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She closed her eyes, Richy rubbing her back, she felt his cum oozing from her pussy. Her breasts squashed against his chest as she lay on him. He kissed the top of her head. She lifted it and kissed his lips.

” Lets get these pig tails out. ” He said. He pulled her hair out of the hair ties she sat up again. Richy loving admiring her breasts. She ran her fingers through her hair smiling at him.

” Oh fuck. ” She said. I’m slightly drunk. But I tell you best sex I have had.

” You are a bit drunk. ” He said. ” Shall we get you drunker ? ”

” Why not. ” She said standing finishing her third glass of wine and pouring her fourth. She stood at the end of the bed looking down at Richy sitting legs open his cock semi hard on his waist. He looked up admiring her naked body, her breasts, her pussy. Her long blonde hair now falling down her front between her breasts around her neck.

” Cheers. ” She toasted

” Cheers ” Richy said. ” To what. ”

” Great fucking sex. ” She said sipping her wine. She knelt in the bed between his legs. She sat facing him between his thighs her legs resting over his thighs her feet by his arm pits. They drank and talked.

” She how is your fuckin brother.? ” She asked.

” Hes good, like me hes enjoying his time with his teenage lover. ” Richy said.

” Yes Lola says shes still seeing him. ” April replied.

” As long as his wife doesn’t find out. ” Richy replied. ” Like my wife. ”

” Well its my secret. No one can find out. Fucking you every three months gets my fuckin contraception. ” She said.

” Good deal don’t you think ? ” Richy said.

” Deal more like fuckin bribery. ” She said.

” Don’t here you complaining. ” Richy replied.

” No fuck no. I just love the sex. ” She said. ” I need to piss. ” She said getting up.

” We should shower. ” Richy said getting up to. ” Never seen a female piss. ” He said.

” I have never seen a man piss. ” April replied.

” I will let you watch me piss, if you let me watch you piss. ” Richy said.

” Deal. ” April said ” Can I hold it ? ” She said.

” Hold it ? ”

” Your cock, can I hold your cock whole you piss. ” April asked.

” How goods your aim. ” He said.

” Lets see. ” She said following him to the bathroom.

” Ladies first. ” He said pointing to the toilet. She sat and opened her legs. He knelt as she let go. A stream of urine pouring into the toilet.

” Fuck yes. ” She said watching him watch her piss.

She stood wiping her pussy. He stood at the toilet. She held his cock and pointed it down as he let go. His stream hitting the bowl.

” Good shot. ” He said smiling standing for a minute as he pissed.

” So weird ” she said watching him.

They showered together and washed each other down. Hugging and kissing in the shower. They got out and dried and got into bed together.

She lay at his side. He ran his fingers through her hair.

” Hows Stella ? ” He asked.

” Shes good, now shes 18 shes gone on the pill. She has a new boyfriend. She says her fucking around days are over. Her new boyfriend is the only one who’s allowed to fuck her now. ” April said.

” Oh really. ” Richy said.

” Yes. I think its nice having two. One I can have unprotected sex with. One that needs a condom. ” She said. ” Nice having choice. ” She added.

” Don’t forget your brother you only have oral sex with and play with. ” Richy said.

” Oh yeh. That’s so much fun. Never thought playing with your brother could be so much fun. Its nice been naked with him. Playing with him in the shower. Getting into bed with him hugging and kissing. With out the pressure of having sex ” she said smiling.

” Would you consider anal sex ? ” He said.

” Anal ? Don’t know. Have you had anal ? ”

” No I haven’t. But would love to try. ” He said knowing she was a bit drunk and might consider it and wonder why she had a sore arsehole in the morning.

” Ok. Need lots of lube. ” She said.

” I have come prepared. ” He said.

” You dirty dog. ” She said smiling at him.

Two hours later.

She knelt on all fours. Her arse in the air. Richy behind her kissing and licking her anus. He grabbed his cock and rubbed his knob over her. He squirted lube over her hole rubbing his cock over her. She groaned as he pushed a finger into her arse slowly fingering her anus. He then pushed two fingers into her spreading more lube over her.

He watched as he fingered her arsehole with two fingers, with his other hand he fingered her pussy.

She moaned and groaned feeling both holes been finger fucked.

After five minutes he lifted his cock to her arse rubbing over her anus. He pushed his knob around her slowly spreading her tight anus. The lube helping it slid into her.

She moaned as he started thrusting her arse holding her arse cheeks open

” You ok. ” He asked. Even though she was slightly drunk he wanted to sound compassionate.

” Yeh. ” She said as he kept fucking her arse. She moaned as he fucked her holding her arse cheeks open watching her spread arsehole his shaft fucking her.

Five minutes later he cum filling her arse with semen. Afterwards he pulled out licking around her arsehole.

They spent the night together. She left next morning with him. He dropped her off to school. Her mum thinking she had been at Stella’s. She would see him again in three months for her next installment of her pills and sex as payment.

By Yumiko

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