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Well after spending the night with a man an him dropping me off at home. I wasn’t sure what my mom was going to say to me. Well I forgot to take my hair down out an also I forgot that he had me put lipstick on.

Well mom was very open minded and we really never hid nothing from each other. I told her that I was going up to my bathroom an going to take hot bubble bath. She said that she had some bubble bath stuff and I should take my clothes off down stairs. She gave me one of her robes to put on after I got undress.

Well she said that it was ready. Well I went upstairs and there was a lot of bubbles and smell very flowery and feminine. Well I got in the tube felt very good and honest very silky on my hairless smooth bare body. Well my hair was still up and then she knocked on the door an came.

She said that color looks good on me and then pulled out the pencil out of the bun and my hair fell down. Well I didn’t know what to say. She said it is ok. Then she asked me about the lipstick and my hair. I said that you will get mad or upset or hate me and disown me. She said that she could never do that.

Well I told her everything that happened an what I did with him. She said that she was not upset or anything else but asked me if I had any regrets about it. I said no, none at all. I also told her that I really like it very much and I enjoyed it and felt so wonderful and natural and comfortable. She then asked me a question.

She said that I want you to be honest with me. I said that I will be. Then she said you haven’t even tried to clean off your lipstick lips. Then she asked me if I wanted her to give me a complete head to toe make over. I said yes but what does she mean head to toe. She said trust me.

Well I wasn’t worried a bit because she did own beauty salon. She said I have something confess I have been waiting for 2 yrs for this ever since you had your ears pierced twice each side. Well she told me to soak a few minutes and she be back..

I must have dozed off a few minutes in the tub. She came back in and had me get out. Not worrying about her seeing me nude. It was completely normal for her and I to see each other nude. Well I dried off. She gave her silk pink short robe to put on.

Well we went down stairs into her old salon room. To my surprise, her friend Becky was there. Well mom had me sit in the chair. Becky asked mom what she wanted her to do mom said a complete full set and painted and toes painted also. Mom brushed my hair out and put parts of it up and started to cut it as Becky worked doing my nails. Becky put tips on then the acrylic an did them. After a she had done with all of that. She asked mom what what color to paint them and my toes. Mom told her that was bottle of nail polish on the countertop it was a very sparkly red. Well mom leaned chair back and waxed my eyebrows thin and arched feminine like a woman’s then finish my hair.

I heard Becky say that she loves that cut and style and then asked her if she was going to do the other thing to. Mom said yes an I was having complete make over to her. Well Becky went out and came back with something in her hand.

Mom had me get out of the chair and lay down on the old waxing table. Then she told Becky that she needed her help. Well mom opened my robe. Becky said that she wish that she was completely hairless an smooth permanently like me. The next thing I knew was I felt there hands doing stuff to my private area. About 10 minutes later mom asked Becky what she thought. Becky said omg that it was almost perfect and looks like a woman’s virgia for real.

Then she told me to lay there a few minutes with my legs spread wide open. She handed Becky a key and told her to go get something. Well why she was gone. Mom asked me if I wanted to or was going to see him again. I said yes I did and he gave me his phone number and asked me to call him. Then she said that bet if he liked me in just lipstick he going to love me when she was all done. She said well you are fully committed now.

Becky came back in and handed mom a box. She opened it up and pulled out two d-cup silicone breast and glued them on my chest. She held them there for about five minutes. She had me get up and jump up and down to make sure that they were on good. Becky said that I very feminine already. Then asked my mom which makeup and lipstick she was going to use.

Mom told Becky that she was going to use the long lasting smug proof non-transferable makeup and lipstick that I would have to use the certain stuff to remove it. Then she took me to her room and did my makeup and lipstick and then she put medium size hoops earrings in my top holes and long dangling earrings in my bottom holes. Well I said I am done now. Mom an Becky grinning said oh no darling. Then mom said wait here.

Well she left an Becky said that I was going to be very very surprised about this and very happy. Then mom came in and took my hand and told me to close my eyes and come with her.

She lead me to the extra bedroom that always was locked. She had me open my eyes and I couldn’t believe it. The room was beautiful pink and purple and everything was so feminine and even had a couple of hot mature men nude posters.

Well she went to the dresser and pulled out a pink and black full corset and g-string a pair of suntan color thigh high stockings. Had me put on the corset and tied it up and then the thigh high stockings an hook them to the garter straps. I put on the g-string. It felt so wonderful to have stockings and everything else I had on. Becky went to the closest and opened it up and picked out a very tight mini dress for me. I took it a stepping in it then pulled it up putting my arms in the sleeves and zipping it up like a woman.

Then mom handed me a pair of black sandal the 5.5″ spike heels. She said so I could show off my pretty painted toes. We I put them on an buckled the ankle straps. Mom told me to stand up and see if I could walk in them.

I stood up and walked around the room and Becky said holy crap a natural in high heels. Well mom said you are done and very beautiful as Paula a woman. She asked me if liked it and I said honestly I love it. Then I asked her if I could always dress this way. She said of course you can.

Well I walked around the house and stuff. Then I said we forgot one thing. Mom said what did we forget? I said I don’t have a purse and wallet. She said that I was rite. So she went and got a old one of hers, said that till we go shopping to get me one I liked it would do.

Well I was wondering about the bedroom and all the clothing and shoes and accessories and stuff in it so I asked her about all of it. She said that it was all for me so it was all mine. I look in the closet an it was full of only mini dresses and mini skirts and blouses and high heels. Even dressed full of matching bra and thong sets and corsets and g-strings and stockings and garter belts and pantyhose. I couldn’t believe how much stuff it was and all for me.

Well after a couple of hours had gone by. Becky said that we should get out of the house and go town shopping. Mom asked me if I wanted to go to town. I didn’t hesitate a second and said yes I did.

Well we to town even though it was little cold. I loved being dressed as Paula a woman and being in public. Well a few people who knew mom and Becky asked who the pretty young woman was. Mom said that my daughter. Well then they ask what happened to your son Paul. Mom said that he moved out an went overseas. Well I found a purse and wallet I wanted and got.

Then we went into another store and I seen the man I gave myself to. So I left mom and Becky an made my way over to where he was. I said hello handsome he did not recognise me as Paula. Well I told him thank you for last night. He looked at me and said omg you are beautiful and hot very sexy as a woman. I said thank you and asked if he still liked me as a young woman. He took my hand and put it on the crotch of his pants. He was hard as a rock. Well we moved so nobody else would see an I had feel under my dress and showed him. Well my mom and Becky started to walk over. Well he said he would love to see me soon. Well I felt him again and said that I needed and wanted more of him and this. Well just before they got there he walked away. Becky said wow that’s a very handsome older man. I said yes that he was asking if I knew anything about that new shoe there. Well mom said was that the shoes. I smiled and said yes it was.

Well we spent couple of hours in town and we dropped Becky off at home. After that mom asked me if I was going to stay Paula for a few days. I told her yes that I have never felt so wonderful and natural and comfortable with myself than now. Then she asked me if I wanted her to lock my old room up for a couple of days and I said please do.

Well we talked about me being Paula more than she asked me what he said. I told her and told her that I made him very very hard. Well I was very surprised when she said that when we got home I should call him. I told her I would.

We got home and I got his phone number and called him we talked a few minutes he asked me what I was doing and I said nothing we just got home from town. Well mom came in the kitchen where I was talking to him. She wrote down something and handed to me while I was talking to him.

Well it said that if he asked to come get I could go. Not 15 seconds later he asked me if I could get out of the house. I asked him if he wanted to come get me. He said yes but where did I want him to pick me up at. I told him here. He said really are you sure. I told I was. He said he be here in about 30 minutes.

Mom asked me if he was coming to get me. I said yes in about 30 minutes he will be here. Well she said ok then. She said just think your first time with a man as Paula. We talked a little more. Then he showed up.

Well he was a gentleman and opened my door. Before I got in. I kissed him passionately. He said that he had to stop by a store for some drinks. Well we stopped and got out and went in holding hands then left. He asked me if I wanted to go to his house. I said yes.

Well we got to his house. We went in and as soon as the door shut I put my arms around his neck kissing him passionately. He said that he couldn’t believe how hot I looked as Paula. Then he said that he could not believe that he found someone much younger than him that was interested in him. Well I told him that I had to admit it that he was handsome and I really liked him alot. Then he said that he wishes that he could see an have me all the time. I kissed him passionately an told him that I could not help it but I loved his lips on my lipstick lips and his body and mine together.

He looked at me, then picked me up and carried me to his bed. Well we made very intense passionate love different positions and places it was late night and we were in the bed.

We looked at each other and he said to me that I was the only one he ever wanted again an the only he needs and that this bed was only ours. I said that was fine with me.

Well he got up and said that he will take me home now. I told him that he had to go by that way to go to work in the morning so I could stay with him. He got back in bed cuddling up together. When his alarm went off I was cuddled up with him my head on his chest.

After he dropped me off at home. Mom an I had long talk. Well I never dress as a boy again.

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