Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

Three months had past. Bill and I playing in the back shed. Mainly on my days off and when his wife was a bowls. On a Friday.

Ok here we go 10.15 am. We had spent time harvesting, pruning, planting. I am wearing a dress with a slightly shorter skirt, v neck and
showing a bit if cleavage. We are alone. I’m allowed to.

We go into the shed. We embrace and kiss. Bill says he needs to go inside for a moment. Don’t know if its to take his Viagra. But I dint think hes on it. I know his hard on is all him. We have been fucking for three months.

He returns five minutes later. We embrace kissing again. He is 6 ft 1. I am 5 ft 10. His hands find my bust squeezing me breasts.

” Lets get you undressed. ” He says.

He unzips my dress taking it off. He squeezes my breasts over my bra. He unclips it and removes it.

” You love my tits don’t you ? ” I say. My husband and I have dinner with Bill and his wife occasionally. Twice since Bill and I have been fucking.

” I do. ” He says. He actually hides my knickers and a bra in his shed now.

We kiss. He fondles. Now topless and wearing only a skimpy G String I get to my knees for his blowjob. I love sucking him now. He has a nice cock.

I’m on my knees sucking and stroking. I’m sure I heard noises outside but its probably just the trees. We like fucking with the door open. No one can see in the way the shed is positioned and the trees.

It happens. ” Bill ” a voice says.

” Oh shit. ” I say on my knees, cock in hand, topless. Bills friend Alan at the door. He is 79 6 ft wearing shorts and a tee shirt. Hes Bills golfing partner.

” Alan ” Bill says acting surprised. I find out that it was planned

After a minute of discussion I find out that it was planned. Alan not believing Bill was fucking a mid twenty yr old. I decide to a threesome. Soon Alan’s pants are down. I’m sharing two cocks. Two old men’s cocks in the back shed. Such a slut.

I suck both then stand up. Alan’s hands finding my tits. He fondles then squeezes them sucks my nipples. Comments on my beautiful bosom. Here I am topless my tits out been groped and fondled by two dirty old men with their pants around their ankles. I’ve already had one old man fuck me fill me with cum. Why not another.

They sit me on the bench pulling my knickers down. My pussy out now. Two men old men playing with it looking at it, examining it. I don’t mind. I find it quite erotic. Naked in the gardening shed with two old men groping and using me. Soon I’m slid forward. Legs wide. Alan’s tongue licking over my pussy. His fingers entering me fingering me. Bill playing with my tits kissing me as Alan explores my young smooth pussy. I’ve shaved the hair off now.

Soon Alan stands. His cock stands pointing straight at my pussy. As he steps forward his cock enters me. I moan as he thrusts me. My legs wide open as he fucks me. Both men groping my tits as Alan’s cock fucks me.

I lost my virginity to my husband at 17. For eight years until three months ago. My husband was the only man to have seen me naked, the only man to have had sex with me, the only man I had been with.

Now here I was a third man to have seen my naked body, to have played with me, to be fucking me. I hope I don’t end up been Bills and his friends whore. Although it dose sound a bit exciting to be a old mans whore.

I watch Alan fuck he, his hands fondling me caressing me. Bill fondling caressing me. Both men swapping in my wet pussy.

” Cum in her Alan. ” Bill says pulling his cock out of me. Alan returning his cock in me thrusting deep into my pussy.

He moans and groans as his big circumcised cock fucks me. I hold Bills cock playing with it.

I then get off the bench and kneel over a chair. Alan enters me doggy style and Bill stands in front of me. I’ve never swallowed Bills load. Must be time now. I suck and stroke Bills cock as Alan thrusts me from behind. Both men moaning and groaning.

Its not long before Alan cums in my wet pussy. His juices and mess enters me shooting towards my womb. Alan stands still his cock in me as Bill unloads in my mouth. I swallow his seed licking his cock clean.

I then sit down and suck both cocks clean. Two proud men. Elderly men stand in front of their naked whore in the garden shed. My dress bra and knickers on the bench.

Alan picks up my knickers sniffing my hot sweaty underwear.

” Your a lucky man Bill. ” Alan says.

” Why don’t we make Friday our gardening day. ” I say.

Bill and Alan look at each other as I hold their cocks kissing each knob.

” Well. ” Alan says.

” I’m sure your cocks will agree. ” I say smiling looking up. They look down at their DD breasted naked whore sitting in front of them smiling.

Fridays are such fun. Gardening and sharing with two nice old men. Planting, pruning, harvesting, blowjobs, oral sex, pussy fingering, panty sniffing, breast fondling and just hard out sex.

I like been fucked by one inside as the other one is in the garden. Then they swap. One comes in to fuck me while the other goes outside.

I’m just waiting for the surprise if another of their friends to appear out of the blue un unexpectedly to find a naked whore in the shed waiting or an old cock.

Oh I really do look forward to it.

By Yumiko

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