Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

After Judy decided to move in with me, we made plans to rent a trailer. We knew that it was a one day move, although a long day, so while we showered together, we decided to leave in two days, we got dressed and ready to party, after one margarita, I wanted to get fucked by augie, so I took off my panties, and massaged augie’s cock, seeing the red, I got down on all fours and lifted my skirt, augie gave me a lick and then mounted me and began to fuck me. Faster and faster he went, fucking me for thirty minutes before his knot started growing, then with one thrust, he rammed his knot inside me and then began to cum, I felt jet after his of cum squirting into my ass, a short time later, he turned around so we were stuck together ass to ass, Judy got down and kissed me hard, then she began to play with my boobs, she stuck her tongue in my ear, driving me nuts! Augie finally slipped his cock out, and with cum pouring out of my ass, I kissed Judy, and asked her to bring a towel, I got cleaned up, put on my panties, hugged Judy and then rolled a fatty, we smoked that, and drank some margaritas. We needed more tequila and mix, so I left for the liquor store and Judy gave augie a bath and a blow dry, followed by a blowjob! She almost had him cumming when I got home, so I rolled another one, and made a pitcher of margaritas, Judy pulled away from his cock and we watched augie cum, marveling at how much cum dogs could produce, we cleaned him up, then began to party, sitting together on my bench swing, she asked if she could wear my wedding dress and get fucked! I got it out, and helped her get dressed, I changed from my cute romper into a mini dress, we kissed, and I laid her down on the bed and took off her panties and then began to lick her pussy until she came, then crawled up and kissed her, then slowly put my erect cock inside her pussy and started to fuck her, she started to whimper as I fucked her, then she began to cum, over and over again, then I pushed into her all the way, and began to cum, god, that felt good! We fell asleep, when we woke up, I found myself hugging Judy, who still had the wedding dress on, we kissed, the showered, said good morning to augie, let him out to take care of his business, had a quick breakfast, then in matching sundresses, we went to get the trailer. After we got home, I found myself ready to get fucked by augie, before the roadtrip. I took off my panties and got down on all fours, augie licked me on my ass and then mounted me and began to fuck me! He was fucking me fast and furious, and soon I felt his knot growing in my ass, after it was all the way inside me, he stopped fucking me, pulled back a bit and began to cum, I felt my insides filling up with cum, he turned around and kept on cumming, Judy got a towel ready, when he started to withdraw from my ass, the cum came pouring out of my ass, but Judy was ready! Afterwards I got cleaned up, we have augie a bath, and after he was dry, we packed some lunch, and a cooler full of soda, we hit the road to Judy’s house! It was only a three hour drive from here, but we took our time! We stopped a few times to let augie run around before we got to the city. It didn’t take long to get Judy all packed up and the trailer loaded, we left the city and stopped for lunch before we got the highway, after we ate, we got a burger for augie, then drove nonstop until we got home. We unloaded the trailer, and brought it back, stopped for groceries and booze, then began to unpack, computers here, clothing there, then we paused for margaritas. Judy said that she wanted to get fucked by augie! , She took off her panties, lifted the skirt on her sundress and then got down on all fours, augie licked her pussy and then mounted her, and drove his erect cock into her pussy and started to fuck her, faster and faster, I saw his knot growing, then watched as he drove his knot inside her pussy, then he started to cum, so I went to get a towel and baby wipes ready, then fixed some margaritas, I could hear Judy sighing as she was getting filled with cum, augie didn’t turn around this time, just popped out, but I was quick to catch the cum that was pouring out of her, after the cum was cleaned up, I used some baby wipes, then my tongue to clean her up! She stood up and put her panties on, then hugged me and with a kiss, she said she’d roll a fatty, so we smoked that, then drank some margaritas! I said let’s barbeque some steaks, and fix a salad, and after we eat, it’s my turn to get fucked by augie! After we finished eating, we smoked a joint, and had a margarita, then I pulled down my panties and got down on all fours, wasting no time, augie mounted me and soon stuck his erect cock into my ass and began to fuck me, what a great return to home! Faster and faster he fucked me, I waited for his knot to slip into my butt, then I felt it growing and he pressed it into me, and started to cum, I wiggled my ass while he was cumming inside me, after about twenty minutes, he turned around so we were stuck together ass to ass! Judy got some towels and baby wipes ready, and when he pulled out, she cleaned me up, I got to my feet and pulled up my panties, there was still cum dribbling out, so I went to the bathroom to drain, after wiping, I got some new panties on, then Judy and I kissed, and we had a mini party. Then we began to put her things away. She held up a cute new sundress and said try this one on! It fit like a glove! I spun around and the skirt flared out, what a heavenly feeling! Judy hugged and kissed me and said let’s give augie a bath! While augie was drying, Judy led me into the bedroom, she pulled down my panties, then took off hers and kissed me hard, she laid me down on the bed and raised the skirt on my sundress, and and began to lick my cock, when it was hard, she straddled me and slowly lowered herself on my cock, until she was bottomed out, then began to bounce up and down, furiously fucking me, she slowed down and leaned forward and kissed me, then began to fuck me harder, we both came like fireworks! After we uncoupled, we shared a shower, then fixed something to eat, fed augie, then took him outside for a run. We got back home and kissed each other, fixed some margaritas and rolled a fatty, then it was Judy’s turn to get fucked by augie! He was ready after his run, he slid into her pussy the first try and began to fuck her, faster and faster, I watched as his knot traveled up his cock, and into her pussy, she gasped when he started to cum, they both were panting heavily! I kissed Judy, then went to get some towels, when I got back, they were stuck together ass to ass, augie was still cumming, but almost done, he slipped out, and I caught the cum pouring out of her ass with the towel, she got up and went to the bathroom to drain, then I handed her some clean panties. We had another margarita, then fixed something to eat. Later on we checked the computers for messages from Ashley and Laura. Judy got a message from Ashley saying that she wanted to come to America next summer for a month or so! And I got a message from Laura asking me if I could come visit soon! She said that her boys missed me, and that she had some beautiful new gowns to wear, and that she was sending me some silk panties and bras! Judy said that she was a beautiful friend! I agreed! We fixed something to eat, then took augie for a walk, when we got home, we made some margaritas and relaxed for awhile. We flipped a coin to see who got to be fucked by augie first, Judy won the toss! She took off her panties, got down and I lifted the skirt on her sundress, augie scampered in and wasted no time in mounting her, I watched him furiously fucking Judy, got some towels ready, then watched as he turned around, still cumming, I got down and kissed Judy, told her I loved her, then waited for augie to let loose, when he did I was quick to catch the cum that came pouring out of her pussy, then cleaned her with baby wipes! She got up, put on her panties and straightened her sundress and I served her a margarita, and asked her if she wanted to get fucked in the ass the next time? She said yes, she was ready to try that again, but asked me if I wanted to fuck her there tonight, maybe after I had my turn with augie. I shall continue the life of me, Judy and augie soon! Love, Avalana

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