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I am Victoria Hill.

You may call me Mistress Victoria. Mistress. Miss.

I was born in Bristol England in 1945 just after the end of World War 2.

I had a modest English home life. My father came back from the war and became a brick layer, my Mother looked after me and the house.

I guess my Father had undiagnosed PTSD after the war, and my mother and I found him hanged in their bedroom on Christmas 1952.

This destroyed my mother and she slowly started to lose herself and she was checked into a mental institution in 1961.

At 16 years old I was moved into a children’s home. Basically an orphanage/school.

I spent nine miserable months there being bullied by the staff and the other girls there, when one day I was brought to the Headmaster’s office.

Inside I was introduced to a woman that I would come to know as Miss Maggie.

“What is your name?” She asked.

“Victoria, Miss.”

She was very nice and we chatted for a bit. Then she asked me to take off my dress. I looked at the Headmaster and he nodded yes. I opened my dress and it fell to the floor. Miss Maggie came over to me and inspected me. She checked my head, my teeth, like she was buying a horse. She put her hands on my medium sized breasts, massaged them and then tweaked my nipples. I was nervous, but aroused. I had never been touched like that before.

She then told me to sit on the Headmaster’s desk and spread my legs. She knelt down and inspected my virgin pussy. I didn’t know at the time, but she was checking to see if my hymen was intact. It was. She then turned to the Headmaster who was watching intently and said

“She will do”.

With that, I was to gather my things and I would leave with Miss Maggie that very day.

We arrived at a large building in the heart of London. I would later find out it was a private gentleman’s club. I was brought in the back entrance and straight to Miss Maggie’s room. It was late, and I was tired from the trip. Miss Maggie took me to the bath and proceeded to wash me with a soft cloth. It was very sensual and relaxing. She then got up, took off her clothes and got into the bath with I looked up at her nakedness with awe, She was a little plump but still beautiful. She moved in behind me and put her arms around me and gentle moved her fingers across my skin. She rubbed my nipples until they were hard and very sensitive. I was tingling all over. She then moved her hands down my stomach to my pussy. She began to rub my clitoris. I had touched my self there before, but she knew exactly what to do down there. She rubbed me and kissed my neck. I was starting to feel flushed, I was building to an orgasm, but had never had one before. Then I started to cum! My first ever orgasm! I was truly amazing!

Miss Maggie dried me off, my knees were weak and she carried me to her bed. I fell asleep immediately.

The next morning I awoke to Miss Maggie rubbing my clit again. She smiled at me and kissed me gently on the lips. Her lips then trailed down my naked body down to my breasts as she sucked roughly on my nipples. She then trailed her tongue down my stomach and to my pussy.

She started to expertly tongue my pussy. The sensation was indescribable. She licked me for what seemed like hours. I would almost come and she would stop, teasing me.

She then moved up and spread her legs, she moved my head to her very wet pussy. I instinctively started to lick her. She tasted musky and amazing. She proceeded to tell me about the clitoris and the clitoris hood, how to flick my tongue on the clit, but also lick it with the flat of my tongue. She taught me to softly suck on the labia and tongue her very sensitive anus. My first lesson in cunnelingus was going very well, when she started to cum very loudly, squeezing her thighs tightly around my head.

I had not cum yet, and I was told never to cum without permission. My pussy was throbbing but, I nodded understanding.


We bathed together again and she dressed me in a very pretty flowered dress and a pink ribbon in my hair.

She showed me around the rooms. It was clear that Miss Maggie was the Mistress of the house and garnered a lot of respect from the staff and the gentlemen members. The gentlemen were happy to meet me and welcomed me to the club and hoped I would be happy here.

The staff, were mostly women, cooks and servers. There were two young men dressed in uniforms, emptying ashtrays and getting newspapers. Everything seemed very prim and proper.

Miss Maggie took me to one of the back rooms, when I saw what the club was really about. Inside the room there was a woman being mounted by a very large man. He was thrusting into her relentlessly. There were two men sitting in chairs watching the show, smoking cigars. I was mesmerized as this was the first time seeing sex. Then the large man started grunting loudly. Then collapsing onto the bed beside the woman. One of the sitting men got up and opened his trousers releasing his cock, and mounted the woman. Miss Maggie grabbed my hand and escorted me back into the hall.

“Do you understand what this place is?” She asked.

“Yes Miss”

“This is your home now”

I nodded and smiled.

We went back down the hall to another room. She opened the door and there were three men standing, drinking brandy and smoking. I nervously looked up at Miss Maggie.

“ It’s all right, Victoria” She assured me. “They will only be watching us.”

Miss told me to take off my dress. I pulled it up over my head, but used it to cover up my nakedness.

“You are a beautiful young girl Victoria, you should never be ashamed.”

I let my dress drop to the ground. Then I pulled my knickers off without being asked. They smiled at that.

Miss Maggie took off her clothes except for her corset and stockings. Then she led me to the bed. She lay me on my back and spread my legs. The men moved closer to have a look at my young body. Miss Maggie massaged my breasts and rubbed my clit. I moaned a bit. The men seemed to be enjoying the show. One man rubbed his cock through his trousers. I started to whimper a bit, I felt like I was going to cum. She told me to beg her to cum.

“Please Miss! Allow me to cum!”

I was almost crying. When she moved her mouth down to my pussy and licked me. I started to buck back and forth and had a very intense orgasm. I think I passed out for a bit, when I focused up, there was only Miss Maggie and a very handsome dark skinned man standing talking. I didn’t hear what they were saying but the man came over to me.

“Thank you Victoria.” He smiled. “You are a very beautiful girl”

“Thank you sir.”

“This is Mister Smythe.” Miss Maggie informed me.

He was a very handsome, with darker skin and slight greying hair.

He lifted me off the bed, He held out his index finger and told me to suck on it like a lolly. I looked at Miss Maggie, who nodded yes.

I sucked on his finger as I looked at his dark brown eyes. He then removed his finger and brought his hand around to my bare bottom. He moved his finger around my tight bumhole and then slid into my anus. I moaned, as my eyes got bigger. He smiled at my reaction.

With that he leaned over and kissed my forehead. The he turned kissed Miss Maggie on each cheek and left.

The rest of the day was a blur. I was carried to Miss Maggie’s room and I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up a few hours later as one of the page boys came in. He was very thin, had pale skin and bright red hair. He took off all of his clothes and laid down on a mattress in the corner of the room. He looked at me but didn’t say a thing. In the dim moonlight I saw that his hand was stroking his long thin cock. He was looking at me as he moved his hand slowly up and down his cock. I was watching in awe as he masturbated and played with his ample balls. He moved his hands faster and began to moan a bit., then he let a series of louder grunts as hot cum spurted from his cock head, all over his stomach and chest. It was amazing to see. He cleaned himself up and turned and went to sleep. I drifted off to sleep, thinking about the day, not knowing what was to come.

I woke up early and instinctively started to lick Miss Maggie’s pussy, who was asleep beside me. She was grinding her hips and telling what a good girl I was. She ran her fingers through my hair and groaned yes! She called over to the red-haired boy and he scurried over. She took his extremely hard cock and took it into her mouth. He fondled her large breasts as she sucked on him. I looked up at the sexy sight and began to lick her wet pussy even faster.

Miss Maggie threw her head back and started to moan louder! She was cumming, very hard. She grabbed my head and pulled it close as she came wildly.

Miss Maggie invited us both up to cuddle with her. She introduced the boy a Tommy.

She caught me looking at his hard cock. She told me, it was good that I liked it as she was going to teach me to suck on it. Both Tommy and I had a smile on our faces. She had Tommy stand and threw a pillow down by his feet. I kneeled on the pillow in front of him. His hard cock just at my eye level. It was about nine inches long and thin. His foreskin almost completely covered his very pink/red cock head. He had large heavy balls and only a slight bit of red pubic hair.

She taught me to take him deep in my mouth, to pull the foreskin back and suck on his very sensitive cock head. She told me to use my hands to stroke his cock. Squeeze his balls gently, and even though some men protest, they all enjoy their anus penetrated or rubbed by a wet finger.

Tommy seemed to enjoy that because without warning Tommy came in my mouth and onto my face.

Miss Maggie grabbed him and pushed him onto the bed.

“You know you are not allowed to cum without permission!” She scolded him.

She went to her dressing table and grabbed a wooden hair brush. She proceeded to spank his bare bottom pink, then red. I lost count at 15 swats. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen.

I trembled as I think I came without being touched. I kept it to myself, as I did the information about Tommy cumming last night.

Tommy was almost crying as he rubbed his bright red bottom, but for me it gave me great pleasure to see that.

I was told to rest, as tonight was going to be a special unforgettable night for me.

I couldn’t sleep, as I was so excited to see what was going to come. Miss Maggie gathered me and gave me a warm lavender scented bath. Then she brushed my hair and gave me a pretty pink ribbon. She then helped me put on a frilly pink dress, but no knickers or socks.

“You look very pretty” Miss Maggie complimented.

“Tonight you will do everything you are told”

“Is that clear?”

“Yes Miss.”

Miss Maggie led me by the hand down the hall into the main room, where most of the men were smoking and drinking. Everything stopped as I was brought in. Miss Maggie introduced me to some of the men. They were all very polite and said how pretty I was. I blushed and said thank you.

Miss Maggie then brought me down the back hall and into a room at the far end.

The door opened and inside was Mister Smythe from the other day, sitting on a chair wearing only a red silk robe. He got up to greet us, kissing Miss Maggie sensually on the lips, then looking at me up and down the kissing me. He looked at me once more before lifting my dress over my head. He smiled, as I stood naked before him. Miss Maggie took off all of her clothes as well, which made me feel a bit more comfortable. He felt my breasts, then moved his hands to my pussy, running his fingers through my scant pubic hair.

“Almost perfect”, He said.

He led me to the bed and had me lie back on it.

He grabbed a wash basin and shaving cream with a brush and a straight razor. He lathered up my pussy and then expertly shaved my pubic hair from around my pussy. (Which is the way I have kept it for most of my life)

He cleaned me with a towel, the immediately bent over and licked my freshly shaved pussy.

“Now perfect.” He added with a lustful smile.

He then opened his robe to reveal his very large cock. It wasn’t hard yet but hung down very low. Miss Maggie and I both gasped.

He grabbed my feet together a licked my toes.

“You have very cute toes Victoria.” He told me.

“Very suckable..” he added.

Then proceed to suck on my toes and lick the soles of my feet. This act alone started to give Mister Smythe and instant erection (and me, a foot fetish for life.)

After sucking and licking for a long while he brought my feet down to his cock and started to slide his cock up and down the soles of my tiny feet.

He then pulled me up to a sitting position, so his large hard cock was right in front of me.

“What do you think Victoria?” regarding his cock. “Do you like it?”

“Yes Sir.” I stammered.

“Would you like to kiss it? To lick it?”

“Yes Sir, I would. “

“Kiss it, Victoria.” He ordered.

I pulled back his foreskin and gave a soft kiss on his cock head.

His cock jumped as I did that. I licked the end like a large chocolate ice cream. He had a pungent musky taste, but I enjoyed it. I was very tentative and Miss Maggie came up beside me and showed me how an expert sucks a cock. She took the whole cock in her mouth and used her tongue to rub along the sides. She offered his cock to me again and I started to learn quickly.

I didn’t think Mister Smythe’s cock could get harder but it did.

“It’s time.” He stated.

He told me to lie on my back between Miss Maggie’s’ legs. She held me tight. He took me feet and spread my legs apart. He put his hard cock at the opening of my virgin vagina. He pressed his cock head at my opening. I was trembling with anticipation and fear. Then, with one swift motion, He pushed his large cock inside me. I screamed in pain as he entered me. Stretching my pussy to its limits. The pain quickly subsided and pleasure welled up.

I loved the animalistic feeling as he pounded my virgin pussy. He sucked on my toes as he fucked my young pussy. Sweat drip from his brow. He then started to grunt loudly. I didn’t know it at the time but he was shooting his hot cum inside me. I loved the feeling of his cum filling me up. He fell on top of me exhausted.

The three of us rested for a bit in a sweaty heap. Mister Smythe slowly got up, cum dripping from his softening cock. Miss Maggie got up with him and got a wet cloth from the water basin. Before she washed she took his cock deep into her mouth and cleaned off his cum (and mine) from his cock. Then began to wash his cock. Mister Smythe then put his robe back on and went to the door.

He opened it and there was an older fat man with grey hair waiting. Mister Smythe told him, he was done.

The older man came in, he was staring at me, legs spread and cum and some blood dripping from my freshly fucked pussy. He hurriedly thanked Miss Maggie the immediately came over and dove between my legs and started licking my pussy. (I didn’t know at the time, but men pay a lot of money to lick up a the hymen of a virgin girl.)

He licked all around, deep inside me, he even tongued my asshole. He turned to Miss Maggie and asked if he could fuck me? She said yes. He didn’t even acknowledge me; he just pulled down his pants and pulled out his cock. It was smaller than Mister Smythe’s, but still respectable in retrospect.

He quickly mounted me and started to pound away.

He pinched my nipples hard, which hurt at first, but then I really started to enjoy.

I just started to enjoy him fucking me, when he started to cum inside me. Miss Maggie roughly pulled him off of me, as I guess it was not part of the deal. He apologized to her, almost begging. She slapped him hard across the face, then told him to kiss her feet. He did it quickly and without protest.

Then she told him to suck his own cum from my pussy. Which I am sure he wanted to do. He dove back between my legs and started licking. He was even better the second time.

I didn’t cum, but it was really a turn on.

At the end of the night Miss Maggie bathed me and brought me to bed. She held me close and softly kissed me.

She asked me if I was enjoying myself here? I enthusiastically answered, Yes!!!

By Tommy

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