Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

Tony is looking like a hot and wild blonde. In her early thirties, her figure is well maintained. She is in her long skirt with a tight tops. I am in a marriage reception party with my younger sister Nina. Looking at me, neighbourhood aunt Tony smiled……. “You are with your sister Nina

(Nina) yes aunty but where is uncle ?

(Tony) he is in home. ” And I moved towards food plaza and have some drink also while Nina is talking with her friends..

I can see hot lady TONY walking to me with smile on face. She came closer to me and………. “Lets move towards lawn

(Garry) but aunty too many people are looking

(Tony) I am walking away, if interested follow me. ” And she walked away with her long skirt getting attention for her ass movement. I followed her and came out of a party hall, she is not visible to me and looking towards lawn, I moved inside and she is sitting on a bench. I sit near her and put my hand on her shoulder, looking at me she came closer to me and I took her in my arms. She is pressing her breasts on my chest. Now we started kissing each other and my lips is on her rosy lips, she pushed her tongue in my mouth and while sucking it I am rubbing her back. She took out her tongue from my mouth and I pushed my long tongue in her mouth to suck. She is in drunken state and we both are enjoying oral sex in a lawn. While sucking my tongue, she put her hand on my pant and started removing it..

Tony pulled my pant down and hold my penis tightly. She is masturbating my penis while my hand has grabbed her breast to massage. Looking at me, she asked me to stand and she is sitting on bench, my penis is near her mouth and she put her lips on glans to kiss. Tony is kissing my penis and started rubbing glans on her face as well as lips, lastly took it in her mouth and started sucking it. My legs are shivering and she is moving her head fast, a nice blow job ends and her tongue started rolling on my dick. She sucked it again and now ready for fuck. I put my pant and…… ” Aunty lets move to join party

(Tony) but in a mid way you can’t leave me Garry

(Garry) yes after some time we will be back. ” And we moved inside party hall. Now I moved towards food plaza and have more drink. Its 08:35 pm and we are enjoying party, now Nina reached there…… “Oh Garry I am looking after you but where you left ?

(Garry) I am here Nina, once moved out, want to go home or will stay here ?

(Nina) after an hour, I am going to enjoy dance with my friends…. “. And she left me alone..

I am looking after Tony, she is near hall’s gate and I walked towards hot aunt Tony. Looking at me she walked away to lawn having dim light. We both are standing on grass and she put her hand on my jeans while I started lifting her skirt upto her waist. She pulled down my pant and her G string is out of her waist. Now while sitting on bench, I am kissing her thighs as well as rubbing my palms on her sexy ass. She put her legs wider and I started kissing her cunt. Lastly I licked her vagina and Tony bend downwards to show her sexual desire. I pushed my long cock in her cunt from rear side and while holding her waist, I started fucking her at great speed and power. She is standing with her upper portion bend down and I am fucking her from back. She started swinging her lovely ass and my penis is hitting her vaginal walls. Now she shouted……… “Oohhh uuumm Garry fuck me hard, I will cum soon…… ” And after some time vaginal fluid made her cunt and my penis wet..

Tony is still standing with her legs wide apart and I cleaned her vagina with my handkerchief. Now I pushed my penis inside and while fucking her, I am feeling her ass swinging fast. My penis is roaring inside her deep cave and she is enjoying my penis in her cunt. While her ass is hitting on my waistline, I am fucking her fastly and she is screaming…… “Ooohhh aaaahhh Garry fuck me whole night love me like your wife……

(Tony) yes tony I will fuck you whole night. ” And her ass is moving like a spring…. In a lawn, putting her skirt on waist and pounding her cunt for last 10-12 minutes and now I can feel her vagina become dry. She is drunk and not going to laid her armour. While she is moving her back I am fucking her vagina and now she cried….. “Oohhhh Garry pour your cum in my cunt

(Garry) oohh aaahhhh its pouring have it you whore…. ” And her cunt is full of cum. We washed our sexual organs and left for party.

By Yumiko

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