Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

After a long drive, I finally arrived home. I had called Judy when I was an hour away, so when I got home, she had lunch ready, so after hugging augie, we sat down to eat and share our weeks adventures. I told her about Laura and her boys, takla and tatsa, and how we had fun role-playing! I told her about wearing a pink maids dress and sexy makeup, and the size of her boys erect cocks, then dressing up as a bridesmaid in the beautiful blue with white lace dress, and getting fucked, then dressing as a beautiful bride in a gorgeous wedding dress, and Laura watching as I got fucked by both of her boys, and the incredible feeling of being fucked by two 12″ cocks, huge knots, for close to three hours, and the amount of cum in my ass!, and after I was cleaned up, Laura lifting up the dress, pulling down my panties and then cowgirling me, saying that she always wanted to fuck a bride! Then I asked Judy how dear augie behaved. She said that she gave augie a blowjob after I left, then a bit later, she got down on all fours and letting him mount her, she said she gave two blowjobs and got fucked four times! I gave him a bath this morning, and brushed him until he was shiny! He looks very handsome, I said! Judy asked me if I would do her a favor. Anything for my big sister i said, would you make slow love to me tonight? not right now, because it looks like augie wants your attention now! I saw his erect cock and then I took off my panties and got down on all fours and lifted my skirt and then he started to fuck me, Judy was watching as augie furiously fucked me faster and faster, and then his knot started to enter me! I smiled as he began to cum! It took awhile for his knot to slip out, and his cum dribbled out of my ass! After a shower, I put on new panties and bra, followed by a cute sundress, then we sat down to eat! After eating, we sat outside, drinking a margarita, and Judy said that the first time she saw me in her old Easter dress, with the matching bonnet, and cute maryjanes, she wanted to jump my bones, said that I was the cutest thing with a secret! we had another margarita, said goodnight to augie and then we kissed, we went to the bedroom and got undressed, she said I had lovely boobs, we kissed some more, then began to make love, as I entered her, she smiled and said that she had  dreamed of this for a long time! we slowly began fucking, I nibbled on her nipples and, soon felt her cum, I kept on slowly fucking, she came again, and I could feel my release building, then we both came together! She kissed me hard as I pulled out of her, our boobs meshed together as we snuggled and kissed! I felt myself getting hard again and asked if she wanted to fuck again, oh yes! please! so we ended up fucking four times that night! When we woke up and showered together, she picked out a cute sundress for both of us, we put on clean panties and bras and then got dressed, light makeup, and we went to say good morning to augie, who was busy smelling our panties, Judy kissed me and asked if I wanted to get fucked by him first, and she would wait for awhile and then get fucked by him! so she began to make breakfast, as I took off my panties and got down on all fours, augie licked me and then mounted me and began to fuck me, harder and harder, I soon felt his knot growing and then he pushed his knot in my ass! Oh this feels good! I said, Judy said that I was a good girl who has a secret! augie turned around and we were stuck together ass to ass, I could feel him cumming inside me, and after awhile he started to pop out and then the cum came pouring out of my ass! after cleaning up and putting on my panties, we sat down to eat! afterwards, I said I had to e-mail Laura, and after that was sent, we got stoned, and kissed each other, is it too early for wine? We drank some wine and smoked a bowl, then Judy said that it’s time to get fucked by augie! so she went inside and then took off her panties and got down on all fours and lifted her skirt, augie, with his tail wagging smelled Judy and then mounted her, and drove his erect cock into her pussy and then began to fuck her, faster and faster, 20 minutes later, I saw his knot growing and then he pushed it into my sisters pussy and then began to cum more and more, after awhile, he got turned around and was butt to butt, both of them panting heavily! I leaned forward and kissed my sister, who kissed me hard! after augie popped loose, I helped her clean up and got her some clean panties, then we held each other and she started to play with my boobs! she said that they were almost a c-cup now! all real I said! we made our for awhile, then started to party! a joint, and margaritas, and talked about my girlhood, she asked if I had ever been fucked by a man! Only by male dogs I said, so many times it was a wonder that I didn’t have fur and a tail! gawd, she laughed so hard she started to pee! I helped her clean up, and we drank some more margaritas, then cooked some chili and chips, after we ate, I said that it was my turn to get fucked by augie, so I took off my panties and lifted the skirt on my sundress, assumed the position and then augie have me one lick, then mounted me and began to fuck me, Judy said that his tail was wagging as he fucked me faster and faster, she said here comes his knot! he pushed his knot inside me and then began to cum! he filled me up! then turned around so we were stuck together ass to ass, and his tail was still wagging, Judy was brushing my hair, telling me that I was a good girl and asked if I wanted to get fucked by a man! while I had augies erect cock cumming inside me! I said that I loved  getting fucked by dogs, but a man? I don’t know how they can compare! augie popped loose, and cum dribbled out of my ass, so we cleaned me up, I pulled on some clean panties, and Judy and I partied some more, she asked if I wanted to fuck her again, like last night! doggie style I joked? She slapped my butt, and let me to the bedroom, where we both got undressed, and began to fool around, sucking on each others nipples and kissing. I worked my way down to her pussy and started licking, until she came, she held my head down and said keep going, after she came the fourth time, she said, please fuck me! As I entered her, she sighed and said I felt so good, no not fast like a dog, but more lovingly! we woke up late and had a light breakfast, and I checked my email, and found one from Laura, she said her boys missed me, and she asked me to return soon, she also said that I should look for a pkg soon! we decided to go shopping for new dresses, panties and bras, as well as looking for new shoes, followed by a stop at the store for some food, and a liquor run, when we got home, after we unpacked, augie started to sniff Judy’s panties, so while I put the groceries away, she played with augies cock, then took off her panties and got down on all fours and lifted her skirt up, augie didn’t wait, he jumped on her, and then began to fuck her, I made some margarita mix, and answered a knock on the door, sign her, miss, ok, I brought the box in and opened it up and saw the wedding dress! and some matching panties and bra!! The note said, enjoy this! I can’t wear it, so it’s yours! I thought I’d surprise Judy! so I went into the bedroom and then changed into the matching panties and bra, then the wedding dress and waited until augie was done fucking Judy. when they were almost finished, I walked into the living room, and surprised Judy! she said oh my god! you look drop dead gorgeous! , may I kiss the bride? She stood up with the cum dribbling out of her ass, and hungrily French kissed me! And said that she wanted to fuck the bride! what is it about wedding dresses anyway? the two times I wore it, the girls wanted to fuck me! she got cleaned up and we had a margarita and a joint, then she grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom! We pulled down our panties, she laid me down on my back, lifted up the wedding dress and then slowly lowered herself on my cock and then began to fuck me harder and harder, I felt her cumming, and soon so did i! then she asked if she could try the wedding dress on! we got up and took off our clothes, she put on the matching panties and bra, then the wedding dress! I told her that she was beautiful! She  twirled around in front of the mirror, and said, I love the way this looks and feels! Will you please fuck the bride? Once more, we took off our panties and kissed, then fell into bed, and fooled around until I entered her and then began to fuck her again, soon augie jumped into the bed and started licking my ass while I was fucking Judy, after I came, I raised my ass up, and augie mounted mounted me and began to fuck me while I was crouched over Judy! what a scene! me on top of Judy, who was wearing my wedding wedding dress and augie on top of me, furiously fucking me!! an hour and a half later, augie finally slid out of my ass, and the  cum dribbled out of me, I rolled off of Judy, and we slowly got up, undressed and then showered, then clean clean panties and bras, followed by soft, sexy sundresses, then it was margarita time! Judy said that she had six days of vacation left, and that this was the best vacation ever! As we sat out on my deck, getting drunk and cuddling, we made plans for the next week.. so until later, see ya, Avalana.

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