Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

It is late one night. Becky is lying naked alone in her dorm room. The dorm is girls-only of course. She is masturbating; she has not cum in a long time. She is small framed, skinny, and small breasted but her skin is smooth and her shape is pure. Her breasts are just large enough to hang, perkily from her pale chest. She is lying back on the bed looking at the ceiling. Beneath her round bottom she has laid out a clean white towel to catch any potential juices so her roommate won’t know. Already, the towel beneath her is soaked.

Her eyes are closed (the room is dark) and her legs are bent up towards her head in order to give her better access to her salivating pussy. She has one finger in her pink folds. The others massage lightly around her labia. She is blissfully unaware of her surroundings, consumed by the heat emanating from her mound. A man enters the room. He is 6’0, with a chiseled jaw, hard-set eyes and a thin frown. He makes no sound as he enters. Becky lies innocent before him. When she briefly opens her eyes she does not see him. He can see, through her short blond hair, that her eyes are the largest, most beautiful eyes he has ever seen. He begins to strip off his clothes.

Becky is even more consumed in her fantasy now. She has plugged two fingers into her warm tunnel and when she slowly gyrates them in and out of her pussy he can see that they are glistening with moisture. He, now fully naked, climbs onto her bed. Becky registers a slight dip in the mattress but nothing more. She continues. He stands above her head for one moment, slowly stroking his cock. He waits until she opens her mouth to gasp for air and then in one swift motion he shoves his cock down her throat until it is buried to the balls. Becky’s eyes fly open and the man groans. As she gags the muscles in the back of her throat convulse and grip the head of his cock. It takes everything he has not to cum and pour his seed deep down her throat right there and then. Becky begins to struggle. Weakly, her fists pound at his sides while her eyes well up with tears. She cannot understand what is happening. One moment she was masturbating alone in her room and the next she had a dick down her throat. She cries. He ignores her futile blows and keeps his dick firmly rammed into the back of her throat, letting her saliva pool around its head. He needs the lubrication for this next part he thinks.

Slowly he withdraws his dick from her throat. She tries to sit up but before she can he slams her back down onto the bed and her milky breasts fly up into the air. He keeps his full weight on top of her in order to pin her to the bed. One hand pushes down on her breasts. It hurts but is stimulating at the same time. Her crying has escalated now so that it is making noise. He draws his face up to hers:

“Quiet” he growls “or I’ll stick my dick back in your mouth is that what you want?”

She ignores him.

“But… But… I’m a virgin” she mumbles. “You can’t do this to me”.

He growls and she goes back to sobbing silently, still pinned to the bed by the weight of his body upon hers. He slides his dick down her body away from her throat. She can feel the hard muscle move over her collarbone and down through the channel that runs in between her breasts. It is warm against her navel and then suddenly the tip is poised at the entrance to her labia. Her young virgin labia. She makes a final plea against violation to him with her big Bambi eyes. He ignores her and shoves his cock in.

The first thrust does not break her hymen but the second one does and she screams, long and loud but there is no one to hear her. He is inside of her like no one else has ever been before and she cannot help her body’s convulsions against him. She writhes, still held down by the hand pinning her breasts, impaled on his long cock. He grunts with every stroke and every stroke feels like it is splitting her wider and wider until the pain breaks and there is only pleasure. His crotch meets hers with every thrust and his heavy weight grinds against her clitoris.

In, out, in, out he thrusts again and again creating a intense friction inside of her. Her saliva from before lubricates her passage allowing him even deeper access within her soft folds. In two more strokes she convulses in orgasm and then he convulses as well, deep inside her. Hot fluid sprays within her belly and he collapses forward onto her with the strength of his orgasm. His body weight holds her down against the bed. They lay like that for a short time. Becky, and the man she doesn’t know, attached at the hip. It is only when their collective throbbing has subsided and he begins to soften insider her that he withdraws. Becky lies, stunned, looking up at the ceiling as he gathers his clothes and leaves the room. Her virginity is gone and her violated body begins to cool as Semen drips down from inside her towards her untouched anus.

By Tommy

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