Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

Hi guys this is Karthi again.. Aged 29. 7.1 ‘ Feet tall.. And Ananya is a married women, no kids yet same age as mine 6.1’ Feet tall, short hair, 32 30 34 curvy figure. Just to recap. If you didn’t read my last post. Manoj (her husband and my friend) came to my home. This happened after a month from our previous visit. I had a morning shift that’s when I got a call from Manoj since they were near my house and like to visit my house to take rest since there was another evening function. I feel like situation like this should happen often. Naughty me.. I’m living in an apartment 1 bhk. I saw both waiting in my parking lot.
Ananya gazed at me and I pretended that I didn’t look at her. She was wearing a green anarchali and white bottom. I was so tired so went to fresh up while Manoj went out to have coffee in coffee shop. Ananya was sitting in hall I was sitting by her side. “How’s your life going? Since last time I couldn’t find time to speak to you.” I said. “Everything is going same as always.” Ananya replied. Then I started to blabber about my work stress this and that. While doing that I noticed her boob cleavage through her dress buttons. I stopped talking because my eyes were fixed to her cleavage and I didn’t listen a single word she spoke. She noticed. Damn! I’m getting caught easily. She took the pen that was on the table and pretended to hit my head and smiled. I was so tempted to touch and squeeze her lemony boobs. I got up walked fast to my bedroom but I could still picture her boobs. I couldn’t control. I went again to hall stood by side of her. I grabbed my courage. I slipped my hand into her top and squeezed her boobs. She didn’t resist but enjoyed and moaned. She kissed my arm. I bend down and kissed her. It was a quick peck kiss, just to tempt her. I walked away. “Kiss me properly Karthi.” Ananya said. I knew she would react like that, naughty me. She was walking behind me trying to catch me. I grabbed her by her waist pulled her towards me and pushed her towards wall gazed her. “Give me a proper kiss. Don’t tempt me. Please. I don’t like it.” Saying that Ananya kissed me by grabbing my shirt. I actually like the way she pulls my shirt while kissing me. I squeezed her hips. We started to lick vigorously, stroking my hair pulling me close by neck. Her lips crawled down to my neck she sucked and rolled her tongue all-over. I licked her neck and bite it. She unbuttoned two of my shirt buttons. I really tried to pull her top I couldn’t hold it, now I’m hating anarkali. “We have time. We will go slow” I said. “Lets finish. I really don’t want to leave incomplete.” Ananya responded. I couldn’t hold. We were kissing, moved her to my bed. I was lying on bed while she sat on me while kissing was going on. Pulled me up with the collar of my shirt. Her tongue was rolling on my neck. It turned me so on. I quickly removed her top and she removed mine. She was wearing a peach padded bra, but I could see her hard nipples, unbuckled her bra. I touched her skin softly from back to her boobs squeezed it, licked her neck then boobs then biting her hard nipples. Her breath got heavier and she moaned uhhhhh… There was an intense feeling around us. There was no way both of us could stop. I don’t want manoj to notice any difference in her so licked her softly but she likes my hard bite. She whispered to my hears, “Bite me hard!” I like her voice it turns me on automatically.
I squeezed her boobs hard and was biting, licking her boob, neck then moved to her shoulder bit her hard she got red mark that instant. She didn’t bother. I tried to finger her but her leggings pant was tight, so I asked her to remove. She removed then I grabbed her close pulled her top up and removed. She cuddled me. When my hand started to play with her pussy, I noticed she was soaking wet. “You like this?” I asked. “I am liking every inch of this” she said. She moaned vigorously. Uhh.. Uhhhh uhhhmmm… Her hip moved up and down.. The intense grew between us. I could feel her shaking. I placed one leg on top of one of her leg, so that she could moved and to turn her wild. She moaned vigorously.. Uhhh. Uhhh. Uhmmm…. “Karthi plz stoppp.. I may squirt.” Lavanya said and licked my ears. But I couldn’t stop. She climbed on top of me holding my head close to her and kissed intensely. While I was fondling her pussy with two of my fingers. She grabbed both of arms held them tight so that I couldn’t move and started to lick me neck, chest and all my sweet points to the way down. She came up and asked “Is it clean?” “Mmmmm…” I replied. I could feel the wet pussy and hard nipples touching my legs and licked and sucked my cock. I was in heaven. She sucked and pulled my cock slowly and fast. I grabbed her hair as I was too tempted. I pulled her up as I was at climax. I grabbed her hip and made her to lie on the bed, I came top of her.
I grabbed her hip towards me and fucked her hard and fast. I came really quick as Manoj might come soon. We refreshed ourselves settled in hall and started to talk normally. In a few minutes Manoj came. We played UNO. They got ready for evening party. She gave me a kiss and left.

By Yumiko

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