Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Sixteen year old Karen has just finished the part time job that she had, she liked working in the small grocery shop two days a week after school, the owner of the shop would often say to Karen let us make wild passionate love, Karen always made the same reply of your nearly sixty years old your past it. Karen was now heading to her friend Kim’s sixteenth birthday party which had started about a hour earlier, on arriving at the party Karen found that it was in full swing, after speaking with some of her friends Karen went looking for Mark her boyfriend after looking for him and not finding him Karen decided to go back downstairs as she past Kim’s bedroom door she saw it partly open so pushed it open and went in getting a shock as she did, there was her mate Kim laying on the bed with Mark thrusting in and out of her love tube, It Karen a short time to realise that her boyfriend was cheating on her with one of her close friends and once she did she reacted angryly by thumping Mark then grabbing Kim by the hair and slapping her, a couple of other party goers heard the commotion and rushed into the room and quickly restrained Karen who was shouting at Kim and Mark, Karen was taken downstairs to calm down, Karen left the party and started heading home, on her way Karen saw an ad titled Do Not Get Mad Get Even, as she walked through the nearly deserted park Karen saw Tony a boy that was two years younger than what she was and hated because he was a flasher, Karen knew that Mark hated him, Tony saw Karen and pulled his seven inch erection out and was taken by surprise when lifted her jumper up showing her naked boobs then when she raised her skirt and slid her panties off Tony thought that he was dreaming, Karen walked over to Tony who was admiring her love tube and ample boobs thinking I must be dreaming, when Karen got to him and said to him ” you want to fuck me ” then lay on the ground before Tony could reply, Tony thought you bet I do, then knelt between Karen’s legs and was soon thrusting in and out of her love tube then after five minutes Tony was squirting his cum over the grass, Tony stood up and a short time after Karen got up and carried on walking through the park, Twelve year old Mike was walking his dog in the park when he saw Karen and looked in stunned silence when she raised her jumper showing her boobs as she past him, Mike thought nice, as she approached the bus stop outside the park Karen saw Tracy a school class mate who was a lesbian, Karen lifted her jumper Tracy smiled as she saw Karen’s boobs and when Karen stopped by her Tracy did not hesitate and started rubbing Karen’s boobs, after a few minutes Karen walked on thinking where to now then headed to the grocery shop, ten minutes after being there Karen was laying naked on the table in the back room with her boss thrusting in and out of her love tube, a hour later Karen was walking home after her boss had made her cum three times. As she walked Karen was thinking I will teach Mark to two time me and when she saw Mark’s brother Kein who was two years younger than she was with two his mates Karen lifted her jumper and walked up the dark alley with the boys following her getting their dicks out as they went, Mark was talking to Kim telling her not to worry as Karen would soon calm down and not do anything, by the morning there were lots of boys who would disagree with Mark and were glad he had cheated on Karen.

By Yumiko

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