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Today I am sharing my First experience here and its about how I got to fuck my friend’s gf on his birthday at my apartment. This happened a year ago and we are still fuck buddies.

This is a real sex story which happened in Pune.

About me: I am Rohan (pen name) age 22, with a good physical structure (thanks to my gym routine) and a 6″ tool and have good experiences with many girls and mature women.

Coming to the story , So it’s been 4 years I am studying in Pune and I live with my friends. We share a flat so both have independent rooms. We bother each other less but yeah we do a lot of parties. Often our friends visit and we party at our place with our male and female classmates.

So it was one of my friend’s b’day his name is Rishi so we planned a surprise for him at my place. I met Rishi in college. So her gf Krisha called me one random day asking if she can use my place as she wants to throw a party for Rishi’s bday.

So Krisha is an average girl with 5’4 height. Fair skin. Knee length hair. Nice round ass and big boobs 34D.

So we met few times she even came to my place to check how she will arrange everything and suddenly she asked if she can use the room for half hour late that night. I just nodded my head agreeing to her statement.

After she said she avoided having an eye to eye conversation which was quite obvious. I was thinking about that lucky bastard as he doesn’t care about this beautiful gf of his and my naughty brain started to have these thoughts of fucking this woman standing in front of me.

I was too busy thinking that she had to scream at me to get me back to sense and asked me what happened what are you thinking Rohan. I just said nothing I am thinking how lucky Rishi is.

So we planned and the day came we invited all of his friends. Late that evening at 7 pm she blindfolded Rishi and brought him at my place where we all were ready. We celebrated the bday and the party went on in full swing and music and booze added to the occasion. Rishi was super drunk while Krisha was in senses. It seems that the special surprise for Rishi was not going to happen today.

I went to Krisha she was looking disappointed. I offered her a soft drink and ask you look sad. You threw an amazing party for your lucky bf. She blushed and said thanks and mentioned that he’s too drunk for my special surprise and I wanted him to be in his senses.

She also mentioned he’s more into other women than her.

I took the advantage and carried the conversation by saying you are so beautiful and a gf like you should be loved and worshiped daily. She blushed and hit me on my shoulder. She was sad and said look he doesn’t care all these things I did was for him and he doesn’t even care about that. I held her hand and said don’t be sad you did a wonderful job I am sure he’s happy.

So it got late all their friends left and it was just me, Krisha and drunk Rishi.

Rishi wasn’t in his senses and I helped him reach the bed. As I mentioned earlier we had two bedrooms and my other roommate wasn’t home that day.

I made Rishi lay down on the bed. He slept immediately and I looked at Krisha she was really upset. I asked Krisha out for coffee and asked her to change and relax. Until the time she changed I made two cups of coffee and offered her if she would like to watch tv while Rishi is asleep.

She didn’t say no as her plan to fuck her bf completely failed. So I sat with her and we watched tv and the movie basic instinct was coming. I asked her if she has watched this movie before and want to see. She agreed to watch that movie.

While watching she was talking to me. She inquired if I had a gf to which I replied I am happy living this way and it’s good to smile and live life on own terms. That’s why I prefer living alone. I mentioned that the day I will have the gf I will make sure that I love her day and night and Njoy my life happily. She felt bad as her bf slept and never cared for all the things she do for her.

She sobbed and leaned against me. I was little hesitant but I thought not to say as she is already feeling low.

Suddenly the movie picked up its pace and the lead actress starts seducing the detective. I looked at her and she was playing with her lips and biting her lips. I didn’t know what intentions Krisha had. She cupped her boobs and I could clearly see cleavage popping out.

Those melons were giving me a sexy view of her cleavage and it was hard to resist that view. My 6″ tool was getting excited and that movie was showing some hot scene. Krisha noticed the bulge and said its hot in spite of AC working. She was wearing a black silk nighty which she specially bought for the night and she pulled it little down that I can see the nipples outline. That gave me an instant hardon.

I was trying to avoid the situation as I know she is my friend’s girlfriend and it will be wrong if I fuck her but my brain was totally opposite to my thoughts.

I grabbed a pillow and placed it to hide my bulge.

She noticed and called me and asked me to look at her eye saying. “Dekhna lagta hai kuch gir Gaya hai ankh me (something fell in my eye)” .

I came close to look and blow air in the eye to remove dust.

To my surprise, she pulled me and bit my lower lip. She knew I won’t stop her and she was playing with my mind so she kissed and smooched me again.

In response, I grabbed her and pinned her on the sofa and started to kiss her more passionately. Knowing the fact that her bf is sleeping and we are kissing like mad it turned me on.

I wrapped her legs around me, spread her arms and started to kiss and smooch her. I could see she was really wild and she wanted me to kiss more. She was smelling good. I started kissing her neck and licking her ear lobe.

I can sense that she is enjoying each and every bit of it. I whispered slowly in her ear that Krisha you are very sexy and I want to make love to you. My words made her go mad and she bit me hard on my cheek. She started kissing me all over my face and gave me a nice smooch.

She said fuck me Rohan I want to enjoy today. I am all yours make me your slave. Her words made me tie her to the bed and I could see that excitement on her face. I was teasing her by giving pecks all over her body.

I massaged her for few minutes, she begged me to fuck her. I tore her nighty apart and she loved it. Getting access to those milky boobs. They were so big and tempting that I grabbed them and sucked them all the way one by one and massaged the other. She was loving it and started moaning. I made my tongue swirl on her nipples which were pink in color.

I bit her so hard that she screamed: “Aram Se dard hota hai (go slow it hurts)”.

I licked her nipples and kissed her neck all the way from shoulder to her lips.

I cupped both her breast and kissed the cleavage area. She was amazing.

She kept herself pretty clean as I moved down I could feel that she’s nervous. I asked her have you ever been locked before. To my surprise, I got an answer never before. I went down and licked her belly teased her body with my tongue swirling around her and kissing her on her panty line. She was wearing a black lacy panty. I went ahead and kissed her over her panty which was all wet.

She smells really good. I licked her over the panty and reached her lips to kiss her. I untied her as I love when a woman holds a guy’s head and make the guy lick her.

I went down again and started to lick. Her hands were now on my back and I can feel with my tongue exploring her clit and vagina walls her nails were all digging inside me. I loved it and went exploring more with my finger rubbing her clit soft.

She was moaning heavily she held me by my hair and her hands were pushing my face inside her as if she wants me to eat her even more. I gently bit her. She moaned out loud and said I want it all in me Rohan fuck me, baby, now. Oh yes Rohan CHODO MUJHE (fuck me).

Aj raat I am all yours Rohan please fuck me. She opened my jeans and asked me to fuck her right there. I teased her as I wanted her to be at her top level.

She pulled my dick out and looking at it she said it’s so big , more than what my loser bf has. I rubbed my dick over her pussy to tease her more and further I massaged her tits with my dick. I held her head and pushed my dick in her mouth. She was licking the tip of my dick.

The best feeling ever. I wanted to fuck her now. So I took my dick teasing her clit and straight and slow forced it all in.

Oh yes ROHAN fuck me. Fuck me as if I am your girl.

I increased my speed and started to fuck her hard. Oh yes, baby fuck me harder oh yes. M your slut fuck me, honey, fuck me. I fucked her with full energy for next 20 minutes.

Oh yes, baby I love you.

Fuck me!!

Rohan chod mujhe (fuck me).

Her moans made me mad and she said I am coming and I could feel her juices gushing out.

I pulled out and made her sit. I made her lick my penis. She licked it like a pro and then we kissed. I wasn’t done yet.

I asked her to go in 69 position. We licked each other and licked as if there is no tomorrow. Her juices tasted so good. I loved her and said I wish you were my fuck buddy.

She said m all yours from now, baby. She made me lay down and said I want to ride you. She asked me to relax and looked me in my eyes. She kept her hands on my chest. Took my dick all in. Lean over me and kissed my nipples while she moved her pussy slow.

That felt amazing. I was moaning and she was kissing so nicely and her ass and boobs were bouncing. Her boobs are such a turn on that I asked her to ride hard. She kept riding me and I moaned yes baby fuck me you bitch.

It was a nice session and I was about to cum, she took my dick and licked it, when I said I am cumming baby and she made my cum go all over her boobs and face. She tasted it and said next time I am going to taste it all.

After that fuck session, we slept nude and the next day Rishi and krisha both left.

We are more of fuck buddies and often plan sex.

I will keep posting more incidents of me. If you like this do like it and please share your feedback.

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Love you all.

By Yumiko

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