Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

My hot aunt has a daughter Lina and a son Mohit. Mohit lives in Mumbai and working as a software engineer while daughter Lina is married with a businessman and living in Jaipur. Next day, she called me on my mobile…….. “Hi Lina.

(Lina) hi Garry, when you are coming to meet your sister and brother in law

(Garry) in the evening

(Lina) no come to meet me right now and all will come in the evening to meet me…. “.

I reached my cousin’s house at 11:15 am and there I meet her mother in law as well as father in law. She is busy with her maid in kitchen. Looking at me, she came near me and took me in her arms to kiss my face and I moved my hand on her soft bum. Now she took me to her bedroom and asked…… ” Any drink or breakfast, I will come after 10-15 minutes from kitchen

(Garry) a glass of water and coffee. ” And she left her room. I slept on her bed in my jeans and shirts and thinking about her on bed. A newly married gal in her mid twenties, wearing a long skirt as well as kurti, she is looking hot and wild. After 10 minutes she came with her maid and put water and coffee on table. Now I sit on bed corner and have it and Lina smiled……. ” Your brother in law will come in the evening, so have rest and watch TV……. “. She has pushed the door and opened the wardrobe to take her clothes. Either she will take bath and change her dress..

She moved in her attached washroom and I am on bed. My dirty mind is thinking about HOT MARRIED LADY LINA….. Now I removed my jeans and shirts and wrapped a towel on my waist. Now I am curious to move inside washroom but how to open the door of washroom. I moved near door and pushed it slowly…. Oh its open….. She has not locked the door. Looking inside I can see Lina in her undergarments under shower having bath, her wet nude body is making me hot and I moved towards Lina. She is bit shy and in sexy voice….. “Garry leave me, I will not do it again

(Garry) Lina you are so hot and sexy, I can’t wait for you on bed…… ” And I took her in my arms but instead of resistance she kissed my face and lips. Now my hand is moving on her nude back. She pulled my towel and sits on her knees to love my penis. She hold it tightly and put her lips on glans. She is rubbing the soft part of penis on her face as well as lips and took it in her mouth. Looking at me she is swinging her face to suck my penis. My penis is in semi erection and she put it out and her tongue started rolling on it. She licked it and sucked it again for 5-7 minutes..

Lina is standing and I am on her legs to kiss her nude thighs and legs. She is a hot baby and sexy lady, I put my lips on her thighs and my hand is moving on her bum. She has put her hands on my hairs and my tongue is moving on her wet thighs, she is spreading her legs and I removed her thongs to see her natural hole. Looking at Lina, I put my fingers on her labias and pushed my tongue in her vagina, my 1/4 th tongue is making her cry and her legs started shivering in sensation but my tongue is fucking my cousin’s cunt while my hands are moving on her round shaped bum. She is screaming in pleasure…… “Oohhh uummmm aaahhhh Garry my cunt is in fire fuck it I will cum….. ” And I took her vagina in my mouth to suck…. I sucked it and got the taste of cum..

I am now going to fuck her but she is not interested. We both came out of washroom in a full dress while I am in bermuda only. She is wearing a long frock upto her knee length and looking at me…… “Wait for some time, I will come back soon….. ” Now I am on bed and my penis is in full erection, need vagina to fuck and I am waiting for Lina to come. After 15 minutes, she came with smile on face and locked the door from inside. She came on my top and put her lips on my lips while her hot breasts are pressing on my chest. She pushed her long tongue in my mouth and while sucking it, my hands are in her skirt. While rubbing her lovely bum I am sucking her tongue and she left it after some time..

Lina is horny and she pulled my bermuda and took no time to remove her panty. She is sitting on my penis with her legs wide apart and while holding her waist I can see Lina pushing my cock in her wet cunt. She slowly pushed her round dome shaped bum low and my penis moved inside her cunt. She is moving her bum up and down, her ass is swinging and she is riding the cock in her cunt but after sometime she is tired and now leaned on me. Now I am pushing my dick in her vagina from below and she is moving her bum slowly. I am feeling the weight and pressure of her lovely bum on my penis and now ask her to leave my penis. Now Lina is on her knees and I am fucking her from back, she is swinging her ass with speed and her vagina is now dry. She is screaming in pleasure……. “Oohhh Garry fuck hard darling, so I called you in this time for fuck

(Garry) oh you hot lady love your desire. ” And after 10-12 minutes of fucking my penis poured cum in her vagina and she tasted it also. We rested for while.

By Yumiko

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