Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

The animal rescue had been standing on the edge of the small English town for ten years. It had once been a farm that had been owned by the same family for nearly one hundred years, but then things started to go bad for the farm owners and despite their hardest efforts they went bankrupt and the farm was brought by an animal rescue charity who cared for animals that had been ill treated or abandoned by their owners. A few residents of the town had volunteered to work at the farm which had been given a big make over by the charity, quite often there were lots of animals at the farm being cared for. It was early evening and sixteen year old Dawn who was one of the volunteers was working at the centre, she was going to be there all night, Liam who was two years younger than what Dawn was was also going to be there all night, Liam was not very well liked in the town due to him being a peeping, Dawn was well know for being a bully and a girl who caused a lot of trouble and great upsets, not may people trusted her. It had been a very hot day and was still very warm, Dawn had changed out of her clothes and was wearing just overalls in the hope of staying cool and was now preparing food for the five chimps that were being kept in one of the former barns, Liam watched as Dawn went into the barn and started to feed the chimps, as he watched he saw the chimps were not touching the food and getting restless, then suddenly the chimps all rushed at Dawn jumping all over her, Liam saw the chimps pulling at Dawns overalls, then to his joy Liam saw the back of Dawns overalls tear and her bare bum appear, Liam held the stick he had fetched to fight the chimps off and smiled broadly as he saw Dawns overalls being torn off and was soon admiring her naked ample boobs and hairless love tube, Liam started to fight the chimps off the now naked Dawn who ran from the barn, Liam followed her, once outside Liam saw Dawn climb over a fence which was a quick way to the office, Lian knew there were pigs the other side of the fence and heard the squealing, Liam went to the fence and saw that Dawn had fallen flat on the ground and now had ten pigs round her, Liam saw the pigs were sniffing round Dawns body and that she was having trouble getting them off, Liam saw Dawn eventually get free and try to squeeze through the bars in the fence, as she did Liam saw a pig put its trotters on Dawn’s pig then heard Dawn yell “no” Liam saw the pigs rear going back and forward then heard Dawn yell “get it off it is fucking me” Liam moved and saw that the pig was up Dawn, Liam moved round to the front of Dawn as he did he saw the pig that was humping Dawn get off her but before she could get through the fence another pig was humping her, Liam then saw that Dawn’s nipples were erect and could hear her breathing heavy, Liam watch as two more pigs humped Dawn and heard her groan and realised she had climaxed and was enjoying what was happing, Liam watched as pig after pig humped Dawn and could see she was enjoying it. After nearly a hour the pigs were finished and Dawn squeezed through the fence and lay on the ground, Liam looked down at her noticing that her nipples were still very erect. After a short time Dawn got up and went into the office, while she was in the shower Liam looked through the paper work and found papers that said the pigs had come from a satanic sect, when Dawn came out of the shower she made Liam promise not to tell anyone what had happened. A few nights later Liam went to the farm as he arrived he saw Dawn was naked climbing into the pig pen her nipples erect and thought it is going to be very interesting working her at night and moved over to the fence as a pig mounted Dawn.

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