Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

When I was asked to interview Aubrey Plaza by the small, independent, on-line entertainment periodical for whom I freelance as journalist/interviewer, I was nervous. That was in part because she seems somewhat intimidating when you don’t know her. But primarily because I’ve had a rather intense, though private crush on her for years. I honestly felt that I should probably decline the assignment because of my feelings for her. I chose to take the job. I couldn’t help it. It’s Aubrey!

To my pleasant surprise, my feelings of intimidation were unfounded as she was delightful to talk with, and she made me feel quite comfortable. To my even greater surprise, we connected in a way I’d never have imagined possible – and began dating.

Upon visiting Las Vegas together one weekend, we agreed together to get secretly married. I’d gone from having a crush on her, to meeting her, to dating her, to being married to her in just over 3 months. These were the greatest months of my life up to that point. Things would only get better.

I was so pleased by our spontaneous joining together in matrimony. Aubrey and I were not sexually active until after our nuptials, and believe me, I wanted that very much. But, because of my rather old-fashioned beliefs, I did not want to have sexual relations unless truly committed. I’d fallen in love with her over the previous couple of months and wanted to consummate that love – but within the context of marriage. I couldn’t believe my good fortune that she 1) was patient with me about physical intimacy, and 2) was willing to “take the dive” into oneness in marriage that we both spontaneously decided on. And once we were husband and wife, sexual union became an obvious – and highly desired – next step in the relationship.

Unfortunately, because of her intense schedule in shooting the series Legion, we were not able to express our physical love before she was back to work. But that delay only heightened the expectation – and gave me time to really plan for it.

Only a couple of days later, upon finishing a day’s work, Aubrey came to my place. (Because of the impetuous nature of our wedding, we’d not yet worked out any sort of permanent lodgings). I had been for some time learning the art of Sensual Massage – in anticipation of being able to utilize it one day with my future wife (whomever that might be). With Aubrey now filling that role, I was all the more excited to put to practice my newfound skill.

She was exhausted and physically sore from that day’s work. Anticipating her arrival, I had set up my massage table, turned off the lights leaving only the illumination of dozens of candles, lit some sweet-smelling incense, and put on some quietly back-ground New Age music. The atmosphere was just right. I inquired if she wished to have some dinner. She declined, stating her desire to simply relax for a bit before going to sleep. This was music to my ears.

“I’m sorry your day was so draining.” I took her by the hand and led her into the room. Upon eyeing my carefully-crafted set-up, she smiled her patented, beautiful smile.

“May I help you relax?” “Yes, please”, she replied playfully. “I’ll be right here”, I said, as she went into the bedroom.

She returned a moment later wearing only a towel. Even after such a difficult day at work, with its attendant physical exertions on her, she looked simply radiant standing in the candle-light there in front of me. I held out my hand, she took it, and I led her over to the table onto which she settled herself, face down, the towel now covering only her butt.

After oiling my hands, I lightly began spreading the oil over her back. Once sufficiently oiled, I started the process of gently massaging her. My only desire was to help her relax – and give her pleasure. I very smoothly and lightly kneaded her smooth skin, working my way around her entire back, carefully avoiding certain areas – at first. I then began working on the nape of her neck. I’d carefully studied where a woman’s erogenous zones are located, and this was my first engagement with one of those. As I gently worked, she let out a quiet moan of pleasure. This encouraged me to continue assiduously. I realized as I massaged that the more she positively responded, the more I longed to please her. My process was to gently “work her up” to a point, and then refrain, moving on to the next place. As I massaged her, I periodically whispered to her statements I’d longed to utter in this particular context: “I love you so much”; “You’re so beautiful”; “Your skin is so smooth to touch”; “Thank you for letting me do this for you”; etc. The further the process went, the more love I felt for her, and the more love I felt, the more I wanted to continue speaking this way. I meant every word.

After working her neck, I continued onto her head, beginning with a scalp massage. This was prelude to the next erogenous zone. I moved on to very lightly massaging her ears. Thankfully, I was again greeted with some light moans. As my pleasure derives from her pleasure, I was simply ecstatic by this entire act we were sharing together.

Finishing with her head region, I managed to elicit a pleasurable shiver from her as I slowly dragged my fingers down from her head, down her neck, down her back, resting temporarily at the top of where the towel draped across her butt.

“May I remove the towel?”, I asked in a whisper. “Yes”. I took the towel off – and just had to take a few seconds to admire her beautiful, shapely, tight butt. She’s very athletic, and her body reflects that. Yet, it’s still very feminine. “Sweetheart, I love your body. Every inch of it”. I tickled her back just above the butt for a few seconds, then continued the journey south. I spent a couple of minutes very lightly massaging her butt cheeks. It was absolutely glorious. Then, it was time to move on to the next couple of “zones”. First, I slowly worked down the back of her exquisitely beautiful, shapely legs. I then worked on zone #3 – her feet. I took some time there eliciting some quiet pleasure sounds from her. I then teased her with just a bit of the next zone by barely caressing her inner thighs from this back angle. This, too, brought out some verbal signs of pleasure. I stopped that fairly quickly, however, as I intended to revisit that area again soon.

“Please turn over and lie on your back, okay?” Dutifully turning herself over and resting on her back, I took it in. There she was! Her entire, beautiful, naked body lying before me, head-to-toe. I will never forget that incredible sight for as long as I live. Her eyes were closed, and she had a hint of a smile. My heart skipped a beat. I knew that it was time to continue toward the “finish line”, so I got to work.

I next worked on her hands – another zone. I massaged them, front and back, as well as her fingers. To begin expanding things, I softly kissed each finger. As I was kissing, she spoke for the first time of her own accord: “That’s nice”. Encouraged, I gave a bit of extra time to each hand. A less-well-frequented, but important zone, is the under-arm area. Following a gradual climb up the arms, I gave ample attention to each under-arm. As I worked there, she for the first time began to breath noticeably louder. Once again, this was encouragement to pleasure her all the more.

It was now time to bring it home. I turned my attention to her breasts. Aubrey has the most perfect breasts. Seeing her lying there, eyes closed, slight smile, and hard nipples on perfect breasts, I was beginning to feel overwhelmed. I massaged around each breast using careful circumnavigation to avoid touching her nipples until I felt I’d held back long enough. I then very gently massaged each nipple, followed by using my pointer finger to slowly trace around them on her areolas. After a few seconds of this, her body involuntarily moved. I glanced up to look at her gorgeous face, and her mouth was now slightly agape, her breathing continuing to become more animated. After lovingly planting a kiss on each nipple, I again had to take in the sight. Throughout this on-going time of massaging the front of her body, I was continuing to whisper to her: “Is that good?”; “Your breasts are amazing”; “Don’t let me press too hard”; “I love you”; etc.

Next, it was time for another zone, which, surprisingly, is the stomach. I was very careful, and very gentle. I made sure to rub and knead without tickling. I then gently dragged both hands down around to her hips and lovingly rubbed them briefly before slowly moving down the sides of her legs to her knees – one hand on each knee. I stopped for a second before gently coaxing her legs apart just a bit in order to return to the inner thigh zone. I have observed for many years prior to this magic night how beautiful Aubrey’s thighs are. In fact, the inner thigh is my favorite part of a woman’s body, so being privileged to massage her incredible, and amazingly soft inner thighs was nearly too much for me to handle. Thankfully, she seemed to enjoy it almost as much as I did. She began to breath harder and louder, with sporadic and softly delivered moans of pleasure. I was having a difficult time holding back, but I knew it was important to do this right. I slowly moved my hands up the inner thighs toward her visibly glistening vagina, holding back from touching it, and then dragging my hands up onto the front of the thighs and up each hip. I had two zones to go, and I didn’t want to deny her any pleasure.

The so-called pubic mound, the area above the vagina, is very physically pleasurable when touched. Aubrey was shaved, but she’d left one little spot of pubic hair visible in the midst of this zone. I worked there for a little while, both of us now getting extremely sexually excited. When I felt I could not hold back any longer, I asked in a whisper, “Are you ready?” Without opening her eyes, she nodded. I kissed the small tuft of pubic hair.

I then positioned myself at the head of the table and quietly asked her to sit up for me. Keeping her eyes closed, she did so. I placed a couple of pillows behind her back, let her lean back into them, put my left arm around behind her to hold her, and leaned into the final zone – her lips. I very carefully circled around her entire mouth before ever-so-gently running my finger across her upper, and then lower lips. Her breathing continuing to become more animated, I replaced my finger with my own lips and kissed her gently. Simultaneously, I traced my right hand down between her breasts, down her belly, down across her pubic mound, and carefully found her clitoris. Upon first touching her there, her whole body shivered as she moaned. This time her moans were muffled as I continued kissing her lips.

The time had arrived. Using my middle finger on her clit, I pressed slightly. I then took my pointer finger, crossed it over the top of the middle finger to aid in both stability and degree of pressure, and began slowly moving them in a circle. My circling motion encompassed not only her clit itself, but the clitoral hood, as well. I continued this, gradually increasing the speed and pressure. I stopped kissing her mouth, and began giving her gentle pecks around her face – her chin, her cheeks, her nose and her forehead, all while continuing to work her clit. Her simultaneous breathing and moaning increased in sync with my increased speed and pressure of clitoral stimulation. As we raced toward climax, her verbal sounds changed from quiet moans to open- mouthed sounds of pleasure. I know I keep saying it, but this situation for me was so completely surreal. This beautiful, talented woman whom I love so much – my wife – was fast approaching orgasm, and I was privileged for the first time to be bringing her there.

The magic moment was upon us. Aubrey loudly let out a couple more groans before bolting forward somewhat, her entire body quivering as she loudly voiced her pleasure in orgasm. I was completely transfixed at the sight. I gradually slowed down my circling of her clitoris, and finally stopped as she fell back into the pillows. She just lay there for a bit, eyes still closed, face flushed, and mouth in satisfied smile. I was so overwhelmed, all I could think to do was lean in and whisper, “Thank you for allowing me to do that. It was beautiful”. I was almost out of breath, and my voice was actually quivering a bit. Understand: The one thing that most excites me sexually, is the sight of a woman having an orgasm. And when that orgasm is had by the woman I love, and her name is Aubrey Plaza, it’s almost too much to take in. She then opened those beautifully hypnotic eyes of hers, trained them on me, and seeming almost in a daze, reached up with both hands and pulled my head down into her to kiss me. She then whispered back, “You’re welcome”, with a sexy, devious smile brightening her still-flushed face.

“Let’s get you ready for bed” I said as I helped her off the table. I took her by the hand and led her into the bathroom. I turned on the shower water, adjusting the temperature. I took her hand and put it under the stream. “How’s that?” “It’s perfect”, she replied. Her body was glistening all over from the oils I’d used in the massage. She stepped into the water flow, I took the removable showerhead, and began rinsing off the oil. I would run the water over a section of her body, holding the showerhead with my left hand, while gently wiping the oil off with my right. This continued until she was oil-free. I reached back to turn off the water, but she stopped my hand. She looked at me with a piercing, and sexually-charged look. She then lifted one foot up and rested it on the side of the shower seat. Her still sensitive vagina was now exposed and easily accessible. I got the message. I took the showerhead and positioned the water-flow directly onto her clitoris. “Is that the spot?” “Oh, yeah. Keep it right there. That feels amazing”. My only job now was to keep it steady. I settled into that, now freed to look at her face. Her look of pleasure was so incredible to behold. After a moment or two, she touched her upper lip with her tongue. Then, when the time arrived, she tucked her lower lip under her upper teeth, “biting her lip”, and groaned a sweet groan, her head going back a bit, eyes again closed. This time there was a brief but violent body gyration. I was so hypnotized by this sight, that I couldn’t move. She looked down, and gently grabbed my hand holding the showerhead, and moved the water flow off of her clitoris. She’d had all she could handle at that point. “I’m sorry. That was incredible to see, sweetheart”, I apologized. She smiled seductively. I turned off the water, replaced the showerhead, and led her out of the shower. I grabbed a towel and looked at her. “May I?” She nodded. I gently toweled her off. As her feet were the last part of her I toweled, I was on my knees in front of her. She bent down, kissed the top of my head, and exited the bathroom.

I knelt there on the bathroom floor for a few seconds just glowing, thinking about the amazing experience she’d just given me. Finally, I got up, walked back into the “massage room”, blew out the candles, turned off the music, and then went into the bedroom, sitting on the side of the bed. She’d now put on panties and a night shirt. She then climbed into bed. I snuggled up to her. “How do you feel?” “I feel great”. She kissed me again, and then looked at me for a second. “Thank you”. I smiled at her, feeling more love than I’ve ever felt for anyone. My first chance to sexually pleasure the woman of my dreams was successful. Fairly quickly, she fell asleep. I sat there watching her for a bit, thankful for the experience we’d shared together, and most importantly, thankful to have her in my life. I kissed her on her forehead, and then fell asleep next to her.

By Yumiko

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