Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

My “Dinner with Aubrey”, with its unforgettable “meal”, left me absolutely euphoric. She’d now given me two incredible experiences of love-making, allowing me to pleasure her to climax three times between the two encounters. I could die happy, believe me. For as long as I’d had a crush on, and then been fully in love with and married to her, my only desire had been to make her happy – in any way possible. If physically pleasuring her contributed to her happiness, then I was happy. I’d not really thought about anything other than what I could do for her because that was what made me happy. (Ironically, that makes me sound selfish.) In my view, her willingness to allow me to do for her was incredibly generous. But, she went on to show me just how generous she could be.

It just so happened that my birthday came a couple of days after the amazing “meal” she gave me. I’m one who does not like to make a deal of “my day”, and Aubrey made no reference to it. I was fine with that. But, the night before, she hinted at something.

“You’ve been quite generous a couple of times now. What can I do for you? Is there anything you particularly like?” I knew what she was asking. Honestly, I was so happy giving to her, I could do it forever, but, she was generously wanting to reciprocate.


“There is something that I’ve always wanted to experience with you. But only if you’re comfortable with it. I would NEVER want you to be uncomfortable”. She looked at me with an only slightly-veiled look of concern – or at least hesitancy. “What is it?”. I looked right into her beautifully hypnotic eyes. “Would you be comfortable in giving me a “One Woman Show”?” She cocked her head just a little, wondering what I was asking. “You know: a solo performance?” Her eyes suddenly widened in recognition of my request. Surprised, she asked, “That’s what you want? Is that really allowing me to give back to you?” “Oh, believe me. It is. So much more than you can imagine. Along with what you’ve already given me, nothing could give me more pleasure”. She smiled. “Okay”. Nothing more was said at that point. As you can imagine, the anticipation was almost unbearable. But, I knew whatever might be on its way would be so worth the wait, so I said nothing more about it.

The next morning, I was deep in sleep when I was awakened by Aubrey’s gentle voice: “Good morning, Birthday Boy. It’s “Show Time”!” I opened my eyes and was rewarded with the most beautiful sight imaginable: Aubrey, completely unclothed, was standing right in front of me, to the side of the bed. Her right foot was propped up on the bed with her right forearm lying across her right thigh for stability, and her right hand busily engaged in massaging her clitoris. Now fully awake I just stared up at her in absolute joyous wonder. As she continued to give me this incredible “show”, gradually getting herself more sexually excited, my mind raced with the same thoughts, over and over: “I can’t believe this is happening!”, and, “Look how gorgeous she looks!”, and, “This is the best birthday ever!” I was just giddy, and thrilled, and beyond happy.

I took in this remarkable sight: There she was. My beautiful, amazing wife. The woman I love. The woman of my dreams. And she was “performing” for me, fulfilling yet another one of my long-standing dreams concerning her. It was yet another surreal moment that I’ll never forget.

She was now working herself with steady precision, beginning to breath harder and harder. For those first few moments she’d been staring at me with a sexy, yet playful look, working to put on a “performance”. But after working herself up more and more, she eventually closed her eyes, concentrating on her own pleasure. And I was so glad. The more pleasure she gave herself, the more pleasure she gave me.

Having done a masterful job on herself, Aubrey reached a powerful climax. I was transfixed as, following her orgasm, she stood there, with her eyes still closed, keeping her hand on her pussy for a few seconds before slowly raising it up to her chest, and cupping her left breast. She opened her eyes, and let out a satisfied sigh. All I could do was look at her, wide-eyed, open-mouthed, and whisper, “Thank you!” She smiled at me, and whispered back, “You’re welcome”. She then left me there. “I’m gonna shower. I have a fun day planned for you.” All I could think was, “More fun than that?”

We had a light breakfast together that she prepared, and just enjoyed each other’s company for a while. As incredibly beautiful she is to behold, it’s the “Aubrey within” that had truly caused me to fall in love with her. We talked about many things, laughed, and had a good time. This fun, even playful Aubrey is not one that enough people experience to this extent. She’s absolutely delightful, and I was truly blessed to spend time with her.

In early afternoon, she suddenly got up and said, “Come with me. I’m taking you to lunch”. She drove us to Little Dom’s Italian place – a particular favorite of ours. We had a delicious meal together, continuing to enjoy each other’s company. After lunch, I excused myself to go to the bathroom. When I returned, she told me she’d ordered me a “Birthday desert”. She then adjusted in her seat, followed by leaning over and looking under the table for something.

“I dropped my credit card. It’s closer to you.” I looked under the table, moving the table cloth aside. It had fallen and landed where it was more conveniently close for me to grab. I pushed my seat back and got down under the table to pick it up. I grabbed it and happened to glance up. Aubrey, wearing a body-length casual dress, had pulled the dress up to her waist. She’d not put on panties that day. I’m on my knees, under a table, in a public place, and a couple feet from me, my delightfully naughty wife had her legs completely spread, dress pulled up, exposing her exquisitely beautiful pussy. She was holding the table cloth and her dress up with one hand, and skillfully playing with herself with the other. Apparently, the “fun” she’d planned for me included this unforgettable “show”. I was so taken aback, I froze, just staring at this incredible display, completely unaware of anything else. I was suddenly jolted out of my trance when I heard the voice of our server. Like something out of a goofy comedy, I smacked my head on the bottom of the table while trying to back out from underneath. I settled myself in my seat, my head throbbing in pain. Across from me, Aubrey was smiling broadly, suppressing her laughter at my misfortune! “You okay?”, she asked, continuing to smile. I smiled back. “I’m good, thanks. REAL good.” We stared at one another for a couple of seconds, both smiling deviously. We’d temporarily forgotten that our server was standing there.

“Anything else?”, asked the server. “No. We’re good. Thank you”, Aubrey responded.

Set before me was the desert she’d ordered for me: An affogato with a single, lit candle in it. “Make a wish”, she commanded. I did, then blew out the candle. “What did you wish for?” “If I tell you, it won’t come to pass.” “Tell me anyway”, she retorted playfully and smiling. I looked at her for a second before saying: “I wish that this day will never end.” I paused. “Thank you for this, and thank you for being my wife. I love you so much.” Her smile quickly faded, and her face looked pained. I could see her eyes were suddenly watery. We sat there for what seemed like a long time, though I’m sure it was only seconds. She looked down at the table. A single tear glided down her cheek.

I was concerned. “Are you okay, honey?” She faked a hint of a smile. “I’m good!” Her response seemed forced. She then seemed to muster up some inner strength. “Sometimes I cry when I’m happy.” I wasn’t sure I believed what she was saying, and didn’t know what to do. But she suddenly brightened. Wiping away the tear, and then pointing to the affogato, she asked, “Are you gonna share that with me?” “Of course!” We enjoyed my birthday desert, then I handed her back her credit card, she paid the bill, and we departed. In spite of that disconcerting moment, the “fun” picked right back up. We walked a bit, hand-in-hand, again laughing and having a great time.

When we got back to her car, she asked me to drive and handed me the keys. I obeyed. “Where to?”, I asked. “Get over to the 5, and head North.” Again, I obeyed. Once on the freeway, as we were cruising along, she asked, “Do you know why I asked you to drive?” “No.” She then proceeded to again pull her dress up to her waist, exposing her delectable womanhood, put her right foot up on the dash board, and spread her amazingly beautiful legs. “One hand or two?”, she inquired. “Two, please”, I answered in excitement.

Aubrey proceeded to use both hands to slowly caress her incredibly soft inner thighs, starting at just above her knees and then lightly running her hands up to maybe an inch from her pussy, then back down, repeating this a few times. “Talk to me,” she commanded. “Excite me.” Sensual talk. I wasn’t expecting this, so I had to improvise.

“Do you have any idea how satisfying it was for me a few days back when I was massaging you? To touch your perfect body, lightly rubbing, massaging? Recall when I caressed your butt. How did it feel? And when I ran my hands up your inner thighs, like you’re doing now. Getting oh-so-close to your rapidly-moistening pussy, then backing away. How sexually excited did you get? Think back when I put my finger on your clit. How did that feel? Was it pleasurable? Did it feel good when I started massaging it, slowly at first, then faster and faster; harder and harder?”

At this point, I stole a glance for as long as I could while driving. Aubrey had her right hand wrapped around from the outside, under her upper right thigh, her middle finger going in and out of her pussy, while her left hand was working her clitoris from above. Two hands!

“Did I express clearly the other day how good you tasted when I was “eating you for dinner”? You were the best meal I’ve ever had, hands down. You taste incredible, sweetheart! Remember how I kissed and licked, and licked and kissed? How you got more and more wet? And how I lapped you up and down, again and again, quicker and quicker?”

She was now getting more animated in playing with herself, her breathing becoming louder and more pronounced.

”Think of this morning, how you so masterfully massaged your clit until you had such a beautiful, satisfying orgasm. Think of how it felt when waves of pleasure ran through your body, causing you to cup your breast because those waves had inflamed your sensitive nipples. Those unbelievably pleasurable sensations are on the verge of happening again. Do you feel it? Doesn’t it feel incredible?”

Suddenly, Aubrey convulsed in the passenger seat next to me, writhing in pleasure, her verbal utterances clearly indicative of one re-experiencing those amazing sensations. Her orgasm was long and powerful.

At this point, I nearly lost control of the wheel, but I managed to right the ship. I glanced over at her again. Like earlier that morning, she kept her eyes closed for a bit. She kept her right middle finger inside of her, not moving, and her left hand settled on her vaginal mound. She was breathing very quickly and heavily at first, then slowly and lightly. Despite the surroundings, it was very quiet as we drove along. It’s as if there was nothing else in the universe, except the two of us.

She finally turned to me and broke the silence. “Are you sure this is for you? It seems like I’m getting all the pleasure, here. I wanna give to you”, she stated, breathlessly. “Sweetie, nothing arouses me more than the sight and sound of a woman having an orgasm. Actually, let me modify that: Nothing excites me more than the sight and sound of YOU having an orgasm. Honestly. You have no idea. It’s the most beautiful thing in the world to me. And you’re the most beautiful woman in the world to me. So here I am, watching the most beautiful woman in the world, doing the most beautiful thing in the world. That’s what you’re doing, and believe me, it’s for me.” She just smiled slightly. “Okay.” She paused. “Let’s go to a movie. I hear this film Ingrid Goes West is quite good.” I looked at her. “Saw it. Good film overall, but the lead actress? Not so much.” We simultaneously giggled at one another. (Oh how I love her adorable laugh.)

We sat in the back of the movie theatre, trying to be inconspicuous (because of her celebrity), and yet, we spent nearly the whole time making out like a couple of horny teenagers. And, knowing that Aubrey was not wearing any panties under that dress was thrilling beyond belief. After that bit of fun, we went back home. The evening was spent relaxing, talking, laughing, and eating a light dinner she made for us.

I then asked her, “Are you up for one more “show”?” “It would be a record for me for number of times in one day, but, yeah”, she replied, excitedly. “I’ve always wanted to try something”, I said. I led her by the hand into the bedroom, and I stripped down to just wearing some pajama bottoms. She simply pulled her dress off. She’d been wearing nothing underneath (not just no panties, but no bra, either). I lay on the bed, propped some pillows up behind me against the headboard on to which I could rest my head, and then pulled my feet toward me so that my legs created a sort of “chair back”, like when one does sit-ups. I then motioned for her to step up onto the bed, and stand above me, straddling me, one foot to either side of my torso. “I equally love watching you when you’re standing and when you’re sitting. Both are amazing beyond belief. So, how about a little of each?” She smiled at me, and shook her head in acknowledgement.

It’s almost impossible to accurately describe the amazing “show” she then proceeded to give me, but I’ll try (“almost impossible” because I can’t put into words my emotions during that experience). She stood above me, rubbing her pussy lightly, but with purpose. Similar to that morning, she was staring at me with an unbelievably sexy look. There’s something about looking straight up, while on your back, at a woman’s naked body standing above you, and having her looking down at you. And when that woman is Aubrey Plaza, and she’s masturbating for you… She kept it up for a few moments, exploring her exquisite genitals like an expert. Rubbing, caressing, fingering, all were done, and all were beautiful. Once she had gotten good and “revved up”, her pussy now very wet, she lowered herself down onto my stomach, facing me. That slick pleasure zone of hers was resting directly on my mid-section, getting it wet with her juices. She then, fully understanding what I was going for, leaned back against my upraised legs, using them as the intended “chair back”. Once ensconced there, she was able to comfortably set about finishing the job. She looked so incredibly beautiful and sexy, her long brown hair falling down around her gorgeous face. Her eyes closed and her mouth slightly open. Her left hand cupping her right breast and her right hand now furiously working her clitoris. Her feet resting on the bed on each side of me and her legs rising up to either side, those absolutely perfect inner thighs displayed in all their glory. Because of my positioning, her pussy was straight in front of me, only a foot or two away. The view was perfect. Unforgettable. Literally life-changing. The closer she got to orgasm, the more wet my stomach was getting with her “womanhood”. And the sounds! It was the combination of her moans of pleasure, with the squishing sounds made by her incessant manipulation of her pussy lips and clitoris because of that ever-increasing wetness. The sights and sounds were almost too overwhelming, until… She finally reached climax. Her intense orgasm caused her torso to move away from my “chair back”, and fall forward toward my face. As the waves moved through her, her body was actually throbbing noticeably. Wow, what a beautiful sight! Finally, once the sensations largely stopped, she simply collapsed with her face on my shoulder, her entire body now lying on top of me. I felt her breasts pressed against my chest, and her pussy pressed against my belly, and it was almost too much to take in. Almost. I reached my hands back and cupped her firm butt cheeks, holding on gently but securely while she lay there, so she would be stabilized. Her breathing was heavy and I could feel her breath on my left shoulder. If possible, I would have remained in that coupling with her forever. It was the most amazing, sensual, romantically satisfying few moments I could possibly conceive experiencing!

Her breathing slowed to a normal pace after a moment or so, and once I felt she was relaxed, I gently rolled the two of us over to my left so that we now lay together, me on my left side, her on her right side, face-to-face, body-to-body. I leaned into her and kissed her gently on her left cheek, and then wrapped my right arm around her. Our foreheads were now touching as we continued lying there, silent. Talk about “the two becoming one”; this was it. After a couple more moments, I whispered, “Thank you so much for the most amazing birthday ever. I love you, Aubrey.” We fell asleep, holding each other, exhausted. Her generosity that day will be forever cherished. I’ll never forget what she did for me.

As a Post Script, a couple of days later, Aubrey, for the first time I could recall in our relationship, yet with tears streaming down her cheeks, told me that she truly, sincerely loved me. But, she followed those beautiful words up with words of utter devastation: we would have to get an annulment of our marriage. I knew she was legitimately sad about it. And I knew something had been wrong. I recalled the tear she shed at lunch, the day of my birthday, when I thanked her for being my wife, and told her that I loved her. And another tear fell down her cheek when I told her I loved her as we lay in bed together later that night, forehead-to-forehead. I was fairly certain I knew why she needed to do this, but I chose not to ask for an explanation. My heart was broken, but I loved her so much, I had to let her go. And maybe, just maybe, she’ll one day come back.

Aubrey Plaza gave me the most amazing few months of my life, and I can never possibly thank her enough.



By Yumiko

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