Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

The siren from the government run lab had been wailing for a hour, the police were touring round the town in cars waring residents to stay indoors as dangerous animals had escaped from the lab. Many residents did not believe what they were being told because they had been told that no animals were kept at the lab but they had been lied to and animals were being used at the lab to test drugs on, during the night a power surge had blown fuses at the lab and electronic  cage doors had sprung open allowing the animals to escape, sixteen year old July had just had a shower and was standing in the kitchen wishing the sirens would shut up when she saw the large dog in the garden, July got a bowl of water and opened the door, the dog ran to July knocking her to the floor as she fell her gown fell open July lay where she was winded by the fall after a minute July regained her senses as she did she felt her love tube being licked and lay still enjoying the sensation and thinking it was her boyfriend said ” you could have got me inside first” and looked down to see it was the dog licking her love tube, July screamed and kicked the dog making it back away then quickly got to her feet as she did her gown came off leaving her naked, July went back inside the house as she tried to shut the door the dog charged into it knocking July flying backwards landing on the floor on her back, the dog moved towards July and stood straddling her and started licking her large boobs July tried to push the dog away but it was to heavy for her to budge, the dog continued licking July’s boobs and after awhile July started to enjoy it and let the dog carry on, she then felt her love tube being licked and saw another dog was now in the kitchen but did not care she was enjoying having her boobs and love tube licked, July saw two more dogs appear as they did the kitchen door opened and her sister Amy who was four years younger than what she was walked in, Amy was naked and drying her hair and did not see the dogs one of which bowled her over and started licking her love tube, Amy like her sister had done tried pushing the dog away but could not, July felt the dog licking her love tube stop and thought carry on licking, she then felt something pushing into her love tube and realised that it was the dog and groaned as the dog dick slid into her very moist love tube and start to hump away, Amy was now moaning as the dog licked her young love tube and cried out when she climaxed, the dog that had been  licking her just starting to develop boobs straddled her and started to lick her love tube then lowered it’s rear end with his dick sliding into Amy’s mouth then started to hump the girls mouth, July was just climaxing for the second time as a different dog humped away into her love tube, Amy gagged as she felt the dogs dick in her mouth spew it’s cum down her throat and at the same time climaxed for the third time, the dogs all ran off and the two girls lay still before getting  to their feet and heading to the shower. That night at the dinner table Amy asked her day if they could get a dog July said ” a big one that can be here if we need protecting from burglars it can look after us” and when their dad said yeah ok” both girls cheered and both July and Amy felt their love tubes start to get moist at the thought of having their very own dog.

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