Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Tony is showing her sexual desires. She has called me to meet in evening. I left my home for evening walk and she is waiting near apartment’s lawn. While looking at me Tony walked with me towards main gate and we both are walking on path leads to shopping mall. She is looking nice in her long skirt and denim shirt. I asked…… ” Want to shop with me in mall

(Tony smiled) no want to have some fun

(Garry) oh than your home will be good for it

(Tony) no Garry, my mother in law has come for medical purpose. ” And we both walked back towards our apartment. .

We both entered inside in a proper manner, no one can doubt our company as well as illicit relationship. She is waiting near lift and we both frisked inside lift. Our apartment has six floors and three lifts for our movement. This lift is in the corner of apartment and generally staffs uses it while moving to floors and when there duty changed. We both are inside lift and closed the door while pushing button for upper floor. I hold tony in my arms and she put her carry-bag on lift’s floor. In a moving lift, I started kissing her lips as well as face. She is pressing her breasts on my chest and our lips are locked. My hand started lifting her skirt upto her waist and hot aunt TONY pushed her tongue in my mouth. While sucking her tongue I pressed lift button for 1st floor and we are going to first floor of apartment. While sucking her tongue, I am rubbing her lovely ass with my palms and she took her tongue out. Now lift is on first floor and I pressed 6th floor button for lift movement. Now I knelt down and removed her panty. She has stretched her legs wide and while sitting near her legs, my lips are moving on her labias. Now Tony is in-charge of lift movement and I am kissing her vagina, put my fingers on her cunt and made her vaginal hole open. Its flexible and I rolled my tongue in her cunt to lick. She is screaming in joy and now she stopped the lift at 6th floor and we both are enjoying oral sex. My tongue is moving in her cunt and my penis is in full erection inside my pant. Now she starts the lift again and I took her vagina in my mouth to suck. While sucking it my hands are moving on her nude round dome shaped ass. She is screaming in pleasure and I left her cunt. .

We both are now on 6th floor and I took charge to handle lift. Now Tony unzipped my pant and while sitting on her legs she took out my cock, she is rubbing glans on her soft face as well as lips and lastly took my penis in her mouth to suck. She is sucking my penis like a whore and her face is moving faster while I am pushing the button of lift for its movement. Now she took out my penis and her tongue is rolling on my wet penis. She licked it for a while and now we are in leisure. Lift is on 6th floor in a standing mode and I turned Tony, she put her hands on lift’s wall and invited me for fuck. Her round shaped bum is in front of me and I lifted her skirt upto her waist and push my long cock to fuck her. My penis is in great speed and I am fucking her with power. She is moving her ass fastly and now I moved the lift to first floor. She is enjoying my dick and screamed…… “Oohhh uummm Garry I will cum soon fuck me hard.. ” And I took out my penis from her wet cunt. Now I am licking her cunt with my tongue getting the taste of vaginal juice. Now lift is standing on 1st floor and we both are facing each other, I pushed my cock in her glory hole and while fucking her fastly I am massaging her boobs. Like a wild lady, she moved her one legs near my waist and I put my hands on her waist, slowly hold her tightly and took her weight on my hand. Now her both legs are wrapped on my waist and she is on my lap. Like a child, she has put her both arms on my shoulders and she is hanging on my body and I am fucking her while holding her lower parts in my hand and my tiger is roaring inside her cunt. Tony has maintained her figure and her weight is pressurising my penis. She is now moving her ass up and down to have her fuck and while holding Tony in my arms and taking her whole body on strong arms I am fucking her, lastly I screamed…. “Oohhh aunty its all over take it you bitch…. ” And my penis ejaculated cum inside her cunt and I made her stand.

We both are well exhausted and left the lift after putting our clothes in place. She moved towards shopping mall in a auto-rickshaw with me and we are home at time.

By Yumiko

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