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Fictional story.

Annabelle sat wine in hand. It was a warm evening as she sat on the balcony. He hair done up into a bun on the top of her head. She sipped her wine staring out into the distance.

She wore black slacks with a silk embroidered red blouse. Her cleavage bursting in her red bra.

Her husband away for the night. She enjoyed his absence. A break from his arrogance. Madeline out with a girlfriend. Annabelle wondered about it, it seemed more than just a good friend. Was her daughter bi or gay. Her husband would not approve. Though Annabelle wondered about another woman. She rotated her wedding rings around her finger. She watched the thunder clouds bellowing in the distance. The thick strong hands touched her shoulders massaging her. She put her head forward as he massaged her neck.

” Why so tense ” he asked.
” No reason ” she replied as he keep massaging over her blouse. ” Hows my husband ?” she asked.
” Richard ? Hes good ” he said.
” Good.” She said He kissed her neck. His hands on her hips ”

Adam a strong businessman. He was a business friend of her husband. They met at a benefit dinner they became fond of each other.

Annabelle was 53 yrs old 5 ft 11. Taller than most men in heels.A strong woman her lover smelling her perfume as she enjoyed her wine. The clouds outside swallowing up the night sky. The stars disappearing as clouds rolled in.

Adam was 49 yr old businessman. Short greying hair. He was tall over 6 ft. She liked tall men. She turned staring into his blue eyes. They kissed lips. She loved the break from her husband. The love making with Adam so sensual and personal. Her husband just went through the motions, just a item on his to do list to tick off. ‘Sex with my wife’ Tick.

His controlling nature. Even his daughter had to marry into the right family. Annabelle knew about Madeline and Carlos. She approved even though it wad just sex.

She put down her wine taking her hair out of its clips shaking it free. They kissed. There was a knock at the door.

” Hes here” she said. She opened the door. He stepped in. ” Adam, my son Colin.”

“Hi” Adam said shaking his hand. She handed him a glass of wine.

” Wow ” Adam said. ” What a proposal that’s happening.”

” Yes ” Annabelle replied ” Husband cant find out.”

” No ” Adam said. ” My secret. Adam walked over to the bench getting out the camera telling Adam how to use it.

” Filming my mother fucking her lover.” Adam said. ” So weird. He knew of his mothers unhappiness in the bedroom. He didn’t mind she was fucking Adam. It made her happier.

” Lets get started.” Annabelle said. She stood with Adam as Colin pushed Record. Watching them kiss through the lens.

They kissed Annabelle feeling horny and felt it so erotic her Son filming her sex tape with her lover. He would see her naked. She sat undoing his trousers dropping them with his underwear his 6 inch cock springing out. Colin getting all the action. Annabelle looking at the camera licking his shaft caressing Adam’s balls as Adam removed his shirt. Colin filming her sucking up and down his shaft. Circling her tongue around knob.

Colin felt his cock harden but tried to ignore it as Adam groaned his mothers lips forming a tight seal around his shaft as she slid her mouth up and down his cock. Her lipstick rubbing off on his shaft. Her fingers with long red nails gripping his shaft. She spat on his cock and sucked deepthroating him. She gagged as she pulled off Adam groaning. She wanked his cock his knob on her tongue wanting cum. Minutes later he obliged ejaculating into her mouth. Colin watching through the lens as his mother licked and sucked his cock clean.

She stood sipping her wine as Adam started undoing her blouse. Colin getting excited he was going to see her naked. ‘Should I be’ he thought as her breasts became more visible in her bra as he pulled it out of her slacks. Colin had seen her in her bikini, her cleavage. But seeing her hard nipples in her lacy bra was so much better. Adam fondled her breasts then kissed her cleavage. He sat. Adam reached to her slacks. Adam excited as he undid the zip and clip her slacks dropping to the floor. She wore a matching red G String. Colin’s cock almost bursting through his shorts. She straddled Adam kissing him. Colin filming her arse. The G string between her arse cheeks. Then she leant back undoing her bra. Sliding it off his mothers breasts there, naked. Adam caressed sucking her nipples. Colin smiling watching him flick them with his tongue. He squeezed her arse spreading her cheeks. Colin filming every thing.

Adam rolled her to her back on the couch. Colin stood filming down on to her. Then concentrated on her groin as Adam slid her panties down. His mothers shaved pussy on display. Adam took off her underwear dropping them to the floor. Her legs open. Annabelle rubbed her clit. Colin’s camera were his eyes as he admired Anna’s pussy.

Adam ran his fingers down her pussy leaning in circling her clit. Colin moving to get a better view. Watching Adam pleasure his mother.

“OH Fuck ” Annabelle said leaning her head back groaning as her son filmed. Adam slid his fingers into her slowly finger fucking her as he licked her clit and pussy lips. Annabelle caressed her breasts. Colin wanted to reach out and touch them.

Adam them got up and opened her legs wider. He grabbed his cock and slid deep into her pussy. Colin watched as Adams cock slid between his mothers pussy lips. ” Fuck ” Colin thought as Adam fucked her. He listened to his mothers groans of pleasure. Groans he never heard at home. He knew when his father was fucking her. It was always so quiet. He had never heard his mother so vocal with pleasure as the rain fell outside . After a while Adam sat on the couch. Annabelle straddled him. Colin knelling on the floor filming his mothers hand on Adams cock directing it to her pussy sliding down his shaft. Colin watched Adams cock move in and out of his mother. Her wet moist pussy. Her pussy lips. He was enjoying the views.

Five minutes later they moved to the bedroom. Adam lay down. Annabelle reverse cowgirl her back to Adam leaning back. Colin getting a good view of his mothers breasts. Her pussy riding Adam.

He loved her body, her nakedness.

Adam cum. Filling Annabelle with semen. Colin filming it. He felt so horny, naughty filming his mother fucking her lover. He loved it. She loved it.

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