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The WWE Women’s revolution has been in full swing and the women of the WWE couldn’t be more proud and excited to be a part of the movement.

This meant a lot more responsibilities for the women’s wrestlers as well though. Especially considering the women’s division was much smaller than the men’s division.

So the pressure was on. There was less room for error or injuries, and it was expected the women in the locker rooms could all get along well enough.

With that in mind, the women were asked to check in on one another and keep each other in line. No one took this seriously though as they all felt the company would be too scared to really punish any of them anyway due to the small number of talent in the division. If someone was punished, the already small roster would shrink.

That is, no one took it seriously except Bayley. Growing up a super fan of the WWE she didn’t want to do anything to disappoint the bosses. She also took years grinding her way into the WWE and didn’t want to lose everything by making a mistake.

This kind of isolated Bayley from the rest of the RAW locker room. No one wanted to hang out with miss goody-two-shoes too often because they were afraid she’d spoil the fun and tell on them.

That exact thing happened one night. The girls felt they would keep it “low-key” that night, meaning they just threw a party in one of their hotel rooms. Because they felt like nothing crazy would happen, they decided to invite Bayley.

This was a different night though. It was one of those rare nights when there was no show the next day, and the two shows were in the same city at the same time. So both the RAW and SmackDown rosters were in town.

The party was small enough that they could all hang out in one room and not worry about making too much noise. Everything was going fine with the usual exception of Bayley complaining audibly that some of the girls were drinking too much. Everyone just ignored her though as they knew she wouldn’t actually do anything about it because she was simply too timid.

That all changed when Mickie James pulled out some weed. About halfway through the blunt, Bayley came over and protested. She ended up leaving the party in a fit. While everyone was a little nervous that she might tell, that thought was pushed out of their minds by the fact Bayley was gone and the party would be more fun.

The next morning Mickie got a call and was told she’d be suspended for two weeks – taking her out of a title opportunity she was supposed to get. She was told they were sent a picture of her smoking weed, and she immediately knew what she’d have to do.

Mickie called up a few of the other girls in a rage, telling them what Bayley had done. It would’ve been bad enough that Bayley did this to anyone, but Mickie was a highly-respected veteran.

In the end, she got 19 other girls in it with her. Alexa Bliss and Alicia Fox, of course were by her side. Besides them was Sasha Banks, Ember Moon, Ronda Rousey, Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan, Sarah Logan, Sonya Deville, Paige, Mandy Rose, Carmella, Lana, Peyton Royce, Billie Kay, Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Naomi, and Zelina Vega.

Together, the 20 of them devised a plan that would make sure Bayley would never do anything like this ever again.

It started with Sasha calling Bayley at 7:00 PM and telling her she desperately needed her help with something. Bayley was to come to her room exactly at midnight. That gave the girls five hours to get everything they needed.

By the time 11:30 rolled around, everything was in place. Sasha shared a room with Ember Moon, and their room connected to the one that had Alicia Fox and Alexa Bliss in it.

So Sasha waited in her room alone, while the other 19 girls huddled in Alicia and Alexa’s room, ready to pounce.

Alicia and Alexa’s room was at the end of the hall, so they weren’t worried about anyone overhearing them. They had everything set up in there. There were zip ties and whips, as well as dildos and strap-ons for each girl. They also had mouth gags and a BDSM stretching table.

The plan was simple. Lure Bayley into the room with Sasha, then pounce on her.

They’d be in the city for a week due to the big upcoming show so they could have their fun for a full week. Bayley would be raped and humiliated, and miss all the shows, setting her up to be punished too.

Exactly at midnight Bayley knocked on the door. For a second before opening it, Sasha felt a twinge of guilt. Bayley was one of the nicest people she knew and easily the most innocent.

Then she remembered how Bayley almost ratted her out one night too, and the anger swelled up inside her again. She put on a fake smile and opened up the door.

They talked for about two minutes before Sasha told Bayley she was having a problem with Alicia and Alexa and was hoping Bayley could help because she was so level-headed. Bayley agree and together they knocked on the door that connected the two rooms.

Alicia opened the door and told them they could come in. Bayley entered into the darkness of the room and felt a sharp pain in her gut as someone jammed their fist into it. She buckled to the ground and felt someone step on her head. The lights were turned on and she looked up at 20 faces, all with devilish grins.

Bayley had tears in her eyes already as the assault hurt her, it got worse when she noticed Sasha smiling at her, saying “you know you deserve this.”

With that, the Sasha took out a gag and shove it in Bayley’s mouth while Sarah Logan zip tied her hands. Mickie James got behind her and sat on her back while pulling her hair to force Bayley’s head up to look at all the girls.

“I’ve been suspended for two weeks and stripped of my title match because of you!”

Before Bayley could mumble an apology through her gag she was slapped hard by Alexa Bliss. Tears started to pour again as Alexa walked away and Alicia slapped her, then Charlotte, then Becky, then Ember, and so on until every girl slapped Bayley in the face with all their might.

The gag was removed from her mouth and Bayley immediately started sobbing. She begged for forgiveness and asked them to stop hitting her. This was met with a cruel laugh from the girls.

Ronda Rousey and Sonya Deville both responded by pulling out 12 inch dildos. Bayley’s eyes widened and she struggled to free herself from the zip ties.

“Please don’t hit me with those! They look so painful!” she cried. Now the girls were laughing hysterically. Liv Morgan piped up from the back “You don’t know what these are for, do you sweetie?”

It soon became evident that Bayley had no idea what a dildo was and she was asking a lot of hysterical questions. So Ronda and Sonya decided to show her and shut her up at the same time. Both girls jammed the dildos down her throat. All 12 inches down to the balls were forced in and they quickly found a rhythm. Sonya would keep all 12 in, while Ronda pulled out all the way until just the tip was in, then slammed it back down her throat. Then Sonya would pull out and in while Ronda held all 12 inches in.

The two looked at each other and decided that was too tame. They both started fucking her mouth at the same speed and rhythm. Two 12 inch dildos were roughly fucking Bayley’s throat at the same time. She started to fade, so Sonya slapped her and Ronda spit on her. The two girls then pulled out all the way and asked her if she understood the purpose now.

Bayley looked up crying. She could barely talk after the assault on her throat. But managed to shake her head yes and beg them to stop telling them she’d never had anything in her mouth before.

Sasha interrupted by telling her they all already knew that. She had told all the girls how Bayley was still a virgin in every sense of the word.

The girls laughed again as Bayley realized this night was probably going to get a lot worse before it got any better.

The inevitable finally came. Mickie James stopped everyone and mentioned Bayley’s outfit. Her hair in a ponytail, a yellow shirt with a red flannel over it, and a skirt with knee-high yellow and green socks and a pair of converse.

“Jesus, you even dress like a 12-year-old. I wonder what’s under it all?” Mickie said before ripping her flannel off.

The girls all cheered as Mickie then went for the skirt. Instinctively, Bayley squirmed and accidentally kicked Mickie in the stomach. This led to a slap across the face and Mickie deciding to take off the shoes next.

“Take off her socks too!” shouted Carmella, which prompted a roar of approval from a few of the girls. Mickie laughed and simply mentioned that she too had a foot fetish but was disappointed Bayley never showed hers.

When the socks were off they all had a perfect view of her soles. They were a lot better than many expected and were met with a few seconds of stunned silence. Finally, Becky chimed in saying she was going to have fun with them. Paige responded by telling everyone her feet would be having fun with Bayley. This got another roar of agreement as the strip now continued.

Next to come off was the yellow shirt. Leaving Bayley in nothing but her skirt and a yellow bra. Before Bayley had time to protest anything, Mickie had already ripped off her skirt. Now it was down to her bra and a pair of matching panties.

As Mickie started to peel back her panties, Bayley began begging again. “PLEASE! No one sees me naked ever! PLEASE! I’m saving myself for marriage!” With it came another attempt to squirm out of it and an accidental kick to Mickie’s face.

This time, a simply slap wouldn’t do. Mickie called Sarah Logan over, and Sarah zip tied Bayley’s ankles together. Then Mickie pulled on Bayley’s panties so hard that the front of them looked like nothing more than a piece of floss between her pussy lips. Mickie simultaneously pulled on Bayley’s hair, forcing her to sit up and give everyone a view of her pussy.

Sasha screamed in delight, “That thing is BARE! I would’ve expected miss innocent to have a bush!” Everyone laughed as Ruby Riott had an idea. She spit on her hand and slapped Bayley’s exposed pussy lips as hard as she could. Bayley gasped as if all the air had been taken from her. Ruby did it again and this time Bayley let out a scream so loud it could wake up the entire floor.

Ruby told her to shut up before slapping her pussy again. Bayley screamed once more though. After two more slaps and subsequent screams, Ruby turned around and said “Someone shut the bitch up please!”

She realized she didn’t need to say anything as her Riott Squad member Sarah Logan had already put on her mammoth strap-on. It was 18 inches long and thicker than her forearm. Bayley’s eyes widened and she promised she wouldn’t scream again.

This was quickly proven to be false though as Ruby slapped her harder than ever and at the same time Mickie pulled her hair and the panties as hard as possible. It resulted in Bayley’s pussy lips being more exposed then ever right as Ruby’s palm made contact with them. Her pussy lips jiggled and trembled, turning bright pink. Bayley’s eyes were so wide they looked like they were about to fall out of her head. She didn’t scream though.

Ruby smiled and spit on her hand again. She nodded to Mickie who doubled her efforts, pulling so hard you could hear the panties tearing. Once again her pussy lips were more vulnerable then ever.

Ruby quickly smirked and exclaimed to the room that they were indeed the pretty pussy lips she’d seen, and so plump too. They all agreed and Bayley calmed down a little as it appeared the slapping was over. Ruby noticed Bayley’s eyes becoming less wide and slapped her pussy lips with all her might.

The slap was so hard Bayley’s pussy lips went from bright pink to bright red. She had a fear they’d continue trembling like this for the rest of her life. Meanwhile, the panties finally gave way and ripped off completely, burning the inside of her pussy lips as well as they were ripped from behind.

This time Bayley couldn’t hold back. She let out a scream but was immediately muffled when Sarah Logan unceremoniously stuffed the strap-on in Bayley’s mouth. As she did so, she ripped off Bayley’s bra exposing her 34C tits to the group.

They were met with a round of applause as the girls finally got to see Bayley completely naked. Sadly for Bayley, this wasn’t her focus though as Sarah Logan was now attempting to get all 18 inches down her throat.

Maybe that’s why she didn’t realize Mickie James was positioning her in full-on Doggystyle.

Again, her mind was on other things as Sarah had gotten control, grabbing the back of Bayley’s head and thrusting. She finally got all 18 inches in.

Bayley was focusing on finding any air but was quickly distracted when she felt someone licking her soles. Sarah turned her head around enough to see Becky and Naomi each servicing a foot with their tongues.

That wasn’t what worried her though. She now noticed that almost every girl had on a strap-on, and that Sarah’s seemed to be the smallest.

The girls that weren’t wearing strap-ons were simply naked, and it looked like Bayley would have to worry about them as well.

Sarah turned Bayley’s head back around and continued fucking her throat. That’s when Bayley felt something slapping her cheek and shifted her eyes to see another strap-on. It belonged to Mickie James who circled around to face Bayley and asked “Do you like it? 24 inches long and about as thick as your neck. What hole should it enter first?”

Bayley tried to plead but could only widen her eyes and shake her head a little. Mickie asked if she was going to say anything know she couldn’t. “Okay, well if you aren’t going to protest I might as well get started” she laughed.

Mickie started to rub Bayley’s pussy lips with the dildo and right before entering stopped.

“No, maybe not. How about…” and she placed the dildo between Bayley’s cheek so the tip was pushing against her asshole. Bayley started to hyperventilate and sob. She wiggled trying to get free, but all that really did was make it look like she was trying to twerk as her ass cheeks clapped.

Mickie knew what she was doing, as did everyone else. But she pretended like she thought Bayley was now presenting her ass to her. She gave both cheeks a few slaps and grabbed them tight. “Okay, since you’re begging for it!”

With that she grabbed Bayley’s cheeks even harder and pulled them apart. Without any warning or kind of lubrication what so ever, she forced the strap-on into Bayley’s virgin asshole.

She got maybe an inch in, not even the full tip, and Bayley went limp. Mickie laughed as the girls told her she passed out. She instructed someone to get the smelling salts as she told everyone this would be a challenge. Easily the tightest thing she’s ever tried to be in.

Soon Bayley was awake again as the smelling salts did the trick. Her asshole was on fire despite having less-than an inch inside it. Mickie quickly changed that by pulling Bayley’s hair so hard Sarah’s fake cock fell out. Now Bayley could scream, but Mickie also had the leverage to get more of the strap-on inside her asshole.

Bayley screamed bloody murder as six inches were now in, then seven, then eight, then nine.

By the time 10 inches were in she was screaming so loud the fear was back that she’d wake up the entire floor. Lana responded by walking up to Bayley and turning around. She pulled her own ass cheeks apart and shoved Bayley’s face between her cheeks.

Bayley wasn’t licking or anything, but her screams were now muffled and said screams were still doing a lot for Lana as she now rode Bayley’s face enjoying the vibrations.

Mickie finally got to 12 inches and was now out of breath. “This is impossibly tight! I don’t know how I’m going to get any more than this is!”

“Oh, I know!” she said before pulling back and slamming harder than ever. Now all 24 inches were in and Bayley had passed out again. Smelling salts were reintroduced and Bayley awoke to feel 24 inches sitting inside her. Once she was awake, Mickie started having her fun.

She started by slowing leaving her asshole, only to quickly shove all 24 inches back in. Then she went to just a rough fast fucking and this was clearly the favorite of the girls watching. It made Bayley’s tits look amazing, and it had a fantastic effect on what her mouth was doing to Lana.

After about 10 more minutes Mickie impaled all 24 inches inside Bayley and let it sit there. She leaned forward and told Bayley that there was no end in sight. They could go on all night and day. If Bayley wanted to make things go faster she’d start to pleasure Lana.

Lana removed Bayley’s head from between her ass cheeks and Bayley was red faced and sobbing. Again she could barely speak.

“What do you mean?” she managed.

Mickie explained that she’d have to eat Lana out if she wanted it to stop. As Bayley started to ask another question Mickie began fucking her again.

“What d-d-d-D-DO-DOE-DOES th-that m-m-mea-mea-m-MEAN?” Bayley managed to ask while having her asshole ruined like she never imagined it could be.

When she found out what she had to do Bayley was disgusted. She had no problems with lesbians, but she herself was 100% straight and would rather not lick another girl’s pussy.

She realized she had no choice though as Lana buried her face once again between her ass cheeks. Bayley stuck out her tongue and let Lana ride her for a little. Then Lana stopped and told her SHE had to do the work. Bayley started to lap her pussy a little but her timid ways meant she wasn’t very good at it.

Lana said it simply wouldn’t do and told someone to cut the zip ties to Bayley’s hands. With her hands free, they moved Bayley to the bed so her ass was hanging over the edge with her knees on the ground and ankles still zip tied.

From here, Mickie continued her ass fucking and Lana instructed Bayley to use her hands to massage her ass cheeks and to allow herself to really get into her holes.

Bayley tried but still wasn’t producing much pleasure. Lana told her that maybe she needed a little motivation and the zip tie on her ankles were undone. With that, the girls spread her legs out and Mickie took the strap-on off. She was now using it as nothing more than a dildo, but the effects were the same on Bayley’s poor asshole.

What this did do though was free up room for Billie Kay and Peyton Royce to join in on the fun. Both walked behind Bayley without her noticing and took their twin 20-inch dildo’s and thrust them into her pussy. Bayley was no longer a virgin in any hole.

Her cherry popped and the girls all mockingly cheered for her. Now all three girls were roughly fucking her holes, two in her pussy and one in her ass. Charlotte Flair then piped up “I have a dildo just like the one you have Mickie! Can I join you?”

Bayley begged and said she’d do a better job and all of a sudden was eating Lana’s pussy like a pro. Lana laughed telling Bayley she knew she just needed some motivation.

She was still upset though and mentioned to Bayley that she was expecting her to eat her ASS. Bayley faltered for a second, she wasn’t sure if she could do it.

In that three seconds of wondering, Lana nodded her head and Charlotte’s 24-inch dildo joined the party in Bayley’s asshole.

That was all she needed. Bayley immediately started eating Lana’s asshole, and she was doing it better than anyone before. Now was the test to see how scared she was. Lana told her to finger her pussy as well and Bayley didn’t need telling twice, immediately pleasuring both holes for Lana now.

With that, Sasha, Alicia Fox, and Liv Morgan all formed a semi-circle next to Lana. They stuck their asses out side-to-side. Sasha was on Lana’s left, with her right cheek pressed up against Lana’s left cheek. Alicia was on the right of Lana with her left cheek pressed up again Lana’s right cheek. And Liv was on the right of Alicia with her left cheek pressed up against Alicia’s right cheek.

Sasha then pulled Bayley’s hair, forcing her head out from between Lana’s cheeks. At the same time, she felt a lot of pressure leave her asshole. Charlotte had taken her dildo out and immediately shoved it down Bayley’s throat.

Sasha laughed as the pain in Bayley’s ass was back. Mandy Rose joined Mickie with a 24-incher of her own. Two were intruding her ass again.

Sasha asked Bayley how her own ass tasted on the dildo then informed her of what she had to do next. She was to pleasure the four girls lined up non-stop until they were pleased.

Bayley wanted to protest but knew there was no use. Especially as she noticed Alexa Bliss, Becky Lynch, Paige, Carmella, and Ember Moon preparing for the next round. Naomi was still servicing a foot, and Sarah Logan replaced Becky on the other foot.

Bayley went to start with Sasha but was slapped. “Ah-ah-ah. Not just yet. Worship my feet and finger me until I get off. Then you can start. This was met with agreement from all the girls.

So Bayley sucked Sasha’s toes for a few minutes, then went to licking up and down Sasha’s soles. This had a great effect on Sasha as she curled her toes and threw her head back. Bayley noticed it was working so kept at it, hoping to finish as fast as possible.

Soon Sasha was cumming all over Bayley’s fingers and she moved on to Lana. Then Alicia’s feet, who she quietly admitted to herself were stunning. Then to Liv’s feet, and she again thought they were perfect.

That didn’t change the fact that Bayley hated every second of it though. This was nothing but brutal and disgusting rape.

Now the girls decided to change things a little though. The other five got into the circle as well and were joined by Zelina Vega. They told her it would all be one group now, so she started on the last six sets of feet. The clear standouts here were Alexa, Paige, Carmella, and Zelina Vega. All had stunning feet and all clearly enjoyed having them worshipped.

It was finally time to eat the girls out. But Bayley noticed something that made her even more scared than she already was. Enough so that she found the courage to speak.

“Uhm where are Sonya, Ruby, and Charlotte? And Ronda?”

This was met with a laugh as Ruby came into view explaining how she was preparing the BDSM table.

“You think this nightmare is even close to over?”

Charlotte and Sonya flanked her, all three holding up 24-inchers of their own. Ronda came from behind her and said “Don’t worry, mines bigger.” revealing a dildo so big Bayley refused to believe it was real.

Then, all at once, the four girls in her holes started roughly fucking her again. As she let out a scream, Sasha’s ass engulfed her face and Sonya and Ruby began roughly pulling on her nipples. Then Ronda walked over with a strange look in her eyes and a smirk on her face. She balled her hand into a fist and put it to Bayley’s cheek. She wound up and Bayley closed her eyes expecting to be knocked out. Instead, what happened was much worse. Ronda aimed for her pussy and her fist had now joined Billie and Peyton’s dildo’s in Bayley’s pussy. She was rough and fast making sure to give no pleasure out of it and she went up to her elbow going about as lightening fast as one of her jabs. Bayley was in Hell.

You know what to do said Charlotte. Start making these girls cum. And if you don’t do a good job, things will only get worse.

Bayley soon had Sasha cumming, as Sasha turned around and drenched Bayley’s face. As Bayley went to start on Lana, she received another hard slap. “THANK ME FOR THE PRIVILEGE!” shouted Sasha.

Bayley stammered a “thank you” but it wasn’t good enough. Sasha shoved her face back into her pussy and said “START OVER! This time when you’re done thank me properly! And make sure you do the same for all the girls!”

That was when Bayley really started to wonder if this would EVER end.

By Yumiko

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