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They are good neighbours.

Bill and Dorothy and elderly couple. Bill grows the best vegetables in the street. At 82 he is well experienced.

I’m a female 25 yrs old. Tall slim attractive. DD bust. Long dark hair. I often spend time in the garden with bill through the gate that separates our properties.

I have a husband that’s good to me. Hes 27 handsome muscular. He works out a lot. I guess he would not be jealous of the time spend with Bill in the garden.

Bills wife is attractive for her age slim b cup breasts. Nice figure. I guess a elderly hottie. I’ve seen photos of her my age. Oh boy hot hot hot.

This certain spring day. The sun up. It was hot. I wore a knee length skirt, a singlet with a bikini top. It was 10 am in a Friday my husband at work, Dorothy at a seniors bowling day.

Bill and I in the garden, guess I’m his apprentice. We in the shed I plant some seeds. His garden as a abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables. We start potting. Its hot in there. I just want to strip off.

I drop a packet seeds, I bend over to pick them up. He bends down to. I know he got a eye full of my cleavage.

I stand up his eyes again looking down at my bust.

I feel turned on. In the back shed with my elderly neighbour. I feel my pussy getting wetter by the minute.

” Do you want to see them ? ” I ask.

” See what ? ” He asked.

” You’ve been staring at them for the last 15 minutes. My breasts. ”

” Oh sorry. ” He says looking at me.

” Its ok. They do poke out a bit sometimes. ” I say smiling looking down at my chest cupping my breasts bouncing them. ” Touch them. ” I say smiling.

He laughs. He reaches out cupping my bust. I lift my singlet over my head. Now standing in my bikini top. My cleavage on show. I reach up undoing my halterneck tie pulling it down my breasts falling out.

” Wow. ” He says smiling reaching out touching them. Feeling them. Caressing them. Admiring them in his back gardening shed.

” Do you want to have sex with me ? ” I ask.

” Have sex, ” he says.

” Yes. ” I stand closer taking my bikini top off.

” My wife. ”

” My husband. ” I say. ” They wont find out. Come on. Fuck me. ”

” My I don’t know. ” He said even though he was fondling my breasts.

” Your fondling my tits. ” I said.

He smiled. ” I am he said. ” Can I, you know. ”

” Suck my nipples. Course you can. ” I said. I sat up on the bench. He leans in cupping and fondling my tits. His mouth now over my erect nipples.

I lift my skirt as I open my legs, I lean back he looks down seeing my panties over my pussy. White cotton panties with lace trim up the side. My wet pussy outline coming through.

” Take them off. ” I say. He grabs them sliding them down my thighs and off my feet.

” Oh wow. ” He says seeing my pussy. A small bit of pubic hair above my clit. I prefer a completely shaved pussy, but my husband likes a bit of hair on top. His fingers rubbing my pussy. My labias, my clit, inside my labias. I reach down to his groin feeling his cock. I undo his trousers setting it free. I look down at his 82 yr old cock. Its circumcised, about 7 inches. I get off the bench onto my knees stroking it. I suck my husbands cock hes 27 but a 82 yr old. I’m nervous. It looks nice. My lips slid over his knob as I put his shaft in my mouth and slowly suck up it as I stroke it. He moans looking down. ” Never had this before he says. ”

I look up and smile as much as I can with a 82 yr old cock in my mouth, topless no knickers on I then realise hes holding them. I fondle his balls as I suck him. After a few minutes I’m back on the bench, my skirt off. Naked I sit there looking down as his cock nears my pussy. It enters me sliding deep into my wet young love hole. He thrusts me fondling my breasts. It feels nice. His cock in me. A man 56 yrs older than me.

I watch him thrust me. His shaft moving against my pussy lips as he fucks me holding my knee and breast.

I am actually really enjoying it. I think I like older men.

” Cum in me. ” I say. He stops taking his shirt off his underwear and trousers around his ankles thrusting me hard.

I groan as I orgasm. He looks at me smiling as he cums deep into my pussy. I cant believe I’ve done it. I’ve fucked my neighbour. My elderly neighbour.

He pulls out. His cum flowing from my wet pussy. We clean up and we dress.

From that day gardening with Bill has brought on a whole new meaning.

Yes on the odd occasion we still fuck in the shed. Sometimes with his wife in the house we will lift my skirt and he will put his cock in me. I sometimes wear a skirt. Not to short. Mainly knee length with no underwear making sure I flash him occasionally. He enjoys it. I enjoy it. I tell you. It has certainly brought on a whole new meaning to gardening for me. For him to.

Our garden is definitely made with love.

By Yumiko

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