Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Cindy was a 16 year old member of an animal rights group who fought for better treatment of animals, they target shops who sold fur coats and other fur products, they defaced posters that advertised zoos, tonight Cindy was with a group of other members of the group who were going to raid a centre that used animals for testing make up on. Cindy was at the back of the centre with 16 year old Mark who was knew to the group they were both wearing black hoodies, black joggers, black training shoes, black gloves and had hoods with eye holes cut into them they were waiting for the signal to move into the centre and free the animals, Cindy felt the bolt cutters she was carrying to cut locks, after waiting for about five minutes the phone Cindy was carrying rang, after answering the phone and talking on it foe a couple of minutes Cindy smiled put the phone away looked at Mark and told him all systems are go, they both pulled the hoods on covering their faces and headed to the fence which Cindy had soon cut a hole in using the bolt cutters, they both ran to the building and started to climb the drain pipe when they got to a ledge Cindy found it was harder carrying the bolt cutters than what she had thought it would be and tucked one handle of the bolt cutters inside her joggers with the other handle on the out side before carrying on with climbing, Mark was behind Cindy and saw the weight of the bolt cutters was forcing the back of her joggers down showing the top of her bum, Cindy got to the top of the drain pipe helped Mark up onto the ledge, Cindy tried the window and found it was unlocked and slid it up before sliding in through the open window head first, Mark followed Cindy in, the pair looked at the rough sketch of the building that they had they then headed towards the room that held the dogs they were going to release, Mark followed Cindy admiring the top of her bum that was sill showing they got to their target opened the door and found it contained cages of chimps, Cindy said ” makes no difference free them and started cutting the locks on the cages and opening the cage doors, after a short while there were about a hundred chimps swinging from the lights and beams, Mark a few chimps climbing on Cindy as they climbed over her Mark saw her joggers slide a bit showing more of her bum he then saw the joggers slide right down showing her entire bum Mark was searching through papers for information and found that the chimps had been under going training on how to strip people for use by the military, Mark suddenly saw a chimp go past him with Cindy’s joggers, Mark looked at Cindy and saw she had lost her hood and her hoodie was half way up at the back with chimps pulling it Cindy was staggering about, she then fell and Mark saw her hoody being taken by a chimp Mark got a fire extinguisher and started squirting the chimps who left Cindy and attacked Mark who in a few minutes like Cindy was naked after fighting off the chimps Mark and Mandy were able to lock themselves in a small room Mark saw the gorilla first and ran to another door closely followed by Cindy who was not quick enough the gorilla grabbed her pony tail pulling her back, Mark went through the door which slammed behind him leaving him cut off from Cindy he tried to open the door but the door had a security code on the lock and he could not open it, he heard Cindy scream saw an observation window and looked through it he saw Cindy over a bar the gorilla behind her, Cindy was shouting get it off me, Mark saw her ample boobs were swinging and realised the gorilla was screwing Cindy who was shouting stop get him off me Mark looked to see if there was any way he could get Cindy out but could not see any after a few minutes Cindy went quiet Mark looked through the window and saw that Cindy had erect nipples after a few minutes the gorilla moved away from Cindy who fell to the floor, Mark saw a hatch marked escape hatch he opened it called Cindy and helped her through it, Cindy lay on the floor looked up at Mark and told him the gorilla had fucked her, Mark helped Cindy up feeling her boobs as he did they both put white coats on Mark opened a door saying lets try this way Cindy followed him into a room and saw a few gorillas, told Cindy lets go back looked round and saw Cindy had removed her white coat, she said ” what for” and walked towards the gorillas smiling as she did.

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