Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

The storm was getting worse. It was getting so bad that the only way I could stay on the road, was to follow the taillights of the truck ahead of me. My wife was getting worried about the weather and I wondered if this was going to be a wasted trip? Although I did manage to convince my wife, Bess to open her top and let me look at those lovely C cup tits of hers. That was half an hour ago and now she was dosing but had not done up her top, thank god I have a good heater in the car. If this storm got any worse, I don’t know whether my brother and his wife would make their flight. They would miss their trip to the Bahamas and I would miss having the run of their mansion, while they were gone. We finally were approaching the turn off to my brother’s place, so I sped up and pulled beside the truck and honked to say thank you. He honked back, I thought to say your welcome but it was then that I realized my wife’s tits were still out there for anyone to see and from his vantage point the truck driver had a perfect view. My wife woke up with all the commotion and smiled at me and asked, “what’s up”. I told her I was just saying thank you to the truck driver for helping us get through the storm. She then looked out the window and seen the truck driver smiling down at her. It was then she realized her top was wide open. I thought she was going to kill me but she just glared at me then smiled and stuck out her chest and waved goodbye to the truck driver. What a sight he had especially in this storm. I started to speed away and then took the exit to my brother’s house. I said, “wow you looked like you enjoyed showing off.” She said, “you better be careful, if it wasn’t so bad out there I might have got you to pull over.” That kind of caught me off guard and she must have noticed because she just laughed, punch me in the arm and said it would serve me right, after showing her off like that.

Feeling somewhat assured I pulled into my brother’s driveway. We got our luggage from the car and headed up to the house and what a house it was. 5 bedrooms a games room and an indoor pool but best of all there was a 75 inch 4K tv, perfect for tonight’s super bowl game, this was going to be a great week.
We were greeted at the door by my brother Bill, his wife Donna and their big Lab Barney. Barney was a very big dog but was very playful and well trained. I asked Bill how he was ever going to get to the airport, in this snow. He just laughed and said his new Jeep can get through anything. He said he just checked and his flight had not been cancelled. They said their goodbyes and they were off to the Bahamas, I was jealous.

There was an hour to go until kickoff, so I checked out my brother’s well stocked bar. He even had Johnny Walkers Blue Label scotch, my wife just loves that stuff, it gets her super horny. If I kept her glass full the chances were good I could get her to do just about anything by the time the game was over. I poured us both a full glass, on the rocks and got some chips and pretzels. I cranked up the big TV and turned on the pregame show. I asked Bess if see was going to come and watch but she said, “she would be lucky to watch the end of the game let alone the pregame show.” She turned grabbed her drink, the rest of the bottle and as she left the room she said, “I’m going to relax in the hot tub.” Boy was I tempted to just record the game but I knew my son would call as soon as the game ended and I would find out the score. Watching the game will give her more time to get in the proper frame of mind. When I say frame of mind, I mean the total lack of judgement that could make for one exciting night.

After the first half ended I went to get another shot of scotch before the start of the second half kickoff. I went looking for the scotch and Bess, at the hot tub. I found them both at the hot tub, funny thing, they were both half gone. I got the bottle and started to pour myself a drink, I looked at my wife and thought oh my god does she ever look horny. Her eyes were on fire her nipples stood erect, about a half inch, straight out and I guess she must have brought along her dildo because I could see about 4 inches sticking out of her pussy and the dildo was a 10 incher. She said, “why don’t you come and make an honest woman of me.” I was getting very hard by this point, my 6” cock must be about a half inch longer than normal and hard as a rock. I really wanted to stay but I also wanted to see the end of the super bowl game. I told her, “you just keep that frame of mind and I’ll be back at the end of the game.” She pouted and said, “Never mind the game, I have something much better then a football game.” I replied, “that may be true but this is the super bowl, it’s not just any game.” “Well hurry back because I might be finished by then,” she said. I knew at that point that tonight was only going to get better.

I sat down just in time for the second half kickoff and was just getting into this game when this Greek goddess walked into the room. She was totally naked with a bottle of scotch in one hand and her 10” dildo in her other. What a vision, her nipples were so hard they could cut diamonds and her pussy was red and swollen. No doubt from the work out it got in the hot tub. She looked at me and purred, “now wouldn’t you rather go where Bill here is going to go, instead of watching that game.” “Yes,” I would love to go where your going to put Bill but, I definitely would not be able to concentrate on the game.” I just figured if I held her off I could watch two shows for the price of one. Pouting, she sat on the couch opposite of me and started playing with het outer lips, both with her fingers and Bill.

Now at this time I should explain about her dildo and why she calls it Bill. It was about 3 summers ago when, my brother, Bill and I were getting changed in the cabana by his pool, when Jill walked in, not knowing we were there. Her jaw almost hit the floor when see saw Bill, Bill was at least 1” longer soft, then me when I’m hard. She blushed terribly but stuttered and stammered, a little to long for my liking, while her eyes never left his penis. Bill never even tried to cover up but it was only when Bill started getting hard did she finally manage to tear her eyes away and leave. I said to Bill, “What the fuck, your getting hard while my wife looks at your penis?” He just smiled and said, “Don’t you know id tap that in a minute if she’d let me, she gorgeous.” I just laughed and punched him in the arm, then dropped it but that comment and my wife’s reaction to seeing Bill sure had a lot of fantasies flying through my mind for years to come. I even brought up the topic, more than once, about her having sex with another man, which she would always brush off as ridiculous but boy did we have hot sex on those nights. But I digress, that is how she came to name her 10” dildo after my brother Bill.

After just teasing herself and me, she started to insert her dildo, into her pussy. Slowly at first but soon picking up the pace. At the same time, she was calling out, “Oh Bill, you are fabulous but we should not be doing this in front of my husband at least without asking him to join us. Do you want to join us?” I continued watching the game, at least I pretended I was watching the game as she went back to pleasuring herself. She was really getting into it, jamming that fat 10” inch dildo in and out of her pussy as she was rubbing her clit with total abandon. I could tell, by the volume level and the look of sheer pleasure on her face, that she was getting ready to come and come hard. I wasn’t disappointed, about one minute later she let out an ear piercing scream and started cumming like gangbusters. She was always a squirter but this was something else. I’m just glad that she was sitting on a leather couch. All at once the dog, Barney came bounding into the room, barking. He must have been investigating the scream he heard. Bess and I just looked at each other and started laughing. Barney seeing us laughing started wagging his tail, he must have figured everything was OK. He looked at me sitting on one couch and Bess splayed out on the other, legs wide open and cum everywhere. It was then that he started sniffing the air, no doubt wondering where that odor was coming from. He then looked back at Bess and started walking towards her. “Oh no you don’t” I cried, as I cut him off at the pass and dragged him out of the room. I took him to the back door and let him out to do his business.

I went back to the tv room but Bess wasn’t there. I went to the game room and there she was sitting on the sofa just as she was in the tv room, her legs were wide open, both feet on the floor, her lips were puffy and glistening from all the pleasure she had given herself. Bill was still jammed up her pussy but she was fast asleep. I was ready to drop my pants and introduce her to the hardest 6” cock the world has ever seen but I still wanted to watch the rest of the game. I thought, great just stay like that until the games over then I can really have some fun. I went back to the tv room to watch the game, I just started getting into the game when I remembered the dog was still outside. I went into the kitchen, got the dog his food then went and let him in. He came bounding in the house, sending snow flying every which way, and went right to his food bowl. I left the dog and went back to watch my game, which had really turned in my team’s favour. I thought great and started really getting into the game.

I don’t know how much time had passed, sitting there watching the game but all of a sudden I heard this ear piercing scream, from my wife. I jumped up and ran to the game room, only to almost be knocked head over tea kettle from Barney as he was running out of the game room. Uh oh, I thought this can’t be good.

I went into the room and there was Bess sitting right where I left her except she was clutching her legs together with a stricken look on her face. “What Happened,” I cried. She said, “I’m not sure, I guess I was dreaming that you were giving me the best head I have ever had in my life. I was getting ready to cum, when I realized that it was not a dream and it was not you. I woke up and looked down and there was the dog going to town, with his tongue giving me this mind blowing sex. That’s when I screamed and as I screamed I had this conscious altering climax.” I could see the tears welling up in her eyes so I went over and sat down beside her, held her, consoling her, telling her it was all right. She looked at me with tears in her eyes and sobbed, “but I just had sex with a dog.” “But not intentionally, you thought you were dreaming.” I said, “When you realized it was the dog, you screamed and he hightailed it out of here. That orgasm was not officially the dogs, you were dreaming it was me.” She looked up at me and smiling said, “thank you honey.” Just then the dog peeked around the corner. My wife started to laugh, he looked like a kid with his hand caught in the cookie jar. Before long we were both howling. She said, “you had better put the dog in the other room.” “I can’t believe that I was actually sexually assaulted by a dog.”

Shit,” I thought, it wasn’t that I could condone what the dog did, giving my wife a pleasure that was for me alone, but he was a dog and didn’t know better and I really wished I could have seen the dog licking her pussy.” Just thinking about what just happened had my cock harder than it’s ever been in my entire life, even as a teenager.

I said, “Ah, look at that face, let him stay he’s learned his lesson and besides, I’m here now.” She just glared at me and gave me that, “you better be right look.” She said,” fine he can stay but I’m getting dressed.” “Don’t do that,” I said, “don’t you want to see who gives better head, me or the dog.” Besides the dog needs to be here in the case of a tie. OK, my wife said, laughing “lets see who gives better head, you or the dog.” “Just remember, you better be good or the dog gets to break the tie.” I was on my knees in a flash and started giving her head with wild abandon. I was concentrating on her clit, with my tongue as I kept pumping her Pussy with Bill, who just happened to still be inserted in her pussy. All I could think about was her comment about the dog breaking the tie. Was she serious? Would my wife really give the dog another chance? Boy I wish I could only have seen it the first time. Just then I could sense my wife was ready to cum, again. Sensing an opportunity, I stopped giving her head jumped up and said, “OK, who was better, me or the dog.” She was stunned and she couldn’t believe I had left her on the edge, like that. With a sarcastic tone in her voice, she stated, “If you don’t get down there and finish me now, it definitely will be the dog” I decided to call her bluff and moved from between her legs. She cried, “get down there now and finish what you started.” I looked at her and said, “you know technically it wasn’t me who started it.” You could see she was starting to get frustrated and said,” if you don’t get down here now, by god, I will get the dog to finish me.” I smiled at her and said, “yeah right, not in a thousand years.” I could tell she was really starting to get mad. If I did not get down and satisfy her now, I may be going to bed with a worldly case of blue balls. Just as I was getting ready to move, she called out, “here boy, come on boy,” as she patted her pussy. I was speechless as I watched the dog slowly cross the room. I couldn’t believe it, was this really going to happen right here in front of me. I didn’t know whether or not to stop this, I didn’t want to but my wife was going to have sex with the dog, willingly this time. I was lost in my own thoughts, the dog got closer. Bess was laying back on the sofa legs splayed wide open with her pussy there for anyone or thing to take advantage of it, she was a goddess who was about to have sex with a dog. I looked at my wife and smiled, when all of a sudden Bess cries, “You son of a bitch, you’re not going to stop this, are you, ok if that’s what you want but remember you can’t undo this.” See was so mad I was sure she was going to go through with it.

She called the dog again, this time with a finger swooshing around in her pussy, to make sure the dog got her scent. The dog came closer, what was I going to do. Should I stop the dog and get down on my knees and give her what better be more than just a beg for mercy or let this go on and deal with the fall out tomorrow. My cock was harder than it’s ever been in my life, even harder then when I was 13 and hid in my brothers closet as he plowed his girlfriend with that 11” dick of his.

I guess I wasn’t going to stop this so I might as well enjoy it. The dog was inches from her pussy. She looked at me and said, “really,” but she seemed excited as she said it. I stood there transfixed, I couldn’t move, I had never been this excited in my whole live. The dog reached her pussy. The smell of sex was every where, even Bess was transfixed on what was about to happen. The dog lapped at my wife’s pussy starting at her taint, moving through her folds and right across her little solider, which by now was right out of her hood and standing at attention. Bess started shuddering uncontrollably. When the dog lapped at Bess the second time, she instantly came with a force I had never witnessed before. This only caused the dog to lap at Bess even faster and she just kept cumming.

The Dog was now not only reaming her pussy, with every lick but also her anus, I couldn’t believe how turned on she was, she never let me anywhere near her anus, and how turned on I was. I dropped my pants and started yanking on the hardest cock I’ve ever had, it was fantastic. This went on for about 5 minutes when all of a sudden Bess let out an ear piercing scream and passed out. I came over and pulled the dog by his collar, there were juices everywhere. The dog started whining so I let him clean up his, wonderful, beautiful mess.

Bess came to and screamed, “that was wonderful but please make him stop.” I pulled the dog off again and he went and sat in the corner. I went back to my wife and jokingly said, “so which one of us were better.” She just looked at me and said, “when you get a 4” tongue come back and ask that question again. I laughed but she just smiled, she was to exhausted to laugh. Just then she noticed my rock hard cock and said,” did I cause that.” “You sure did,” I replied. Have I ever told you my motto? “If I ever make anything that hard then I’m going to ride it all the way home.” I just looked at her and told her, “I love you.” Then I jumped between her legs and rammed my rock hard cock up her pussy right to the hilt. I was like a mad man, I just kept ramming her my balls slapping on her ass. I was in heaven. I could feel myself getting ready to come, my balls were contracting and I could feel that tingling sensation. Then I remember my wife wasn’t on the pill. We had been discussing kids and figured it was best to go off the pill and just use condoms until we decided it was time. In all this excitement I had forgot all about a condom and was about to blast a big wad of cum right into her cervix, at least to me that’s how it felt. I decided at the last instant to pull out and told Bess so.

As I pulled out my cock, it was so hard it slapped my belly, just as I shot my first big load. It hit me square on my chin. Bess started laughing but that was short lived as the next load shot right up her nose and then continued to cover her tits and belly, with the most cum I ever had, in my entire life. I kissed her, tasting my cum as I did but after all we have been through tonight I could live with that. I hugged her and told her she was the sexiest woman on the face of the planet. I eventually rolled of her and tool a deep breath.

It was then I looked across the room at the dog, who by now was licking his cock in the corner. I couldn’t believe the size of it, it had to be at least 8” long and twice as wide as mine. All I could imagine was Bess riding that cock. I started getting hard again just thinking of the possibilities. Bess, noticing my cock getting hard again, smiled and said, “did I cause that” I looked at her and uttered, “huh” “remember my motto,” she said. I said, “no, remind me.” She said, “if I was to cause something to get that hard then I am going to ride it all the way home.” “Do you really mean that,” I said. “I think it would be cruel to leave anything in that state and not do my best to give it all the pleasure I possibly can, that could cause irreparable harm,” she said.

I smiled at her, then pointed to the dog and said, “did you cause that.” She looked at the dog and just gulped, she had never seen a cock that big in her entire life. Well she had but Bill was not yet fully hard when she saw his. The dog’s cock had to be 8” long and at least 3” wide. “you can’t be serious,” she gasped. “So much for your motto,” I replied. “I guess you can be cruel.” She laughed, punched me in the arm and said, “be careful what you wish for, remember I already had mind blowing sex with him.” My mind was swirling was Bess now contemplating screwing the dog too. “I dare you,” I said. “Oh my god, you want to see screw the dog,” she cried. “Not before blowing him first,” I replied.

I figured at this point what have I got to lose. She said, “What if he hurts me, what if I try to run, I don’t think I could just lay there I would be to scared to stay.” I replied, “Well if you blow him first you can see how aggressive he is, without being in a precarious position.” “OK,” she said. I couldn’t believe she was actually talking about doing this, this is great.

I called the dog over and got him up on the couch. Bess got on the floor in front of him. His cock was leaking precum like crazy. “He’s already cumming,” she said. “No that’s just precum it’s there to make penetration easier,” I answered. She slowly reached out and grasped his cock at the base. “what’s that,” she asked. Pointing to the tennis ball sized lump at the base of his cock. Oh shit if I tell her what that is that will end everything. Thinking quickly, “that’s to stop the whole thing from going inside you,” I lied. This seemed to satisfy her because she moved her head only mere inches from his cock then flicked her tongue at the tip of his cock, licking some of the precum, and smiled. She then licked the entire length of his cock. I can’t believe my wife was actually going to suck off a dog. I guess she was right; I had better be careful what I wished for.

I guess the precum didn’t taste that bad because she just gulped about 4” inches of his cock right down her throat. She was now actually sucking off a dog and I loved it. The dog started humping my wife’s face like crazy. I couldn’t believe it I could actually see his cock in her throat, she never did that for me. I guess the dog was humping so hard she didn’t have a choice but to suck in 6-7” straight down her throat. All of a sudden she pulled off his cock. “What’s wrong,” I asked. “I have to fuck that cock, now,” she exclaimed. “OK” I said, feeling a little jealous but this was just a dog and I was the only man she would fuck. So I ran and got the ottoman. I told her to kneel in front of it then to laydown on top of it. She seemed frightened but did what I asked.

The dog walked over to Bess and started licking her entire Pussy again, this time starting at the clit through her labia, right up her cunt then on to her little puckered hole and reamed that for good measure. Bess was in Heaven. Barney must have sensed she was ready because he jumped up on her back and started thrusting trying to find that little bit of doggie nirvana. All of a sudden Bess screamed, “get him off of me!” I quickly grabbed the dog by the collar and pulled him off of her. I don’t know who was more disappointed me or the dog. I asked Bess, “what’s wrong.” I’m too scared,” she said. “I keep moving when he thrusts at me and it hurts.” “Do you want to stop,” I asked. “No but is there some way you can tie me down so I can’t move” she asked.

“I love you” I said as I ran upstairs to get some of my brothers ties. I got downstairs and told her to take the same position on the ottoman. She did and I tied her arms securely to the ottoman, then I spread her legs, kissed her cunt then tied her knees to the other end of the ottoman. I still had one tie left so I figured Ok, I’ll fulfill one more fantasy. I told her I was going to blindfold her so she couldn’t tell if it was the dog or me, fucking her. So I tied on the blindfold and asked if she was ready. She told me she was, so I called the dog over.

You could tell he was really exited his cock was almost touching his chest. He approached Bess’s pussy, sniffing the air as he got closer. He gave her a long lick and she giggled. She said, “oh, you did get a 4” tongue.” I laughed and told her she was going to get more than my new 4” tongue. “You should see what your going to get because it’s not far away,” I told her. Barney licked her again and the cum train was starting all over again. He kept licking and she kept cumming. He stopped licking and jump up on her back. She could feel his fur on her back and her ass but it was that long hard rod that she was dying to feel.

The dog grasped her around the hips and if she felt restricted by the binds around her arms and Knees she was really immobilized now. He jabbed at her once and his cock slide right through her labia, hitting her clit. This almost sent her over the edge, she kept calling out his name, Barney, Barney, oh Barney. His next thrust almost hit her anus. She was crying, “please don’t let him put that up my ass.” Not that there was anything I could do about at this point. The next thrust hit her right between the anus and her vagina. She started to cry and yelled, “get him off me, get him off meeeee.” I looked behind her and Saw that Barney had buried the whole 8” cock right up to the hilt. Now he was hammering her in what seemed like 2 times per second. She was screaming, but incoherently now and it had nothing to do with get him off me.

She cried I have never felt so full in my entire life; I think he is actually penetrating my cervix. Bess kept getting pile driven, over and over for about 5 minutes. Then she says that knot must be working because I can feel it continually hitting my outer lips but is not letting his whole cock enter me. I looked again to see this for myself and almost fainted. That tennis ball sized knot was now a softball size knot and my wife was, although she didn’t know it at the time, stretching to accommodate it. Barney plowed into her about three more time before the knot actually slipped inside my wife. She let out a huge scream and said it hurt but it was lodging itself right against her g-spot. She was now receiving more sensations then she ever felt before. The dog had slowed down his assault on my wife’s cunt but she was still full to capacity. She said he was definitely in her cervix now. All of a sudden she went white and started shuddering. I asked her what’s wrong. She said, “he is cumming and it’s so hot, it’s going right into my cervix and he is not stopping. I am so full, it’s amazing. After about a minute the dog finally stopped cumming, Bess look none the worst for wear.

All of a sudden Barney spun around and Bess screamed, “What the hell is he doing, it feels like he’s pulling me inside out.” I told her that it was just the knot but it would shrink, I just didn’t know how long it would take. She said, “isn’t there someway to speed up the process.” I told her maybe cold water could work. She told me to go and get some and quickly. So I ran to the kitchen to get a pail and some cold water.

When I got to the kitchen my heart sunk. There were lights in the driveway, my brother and his wife were home. There flight must have been cancelled and now they were going to find Bills brother naked and his wife stuck to the dog. I quickly ran to the tv room and got my pants. I just put them on when I heard the front door open. I went to the front door and feigned surprise that they were home. I asked them, “what happened, why are you home.” Donna answered, “our flight was cancelled and Steve McQueen over here wouldn’t get a hotel room, he just had to drive home. I still don’t know what his rush was.” She asked where Bess was and I told her see was sleeping in the game room. “Sleep, what a great idea. I think I’m going up to do the same. See you at breakfast,” and with that Donna was bounding up the stairs to her bed.

I looked at Bill and asked him if he was going to bed too. He smiled and yelled up to Donna, “we are going to have a drink I’m to wound up to go to bed right now. “OK.” She said, “just don’t stay up to late.” We both told her goodnight and I told my brother that I only wanted to go to bed. He said, “come on just one drink.” I told him Ok but I have to check on Bess first. He said, “Don’t worry about Bess She is not going anywhere soon.” What a strange thing to say, I thought. He called me over and said, “come look at this.” Referring to his phone. I came over looked at his phone and went white.

There was Bess in all her glory tied up and blindfolded and stuck ass to ass with his dog. I just stuttered and he said, “come on we’re brothers, this is between you and me no one else will ever see these videos, all I ask is that I can have a first hand look at your beautiful wife.” I couldn’t believe my brother actually wanted too see my Bess naked and stuck to the dog, but if I thought about it he had probably seen allot more than Bess just stuck to the dog. Besides she was still blindfolded she would never know.

So I said, “okay, but you’d better be quiet.” He promised he would so we went into the game room. Bill’s jaw almost hit the floor there was Bess strapped to the ottoman and stuck to his dog but it looked so much more real in person. When Barney saw Bill he started whining and pulling on Bess’s cunt. Thankfully he popped out on the second pull. Bess’s cunt just started gushing dog cum as soon as they parted. Wow, what a money shot for my brother and now I knew I was going to get video of the whole adventure. I must of gasped because as soon as the dog was loose, Bess sultrily says,” come on you big stud, you deserve some too.

I froze how did she know Bill was here. Then I realized she was talking about me and I waved at my Bill to leave. Bill must have thought she meant him too and thought my wave was an invite, because before I could stop him he had dropped his pants and was balls deep in Bess. After her initial shock, she said, “Wow I knew you were big and hard tonight but this is amazing. You are hitting my cervix; you have never did that before. I feel more full now then with the dog. This was too much for my brother because I knew from spying on him as a kid, that when the veins start sticking out on his neck he is ready to cum. Oh my god my brother doesn’t know that Bess isn’t on the pill. But it was to late, I could tell he was pumping his seed into a very fertile cunt. Bess sounded happy as she congratulated me on pumping a gallon of cum into her fertile cunt. She said with the amount of cum that went in her cervix we were almost assure of conception. Bills face went white when he realized what he had done. But that only slowed him down for a moment because he was still hard and was going to get his moneys worth.

He started fucking her again she was so excited and said, “I can’t believe your still hard but my pussy is very sore, so just once I’m going to let you fuck me in the ass. I almost cried, but there was nothing I could do, if we switched now she would know. Bill was watching me waiting for a sign, so I just nodded giving him permission to take my wife’s virgin ass. He pulled out of her cunt and from all the cumming there was lots of lubrication. He then slowly started inserting that monster into my wife’s ass, first the knob then he stopped and waited then about an inch in then an inch out then 2 inches in and 2 inches out and so on and so forth until he had all 11” firmly packed into my wife’s backside. He fucked Bess for another 20 minutes, going all the way in and all the way out. I give up counting how many times she came but when he finished this time he did pull out and shot his cum all over her back and ass. Bill leaned over and kissed Bess’s clit then smiled, waved and left the room.

The dog came back over and licked all the cum off of Bess, giving her another orgasm. I untied Bess and see took off the blindfold. She was smiling and thanked me for the best sex of her entire life. I just kind of smiled, lost in thought. I couldn’t believe that Bill had just taken Bess’s virgin ass, not to mention that he was the only other man to fuck Bess and may be the only man to have gotten Bess pregnant. I guess Bess was right, you better be careful what you wish for. “Oh my god,” exclaimed Bess. “How is it you are still hard. I know my motto, but my ass is sore and my pussy has been totally and well fucked.” “That’s ok,” I said. “nonsense,” she said. “there is another way.” She then dropped to her knees and proceeded to ease all my worries and to suck one last load of cum, out of me. I kissed her deeply, I could taste my cum again. Funny, I never tasted cum before and now I’ve tasted it twice in one night.

I looked at Bess and my heart just swelled. Here is this woman, who just got fucked by two men and a dog, yet she is the most beautiful and sexy woman in the entire world. I hugged her close, gathered our clothes then headed to bed. Bess was so exhausted she did not even notice Bill as he came out of the shower, buck naked. She was also naked, which put another smile on Bill’s face.

The next morning Bess woke up and heard Bill and Donna walking around the house. She was terrified but I assured her that they came home after she went to bed and that I had cleaned up everything before they got home. She felt a little more at ease and the rest of the morning was normal, except for the shit eating grin on Bill’s face.

We left for home that day and even contemplated getting a dog but we just learned that Bess was pregnant. We are going to have a boy. Since the timing is close and Bess was too sore to have sex for about two weeks, I’m pretty sure it is my brother’s child. If only I hadn’t pulled out that night, I had shot enough cum, in the air, to get her pregnant 3 times. Bill did not even ask whether the child was his and I never let on that it was. He got his thrill and I got a family, win, win. Bess says she can’t wait for Bill and Donna to go on vacation again because she can’t believe how big and hard I got that night watching her and the dog. I don’t think I can replicate that but I’m sure Bill would be more than willing to help me.

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