Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

I was busy messaging Laura, a lady who has the same lifestyle as me, and she invited me to her homestead to meet her boys. I talked to my sister Judy, and asked if she could take care of augie 3rd, she said that her vacation started in 5 days, and she’d be glad to be here with augie! I talked with Laura and said I would be there around 7 days from now. When sister Judy got here, I had just changed into a cute sundress, and light makeup. We hugged and got caught up on the news, augie was busy smelling her crotch, I told her about Laura and her boys, who are two malamutes, and said I was leaving in the morning, have fun with augie! oh, I will!, Don’t worry!, I put my roadtrip bag in the car, hooked my pod in the deck, started to rock out and then hit the road! I love roadtrips! I let my mind wander, thinking about my love of being accepted as a girl at age five, wearing panties and a dress for the first time, my mom welcoming me as her long lost daughter, learning about sex with a dog, losing my cherry, and now on my way to visit Laura and her boys! Three hours later, I called her, and let her know that I was an hour away, at the turnoff to her homestead, I checked my makeup and hair, and drove on to her homestead. She welcomed me, and asked if I’d like a glass of wine and a bowl, why yes, that would be lovely! I got my bag out of the car, and followed her inside. We talked about this and that, she complimented me on my dress, then asked if I’d like to meet her boys! She went to the door and whistled, and two huge malamutes came running. Meet tatsa and takla! goodness they’re big! just wait, she said! lets go inside and then take off our panties! Then lets face each other and get down on all fours, we’ll let each boy pick his own lover, an we got down on our hands and knees, I saw a cock that was awesome! 12″ long, bright red and as hard as a rock! He jumped on my back and then he pushed his erect cock into my butt! omg! He was huge! He began to fuck me harder and harder, so fast! I was watching Laura getting fucked by one of the dogs, while I was getting fucked by the other! soon I was grunting, as he fucked me faster, then his knot started to enter into my ass, I thought I was going to split in half! He thrusted harder, and got his knot all the way inside me and then began to cum and cum, I whimpered as he came, he was filling me up with cum! I watched as the dog fucking Laura turned around and was butt to butt, then the dog fucking me did the same, there we were two dogs stuck on two people, each of us getting filled with cum, I was panting, she was panting, for more than fourty minutes, until the dogs finally got small enough to pop out, one at a time, leaving both of us with our asses up in the air and gallons of cum dribbling out of us! She looked at me and I looked at her, and she asked me what I thought of her boys! omg, Laura, I’m properly fucked! lets get high, ok? we slowly got up, each of us leaking cum, she went to the bathroom first, and I heard the cum pouring out of her, I was next, and after we were cleaned up, we drank some wine, I put some clean panties on, we rolled a fatty, and began to relax, she asked me if I was interested in role playing, like getting dressed up as a maid, and then getting fucked, I said that sounds like fun! Lets do it! we got in our sexy nighties, kissed, and took a nap. When we got up, we showered, and got dressed in the maid dresses, mine was pink with ruffled panties, Laura got dressed in a black maids dress with matching panties. We fixed a snack and then kissed, I asked her which dog fucked me, she said takla, but tatsa gets to fuck you today! we’ll do it outside today! we went out and called the boys, who ran up and sniffed our panties,, they were already getting ready to fuck! we saw their hard as iron cock getting ready to fuck us, we took off our panties and got down on all fours and tatsa jumped on me and takla mounted Laura. He slipped his erect cock into my butt on the first try! I gasped as he drove his cock all the way inside me and then began to fuck me! gawd the power! so fast and furious, I began to squirm and whimper, I cried out when his knot started to enter into my ass, with a powerful thrust, it drove his knot all the way inside and then stopped thrusting and started to cum. He came so much it was leaking out, and still he kept coming, his drool was dripping on my neck, and then he turned around so we were stuck together, ass to ass! I looked at Laura getting fucked and soon she was ass to ass! we were stuck together for close to an hour! and when he was able to pull his cock out, it felt like a dog cum enema! we just lay there for awhile, stood up and more cum dribbled out, we hugged and then pulled on our panties, all sweaty, we went in to shower, as we removed our panties and dresses and got into the shower, she asked me if I wanted to get dressed up as a prom queen, or a bridesmaid next? I chose the bridesmaid dress! we got in bed and kissed, then she spooned me, fondling my boobs and dry humping me with her pussy, and we woke up in the same position, after showering, we ate, then got dressed, after we chose our panties, she held up a gorgeous blue with white lace dress! I stepped into it and she zipped up the back, then I helped her get dressed and then we did our hair and makeup and then kissed, and went out to greet the boys. We pulled down our panties and lifted the skirts of our dresses and then faced each other and got down on all fours and kissed as the boys mounted us, as one, they entered us and began to fuck us so hard and fast it hurt, after fucking is for 30minutes or so, I felt his knot growing and he pressed so hard, when he got his knot in me I almost fell over! As he started to cum, I leaned forward and kissed Laura, who began to squirm as she was getting filled with cum, and when the boys turned around they kept on cumming! we were stuck together for close to an hour before they let loose with a plopping sound and the cum came pouring out of my ass! and just like a male, they fucked is then left! it was hard to get up after the extreme fucking! Then after we got up, we showered and then I kissed Laura, we got in bed and snuggled for awhile, then got up and had some wine and talked about the fun I was having dressing up in some of her beautiful dresses, and talked about my having to leave in two days. I was sad that I had to leave so soon. She asked me if I’d like to wear something that she said was sadly special, I asked her what that could be? She said she was left at the alter alone, and still has her wedding dress, I said can I try it on? She got it out, and after I put on some clean panties and bra, I drew it over my head. It was gorgeous! Won’t the boys damage it? She said that she wore it home and then, kissed off at being jilted, took off her panties and then got down to get fucked by one of her older dogs! I had tears in my eyes, and then said that I loved wearing the dress, it was so beautiful!, So the next day, she dressed me as a beautiful bride and she said that she wanted to watch each of her boys fuck me! I took off my panties and then got down on all fours, she lifted up the dress and then called the boys, the first one, tatsa mounted me and soon, 12″ of hard dog cock was inside me, after spending an hour getting fucked by one dog, he finally pulled out of me and the other dog, takla, licked the cum pouring out of my ass, then mounted me and began to fuck me harder and harder, after swelling up and cumming for what seemed to be 20minutes, he turned around and we were stuck together ass to ass and stayed that way for close to an hour before he got his cock out of me! I had so much cum pouring out of me that I I should have been wearing a diaper. Laura said that she was getting horny watching me getting fucked, and asked if her beautiful bride would like to go to bed with her! After draining for close to an hour, I got up, wiped my butt off and then put on some clean panties, we shared a bottle of wine and kissed, then she took my hand and led me to the bedroom, and laid me down, got on top of me and slowly kissed me, she lifted up my dress and then pulled my panties down, and then began to suck my cock, and said she could hardly believe that I was fucked by both of her boys, she resumed sucking my cock and when I was hard, she straddled me and slowly lowered herself on me and began to fuck me cowgirl style, after I came, she stayed on me for awhile, leaning forward and kissing me. She was sad that I had to leave, so was i.. I got up and with some regret, took off the wedding dress, feeling well fucked by the boys, and Laura! we showered together and then got dressed, she picked a cute sundress and I picked a cute pink tank and a denim jumper, I had to leave in the morning so we got some wine and then kissed, I rolled a fatty, and then we began to party, I told her that my butt was kinda sore from the double dog fucking I had, we relaxed, and fell asleep in each other’s arms, we woke up in the morning and kissed, after I put my bags in the car, I hugged her and the boys, promised a return visit, we traded our addresses, then I hit the road, eager to see Judy, and augie, and trade adventures… Rtfm love Avalana

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