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Karen is a college freshman. She is 5ft4 about 140. She has a good figure 36DD 24 38. Because she is on the short side that top and bottom look even bigger than they really are. She had a boyfriend Steve. He like sucking on her 38’S and she likes it too. Make that she loves it. Just from his nursing her she has really strong orgasms. She not only soaks her panties she soaks her jeans. She has never let any guy get that far before. She wants to be a virgin on her wedding night. She thinks she is being very naughty by sleeping in the nude. She thinks she is being kinky by going out on her last two dates with Steve not wearing panties. Given the nature of their relationship he never knew. She had him well trained he knows he is allowed to suck on her tits but now he would never try to put his hand down inside her pants or up under her dress.

She was dressed to party. She had on a low cut white dress with a white lace bra and matching panties, thigh highs, and heels. The phone rang, she answered it. It Steve telling her how much he loved and how much he loved being with her, but that he need to finish his poli sci paper tonight and turn it in tomorrow on Saturday for extra credit rather than wait for Monday in class. Karen was disappointed she was so looking forward to having her boobs kissed, licked and sucked on, but she understood Steve want a 4.0 average to make it easier to get into grad school. He promised that he would be able to spend more time with her tomorrow. She hung up and stood there looking at herself in the mirror. All dressed up and nowhere to go. She looked at herself in the mirror and said Steve nor no Steve, I am going to the party. She pulled up the dress and pull her panties down and off. She tossed them on the bed and headed for the door. Thinking to herself that I may not be going with harmless Steve but no one can see through my dress no one but me knows I left my panties home.

It was a sorority party. When she got there the party was well under way. The music was loud and there seem to be lots of beer. A guy she did not know came over and asked her to dance. As they dance he held her nice and close. He slid one hand down on her ass. Without even thinking she grabbed his wrist. But instead of pulling his hand off her ass and telling him to keep it off her ass. She let go and decided that Steve’s not taking her to the party is his loss not hers. As they continued to dance she let him squeezed her ass and ran his hands over it. Encouraged by her letting go of his wrist and not seeming to mind his rubbing her nice ass she continue to rubbing from top to bottom slowly bringing up the bottom of the dress. She felt the dress going up but did not realize that he already had it high enough that the bottom of her perfectly round cheeks were showing to whoever was standing behind them. As he tried to move it higher she pulled his hand away letting dress drop back in place.

When the dance ended he suggested getting a beer. As they walked over to where the kegs were he let his hand slide down from her waist to back on her ass. As she had already decided to be a bit naughty she let it stay there. Standing next to one of the keys was a very pretty black girl. She was older and very tall maybe 5ft10. She had a pretty face and was wearing a short tight yellow dress. The guy, Craig let go of Karen’s and moved between her and a keg to pour two beers. The black girl took the beer from Karen saying the first rule of going to parties is don’t take a drink from a guy you don’t know. She put it down near the keg and pour another one for Karen. Just like Craig she stood between Karen and the keg. But unlike Craig she drop a little blue pill into the beer. The pill quickly dissolved in the beer. She turned and handed it to Karen introducing herself as Kisha. (She had not explained the second rule of party going, don’t take a drink from a girl you don’t know.) The three stood talking while they finished the beer. Craig was eager to get Karen back on the dance floor or more accurate to get his hands back on her nice round firm ass. When they started to dance he held her tight against him her boobs pressing against his chest. He slid both hands down on to her ass grabbing two nice handfuls of ass and pulling her tighter against him. She could feel his hard on pressing against her. It felt bigger than Steve’s cock. She wonder how much harder or larger it might get if only he knew the thin material of her dress was all that was separating him from her bare pussy. He pressed his fingers and her dress down into the crack of her ass. Her ass was not wide but suck out to the rear a lot. So that made the crack seem really deep. He had to know now that she probably only had a tong on. She felt very naughty letting him do this on the dance floor in front of everyone. Steve was not her and she wanted to be naughty. He went back to rubbing her ass in a way that raised the back of her dress. She felt it and once again some of her sweet round cheeks were exposed before she pulled his hand a way and the dress fell back down in place.

When the dance was over they walked back to the Keg and Kisha. Kisha started talking to Karen while Craig got her another beer. At this point Karen was feeling rather high and bit aroused from letting Craig play with her ass on the dance floor. Karen did not think about rule number one and Kisha did not care. She could see that the little blue pill was working. Before he came back Kisha waved to another black female. She came over and Kisha introduced her to Karen. She was Monica. She was shorter than Kisha and wearing a dress that was very low cut, her larger black boobs were showing. Craig came back with the beers and the girls took them. Kisha introduced him to her. As much as Craig planned to explore Karen’s ass and all the rest of her after the second beer he could not take his eyes off Monica’s cleavage.

Karen felt even higher as she sipped the second beer. She too had notice Monica’s cleavage. As she talked to Kisha she looked so sexy in the tight yellow dress. Her long light brown legs and yes she could see Kisha’s nips poking through the dress. She wondered if Kisha was being naughty too. May be she was not wearing a bra. Her nips poking through her dress looked so sexy. They were rather large and were definitely thick. She wondered if Kisha was wearing panties.

Monica pressed her boobs against Craig and said I have never been with a white guy. Craif said I can change that.

Kisha asked Karen to dance and they did. As they danced Kisha moved in close and rubbed her boobs against Karen’s. As Kisha kept rubbing her boobs against Karen’s, Karen looked down and thought that Kisha’s nipples looked even larger. When Kisha was working her boobs against Karen’s she was holding Karen waist with both hands. Karen looked so aroused. Kisha let her hands slide down over Karen’s ass but she was not interested in rubbing her ass. She let her hands go down below Karen’s hem and then back up under her dress.

Between the beers and the little blue pill Karen was so high, so aroused she did not seem to care if anyone could see where Kisha’s hands were. When Kisha’s fingers made it down in the crack of Karen’s ass she knew she did not have any panties on. She whispered into Karen’s ear no panties what a naughty girl you are. Karen laughed a nervous laugh and said yes. Kisha whispered into her ear as her finger worked their way from the top of Karen’s ass check to the bottom. Have you ever been naughty enough to be with another girl? As Kisha whispered into her ear she trembled as she felt Kisha’s fingers traveling inside the crack of her ass down to the bottom. She was so aroused now she didn’t even laugh nervously she just said no. Kisha quickly asked but want to be don’t you?

Karen was very aroused. She could feel her nips were very swollen and sensitive the material of her bra rubbing against her nips made her tremble. Kisha fingers exploring her ass like no one ever did so aroused her. Part of her so wanted to say yes hoping Kisha would take her somewhere private and make love to her. She could rationalize that doing it with a girl was not cheating. But part of her was afraid of how much she might like it. She hesitated to answer. Kisha squeezed both of her nice round ass and Karen gulp out a yes.

Kisha took her hands out from under Karen’s dress and put and arm around her waist. She told Karen she had an apartment a few blocks away. As they walked outside and headed to Kisha’s place Karen could feel the cool night air going up under her dress along with Kisha’s hand. The cool air made her bare pussy tingle. As Kisha’s fingers finding their way back into the crack, her whole body start to tingle with excitement. As they walked Kisha used her other hand to reach up under the front of Karen’s dress and start to rub her pussy. Kisha quickly fond Karen’s hood and squeezed the labia around it and start to gently tug on it. Karen let out a moan. Kisha whispered into Karen’s ear you want to so badly don’t you? She did but was afraid to say it. No one ever touch her there and it felt so good, she kept moaning as they walked and Kisha kept working her hood.

Kisha’s apartment was over a small store the entrance was up an ally. When they got to the apartment ground floor door Kisha positioned Karen in front of the front door. With er left hand she kept working Karen’s hood pinching the labia around it, gently tugging on it. She want to know how far could she go with this sexy little redhead.

She used her right hand to unzip Karen’s dress. She started kissing Karen’s neck and shoulders as she push the dress off Karen’ shoulders. The dress fell to where Kisha’s hand was working her clit. Karen was more aroused than she had ever been. She was a little worried abut how aroused she was there in the ally with her dress down around her pussy in front and below her bare ass in the back. She said please don’t do this to me here take me inside.

Kisha was so pleased about how well this was going how aroused Karen was. She reach up and unhooked her bra saying I know you want this. Show me you want this. Let me undress you here and we will go inside and I will give you a night to remember. Once the the bra was unhook she quickly got it off Karen and let go of her hood to let the dress fall to the ground. Kisha unlocked her door and guided Karen in and quickly snatched up the dress closing the door behind her. She turn Karen and kissed her pressing her tongue Karen’s mouth. She felt Karen sucking at her tongue.

When the kiss ended she guided Karen up the steps. At the top of the steps Karen was pushed against the wall. Kisha began cupping and kneading Karen’s breasts. As Kisha worked Karen’s breasts she told her how nice and big her tits were. How round and full and firm as she squeezed them. The harder they were squeezed the more her arousal. Kisha took a hold of her nipples and start to gently twist and pull on them. They were nice and swollen. The areola and nipples were cherry red. Karen could feel her nipple throbbing in Kisha’s fingertips. Steve never did this to her breasts. Steve never called them tits, never squeezed hard never worked her nips like this. Listening to Kisha talking about her big tits talking about her ass about how it stuck out to the rear and looked so big. She moved to the side of Karen and continued to pull and twist one nipple and smack Karen’s ass. Talking to her about her ass. How is was not wide but stuck out the rear, how her ass looks so big and sexy in her tight white dress.

She kept smacking Karen’s ass. Each smack came sooner and harder Kisha was spanking her and talking dirty to her about her big tits and how her ass was so nice and big. As the spanking and nipple twisting continued and the dirty talk added to Karen’s arousal Kisha could see cum bubbling out her Karen’s pussy and dripping down her thighs. Suddenly Karen’s pussy exploded and a thick stream of cum shot out of her. It looked like she was peeing but it was cum.

Kisha pushed her back against the wall and began sucking on her nips first the left one then the right one. She sucked and sucked at her sucking her harder and longer than Steve ever did. She squirted again this time it when all over Kisha’s dress. Kisha stopped nursing her and got her dress off. Kisha did not have a bra on. Her breasts were probably 34d her nips were large and thick and dark brown almost black. She quickly took off her white lace panties. Karen and Kisha both had landing strips. Kisha move forward and went down on her knees. She reached around Karen holding on to her ass pulling her into her pressing her tongue into Karen’s pussy. Licking and sucking at her. She could feel Karen responding, squirming, moaning. She began to hump against her face. Karen felt consumed with lust. She was humping against her face like she had dry hump once with Steve.

By comparison that was fake sex this was so real. She looked down watching Kisha’s pretty face kissing, licking, sucking at her pussy. She never bad anything in her pussy now it was a tongue of another girl and she loved it. She was humping against her face feeling her tongue sliding in and out of her pussy, like a cock would. Karen was shaking moaning more like screaming with pleasure like never before. Again her pussy exploded she squirting into Kisha’s mouth and all over her face.

Kisha stood up and put her hand on Karen’s neck and moved her face to her breasts. Saying now it is your turn to feel what it is like to suck on my black tit. She pressed her dark brown nipple into Karen’s mouth and Karen stated sucking, it just seem so natural. Nurse a breast and doing to Kisha as Kisha kept say yes baby suck on my black boob. She push Karen face away and held it near her other boob. You like sucking on my black boobs don’t you? When Karen did not respond right away Kisha pinched one of her nips and Karen quickly said yes. You want to suck on the other one don’t you? Karen did not wait for her nipple to be pinch she said yes right away. And Kisha pull her face to her nipple and Karen gobbled it up. She really did like nursing. She thought about Steve, if she married him she was sure he would want her to suck his cock and that meant letting him shoot a load of sperm into her mouth. The though did not seem appealing and sucking on Kisha beautiful black boobs was so good and no sperm.

Kisha took ahold of Karen’s shoulders. She push her away and looked at Karen’s face she could see that she was consumed with lust the little blue pill had done its job. She push on Karen’s shoulders and push her down on her knees. She found herself looking right at Kisha’s pussy. Like her Kisha has a landing strip but of black hair. She had more labia. She was so close to her. As she took each breathe she took in Kisha’s scent and added even more to her arousal. Kisha slowly began to move Karen’s face closer to her pussy, saying you know you want to be naughty you know you want to taste pussy. You know you want to eat my black pussy the same way I ate your white pussy. As Kisha pressed Karen against her pussy she instinctively kiss it and as Kisha’s pussy was dripping wet she could not help but taste her. It had a meaty pungent taste, she like it and started to suck at Kisha’s pussy.

As she kept sucking at Kisha’s pussy she got more and more of Kisha’s cum. She got more and more aroused. She used her fingers to open Kisha’s pussy she saw it was nice and pink inside just like hers but it did not taste like hers. She had lick her own cum off her fingers when she had rubbed her own pussy. Kisha tasted so different so good.

She kept sucking at Kisha for more cum. Eating Kisha became like a feeding frenzy for Kisha’s cum. Kisha held her head and told her to open her mouth wide. As Karen did what she was told Kisha said, I am go to cum big time in your mouth. Kisha push her pussy hard against Karen’s face and flooded her mouth with warm sexy cum.

Karen tried to swallow it all but there was to much so leaked out of the corners of her mouth and dripped down her face on to her tits. She reached down and start rubbing Kisha cum all over her tits. It made her feel so sexy so naughty so slutty. As she remain on her knees she felt her mouth her face become numb with excitement from Kisha’s cum and it triggered a orgasm in her and squirted again all over the floor. Kisha reach down taking a hold of Karen’s tits like they were handles and lifted her up by them to her feet.

She reached behind Karen smacked her big ass and said you really liked being naughty with me tonight didn’t you. When Karen hesitated her ass got smack again hard on the other cheek. Karen quickly said yes. You liked being naughty with me, walking down here with my hands under your dress stripping you at my door in the ally. Kisha did not wait for an answer smack Karen right cheek again hard. Karen gulped out a yes. You liked it rough when I pulled and twisted those big nips and spanked your big ass. Karen said yes but got her left ass cheek smacked anyway.

Kisha walked her over toward a couch and put her on her knees and knelt down beside her. She told Karen to put her shoulder down to the floor. Karen did what she was told and Kisha smacked her again saying, put that big ass high up in the air. Karen did what she was told. Karen had no idea what might happen next but somehow doing what Kisha told her added to her arousal.

Kisha put one arm around Karen’s waist and start to spank her with the other hand. Saying you have been such a naughty girl to night. Letting me finger you on the side walk, stripping you in the ally. Letting me make love to and your making love back. You on your knees eating my black pussy. You like that a lot didn’t you? Karen could hardly believe she was there naked with her shoulders to the floor and ass up in the air letting Kisha spank her hard as hell. At first it just hurt but now each hit stings but in between the stings there is a burst of pleasure. When Kisha ask if she like eating her black pussy a lot she said yes. When Kisha ask you like my spanking your big white ass don’t you? She did not hesitate to say yes.

She gave Karen’s one more really hard smack and said don’t move stay in that position. Kisha walk away and Karen stayed there naked with her shoulder to the floor her ass up in the air. Staying in this position was so degrading so humiliating and somehow so arousing she could feel cum still bubbling out of her pussy running down her thighs.

Kisha knelt behind her gave her ass a few more smacks commenting on her nice big white ass and how it looked nice and red. She put one arm around her waist and suddenly she felt something, it was touching her pussy. Something rubbing against her labia. She froze she felt the tip of it slip into her labia. She yelp please no don’t do this to me. But once Kisha had the tip in she pushed it all the way in. Karen gave out another yelp.

Kisha started fucking her nice and slow. She asked if Steve’s cock was this big if he fucked her as well. Karen told her she was a virgin, but not anymore. Kisha kiss her back and started fucking her faster. Well baby I don’t have a real cock. So you are still a virgin. When you let Steve or some other guy stick his cock in you it will be your first cock and you wont be a virgin any more. As she kept fucking Karen she kept telling her that making love with her eating her black pussy letting her fuck her like this is not cheating on Steve. She told Karen that a lot married women have a girl friend. Either because they can not get enough sex from their husband or because it is so much better with a woman.

As Kisha kept talking she fucked Karen faster and faster. Karen had cum once and now her pussy exploding and cum started seeping out around the strappy then Kisha pulled it out of her. She smack Karen hard on the ass and said stay there.

When Kisha comes back she is wearing a blouse and jeans. She has Karen standup. She help Karen get her dress on, saying, you don’t need a bra to walk to the dorm from here this late at night. She zipped up the dress. And they walked down the step to the ally again.

Once in the ally Kisha said I want you to look naughty and sexy. She had Karen put her hands behind her back she tied then with a plastic tie you would use to hold wires together. She pulled each of Karen’s tits out of the top of the dress, saying that looks so much sexier. She sucked a little on each nip and pinch each one with her teeth. Karen let out a yelp. She rolled the back of Karen’s dress up and held it in place with clothes pins. She told Karen she wanted her big red ass to show. She gave it a few smacks. Karen could feel her pussy beginning to leak again. She took 4 more of the spring loaded clothes pins and put them on Karen’s tits. Two on each side of her nipples. Kisha said that looks so sexy.

She put her arm around Karen’s waist and started walking her the 8 blocks to her dorm. It was after 3am and not likely anyone who see them but Kisha told Karen if anyone walked by she wanted her to smile at the person and say good morning. Letting the person see what a naughty dirty girl she was. The cool night air against her naked skin, her tits, her ass, her pussy added to her arousal. Walking down the street no mater what time it was with her tits hanging out with clothes pins on them her pussy and ass exposed, she felt so degraded so humiliated so sexually aroused. As she walked the clothes pins moved causing a burst of pain and in between each burst of pain there was a burst of pleasure.

Now as they were almost through the second block she felt Kisha put two fingers in her pussy. Getting fingered as she walk totally exposed made her squirm more and make the clothes pins move more. More pain more pleasure. She could hear the noise of Kisha’s finger sloshing in and out of her very wet pussy.

As they entered the fourth block Karen had to stop walking and her pussy exploded again shooting a thick stream of cum out. Kisha laugh saying it looks like you are peeing.

When Karen stopping squirting Kisha quickly slipped two fingers back into Karen’s pussy. As they walk the last 4 blocks Kisha made her admit several times that she liked making love with her. She loved the rough sex that she like walking home like this. She came again hard just short of the door of the dorm. Kisha asked if there would be someone at the front desk of the dorm Karen said yes. Kisha asked if she want to walk in like this so the person could see her this way? Karen said no please no. Kisha asked what would you do for me to have me let you walk in with your dress up and tits tuck in? Karen said anything, anything you want. Kisha pushed Karen down on her knees right in front of the dormitory door. Eat the black pussy you love the taste of and I will untie you.

Karen licked and sucked at Kisha’s pussy. She really did love the taste of her pussy. She could not help but think 9 hours ago she was straight and a virgin. If Steve had kept their date all that would have happed was after the party they would have gone back to her room and Steve would have gotten to suck on her tits. Because he canceled she has been used and abused by Kisha. Fingered on the sidewalk as they walk to Kisha’ place maybe some one saw that. Being stripped in the ally before going in to the apartment. Being used and humiliating in the apartment. Being made to suck on tits eat pussy again and again. She was walked home with her ass and pussy totally exposed her tits hanging out with clothes pins on them, hands tied behind her back, being fingers. So degrading humiliating. Now on her knees eating Kisha pussy right in front of the main door of the dorm. Yes it is late but anyone walking in or out now would not only see her like this but would probably know her.

As Kisha came in her mouth and all over her face it trigger another powerful orgasm in her and her pussy squirted again. Kisha stood her up using her tits like handles. She took the clothes pins off her tits. As much as it hurt when Kisha put them on it hurt more when they cam off. Then she tuck her tits back into the dress. Opened the clothes pins hold the front of her dress up. It felt down covering her well used pussy. Kisha walked behind her gave her a few smack on her ass she got down on her knees and gave each cheek a few kisses and run her tongue into Karen’s ass crack and ran it from the bottom to the top. She opened the clothes pins holding the dress up and it rolled down over her ass. Then Kisha grabbed her hair and made her admit again that she loved what she did with Kisha and what Kisha did to her. After she admitted that she loved jt all especially eating black pussy she let go of her hair and untied her hands. She smack Karen’s ass one last time and said go to bed sweet cheeks you need your rest.

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