roads but people were venturing out of there homes and life was starting to get back to normal, sixteen year old Cindy was heading out to meet her boyfriend Steve and was annoyed that she could not take a short cut over the field because of flooding as she passed the zoo Cindy saw the signs warning of damage to cages but did not bother reading any more of the warning and continued to meet up with Steve as she approached the meeting point Cindy saw Steve and smiled her smile grew even bigger when Steve lowered the front of his joggers letting his solid eight inch dick spring up, unbeknown to the pair of love birds Cindy’s sister Amy who was four years younger than what she was had followed Cindy and was watching from bushes and when she saw Steve’s dick she thought nice, Cindy walked towards Steve taking her jumper off as she went and undoing her jeans, by the time she got to Steve she was naked carrying her clothes, Steve had also stripped naked much to the joy of Amy who was now rubbing between her legs, when Steve and Cindy were together it was not long before Cindy was laying on the wet grass with Steve sliding his  erect dick into Cindy’s very moist and waiting love tube, Amy was kneeling watching as Steve thrust in an out of her sisters love tube Amy found the scene very exciting and undid her jeans lowered them along with her panties and started to rub her own love tube, Cindy was breathing heavy and it took her a minute to realise that there were monkey’s in the tree, Cindy screamed out shouted monkey’s Steve looked at Cindy and realised she was being serious and after with drawing his dick from her love tube rolled onto his back before standing up giving Amy a clear view of his now throbbing erection, Amy lay on her back and continued to rub her love tube not knowing of the gorilla that was near by or of the monkey’s, when the monkeys dropped from the tree’s Cindy tried to get up but Monkey’s were all over her. monkey’s were over Steve and the force of them caused him to fall flat on his front, Cindy felt a wet patch on her love tube and screamed when she felt something slide in and shouted Steve I am being fucked by a monkey help me, but Steve had problems of his own he could feel a monkey pounding into his bum, Amy opened her eyes and saw the gorilla standing over her and before she could do anything the gorilla had grabbed her by her top and was pulling her across the ground as she slid over the ground Amy felt her jeans come off then her top tore off leaving her naked, Amy then saw five monkeys and before she could react they were all over her and Amy felt a dick enter her love tube, At the zoo the head zoo keeper was talking to the police and explaining to them that the monkeys were part of an experiment by university students who had trained them so that they could study the sex behaviour of humans as there was a close connection between humans and monkeys, the police left the zoo and started to issue warnings, Cindy was just reaching her sixth climax and Amy her fourth while Steve could feel his bum starting to get saw. On the farm seventeen year old Kim and her mate Sandra were looking at the eight monkeys in the partly demolished barn, Kim said they are cute and went towards them with Sandra following, the monkey’s jumped at the girls and had soon ripped their clothes off them, the two now naked girls tried to run but both ended up on the floor with the monkey’s clambering over them, Kim screamed as she felt a monkey dick enter her love tube. Cindy was now laying on the ground feeling exhausted having climax ten times the monkeys had all gone, Amy was now fast asleep having climaxed eight times, Steve was laying on the grass his bum sore, all over the town there were screams as monkeys attacked the town folk ripping their clothes from them and molesting them. It took the army a week to capture all the monkey’s the hospitals were kept busy for a long time treating towns folk, In the big house where Cindy lived her parents had just gone out, as soon as they were gone Cindy stripped naked and went into the basement where she saw a naked Amy being pounded by a monkey, Cindy said ” bitch I wanted that one but was soon happy as the other monkey started to lick her love tube. The army spent a month trying to locate the wo missing monkey’s before giving up having decided they could be any where every night a few local girls went to visit Cindy and Amy spending ages in the basement before leaving and going home very happy.When the young India lad who was two years younger than Steve had taken Steve his take away he was surprised to find him naked with a full erection but enjoyed thrusting in and out of Steve’s bum. The university students were very surprised with he offers of help from local girls wanting to help with the monkey’s and got a lot of good results from their tests and lots of girls left the testing lab feeling very happy and content.

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