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This (almost true) story is a sequel to my last adventure with the super sexy Dani Royal (not her real name) before she became a nationally known TV sports reporter and anchor.

The forecast was not good. It called for blizzard like conditions late in the afternoon and at least a foot of snow before morning.

In a rare act of kindness, the powers that be at the radio station booked some rooms at a nearby hotel, sparing the unlucky few of us who were working that weekend from getting stranded in the snow.

We had to share the rooms, but the guy who I was splitting a room with was also my relief, so once he made it safely in, I headed to the hotel room I would have all to myself overnight.

I made it to the lobby of the hotel and shook off the snow as I got on the elevator.

Just as the doors were closing, I heard a voice implore me to hold the door. I did and was surprised to see that it belonged to the incredible Dani, dressed in her best “snow bunny” outfit.

“Thanks, Johnny.” She said flashing that amazing smile. “Made it just in time.”

I had not seen as much of Dani as I would have wanted to after our last encounter and had almost given up hope of playing with her and her perfect little body again.

“What room are you in Johnny?” asked Dani excitedly.

“526” I answered “how about you?”

“531! We are practically roommates” she laughed. “Actually, Linda is supposed to share the room with me. I know how much you like her.”

Dani loved to tease me about Linda, the smart and sweet girl-next-door type who just was not in Dani’s class looks-wise or body-wise.

That was no indictment of Linda; Dani could make even a Playboy Playmate self-conscious that she couldn’t compete with her.

“I have an idea Johnny” Dani whispered as the elevator reached the fifth floor, “Why don’t we go outside and make snow angels…NAKED!”

I was already red faced from the cold and snow so my embarrassment was masked but I quickly recovered and suggested we both get settled in our rooms and I would come by in about 10 minutes and decide what we could do next.

Dani agreed and we laughingly parted ways for the time being. My head was swimming with ideas so having a timeout was not a bad thing.

I remembered that I had one Viagra pill in my wallet for just such an occasion and figured I’d better down it just in case things with Dani were heading where they seemed.

I took my little blue pill, changed into my sweat pants and tee shirt and laid down on the bed to relax my nerves before going to Dani’s room.

After a few more minutes that seemed like an eternity, I got up, took a deep breath and went down the hall.

I knocked on Dani’s door but began to get discouraged when she didn’t answer. I knocked a second time and finally the door opened a bit.

Dani peaked out, smiled and let me in. She was wearing the hotel bathrobe and I could tell she had just gotten out of the shower.

“Good news, Johnny,” she said “Linda left me a message, she will try to make it in, but it’s getting worse out there so she’s not sure. It looks like we have the room to ourselves!”

I thought for a moment to tell Dani we could go to my room just in case, but I wasn’t going to spoil things.

I was happy I didn’t because just then Dani whipped off her robe to reveal her magnificently perfect naked body.

“I can take your mind off of Linda, Johnny. Why don’t we make those snow angels right here!” Dani said as she led me to one of the twin beds.

Dani laid back and began to make the sweeping motions with her buff little arms and long lean legs just like a child would do making snow angels.

I moved in and headed straight for her sweet pussy. Dani kept making her imaginary angel wings on the crisp cool white sheets.

I buried my face between her spread-eagled legs and licked her warm pussy. I slowly fucked her with my tongue and she squirmed to make sure I hit the right spots.

I kept going for a good 10-15 minutes using my fingers as well and finally brought Dani to orgasm, her first of many.

“Mmmmmmmm Johnny, it’s your turn now.”

We switched places and I laid back. Dani kneeled alongside me and admired my cock. The viagra had kicked in and my penis was as hard and as thick as ever.

On a good day it measured just shy of seven inches, but thanks to the blue pill it was closer to seven and a half.

“Nice cock, Johnny. Wow.” Dani exclaimed as she began to play with it. She then took it in her mouth and proceeded to give me the best blow job ever.

Watching her beautiful hair bounce up and down as she worked her tongue and mouth like a pro was almost too much to take, so I kept making the snow angel motions to distract myself from cumming.

Dani then mounted me, letting out a moan as my cock disappeared inside her tight canal.

She felt incredible and it were not for that extra bit of stamina my performance enhancing drug provided, I would finished right there and then

Dani began to ride me faster and faster, begging me not to stop. I reached up to play with her perfect little B-cup tits and she grabbed my hands and made me squeeze her breasts even more firmly.

“I’m cumming again, Johnny. Fuck yeah. You are sooooooo good….”

Before Dani was done cumming, I rolled her gently on her back and mounted her, missionary style.

Dani was in heaven as I pumped my cock in and out of her, jack-hammering that soaking wet pussy and she kept making her silly arm movements like the angel she was.

After a few minutes, Dani came again and somehow I held off. Dani took that as a challenge and promised to finish me off after she could cum for me one more time.

“I know how much you love my ass, Johnny. How about some reverse cowgirl?”

“Please, Dani. Ride me.”

Dani obeyed and climbed aboard my cock again, giving me a perfect view of her spectacular ass as she took me in.

She looked back at me over her shoulder as she kept grinding away, commanding me to make my snow angels while she edged closer to another wild orgasm.

Dani was screaming in ecstasy and just for a moment I thought I heard the door.

She enjoyed herself as she came again and without breaking rhythm suddenly blurted out “Hi, Linda…”

There in the middle of the room, her coat dripping wet with melting snow, stood a motionless Linda.

“Johnny and I are making snow angels” she continued “he is so good at them”

I tried to sit up but Dani dismounted and then moved back, sitting on top me. She then thrust out her legs as far as she could in an almost impossible split, revealing both her swollen pussy and my throbbing cock to Linda.

Linda’s jaw dropped but she did not move a muscle, frozen at the sight of us and our lovemaking.

Dani then grabbed my aching dick with both hands and began pumping ferociously up and down.

I yelled Dani’s name and grabbed her tight ass as she made me cum at last. My first three spurts went higher and higher as I almost hit the ceiling with my load.

Linda covered her mouth as she gasped but her eyes followed my streams of thick cum as I released and released at least another four or five times, not looking away.

Dani then took me in her mouth and sucked the rest of what was left before licking her lips and giving Linda a big smile.

Linda regained her composure and stumbled a bit as she backed her way to the bathroom.

Dani laughed and said ” I guess she made it through the storm after all. What a little trooper.”

She quickly suggested we head over to my room and found her robe as I pulled on my sweatpants.

Dani gave me a nice deep kiss as we started to leave, but as we passed the bathroom she said “Goodnight, Linda. I’ll give you all the details in the morning. Sweet dreams.”

Not knowing what else to do, I said good night to the hiding Linda too and we heard her say a soft good night as well from inside.

Thanks to my vitamin V, Dani and I rode out the night with our own blizzard of more incredible sex.

We finished up before my roommate returned and I walked her safely back to her room.

After one last long kiss goodbye, my snow angel Dani promised even more adventures ahead.

“I hope Linda won’t be too jealous, Johnny.”

By Yumiko

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