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I am Victoria Hill and this is my continuing story.

At 18, this fresh-faced girl moved across the ocean and across most of the United States and moved to Houston Texas.

My job was to be the personal assistant to the son of the owner of the drilling company, Fred. At the office, my duties were getting him coffee and running errands, but my real duties, at the beginning anyway, were to give him a hand job while he worked and have him watch me play with my pussy while he masturbated.

Fred was 47, with grey hair and striking features, he had an average sized cock, which was circumcised. Fred was also married. His wife, Mary seemed to know what I was there for, and didn’t seem to mind. Later I found out that she was happy I was there to fulfill Fred’s certain sexual expectations. I would soon understand what she meant.

I lived in a cottage just off the main house. Fred would drop by often, but was always respectful.

One night he told me about Female Domination. He confessed that he was very submissive and wanted a beautiful young woman to Dominate him.

He pulled out some books on bondage, and photo albums of men and women tied up and being whipped. He was in many of the pictures.  As we looked at the pictures his breath was getting quicker. I admit I was getting quite turned on as well.

He excused himself and went into the bedroom. I had experience with bondage, spanking and whipping before, but only as a small part of sex or foreplay. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, I looked at the pictures in the book, and my pussy began to tingle.

He then came out of the room completely naked. He knelt beside me and offered me a horsewhip, very receptively. I took the whip, he turned around and he offered his bottom to me. I swatted him on his bare bottom. He flinched and there was a pinkish-red welt on his ass.

“Thank you Mistress Victoria!” He stammered.

I smiled and I was immediately hooked.

My relationship with Fred started slow with me spanking him during sex, the slap his face and call him names and eventually tying him up.

He gave me some books to read on bondage and S&M. Many nights we watched 8mm films of Mistress’ whipping tied up slaves, slaves being controlled and some very sadistic scenes. This was the late sixties and there wasn’t much information out there, but he seemed to have it all.

BDSM wasn’t even a thing yet and was certainly never talked about.  I began to realize that it really turned me on to be in control and I had a willing participant. I learned quickly from the books, and I was enthusiastic.

I learned that I enjoy my pussy tongued for hours and having my toes and feet licked and worshipped. I was tying him up like an expert. Whipping him to bruise and not break the skin. I had not learned complete control yet, that would not come for years. At this time I was somewhat brutal and abusive and he loved it all.

He was still my boss at work, but after work and on weekends he was my sex slave.

Fred’s wife, Mary called me up to the main house one day. I was nervous about what she wanted to see me about. She met me by the door and invited me in for tea.

Mary was a very attractive woman; I would say about 40 years old. She was curvy but not fat, she had short red hair and full plump breasts. She politely asked me about myself and where I was from. I was thinking about lying, but I told her the truth. She was listening intently to my story, and fidgeting in her chair. I think she was getting very turned on. Then she asked what I did for her husband. I told her in great detail what I did. I also told her, we have never kissed and never had intercourse. She asked why we never kissed, an I told her it was intimate and our relationship wasn’t like that. With that I got up to her and kissed her sensually on the lips. She was shocked, but eventually kissed me back. I cupped her breasts and I found no resistance, I slowly un-buttoned the top two buttons of her dress then moved my hand under her dress and bra to find her hard nipples and pinched them. She moaned with pleasure. She then stood up and kissed me, very passionately. We embraced as we looked in each other’s eyes. She mentioned she would like to hear more about what I did with her husband. I told her I could show her right now, as he was tied up in my cottage. Mary smiled and excitedly agreed.

I opened the door and in the middle of the room was Fred, he was standing completely naked with his arms tied by ropes to the ceiling. He was blindfolded and had tape over his mouth. There were cloths pins on his nipples and his balls. The sight of her husband, so vulnerable, mesmerized Mary. I motioned for Mary to be quiet and walked over to Fred. I grabbed his cock and he became instantly hard. I grabbed a riding crop from the table and wacked his bare ass. He jumped and moaned. I flicked the clothespins from his cock and smacked the end of his cock for good measure. I bent over and took his cock in my mouth and sucked on him. This is the first time I had ever done this, but I enjoyed putting on the show. After sucking Fred’s cock and licking his balls I went behind him and whipped his bare bottom multiple times. I motioned Mary over and handed her the crop. She took it nervously. She looked at his red ass, smiled and proceeded to smack his ass. She enthusiastically whipped her husbands ass. While she whipped him, I pulled off his blindfold. It took Fred a whole minute to realize that I was standing in front of him and he was still being whipped. I looked around in horror to see his wife with the crop in her hand. She smiled and waved. Fred pulled at his bonds to get away, but it was to no avail.

I walked over to Mary and kissed her full on the lips, only a few inches from his face. I told Fred we were going to get acquainted and he could watch. I slowly unbuttoned Mary’s dress and it fell to the floor. I then unclipped her bra, freeing her beautiful full breasts. I sucked on each nipple until they were hard. My hand drifted down her stomach to her garter belt. I lifted the waistband of her panties. Sliding my fingers into her very wet pussy. She moaned loudly and kissed me hard. I ripped off her wet panties and hung them on Fred’s hard cock. I walked Mary over to the bed and had her lie on her back. I crawled between her legs to her moist pussy. She protested for only a second before she relented to my tongue. Her matted red pubic hair was so delectable I dove right in. I licked and sucked on her clitoris and all around her labia. I pushed my fingers inside her tight pussy and fucked her. She started to cum right away. It seemed like she didn’t know what was happening, like she never had an orgasm before. She screamed loudly then fell back, spent.

I got up and went to Fred. I asked if he liked that? He nodded yes.

I untied him and took the tape off of his mouth. He tried to ask, what his wife was doing here. I slapped him hard across the face and told him he doesn’t get to question me. I then took the panties from his cock and pushed then to his nose and told him this is what he was missing.

Mary was now watching us. I ordered Fred to undress me. He had done it many times before and slowly lifted my dress over my head. I of course, wasn’t wearing any underwear and Mary’s eyes lit up. Fred knelt at my feet and gently kissed my toes. I then moved to the bed and laid across it. I told Fred to come and suck on his Mistresses toes. Fred hurried over and began to suck. This always turns me on. “Lick my wet pussy slave” I demanded. Fred dove right in. Mary asked permission to play with her pussy. I nodded, she was getting it right away. Fred looked up to me as he licked, even took a glance at Mary as well. I told Mary to suck on my nipples. She was a fast learner and even bit me a few times. I could feel an orgasm building inside me. I didn’t want to cum yet. I told Fred to stop. I kissed Mary and was grinding our pussies together. We were getting hot and sweaty. I asked Mary if she would like to lick my pussy? She quickly answered yes! Mary moved between my legs and started teasing my clitoris. She was a natural.

Fred watched as his wife licked his Mistress. I ordered Fred To get behind Mary and tongue her pussy and asshole. He never moved so fast. The faster he licked the more enthusiastic Mary was. Without any warning I started to have one of my most intense orgasms ever. My writhing and screaming instantly made Mary cum again. Mary and I collapsed on the bed holding each other. Fred sat on the edge of the bed patiently, his erection pointing up towards the sky. I had been denying his orgasm for about a week now. I asked if he would like to cum? He answered “Yes, Mistress.” I put my feet just above Mary’s pussy on her stomach and told Fred he had one minute to cum on my feet and her pussy. He stroked his cock , hard and fast and in about thirty seconds he was shooting his hot cum all over us. He had never had cum so much before. He was shaking as he came.

Then I asked him to do something I had never asked before, to lick up all of his cum. He hesitated until I told him that we would never do this again if he didn’t. He slowly started to lick up his copious amount of cum. After a minute of gagging, He started to enjoy it. When he was finished, I told Fred to sleep on the floor and Mary and I fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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