Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

My name is Emily and I live on a farm in a rural part of the country with my mother and father. I usually help do a lot of the chores around the barn especially with the horses because I grew up loving them. It was a sunny afternoon on a Saturday as I woke up and got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast. After eating, I took our dog Mickey outside with me to go to the hens to collect their eggs. I finished collecting the eggs and took Mickey to the barn so I could clean the stables. Mickey quickly found a squirrel and began to chase it while I filled up a pail of water with soap to clean the horses stalls. While the water was running I suddenly remembered how badly I needed to pee. I quickly shut off the water and took the bucket of soapy water into an empty horse stall. I knew that I had complete privacy since my parents never really checked that I was doing my chores. I quickly unstrapped and took off my overalls and hung them over the dividing wall of the next stall. I then pulled my panties down to my knees, squatted, and let loose a long torrent of pee. Before I could stand back up I felt someones hot breath on my pussy. I turned my head around to see that it was one of the horses. I just stood there motionless as the horse began to lap up the remaining drops of piss from my bald pussy. The feeling of the horses tongue inside my pussy felt amazing as I had an orgasm. I then noticed that the horses penis was now fully erect and I tried to stand up but the horse shoved me so I was bent over a hay bail. It then proceeded to put its penis so that it was just barely parting my pussy lips. I knew what was going to happen now. The horse was horny and wanted to mate with me. The horse then rammed its cock inside my pussy and I screamed in pain. Once the pain went away it actually felt great having the horses giant cock inside my pussy. The horse began to fuck me faster and faster and harder and harder until I had an orgasm and not too long after my orgasm I felt the horses hot sperm filling my young hot tight pussy. The horse stood there for a few minutes then finally dismounted. I got up and turned around to see my dog, Mickey standing there with an erection from watching what the horse did to me. All of a sudden Mickey ran towards me and leaped on me knocking me on my back on the hay bail. I then feel Mickey’s hot penis at the entrance of my pussy. He then sticks his cock inside me and even ties me with his knot. Mickey began to fuck my pussy and it felt absolutely amazing. I then took my shirt off and began to stimulate my clitoris until I orgasmed. Mickey made a few more quick thrusts until his hot seed filled my pussy. Horse and Dog semen and my own juices were flowing out of my pussy. Mickey continued to lay on me with his now limp penis still inside me. I suddenly felt a new hot sensation inside my pussy. I then looked down between my legs and realized that Mickey was peeing inside me. I then returned the favor while he was still peeing and I started to pee too on his cock. I realized how fun animal sex is and will have to do this again soon the next time i’m doing chores.

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