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True Story

We met a couple of days later at the marina.

I wore a white string bikini and a white sleeveless V- Neck mid thigh dress with buttons down the front of my bust.

Cara wore her floral bikini with a black short sleeved off the shoulder mid thigh dress.

Ben and Julie said he helping us on board the 40 ft boat. Julie a slim blonde with long hair she wore a blue halterneck bikini with metal rings holding the cups together between her c cup breasts and her bottoms together on her tanned hips. We all joked how we all had sex together. A slightly weird way to meet.

After launching we headed out to sea. It was a calm day not and a slight north east breeze. I took off my dress as did Cara. Ben got the fishing gear ready as Julie drove the boat. The boys had there shirts off wearing there board shorts. All three had muscular handsome bodies.

A hour past. I boys had been fishing catching fish. Us girls sunbathing on the front of the boat. We waved as a couple of other boats cruised past. I took off my top the other girls followed. We topless sunbathed much to the guys delight. Eventually we had a go fishing with the boys topless. Yes and caught fish. A boat came past we four guys on it. They waved and cheered at us girls out tits on display. Brad stood behind my holding my hips I started feeling really horny. Kevin and Cara went down below to the cabin. I could see out of the corner of my eye Kevin’s cock out and in Cara’s mouth. Pretty soon I was in the couch on the deck sitting with Brads cock in my mouth sucking it as Ben and Julie fished.

A few minutes later Brad got on his knees and took my bikini bottoms off opening my legs and started eating my wet pussy. I heard groans from down below as I looked Kevin was behind her. Her leg in the air Kevin’s cock in her thrusting her pussy. What a sight. Julie got on her knees pulling Ben’s shorts down sucking his cock as he fished. Moments later they headed into the cabin. Julie got on her knees and started licking Cara’s clit as Kevin fucked her. Ben came over to us. I grabbed his cock and sucked it as Brad gave me oral. After a while Brad turned me over my knees on the deck leaning over the seat Brad slid his cock in me
thrusting me hard. Ben sat on the seat. I sucked his cock as Brad fucked me. I looked back down into the cabin. Julie now naked in Cara’s place been fucked by Kevin. Cara on her kneed licking her clit.
All three off us upstairs decided to join them Brad stood next to Julie sliding his cock in her mouth as Ben put his cock into Cara as she licked Julies pussy who was been fucked by Kev. I stood watching. After a while I took Cara’s place eating Julies pussy as Ben fucked me doggy style. Cara sat playing with her pussy Brad went over to her sliding his cock in her. All of us fucking was nice and been so close together swapping cocks. Having three monsters to chose from was great as we all did the rounds with each other. After a while Kevin had cum in Julie. Brad into Cara and Ben into me. All three girls then took turns licking each others pussies out off cum. Much to the guys delight as cum ran down our legs.

After our orgy we had lunch all naked on the deck. We then decided to carry on fishing. As it was getting busy the guys put on there shorts and us girls put on skirts that Julie had in the boat. We had no bikini bottoms on just short skirts covering our cum soaked fannies. We fished and talked for another couple of hours. Skinny dipped in the ocean. We all started feeling horny again. Us girls sat on the bench seat lifted our skirts and opened our legs. The guys took turns giving us girls oral sex swapping pussy every couple of minutes as well as fondling and sucking our breasts. We went downstairs. The guys sat and us girls stood in front of them. They told us to chose a cock. Us girls looked at each other. Julie chose Brad. I Chose Ben and Cara had Kevin.

Ben and Brad sat together. Ben watched as his wife straddled Brad his cock sliding into her as I slid down Ben’s cock. Husband and wife fucking together.

Us girls rode there cocks as they fondled and sucked our breasts. We felt so horny. The guys hands strayed onto other girls Breasts next to them. We didn’t mind a orgy is a orgy. Five minutes later Cara and I swapped cocks. I slid down Kevin Cara had Ben and Julie continued to fuck Brad

We fucked in unison. Our wet horny pussies riding three hard shafts as they held our hips. After a while Julie got off Brad. Brad got up as Julie lay sat on the padded bench seat. Brad thrust back into her. Ben looked down at his wife’s pussy been thrusted by brad as Cara rode him. Ben and Cara did the same, then Kevin and I did. All three guys now thrusting us admiring each girls assets. There breasts there pussy’s been thrusts by a different cock.

Ben and Julie been husband and wife. But Me and Brad and Kev and Cara been a holiday fling. Ben enjoyed watching his wife been fucked. After a few minutes Brad cum shooting into her pussy he pulled out wanking the rest over her body. Julie sat forward sucking his cock clean as Kevin cum. He did the same shot half in my pussy and the rest wanked over my body. Then Ben followed unto Cara’s pussy wanking the rest over her body. Us girls bodies covered in cum over our breasts stomachs and pussies. One cock seems to bring on the rest when they cum in group sex. The guys stood up as us girls sucked them clean then again us girls cleaned each other licking and sucking each others pussies and bodies clean. After a swim we sat downstairs naked having a drink. Ben and Julie sat together as did Brad and I and Kev and Cara. All three couples laughing and joking about our fishing trip. I also mentioned it was extra special because it was my 28th birthday and the orgy was a great present.

We all dressed and headed back to the marina. With our haul of fish.

We went to Ben and Julies for tea that night with other friends of theirs. ( They were not into group sex or partner swapping. A shame really. ) We had a nice night after a great day.

By Yumiko

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