Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

Tony is in illicit relation with me. She is not satisfied with her hubby and we both are enjoying physical love whenever we get chance. Its a dark evening and I am moving out of apartment for evening walk. I walked on narrow path and can see a lady walking with her shopping bag on hand. She is wearing a saree and I am slow in my movement, looking at her swinging bum inside her saree. Now I crossed the lady and much to my disbelief, TONY is smiling at me…… “Hai Garry, how are you?

(Garry) fine and where are you going ?

(Tony) no where but walking on narrow path to meet you. ” And we walked towards mall.. Tony has shown her desire and I have planned for it. Now she is waiting for me while I moved to wine shop. I bought a cane beer and both are moving on a lonely path. She smiled…… “Where we are going?

(Garry) in a deserted park darling. ” And I opened the cane. After having it we both moved inside a park where I have enjoyed with MIRA and TARA. Now we walked towards dense bushes and both are sitting on grass. She came closer to me and took me in her arms, now we both started kissing each other like a love bird. She has hold me tightly and her soft breasts are brushing my chest. Now my lips are on her lips as well as face and she sits on my thigh and put her arm on my shoulder. Our lips are locked and I have hold her tightly..

Tony now sits on my lap with her legs on my waist and she pushed her long tongue in my mouth. While sucking her tongue, I have hold her tightly and aunt’s big boobs are pressing hard on my chest. I sucked her tongue and left her. Looking at me, she…… “Garry don’t waste time doing oral sex, need your cock inside desperately. ” And I put my hand on her breast to massage it hard. Looking at me, she put her hand on my jeans and started removing it. I took out my jeans and Tony grabbed my long cock. She is sitting on her knees on grass while I stand in front of her. She put her lips on my penis and kissing it, after a while she took my cock in her mouth to suck and while sucking my penis her face is moving fast. Later on, Tony took out my penis from her mouth. She is moving her tongue on it, my penis is in full erection and ask her to stand. Tony is standing in front of me and in dark evening, we both are inside a deserted park. I turned her and now I am facing her back, she bend herself like a four legged animal and while standing near her bum, I lifted her saree as well as peticote upto her waist..

Tony has stretched her legs wide and now while sitting near her bum, my lips are kissing her ass as well as legs. I started licking her thighs as well as bum and pushed my long tongue in her vagina, my tongue is fucking her gloryhole and looking back at me, she smiled….. “Oohh Garry please fuck me, I am dying for your cock. ” And I stand in front of her round shaped ass. I pushed my cock in her vagina and while holding her waist, I started fucking her glory hole with my 6-7 inches long and 2-3 inches thick cock, she is moving her bum fastly and my penis is roaring inside her deep cave. Now her cunt started raining. I took out my cock from her vagina and cleaned her cunt with my handkerchief. Now I penetrated my cock in her cunt and she is moving her bum fastly while my penis is fucking her with great speed as well as power. After 10 minutes of deep penetration, her vagina become dry and she is screaming….. “Oohh ummmm Garry my cunt is in fire pour your cum….. ” And I am pounding her vagina fastly. Now my penis ejaculated cum inside her vagina. We took rest and moved to shopping mall.

By Yumiko

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