Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

They sat in the Jacuzzi talking. She sat across his lap her arm around his shoulders, her other hand resting on his arm across her thighs. She sat kissing him she was enjoying the moment.

She started thinking, here she was naked with another woman’s husband, him with another mans wife in a hotel Jacuzzi about to make love to him, after a quick first fuck. It didn’t worry her. Both feeling like the other gave each other what they both needed, been away from home. She felt the sex was magnificent. She enjoyed been penetrated more than she ever had before. Anthony was the kind of man she needed.

They kissed and his hand slid up to her breasts fondling them and squeezing them she opened her legs reaching between them feeling his cock, she pulled it up between her thighs. She stroked it as he fondled her breasts. She loved his lips. Their tongues in each others mouths.

They had been in the water for an hour since having sex. She stood up in front of him. Her breasts sitting there. He smiled up at her.

” Those are nice breasts. ” He said smiling. He pulled her close, her nipples finding his mouth. He kissed them, circling them with his tongue. Kissing over her breasts, between her breasts. Around her breasts. Kissing every inch of her bosom. She held his head into her chest looking down at him. She kissed the top of his head. He was starting to feel like a lover now, not just a quick one night stand. She felt like they were about to make love to each other, not just ‘Fuck.’

” Oh baby yes. ” She said. He lifted his head, she put her hands on his cheeks holding his head as he looked up, she leant in kissing his lips. His hands fondling her breasts, and sliding down to her arse cheeks squeezing them..

” You have a beautiful body. ” He said. ” I’m sure I’ve told you that. ” He said.

” You have. ” She said smiling.

” Good ” he said. She sat up on the edge of the pool. He swam between her open legs. She leant back rubbing her wet moist pussy with her fingers. He looked up at her then her pussy. He leant in kissing up her pussy lips to her fingers. He kissed over her fingers rubbing her clit. She put her fingers in his mouth. He sucked off the pussy juices tasting her sweet young juices.

She moved her hand, she pictured her brother down their eating her pussy, how much she enjoyed that. He put his fingers on her pussy lips opening them up. He pushed his tongue into her pussy licking up and down her. She put her head back, she put her hand on his head, feeling his head move up and down as he licked her pussy.

” Ohhhh fuck yes. ” She said. His finger circled around her vagina opening. She waited with expectation for him to push his finger in her. She didn’t have to wait long before she felt seconds later one finger disappeared in her pussy. She groaned as he slowly finger fucked her, circling his tongue around her clit and clitoral hood. It felt like one finger was the same as her husbands cock. But she enjoyed the fact it was someone else’s finger.

She sat sipping her Champagne. She was wondering was this just drunken sex with a complete stranger. But no she thought she was loving the attention

He pulled his fingers out, then slid two inside her. ” Fuck ” she said looking down at his tongue and fingers working her. He smiled at her, she smiled back as his tongue flicked her pussy lips and clit.

” Like that? ” He asked.

” Oh fuck yes. ” She said running her hand over his head. ” Yeh baby. That feels so fuckin nice. ”

” Can still taste my cum in you from before. ” He said standing up. She grabbed his cock stroking it as he kissed her.

He sat on the edge of the pool, his cock hard, she slid into the water between his legs. She looked up at him as she licked his knob ans circled it. She held the base of his cock, licking up and down his shaft she mouthed it.

” Could get used to your cock. ” She said smiling.

” Could you ? ” He said looking down at her licking and kissing his knob and shaft.

” Oh yeh, its so much bigger than my husbands. ” She said smiling.

” Really ” he said ” Does he have a small dick ”

” Yeh, ” she said holding his cock, Anthony watched his cock disappear into her mouth. She looked up at him as she sucked up and down his shaft. He pushed her wet hair off her face watching her mouth slid up and down his hard 10 inch shaft.

” Fuck that’s good. ” He said.

She caressed his balls, stroking his shaft as she sucked. She deep throated him. She slid her hand up his chest feeling his muscular stomach and abs as she sucked.

” Do you work out ? ” She said taking his cock out of her mouth holding it kissing his knob.

” I do ” He replied. ” At my age I need to look after myself, especially seen I sit at a desk all day. I could easily get overweight.

” I like that. ” She said looking up at him.from his groin, talking between sucking his cock.

” You do ? ” He said.

” Yeh I do ” she said.

” Is your husband fit ? ” He asked.

” Yeh, but not as toned as you. ” She said sliding her mouth back down his cock. She kept licking and sucking her pussy telling her she needed his cock in it.

She stood up. She turned around sitting in his groin reaching for his cock guiding it to her pussy. She rubbed it against her vagina opening and slid down his shaft groaning as it entered her.

” Oh fuck ” she said. He held her hips, looking down at his shaft sliding in and out of her pussy. Her pussy lips hugging his shaft. Her hands on his knees supporting herself as she rode him feeling his hard cock in her pussy, his shaft and knob spreading her pussy wide.

He slid his hands up her sides to her breasts cupping them pulling her back into him. She kept riding him as he kissed her neck fondling her breasts.

” Oh baby. ” She said. ” Fuck me. ”

She got off him. The got out of the pool and dried. She lead him to the bed. He lay down. She straddled him, again reaching for his cock sliding down his shaft. He looked up admiring her young body. Her breasts. He smiled at her.

” You know, you said you could get used to my cock, I could get used to your body. ” He said smiling at her.

She lay on him, his cock still in her.

” What are you saying ? ” She said.

” Don’t know. ” He said.

” Are you saying we should keep in touch, and keep it casual ? ” She said kissing his lips.

” Would you ? ” He said.

” Maybe. ” She replied. ” Just sex ? ”

” Just sex. ” He said.

” Well, we could do I mean I’m enjoying this with you. ”

She sat up again continuing to ride him enjoying the cock inside her. She leant back resting her hands on his knees. He lay watching his cock ride in and out of her pussy.

She got off, he lay her on the bed, he lay over her lifting her legs up his body onto his shoulders. He lifted her arse guiding his cock into her. He started thrusting her harder. Filling her pussy with his cock. She groaned as he thrust her. Faster and harder. He kissed her lips as he fucked her. His cock slapping plunging her. He then stood up pulling her to the edge of the bed lifting her legs. She rested her ankles on his shoulders. He plunged her again fucking her. He leant over her resting on her legs, plunging deep into her, he fondled her breasts. He was enjoying making love to another mans wife, a younger one at that.

He felt him self build up again. He then cum filling her pussy with more of his juices.

” Yes baby ” she said. She rolled him to his back. She lay on him, his cock still in her. They kissed.

” That was good. ” He said smiling.

” It sure was ” she said. She sat up and leant back opening her pussy. His cum dripping from her onto his stomach. She slid back lifting his cock. Cum still oozing from his knob. She leant in sliding down his leg. Cum dripping from her pussy onto his thigh. She licked up and down his cock tasting her pussy juices and his cum on his shaft.

He lay watching her lick his cock clean. She slid up his body kissing his lips.

They got up and showered and washed each other down. They then got into bed together. She felt fine sharing the bed with another man.

” I really enjoyed that. ” She said smiling.

” I did to ” he said.

” So when do you fly back ? ” She asked.

” Thursday. ” He said

” Really. Which flight ? ” She asked.

” 2 Pm. ” He said.

” Oh my god, same flight as me. I will be your cabin crew again ” she said smiling.

” Oh really ? ” He said

” Yes, well you can sit there knowing you have fucked the hostess. She said

” I cant wait for the flight now. ” He replied.

” So do keep seeing each other back home ? ” She asked.

” Do you want to ? ” He asked.

” We shouldn’t, but it was such wonderful sex ? ” She replied.

” I suppose we could keep in touch and meet up occasionally for sex. ” He said.

” My older man. ” She replied.

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