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Ally was looking forward to the end of the flight, she was tired. It was three months after her romp with her brother and Vicky, her best sex she had ever experienced. She never thought she would ever have sex with her brother. Since then it had been three months of average sex with her husband. His average sized cock. She missed the hours of sex. The great oral sex her pussy yearned for. She wondered after her brother would she still yearn for another man or men.

They landed, it was a international flight, she was looking forward to a hotel bed and some time alone.

She checked into her room She sat on the bed and then lay down looking at the ceiling. Even though she was alone, she wanted company. She was a four hour flight away from home. She sat up on her bed, and looked at her watch. It was
6.48. She had been propositioned by a guy on the flight. A passenger had asked her to go for a drink when they landed. She thought about it but decided no.

She decided to go downstairs to the bar for a drink. It was nice is wasn’t so busy, she found a cubicle after getting a drink and ordered dinner. She looked around seeing familiar faces from the flight.

She sat in a booth alone. The other girls had asked her to go out together, she said no she needed a early night. Really she had her dildo with her. She had other plans. The urge to pick up a guy for the night, had been on her mind off and on. She wanted to but wasn’t sure.

Her meal came, the waiter bringing it to her. She sipped her wine. Eating alone in another country. She liked the her time. Ten minutes later she finished eating

” Hi ” a voice said. She looked up seeing a tall dark handsome man in a suit.

” Hi ” she replied ” Can I help you. ”

” I was on the flight, your one of the air hostesses. ” He said. ” You served me. ”

She thought back, she served a lot of people. But he did stand out. ” Yes ” she said I remember you. ”

” Your alone ” he said.

” Yes ” she replied ” You can join me. ”

” Thank you. ” He said sitting down.

They talked for an hour and laughing and joking.

” Well its getting late. ” Anthony said a tall black businessman. He wore a suit. He had short hair. Ally noticed the wedding ring on his finger.

” Would you like to come up for a nightcap ? ” Ally said smiling.

” Ah umm. ” He said looking at his ring on his finger.

” I’m married too. ” She said.

” Are you sure ? ” Anthony said.

” Yes ” she replied smiling at him.

Anthony admired her. This beautiful attractive sexy white flight attendant asking him to come to her room.

” Ok ” he said. They both stood and she paid. He followed her to the lift. His eyed not been able believe this beautiful figure was with him. Her 38C 24 36 body. They reached her room he walked inside with her. He sat on the sofa.

” What do you want to drink. ” She said.

” Scotch. ” He said.

She pulled out a bottle of scotch, pouring it into a glass. She opened a bottle of champagne filling her glass. She walked towards him. He ran his eyes up her body. She wore a knee length black skirt with black stockings, a black waistcoat and blue long sleeved blouse. She kicked off her heels and sat next to him sitting with her legs crossed turning her body towards him.

” Cheers ” she said.

” I what ” he asked.

” Well good company, and a safe flight. ” She replied.

” I will drink to that ” he said they clinked glasses and took a sip of there drinks.

” So your on business ? ” She asked.

” Yes I’m CEO of a communications company, over here to oversee training for our other corporate staff. ” He said.

” Sounds interesting. ” She replied.

” Most would say boring ” he replied smiling.

” Yeh, ” she said seeing him look down at his wedding ring.

” I’m married as well, my husband probably would not appreciate me bringing a guy to my room for a drink. ” She said.

” My wife would not like me saying yes. ” He said.

” Yeh well my husband and I are on different boats at the moment. ” She said.

” Really.? ” Anthony replied.

” Yes, sometimes I feel my job is good because I get me time, especially on international flights. ” She said sipping her wine.

” So you always invite men back to your room ? ” He asked.

She smiled and laughed. ” I will be completely honest this is the first time. I mean on other occasions I have wanted to but always put the married card out, I’ve been asked by other passengers. But always said no. This is the first time I have. ”

” Ok ” he said. ” So your marriage isn’t good ? ” He asked.

” Yes and no, I’m just a bit lonely in our marriage. ” She said.

” How old are you ? ” He asked.

” 27 ” She said looking at him.

” How old do you think I am ? ” He asked

” God, I don’t know but when I first saw you I thought 50. ” She said.

” Close 51 ” he said.

” Oh lucky, ” She said. ” I flirted with you on the flight didn’t I ? ” She said.

” A little bit ” he said.

” Sorry, so unprofessional. ” She said.

” Ah don’t worry about it. ” He said smiling. ” I must admit my wife gets annoyed with my overseas trips. ” He said.

” Have you ever….. You know. ”

” Cheated ? ” He said finishing her sentence.

” Well yeh. ” She said.

” No, like I’ve been tempted. But no I haven’t. ” He said. ” So what about you. Have you ever cheated ? ” He asked.

She looked at him and smiled. ” Yes ” she said not wanting to tell him about her brother. ” Not with a man, I slept with a girlfriend. If you call been with a female cheating. ”

” So your bi sexual. ” He said.

” Yes I am. I mean I suppose been with females, it feels like Im not really cheating when its the same sex. ” She said.

” Would you have another man ? ” He asked.

” I’ve asked you to my room. ” She replied.

” You have ” he said.

” It wasn’t just because I wanted a friendly drink, well yes I did, but usually when someone asks you to there room for a drink its for more. I mean. I’m a bit lonely for male company ” She said. ” Would you like to spend the night with me ? ” She asked.

” Well, I guess I did approach you first. Your a beautiful girl. ” He said smiling.

” Thanks very much, and yes you did. I’m saying yes. ” She put her hand on his knee. He looked down at her hand her wedding rings on her finger. He looked at her. They leant in kissing. She slid her hand to his groin feeling his bulge. His hard cock.

He put his hand on her bust feeling her breasts.

” Do you have children ? ” She asked ” Yes a son 26. Daughter 25 and a son 22 ” he said

” You ? ” .

” No ” she replied as he started undoing her waistcoat. She undid his trousers belt and clip pulling down his zip. She reached in, he lifted his arse letting her pull down his trousers and underwear his hard cock springing out.

” Wow ” she said looking at his cut 10 inch erection. ” Its big. ” She wrapped her fingers around his shaft stroking it.

” Thank you ” he said both looking at his black cut cock. Big veins running up his shaft. For a few minutes she slowly stroked and sucked his cock. His big thick cock in her mouth. She fondled his balls.

” Wow its bigger than my husbands. ” She said taking his cock out of her mouth looking at him continuing to stroke his shaft.

” Really ? ” He said ” Not bad for a 51 yr old man aye ? ”

She leant back in his groin putting her lips over his knob sliding them down his cock.

” Oh shit ” he said watching her slowly suck up and down his cock as she stroked it. He pulled her long hair back off her face holding it as she licked up and down his cock following his thick pronounced vein to his knob. She teased his knob and shaft, licking up his precum.

She then stood up reaching behind her back undoing her skirt. It dropped to the ground. He saw her black GString under her sheer stockings. She straddled him leaning in kissing his lips. His hand on her arse. They french kissed. He fondled bust. She sat back undoing the buttons on her vest taking it off. Anthony started undoing the buttons on her blouse slowly revealing her bust he pushed her blouse off her seeing her black bra. Her beautiful breasts sitting in the see through lace.

” Im a lucky man ” he said smiling. They french kissed again.

” You are ” she said smiling at him. ” Cant wait for you to fuck me. ”

” Me either ” he added reaching behind her back unclipping her bra. He pulled it off dropping it to the floor admiring her naked breasts.

” Yes baby ” she said watching him look at her breasts. She was loving another set of male eyes admiring her breasts.

” Fuck these are nice tits ” he said admiring her breasts and nipples and areolas

” Thank you ” she said. All she really wanted was her body to be appreciated. Her husband didn’t compliment her any more. He leant in his tongue licking her nipples and started sucking them, caressing and squeezing them. She held his head as he sucked them.

” Oh god ” she said looking down she couldn’t believe she had done it. She had finally taken her brothers advice and Vicky’s advice. To play the field a bit. She was enjoying another man that wasn’t either her husband or her brother enjoying her body.

She had seen Anthony’s cock, it was as big as her brothers she couldn’t wait to get it inside her pussy. She then stood up lowering her stockings and underwear taking them off. She straddled him again. She grabbed his knob and rubbed it against her clit. She rubbed her pussy and pushed his knob to her vagina slowly sliding down his shaft.

” Oh fuck yes ” she looked at the ceiling feeling his knob and shaft slid deep into her wet moist pussy. She groaned as she slowly rode up and down his hard cock. Finally a strangers cock in her pussy.

” That’s good ” he said.

” Oh fuck yes baby. ” She groaned. She slowly rode him feeling his cock deep in her. She loved it. She reached behind her head bunching her hair together. His hands on her breasts as she straddled him, his cock in her. Riding him. She pulled her hair down one side of her head. It draped between her breasts as she rode up and down him.

She kissed him as she rode him he fondled her breasts sliding a hand to her arse holding and squeezing her arse cheeks as she rode up and down his cock. He slid one hand up her bare back, one hand on her arse. Both groaning. They fucked on the couch. He felt himself build up, she knew he was about to cum. She rode faster. A minute later he cum, he exploded inside her, he filled her pussy with his semen. She slowed down leaning on him hugging him. He ran his hands over her back kissing her neck.

” Wow ” he said smiling.

” That was great ” she said sitting up. His cock still in her. She got up and turned around sitting on his lap leaning against him his hands on her waist her head on his shoulder. He slid his hand to her breast caressing them. One hand to her pussy rubbing her clit.

” That was amazing. ” He said.

” Best sex I’ve had ” she replied.

” They both got up and went to the Jacuzzi for a soak. She cleaned his cum from her pussy.

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