Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

Tony is my neighbourhood aunt in her thirties. She is hot….. Bold…… Wild with natural assets of her lovely tits….. Round dome shaped bum….. Smooth thighs….. Reddish vagina and nice face. We have enjoyed physical love once and one afternoon…….. ” Hello Garry

(Garry) oh Tony aunty, how are you ?

(Tony) I am fine, I have prepared lunch for you, if you can come after an hour

(Garry) sure aunty. “.

I left my remaining classes and hired an auto-rickshaw to reach apartment soon. Now I entered main gate and moved fast towards her flat so no one can see me. I knocked her door twice but got no response, so I pushed the door, its still open. I locked the door and moved to her dinning hall, I sit on sofa waiting for aunty to come. I shouted……. ” Aunty Tony where are you ? Still no response and than I moved towards her bedroom. I moved inside and while looking towards bed, I am in complete shock, Tony aunty is on bed in full nudity and I moved back to hall but she shouted……. “Garry don’t leave your lunch, eat it first……. ” And I moved inside her room. Looking at her, I smiled and started removing my clothes. She is pressing her breast as well as her finger is in her vagina..

I am on her bed in brief only and she is showing her valuable assets. Now we both are sitting on bed and I took Tony on my lap, she has wrapped her legs on my waist and I have hold her in my arms tightly. Now she put her lips on my lips and pushed her tongue in my mouth. While sucking her tongue my hand is moving on her back. We both are in oral sex session, she took out her tongue and I pushed my tongue in her mouth to suck. Our eyes are closed and we are breathing fastly, after some time she left my tongue and put her head on my shoulder…….. “Garry any comment on meals for lunch

(Garry) I will say but after tasting it….. “.

Tony is standing on bed with her legs wide apart, I am sitting near her legs and put my lips on her labia to kiss. While kissing her vagina I can see Tony opening her vaginal holes and I pushed my 2/3 rd tongue inside her vagina to lick it, while my hands are on her bum. She is screaming in joy……. “Oohh Garry suck my vagina aahh. ” And she hold my hairs tightly to push my face in between her thighs. Now I took her vagina in my mouth and sucked it for some time before she pushed me on bed. I am sleeping on bed with my legs straight and my 6-7 inches long 2-3 inches thick penis is in full erection. Now she is kissing the upper part of my penis, glans. She is rubbing it on her face as well as near nose to smell its odour. Looking at me she smiled and came on my top with her face near my penis and my face in between her strong thighs. Now she has put my penis in her mouth and while sucking it her hand is on my thigh. I put my fingers on her vagina and open her vaginal mouth, pink coloured vagina is over my face and I pushed my tongue to fuck her glory hole. She is swinging her face to give me a nice blow job and I am licking her cunt like a dog. Tony started rolling her tongue on my penis and I am licking her vagina. After some time, I took her cunt in my mouth and her cunt ejaculated cum in my mouth, even cum dropped on my face and she left my body..

Its 03:10 pm and I am in hunger. I ask aunty for some food and she came back with a bottle of beer. Now we both are drinking it in dinning hall and she has put a bath towel on her chest. Looking too hot and gorgeous, she is holding my penis tightly. We took drink and snacks. Now Tony is standing on floor and I pushed my penis from the front side. While fucking her with speed and power from her front side I hold her one leg in my hand and my penis is roaring in her vagina. She is screaming in pleasure but I made her like a four legged animal and pushed my penis in her cunt from her back. She is swinging her bum fastly and I am fucking her while my hands have grabbed her boobs to press. She is screaming and after 15 minutes of fuck I shouted……. “Oohhh Tony my penis is going to cum soon…… ” And cum ejaculated in her vagina. She sucked my cock and I rested with her till evening.

By Yumiko

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