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After finding out that Judy has to leave in six days, we went shopping for new dresses and panties. We tried on several dresses and then picked out three each, a new peasant dress for me, as well as a new mini dress and a sexy sundress, Judy got two minis and a cute sundress, we picked out some new panties and bras, had lunch, and went to the liquor store. When we got home, augie came up to us, and said hello by sticking his nose in our panties!As we unpacked, Judy asked me to model the mini dress for her, I touched up my makeup and hair, then slithered into the mini, and walked out to the kitchen, and spun around for Judy and augie, who approved by sticking his nose in my panties and then licking my ass!Judy said, I see some red showing, are you in the mood to get fucked? I wiggled out of my panties and got down on all fours and augie licked me again, and then mounted me and began to fuck me, faster and faster, and after getting fucked for twenty minutes, he rammed his knot inside me and began to cum, he came for fifteen minutes, then turned around so we were stuck together ass to ass, with him still cumming inside me!Judy got down and kissed me, and said she’d fix some drinks, so when augie finally got done fucking me and popped out, Judy had a towel ready to catch the cum pouring out of my ass! I got up and put my panties on, then we went to get toasted!we fixed something to eat and I told Judy that it was her turn to fuck him!Judy went to put her new mini dress, came out to model it for me, then pulled down her panties and got down on all fours, augie licked her pussy and then mounted her, I watched his cock getting ready to fuck her!when augie pushed his erect cock into her, she gasped, he started to fuck her fast and furious, Judy started to cum, again and again, then his knot started growing and he pressed it into her pussy, she was cumming and saying how good it felt, then augie turned around so they were stuck together ass to ass, I got down and kissed Judy, then whispered that I would make some margaritas and roll a fatty, I grabbed a towel to get ready for the flood of cum. I watched as he pulled out of her, and got down to lick his hard cock a little bit, I held the towel to Judy’s pussy to catch the cum pouring out of her, then I gave her pussy a good licking, which made her cum some more! I helped her get up, she put on her panties, wrapped her arms around me and began to kiss me, saying that she had been properly fucked! We poured some margaritas and lit the joint, and leaned against each other. She began to play with my boobs and I started to quiver, then she said, let’s go to bed now, and see what happens next. We went to the bedroom and took off our panties, Judy kissed me hard and then laid down on the bed, her mini dress have good access to her pussy, so I began to lick her, and nibble on her clit which drove her wild!As she began to cum, I crawled up and raised the skirt on my dress and then slowly eased my stiff cock into her pussy and started to fuck her, slow and easy, we kissed as I was slowly fucking her, then I felt her shudder, and then began to cum, I picked up the pace and began fucking her pussy faster and faster, she kept cumming and soon I felt my release building!I came in a rush, and stayed inside her as we kissed, the two of us in mini dresses, my boobs meshed with her boobs, we fell asleep with me still inside her, when we woke up, I was still inside her pussy, as I grew hard, she moaned, I slowly began to fuck her until she came, I eased out of her, and switched to her ass, as she was cumming, I slowly pressed my cock inside her, and then began to fuck her again, but in her ass this time! She said how good it felt, and wondered how good it would feel if augie fucked her there! I soon came in her ass, and as I withdrew from her, I said that she should give it a try!we got up and showered together, then got dressed, she checked her e-mails and found one from Ashley! She was living in London with her girlfriend, and wondered how we were getting along with augie!she had other news, and after reading it, Judy and I had a light breakfast, then we washed augie. Judy said that Ashley knew about me and augie, and that she was no stranger to dog sex!Judy said she and Ashley used to take turns getting fucked by the 1st augie!I asked her if she wanted to come to America and visit. Judy said that she would ask. We rolled a fatty, and drank some margaritas, and I asked Judy if she wanted to getting fucked in the ass by augie!She asked me if it hurt much, I said in a good way!we got up and I lowered her panties and lubed her butt, then she got down, and augie sniffed her and as he mounted her, I guided his erect cock into her ass, Judy gasped as he drove his erect cock into her ass and then began to fuck her fast and furious, Judy said that it felt fucking incredible!I saw his knot growing and let her know that he was getting ready to thrust it into her ass, she got ready for it, then augie slammed it into her ass, she cried out, and then sighed as he began to cum!Judy said she never felt anything like it before, and as he turned around so they were stuck together ass to ass, I got down and kissed her, and she said that now she knows why I love getting fucked in my ass!after he popped out of her ass, I cleaned up the cum that was pouring out with a towel and some baby wipes. She rolled over and I kissed her again, then said that we should shower, then party!after we got cleaned up and dressed, we smoked a joint, and drank some margaritas, we talked about her having to leave in three days, and she pondered moving here, since she could work from anywhere, I said that would be outstanding!she sent off some emails, then we fixed something to eat, afterwards she said that she wanted to see me in the wedding dress, so I got undressed, changed into the matching panties and bra, then she did my makeup and hair, then came the wedding dress!, It felt so good to wear something so beautiful! She kissed me hard, felt up my boobs, and got both of us horny!she wanted to fuck me bad!then watch me get fucked by augie! So I took off my panties, then lay down on my back, Judy took off her panties and got on top of me, kissed me long and hard!Judy raised up the skirt on my dress and then crawled up and slowly lowered herself on my cock, she leaned forward and kissed me hard, then she began to fuck me fast and hard, then after about ten minutes, we both began to cum, I told her that I loved being in her pussy and she said she loved the feel of my cock, especially when it was in a beautiful wedding dress!As she got off my cock, I asked if I could lick her clean, so she lowered herself onto my face and I started to lick her pussy clean, she soon began to squirm and then began to cum, I kept licking her until she was done cumming!she got up and lowered my dress and then lay down on top of me, as was snuggled, she said that she loved this lifestyle and said that she would move in with me and augie !we got up and I reluctantly took off my wedding dress and we showered together. After getting dressed in matching panties and bras, we put on our sundresses and braided our hair, then a touch of makeup, we were good to go! We then gave augie a bath, shampooed his gorgeous fur, then ate a nice meal, followed by a margarita, as we sat outside on the swinging bench, we made plans for the future, so until later, I’ll continue our kinky adventures, love, Avalana.

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