Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

This story is a totally fictional story concerning Coronation Street from T.V. It is based on an existing story but is NOT a planned future story line of the soap.

Asha was in the ally with Summer both girls were in a deep passionate kiss, Asha was running her hands over summers bum, she broke off from the kiss and said to Summer ” I wish I could get this skirt off you and get some skin at that moment Amy walked round the corner and stopped she had heard Asha talking as she had approached and was now looking in shock at the two girls, Amy recovered from the shock of what she had seen and heard and said to the two girls who had been her friends, ” you pair of fucking lesbians ” she then directed her comments at Asha saying ” when you took those naked photos of your self for that boy I stuck up for you and helped you but all you are is a fucking slag of a lesbian ” then stormed off in a very bad mood.. Amy arrived home slamming the door shut as she went in but unbeknown to Amy the catch did not close, Amy knew her parents were away for a few days and she had the house to her self then after taking off her school jumper started to make a drink, as she went into the lounge with her drink Amy saw Summer and Asha there and said ” how the fuck did you slags get in ” Asha told her that she had not closed the door then grabbed a handfull of Amy’s hair and pulled it forcing her head down and slapping her round the face at the same time, Amy screamed, Asha pulled Amy’s head right down causing her to fall to the floor, Summer said to Amy ” you are to stuck up and full of yourself we are bringing you down to our level ” and sat astride her back , Amy was shouting at the girls making all kinds of threats but when she felt her skirt being pulled up she went quiet, Amy felt her skirt pulled up to her waist then heard Asha say off then felt her skirt being undone and pulled off followed by her panties, Summer said ” wow cute bum and started rubbing it, Amy started to issue threats again, Asha and Summer rolled Amy onto her back where Summer undid Amy’s blouse pulling it free from her body along with her bra, Amy realised that she was now naked and cringed when Summer started to massage her boobs while Asha started to rub her love tube, Summer then stopped rubbing Amy’s boobs bent forward and started to lick and suck her nipples, Asha stopped rubbing Amy’s love tube bent forward and started to lick it before pushing her tongue inside, Amy went quiet, summer stopped sucking Amy’s nipples and said ” she is enjoying it her nipples are erect ” Asha said ” yeah and she is wet and slid her fingers inside Amy’s love tube and started to finger her while Summer returned to sucking Amy’s nipples, after five minutes Asha said ” yes the bitch has cum ” Summer said ” swap places ” soon Asha was sucking Amy’s nipples and Summer was licking Amy’s love tube pushing her tongue inside after ten minutes summer said ” she has cum ” Asha and summer stood looked at the naked Amy, Summer said ” you are our property bitch and took photos of Amy then left with Asha following, Amy lay on the floor hardly believing that two girls had made her cum.

By Yumiko

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