Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

I figured I had it all planned. I had packed the clothes I wanted to take, emptied my savings account and I was gonna hitchhike all the way to fucking California. L.A.to be specific. Hollywood if you wanted to be specific specific. Fuck my abusive stepdad, fuck my drunk loser mom, I was eighteen now and I was so out of here! I had waited ’till stepdad was at work and mom was too drunk to notice me leaving, 1:30 in the afternoon to be specific again. Now I was standing on the shoulder of highway 95 trying to get a ride. Some guy in an old Ford had dropped me off here in a motel parking lot after giving me a ride from my hometown, Jordan Valley, which I hoped never to see again. There wasn’t much traffic and I really hoped I was gonna get another ride today. I had a few hundred dollars but I really didn’t wanna start spending it here on a motel. I needed that money when I got to L.A.
I heard the roar of their engines before I saw them. There were at least thirty of them, bikers. They were all riding very loud Harleys and the noise was deafening. I even forgot to put my thumb up. They stopped anyway. They guy on the bike in front of me was a seriously good looking guy, a bit older than me, early twenties. He looked me up and down. I was wearing skintight jeans, cowboy boots, a tight tanktop and a short black leather jacket. I had my blond hair in a ponytail. He looked at my bag and then finally met my eyes. “Hi”, he said, “where you headed?” “L.A.”, I answered. “Hop on”, he smiled. He took my bag and threw it to another biker who put it in his saddlebags, if that’s what they’re called. I climbed in front of the guy who offered me the ride, facing him. Just like that hot girl at the end of the Harley Davidson-Marlboro man movie. “I’m Bobbi”, I yelled in his ear as the bike roared onto the highway. “Mike”, he smiled. Mike had a really nice smile I decided.
Two hours later we rode in to Winnemuca. We rode in to a street with big three and four storey warehouses. Suddenly we turned left and rode in to a warehouse. There were maybe two hundred bikes parked to the left and right of the entrance. I got off the bike and stretched. “Come”, Mike said. “End of the ride for today.” I followed him to the corner where we went up a flight of stairs to the first floor. It looked like a giant pool hall, but much nicer. Comfortable couches were everywhere. There was a big bar that looked like it stocked every brand of whiskey and tequila known to mankind. There were two girls wearing nothing but tiny bikinis working behind the bar. Well, it was a biker’s headquarters, I figured. There were also at least two dozen big dogs just walking around or lying on the floor. I followed Mike to the bar and sat down on the stool next to him. “Two chili’s and whiskeys, honey”, he said to the girl behind the bar. Moments later our dinner arrived. I hadn’t realized how hungry I was, but I did when I swallowed my last spoon full of chili and saw Mike looking at me. His bowl was still half full. He didn’t say anything though, just finished his chili while I sipped my whiskey. My first ever whiskey. It burned down my throat and I couldn’t understand why someone would drink this stuff of their own volition. Of course I wasn’t about to let Mike know this, so I just kept sipping. I must admit it created a very pleasant glow all through my body. When I finished my second whiskey I was leaning against Mike and giggling. A part of me was really worried about all this and figured I was in deep shit, being drunk and surrounded by bikers. The giggling drunk part just figured Mike was a nice guy and everything would be alright. Suddenly Mike just lifted me up and carried me towards the stairs. I wrapped an arm around his neck, brought my mouth to his ear and whispered, “oooh, you’re so strong!”, and collapsed giggling like a lunatic.
Mike carried me up a flight of stairs, I looked over his shoulder and saw a big wolfhound following us. We arrived at the third floor and there was a very long corridor. On the left and right were doors. We went through the eleventh door on the right. I know because the number eleven was written in black on the door. Mike had a really nice room. A big bed, a table and some easy chairs. Posters of naked chicks on Harleys on the walls. He put me on my feet, but I had some difficulty with my balance so I held on to him. He led me to the bed. I was getting a little bit nervous. I wasn’t a virgin, my fucking stepdad had taken care of that problem for me. But that didn’t mean I wanted to get fucked on my first night out of Jordan Valley by some biker guy I didn’t even know. Even if he had a nice smile. I giggled and sat down on the bed. The room spun around and then went dark.
I moaned…uuhhmmmm, it felt so good. I spread my legs a little wider. Then I woke up and looked down the bed. Between my legs, licking my pussy was the wolfhound that had followed us up the stairs. I gasped in shock. This was wrong! Completely wrong! Dogs weren’t supposed to do that! And it wasn’t supposed to feel this good either! I tried to push the dog away. He growled and I stiffened. I also stopped pushing. The dog kept licking. His big tongue swept up from my ass to my clit with each lick. “Aaauuuhhhmmmm..” I moaned again. Damn, how could it feel this good? The dog licked and as my pussy got wetter he really started working on licking it. I spread my legs as wide as I could. I felt the dog’s tongue going all the way in my pussy and then rake my clit. I felt that tingle low in my belly that warned that an orgasm was on its way. “Ooh yes, doggie, lick me good”, I moaned. I pinched my own nipples and licked my lips. I knew this was wrong, but it just felt so good that I couldn’t resist anymore. And no one was ever gonna know anyway. I moaned again, “ooh yes doggie, lick my cunt! Make me cum!” My orgasm hit me like a train wreck. The dog just kept licking up all my juice and I just kept coming. After continually coming for ten minutes or so I managed to pull the duvet between me and the dog. The dog sat down, looking disappointed and I lay on the bed, sweating and gasping. Damn, that was the best and longest lasting orgasm I had ever had.
I looked around the room, light was streaming in from behind the curtains. I was naked, obviously. Mike must have taken my clothes off. I remembered fuck all from the moment I sat down on the bed. I saw a door ajar and through it I could see a small bathroom. I wrapped the duvet around me and walked in to the bathroom, closing the door behind me. I relieved myself and took a long hot shower. I needed the time to think. I knew that what had happened was wrong. Just as wrong as what my stepdad had done to me. I felt ashamed that I had enjoyed it so much. Just like I had felt ashamed when my stepdad had made me cum. At least here nobody would know. At home that had always been the worst. My stepdad’s knowing looks. When I had toweled myself off I went back into the room and found my bag. The dog was now just lying on the floor looking at me. I opened my bag. I put on a leather miniskirt and tight leather top. I pulled my cowboy boots on. I did my make-up. Looking in the mirror I decided I would fit right in. I left the room and went down the stairs, the big dog following me. I walked up to the bar and asked the girl behind it if she had seen Mike. “He went out a while ago. He’ll be back. You want breakfast?” “Yes please”, I smiled.


I had finished my breakfast when two girls came walking up and sat down either side of me. Both were stunningly beautiful and dressed in micro skirts, thigh high “fuck me” boots and bikini tops. “Hi, I’m Djamila”, the one on my left said. “And I’m Kimberly”, added the one on my right. “Hi, I’m Bobbi”, I replied. “Yeah, you came in with Mike”, said Djamila, “but he is away on business. Might be a couple of days ’till he’s back. He asked us to take care of you.” “Well, I don’t think I will stay that long, I want to go to L.A.”, I said. Kimberly looked at me and frowned. “Please don’t tell me you’re going to Hollywood to be an actress..! “And why not?”, I answered. “Because… of all the thousands of girls who tried that pretty much all of them ended up either waiting tables or sucking cock”, Djamila said. “And we would really hate to see that happen to you”, Kimberly added. “Why would you even care? You don’t even know me!”, I said. “True that”, Kimberly answered, “but if you stayed here, there is a chance we could become really good friends!” she smiled.
I looked at her. She had a really nice smile. So did Djamila. “Well, I guess I’m not really in a hurry…” I mumbled. “Good, come on, we’ll show you around”, Djamila said as she wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me of my barstool. Djamila and Kimberly showed me the whole “lounge”, as they called it, which is where everybody hung out and had their meals, got drunk and played pool. They introduced me to some of the bikers and some of the girls. All the while the big wolfhound kept following us around. “That’s Geronimo”, Kimberly said, “he seems to like you.” I remained silent as I softly stroked his big head. We ended up back in Mike’s room with a bottle of red wine. I sat on the bed, Djamila was sitting next to me while Kimberly was giving me a backrub. I felt a little awkward receiving a backrub from a girl as sexy as her, whom I had just met an hour or so ago. However, we were all girls and it felt really nice and relaxing. I took a couple of sips from the bottle and passed it to Djamila who took a sip and passed it back. I drank some more and passed it over my shoulder to Kimberly. Geronimo was lying at my feet. I had just explained what a humongous asshole my stepdad was when Kimberly pulled me back so I ended up lying on my back on the bed. She leaned down and kissed me on the lips. I was a bit shocked as I had never been kissed on the lips by a girl before. Her lips were really soft, and she smelled great. I looked up into her blue eyes and smiled. She kissed me again and I felt her tongue push against my lips. My lips parted and her tongue entered my mouth and found mine. We French kissed for a few minutes, as I relaxed I discovered I really liked kissing Kimberly, so when she broke the kiss off I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back down. She smiled and as our tongues met again I felt Djamila push up my skirt and pull down my thong. By now I was getting horny and Kimberly’s tongue was searching for my tonsils, so I found it difficult to object. I moaned as I felt Djamila’s tongue lick my pussy lips, and then my clit. I arched my back and moaned as she kept licking my pussy. “Aaauuoonnnnmmm”, this felt so good. Kimberly broke off the kiss and I moaned again. Kimberly pulled on the string that held my leather top together and that ran down the front of it. I always liked that you saw a fair bit of skin through the lacing. She pulled the string completely out and folded my top open exposing my tits. She bent down and sucked my left nipple into her mouth. Then Djamila sucked my right nipple into her mouth and they let their tongues play with my nipples and then biting into them. I moaned. Suddenly I felt a very large tongue licking my pussy and I realized Geronimo had joined the fun. I tried to sit up and mumbled something, but Djamila pushed me back down and said, “just enjoy it, honey, he is much better at licking pussy then I am”. He sure was and I almost immediately felt the tingling that meant an orgasm was on its way. It was just the horniest feeling ever to have both these beautiful girls biting on my nipples while Geronimo licked my pussy. Still, I felt my cheeks glowing red with the shame that these two beauties would know that I let a dog bring me to orgasm. Then my orgasm hit and I arched my back. “Uuungghhhh”, I sort of yelled through clenched teeth. Both girls really bit down hard on my nipples and the pain added to my pleasure in a way that I can’t describe. I shivered and trembled my way through an orgasm that must have lasted at least 2 minutes. Then I lay on the bed panting with Djamila and Kimberly on either side of me and alternately kissing one and then the other. Geronimo was standing beside the bed looking at us. That’s when Kimberly said, “we really should return the favor, don’t you think?” I remained silent, not quite sure what she meant, but Djamila said, “that’s an excellent idea!” She patted the bed while she said, “Come on, Geronimo.”
Geronimo took one leap and was on the bed standing directly over me. As I looked up I saw his big red veiny cock hanging out of its sheath. He was already leaking pre cum which dripped onto my tits. Djamila and Kimberly acted like this was normal and I didn’t want to seem like a child or a prude to them so I just lay there and let the pre cum drip down onto my tits. Kimberly licked some of the pre cum from my tits and then kissed me. Her kiss tasted salty. “Come on, Djamila said, “you’re the one whose pussy got licked!” “I don’t know, what do I do?”, I asked, not sure if I wanted to do this, but definitely very intrigued and, oh yes, very horny! Djamila grabbed Geronimo’s cock behind the big knot at the base and brought it towards my mouth. “You suck it, honey, that’s what cocks are for!” The pointed tip sprayed pre cum in my face, on my lips. I hesitantly opened my mouth and Djamila guided the big slimy dog cock into my mouth. I stuck out my tongue and licked along it. It felt soft and smooth and hard at the same time. I closed my mouth around it, tasted the pre cum, and softly sucked the dog’s cock further into my mouth. Djamila pulled it back, pushed it back in and then pulled it out of my mouth altogether. The pre cum spurted in my face. I opened my mouth and Djamila guided the dog’s cock back in to my mouth again. Kimberly started licking my pussy and I moaned. Djamila started to fuck my mouth with Geronimo’s big veiny dog cock. I knew this was wrong, that I shouldn’t do this, but I was overcome by lust and Djamila and Kimberly acted as if this was normal for them, so I didn’t know how to stop it. I felt Geronimo stiffen and then he exploded into my mouth. There was way too much slimy dog cum to swallow it all so I opened my mouth and spit it out. Of course it all ended up on my chest and tits… Djamila pulled the spurting cock out of my mouth and let Geronimo shoot jet after jet of his slimy cum into my face and open mouth. Kimberly kept tongueing my pussy and I came with an intensity that was way beyond anything I had ever experienced. I shivered and trembled while Djamila kept fucking my mouth with Geronimo’s dog cock and using it to spread the slimy dog cum all over my face. Finally she let go of Geronimo’s cock and Kimberly stopped licking my pussy and opened the door to let him out. “Well done honey, like a full on dogslut!”, Djamila said to me. Again I felt my cheeks glow with the shame as I looked up at these two beautiful girls, who had seen me suck a dog cock and swallow a dog’s slimy seed. They high-fived each other, looked at me lying on the bed, and laughed. “We’ll leave you to catch your breath, and to get another bottle of wine!”, Kimberly laughed. They left the room and I lay on the bed, confused. I had had the most intense orgasms ever, doing something which I knew to be totally wrong. I felt the dog cum drying on my face, saw with my mind’s eye again that big slimy dog cock and I couldn’t help myself, but I knew this was not the last time I had sucked a dog cock.


When I woke up it was near dusk. Shit, I must have drifted off. My whole face felt stiff. Oh God, I had sucked off Geronimo… and Djamila and Kimberly had been there to see it… in fact, it had been their idea. I got off the bed and walked into the little bathroom and looked in the mirror. There was dried dog cum all over my face. It came away in little white flakes. Oh God, I thought again, what had I done? What if Djamila and Kimberly had told everybody? Still, I felt my pussy get wet as I looked in the mirror and remembered the feeling of Geronimo’s dog cock in my mouth, his slimy cum on my face… I turned on the shower and got in. It took me half an hour to get clean, I toweled off and got out of the shower. I walked into the room naked, not expecting anybody to be there. Djamila was sitting in one of the chairs. “Hi honey! You were great!” she said. She got up and walked up to me and kissed me on the mouth. Her tongue entered my mouth and explored my mouth. She was a great kisser and I was disappointed when she broke off the kiss after only thirty seconds or so. She looked in my eyes. “I understand if you’re a bit nervous, but don’t worry. Here we all do as we please, you can get as kinky as you like and nobody will give a fuck. Or everybody will fuck you! If that’s what you want, that is. We’re free. No parents or family or cops, screw society and its conventions! You yourself can decide what’s right or wrong for you! Our motto is, “try anything and if it feels good do it again as often as you like!”
“Here, I have this dress that will look fabulous on you, try it!” she said. It was a loose fitting black satin dress that barely covered my ass. It felt wonderful on my skin. I started to look around for panties but Djamila said “Come on, do your make-up! I’m thirsty! What do you need panties for anyway?”
I headed back into the bathroom and did my make-up. We left the room and went to the lounge and joined Kimberly who was sitting on a couch sipping from a wineglass. “Wow Bobbi, you look awesome!” she whispered in my ear as I sat down next to her. “Thanks”, I mumbled. Djamila and Kimberly were being so nice that it made me a bit self-conscious. How was it that these two beautiful girls went out of their way to be nice to me? Nobody had ever been this nice to me, not even my own family…
Kimberly poured me a glass of wine and then passed the bottle to Djamila. I sipped my wine and looked around. There were lots of bikers hanging around, 60 or 70 or so, eating or playing pool or just lounging. There were girls too, but not as many, there was maybe one girl for every five bikers, but every single one of them was as beautiful as Djamila and Kimberly. One of the biker guys came up to us and said to Kimberly “You lost honey, the Lakers won again!” “Well crap! You want me to pay up now or later?” Kimberly asked. “Now would be good, I’m horny as all fuck!” the biker said. “Whatever Biggie…” Kimberly answered as she slid off the couch and sat on her knees in front of him. Biggie, apparently that was the guys name, lowered his pants and Kimberly took his cock in her left hand and started licking it. I looked on in amazement as she started to suck his cock which quickly grew to an impressive 8 inches long and almost three thick. We were quickly surrounded by bikers who hooted and yee-hawed. Kimberly was an expert cocksucker and was even able to deepthroat that monster. Every time Biggie pulled his cock out of her mouth after she had had it all the way down her throat there were slimy strands between her mouth and his cock and the slime ran down her chin. Djamila whispered something in my ear. Being pre-occupied with the fact that Kimberly was giving Biggie a public blowjob it took a while before the words registered.
Kimberly liked to bet on sports games, but she usually got it wrong. Not really having any money she always paid with sex. I felt my pussy getting wet just watching Kimberly suck on that big cock, but still managed to ask what Kimberly lived on if she didn’t have any money. Djamila explained to me that none of the girls really had any money. Some of the bikers might give a couple of twenties to a girl, but that was it. The girls made lots of money for the bikers though and were well taken care of in turn. I was getting curious in what way the girls made money but didn’t get the chance to ask because Djamila kissed me. I opened my mouth and our tongues met and wrestled for what seemed too short a time. I felt the flush in my cheeks as I realized that here I was making out with a girl while we were surrounded by bikers. I remembered what Djamila had said about being free and doing what felt good. Kissing Djamila sure felt good. I felt her hand go under my dress and her fingers pinch my clit. “Uuuhhhmmmm”, I moaned. I felt first one finger slide in to my pussy and then another. “UUHHMMMM”, I moaned again. Damn, I was so wet! Biggie pulled his cock out of Kimberly’s mouth and groaned as he shot load after load of his cum into her face. I watched as Djamila continued to finger my pussy. When Biggie was done Kimberly sucked his dick clean and then crawled over to where we were sitting on the couch. She looked at us and said “If you want some you can lick it off!” Djamila took me by the hand and together we slid off the couch and kneeled down in front of Kimberly. Djamila slowly licked a mouthful of cum from Kimberly’s left cheek. I looked into Kimberly’s eyes as she fisted her hand in my hair and slowly pulled my face towards hers. I stuck out my tongue and licked a mouthful of cum from her right cheek. The surrounding crowd of bikers hooted and hollered. They sure liked the show they were getting. Djamila and I continued licking the cum of Kimberly’s face until she was clean. Then we kissed and our tongues met and wrestled in our cum filled mouths. I felt incredibly slutty, but also sexier than I had ever felt.
“Come on, eat my cunt!”, Djamila whispered to me as she laid back on the couch. I slowly approached her pussy and started licking the insides of her thighs. She wasn’t wearing panties so all she had to do was pull up her skirt. I licked her snatch. It tasted like heaven. Djamila spread her legs and I stuck my tongue deep in her pussy and started licking. I continued eating her out while Djamila moaned in pleasure. She fisted both her hands in my hair and held my face in place as she started grinding her pussy into my mouth. Suddenly I felt a great hairy weight on my back, sharp claws digging into my sides and something wet and big humping my backside. Djamila held on tight so I couldn’t move or scream. “Relax! It’s Geronimo! He’s gonna give you the best fuck of your life!”, Kimberly whispered in my ear. Oh God, oh God, Oh God! Everybody was watching me getting mounted by a dog! Geronimo weighed a lot more than me and there was no way I could move. Djamila still had her hands fisted in my hair and was grinding her pussy into my face so I also couldn’t yell or scream. Geronimo’s big dog cock found my wet pussy and he pushed it all the way in, in one fierce shove. He started fucking me at a great speed. I felt completely filled up. I heard Djamila yell as she came in my mouth. I licked up all her juices, I felt so horny that even as I felt that my cheeks were a bright red from the shame, I didn’t care anymore that I was publicly being fucked by a big dog.
Djamila moved away and when I looked up I saw Kimberly was on the couch as well, being fucked in her ass by another biker. The sight of a big cock sliding in and out of her anus and the sound of her moans made me even hornier if that was at all possible. “UHNG, UHNG, UHNG!”, I heard myself groan with each stroke of Geronimo’s big dog cock. “Damn, he’s really making her his bitch!”, I heard one of the bikers laugh. I felt my belly glow with the shame of what was happening to me. Kimberly and Djamila had sort of tricked me into all this, and here I was being dogfucked while a whole crowd was watching. God, I was the whore my stepdad had always said I was! Worse even. Even my stepdad would never have imagined me getting dogfucked in public. And fuck, I liked it! I liked the feeling of being watched, the feeling of shame added an extra tingling in my belly. The biker yelled as he came and filled up Kimberly’s ass with his slimy sperm. As he pulled out and I saw the cum flow from Kimberly’s ass I knew I wanted to completely debase myself, lick it up and give these bikers a real show. I started crawling towards Kimberly, pulling Geronimo with me. That would not have been possible had he resisted but he was kind enough to hold on and walk with me on his hind legs. Damn beast didn’t even miss a stroke! Kimberly saw me coming and God, she was beautiful, as she lay there. Her legs spread, cum running from her gaping ass and the afterglow shining from her eyes! I reached her and stuck out my tongue and started licking up all of the bikers cum. Everybody started hooting and hollering. “Oh yesss, baby! Lick my ass! Lick my fucking ass!”, Kimberly moaned. That was exactly what I was doing. I stuck my tongue in her ass as deep as it would go, then put my mouth on her ass and sucked and was rewarded with a mouthful of slimy cum. I moved back and sat up as far as I could with Geronimo still fucking me. I opened my mouth and let my tongue play through the cum, showing everybody what a depraved slut I was. I saw several bikers taking pictures or filming with their mobiles and some even had little cameras, to record the action. I swallowed all of the cum and showed them my empty mouth. My eyes fell on the biker who had assfucked Kimberly and was still sitting on the couch, his semi stiff cock resting on his thigh. He looked at me with wonder in his eyes. I guess even these bikers didn’t see eighteen year old sluts behaving like this every day. I started crawling again, towards him, my eyes on his cock. It was streaked with brown, Kimberly’s shit. I licked his thigh, moved my face over his cock, smelling Kimberly’s shit, then licked his other thigh, working up the courage to take his dirty shit caked cock and lick it clean. The crowd was silent now, anxiously waiting for what I was gonna do. “UHNG, UHNG, UHNG, UHNG!”, I moaned again as Geronimo was still hammering away at my pussy. With my right hand I took the bikers slimy cock around the base. I licked along its length, the bitter taste of Kimberly’s shit filling my mouth. The bikers came alive, a roar of approval filling my ears. I took the bikers shit caked cock in my mouth and started sucking it. I looked up, straight in the lens of someone’s camera. I sucked that big cock all the way down my throat, bobbed up and down a couple of times and released it from my mouth perfectly clean, all the while looking in the guy’s lens. I felt Geronimo spasm and then he filled my belly with wave after wave of his slimy dog cum. It pushed me over the brink. All self-consciousness, that had held me back so far, vanished and my orgasm hit like an avalanche. It kept building and I kept coming until I was moaning, yelling and screaming for more. My pussy had been too tight so he hadn’t been able to knot me and as he pulled out I collapsed on the floor, a shivering mass of slut.
Kimberly and Djamila immediately wrapped their arms around me and started to softly cover me with kisses and whispering in my ear. “That was the awesomest thing I’ve seen in my whole life!”, Djamila whispered. “Damn girl, I think I love you!”, Kimberly added. She then proceeded to send all the bikers away. “Go on, get lost, you guys, show’s over! Now she needs some TLC, and you’re not the ones to give it!”
They helped me up and flanking me, we left the lounge and went to their room. They locked the door and we crawled into bed, where Djamila produced a bottle of wine. She took a few sips and handed the bottle to me. I also took a few sips and handed it to Djamila.
“By the way, I wanted to ask you, how do you girls make money for the bikers?”, I mumbled at Djamila. “I will tell you all about it tomorrow. For tonight just know that you are awesome!”, she answered. We drank some more wine, talked girl talk and had silly fun. I knew they had coerced, maybe even pressured me, into things I would have never done on my own but I had never felt so safe, so protected, so wanted, so appreciated.
I fell asleep with a warm glow in my stomach and a happy smile on my face.


I woke up and quickly decided that waking up in Djamila and Kimberly’s arms was not a bad thing. I lay quiet and enjoyed the feeling of their naked bodies next to mine, their arms around me. After a little while they stirred and woke up. We all showered and got dressed, then had breakfast in the lounge. I was a bit self-conscious, remembering the show I put on the evening before but nobody looked at me strangely. Some bikers greeted me, but nobody paid me any special attention. After breakfast we had coffee and then Djamila said “So, you still want to know how us girls earn our keep?” “Yeah. I reckon if I stay here much longer I better contribute…”, I replied.
“Movies, girl, movies”, Djamila said. “Oh yes, movies! And webcams too!”, Kimberly added. “And the occasional visit to a wealthy customer”, Djamila finished.
“I’m quessing you’re not talking Disney Channel stuff here…” I let the sentence hang in mid air.
“Oh no! Oh no! This is way more fun!”, Kimberly laughed. “Mostly BDSM and Zoo Porn, honey!”, Djamila added.
Damn, these girls were like twins, how they kept adding to each other’s sentences.
“You wanna watch one being made?”, Djamila asked.
“Just watch?”, I asked.
“Yeah, Larissa is on today. She’s a real sucker for pain”, Kimberly said. “Really likes dogs too”, Djamila added. “But you can’t just join in, we’ll have to watch from the booth”, Kimberly finished.
“Okay, sure. That sounds interesting”, I said, a little relieved. “Are you girls twins?”, I asked, “You don’t look alike…”
They both collapsed laughing. “No, but we’ve been best friends since kindergarten”, Djamila laughed.
“We better get up there, they’re starting to shoot in 20 minutes or so”, Kimberly said.
The three of us left the lounge and went up a flight of stairs. We were in a very big studio with different movie sets. Kimberly and Djamila led me to a set where there were chains hanging from the ceiling, a big cross against the wall and next to it hanging on medieval looking spikes was a large collection of whips, clamps and other stuff that looked like it could inflict a serious amount of pain. The walls themselves were made of concrete and looked dirty. We entered a booth, mostly made out of glass, and sat down on a big couch. There was a console filled with all kinds of technical machinery, supposedly for filming and recording. A biker entered the booth and greeted us. “Hi Bear!”, Djamila said.
I could see why he was called Bear, he was big, barrel chested and hairy. “Okay if we watch?”, Kimberly asked.
Bear grumbled something that I could just make out as “sureaslongasyourquiet…”
Two bikers entered the set leading a naked girl. She was 5”8, nice tits and beautiful long brown curly hair with golden highlights. She was absolutely stunningly beautiful. “That’s her, that’s Larissa”, Kimberly whispered in my ear.
The two bikers chained her wrist cuffs to chains hanging from the ceiling so she was stretched out, standing on her toes. One of them stepped to the wall and took something from a spike and walked back to Larissa. He put a nipple clamp on her left nipple, then her right. Larissa bit her lip and arched her back, but didn’t make a sound. The other guy stepped up with a riding crop in his hand. The whip whistled through the air and struck her ass with a loud “SMACK”. Larissa gasped, then moaned. The whip whistled through the air again and again. “SMACK, SMACK, SMACK”. Larissa gasped every time the whip hit her ass. She also moaned and looked directly at me through half closed lids and licked her lips. She was obviously enjoying herself. The guy kept whipping Larissa for at least fifteen minutes. Bear was looking at several screens, he was recording this from every angle. On one screen I could see that Larissa’s ass was now crisscrossed by red welts. On another screen I could see a close-up from Larissa’s really wet pussy. She was in fact so wet that the juice ran down her thighs. The bikers undid Larissa’s cuffs from the chain and made her kneel on the concrete floor. Then they opened a low sliding door in the wall and a big Rottweiler leapt out. He made a beeline for Larissa and mounted her without a moment’s hesitation. Apparently he knew his business because he immediately started humping and I saw Larissa gasp with each stroke. “UNGH, UNGH, UNGH, UNGH”, Larissa moaned as the big Rottweiler pumped his big cock into her pussy. I felt my own pussy get wetter and wetter. It didn’t take the Rottie long to come and as he filled Larissa’s pussy with his slimy cum Larissa came as well. “UNGH YESSSSFUCKME!”, she moaned. The dog was led away and another sliding door opened and big German Shepherd sped out. He was led to Larissa’s head however, where Larissa took his big red veiny cock behind the knot and started to lick it. On one of the screens I could see a close up of her face as she took the slimy dog cock in her mouth and started sucking it while she looked directly in the camera. After a couple of minutes the dog shot his first jet of cum into her mouth. She quickly pulled the dog’s cum spurting cock out of her mouth and let it shoot load after load of slimy dog cum into her face. She then used the dog’s cock to wipe the cum all over her face, all the while shamelessly looking directly into the camera. When the dog had been led away, one of the bikers pulled her half upright by her hair and said “You like that, don’t you, you dirty, filthy dog whore!” Both bikers then spit in her face a couple of times. Then they just turned around and left, leaving Larissa sitting on her knees, covered in dog cum and spit. Larissa looked directly at me, licked her lips and winked.
Bear shut off the cameras and the screens went black. “Showsovergetouttahere”, he grumbled.
We got up and left the booth. I walked over to Larissa, took her by her hands and pulled her up. She looked into my eyes as I kissed her on the lips. Her mouth opened and I tasted the dog cum in her mouth as we kissed. I broke off the kiss after a minute or so and whispered “that was a great show, I really liked it!”
“You should try it!”, she whispered back.
“I’m sure I’ll get my chance soon enough…”, I replied.
“I’d better go and get cleaned up. Talk later?” she asked.
“Definitely!”, I answered, I’ll see you in the lounge”.
I followed Djamila and Kimberly back to the lounge. I didn’t talk much. I was too busy imagining myself up there in the studio… I was wondering where I would draw the line? What would be too much, too kinky, too perverted for me?
I didn’t know, but I sure intended to find out!


That evening I was sitting in the lounge with Larissa. We were sipping wine and talking about making movies. Basically we were exploring what kind of movies I would like to star in. Larissa explained to me that often movies had a certain theme, like pain, humiliation, animal sex or sometimes a combination. Then she started asking me questions like “did I like to be spanked?”, did I like pain?”. I said I really didn’t know, that my asshole stepdad used to whip my ass with his belt when he was drunk and fucked up, that I hadn’t enjoyed that, although thinking back now the feeling of humiliation had always brought on a glowing feeling in my belly. She then asked me if I liked to be called names, did I like it when men called me a slut, when they came in my face, spit on me, pissed on me. I told Larissa that I had never been spit or pissed on but that yesterday I had been publicly dogfucked, I had sucked cum from Kimberly’s ass and sucked clean the cock of the biker who had assfucked her, that I had heard some guy remark that Geronimo was really making me his bitch. I had felt ashamed, but that feeling of shame had also been a tremendous turn-on.
I had looked at my hands lying in my lap as I told her this, wondering how I had turned into such a sex-minded slut in just a couple of days, but now I looked up into her eyes. She looked at me with a soft smile on her face. She leaned forward and our lips met. I opened my mouth as Larissa pressured her tongue against my lips. We kissed for a couple of minutes. When she broke the kiss off she got something out of her bag. It was a studded collar with the word “SLUT” on it. She fastened it around my neck. I felt my cheeks flush a bright red. Larissa had put a “SLUT” collar on me! Here I was sitting in the lounge surrounded by some 70 bikers, 20 beautiful girls, oh, and some big girl-fucking dogs, wearing nothing but the sheer satin dress Djamila had given me and my boots, and now I had a “SLUT” collar around my neck! I looked around and saw a couple of guys at the nearest pool table look at me with eyes that spoke volumes… They wanted to fuck me… probably all at the same time… And I was getting wet! Just the feeling of the collar around my throat and the looks the bikers had given me was enough to start a fire in my belly. A fire that needed a whole crew to get extinguished…
Just then Djamila and Kimberly joined us. “Hey Bobbi”, Djamila said. “Wazzup?”, Kimberly added. “Well we sort of established that Bobbi is a submissive slut”, Larissa said. I looked at all three girls silently, wondering if this was where they would all start laughing at the silly girl from Jordan Valley. “Your eyes are just begging for a seriously good fuck for sure!”, Kimberly said. “Don’t worry, we’ll take really good care of you, we’ll be your pimps!”, Djamila added while she smiled at me. Larissa handed Kimberly a leash which she clicked onto my collar. Then she led me to the pool playing bikers. “Hey”, she said, “Bobbi here needs some attention!” She handed the leash to the biggest of them and stepped back.
“So, you want to be our slut?”, he asked. I didn’t say anything, but I felt my cheeks glow with the shame. The guy yanked the leash and said, “I asked you a question, slut! You better damn well answer it!” “Yes, I want to be your slut…” I replied softly. “Good!”, he said. He pushed me towards one of the big couches. His two mates followed us. One of them stripped off his pants and laid down on the couch. He had a big cock standing at full attention. The guy holding my leash said, “Fuck him”. I quickly lowered myself onto the guy’s cock. “Better take that off”, the guy holding my leash said while he grabbed my dress. I stretched my arms above my head and he pulled the dress over my head. I was now naked except for the collar and my boots. I started riding and moaned. “UUUHHHMMMM”, it felt good to be filled up with cock. I felt someone push me forward and bent forward ‘till my breasts were touching the hairy chest of the guy whose cock I was riding. “Spread your ass open wide, slut!”, the biker behind me growled. I reached back and pulled my ass cheeks apart. I felt him push his cock into my ass. Slowly, inch by inch he pushed ‘till he was in to the balls. “UUUHHMMMM…..” I moaned again. Damn, this felt good. It felt even better as they started to fuck me, one sliding in as the other slid out. The guy fucking my ass grabbed my wrists and I felt somebody tie my arms together above my elbows. The biker holding my leash stepped closer and lowered his pants. He pushed his cock into my face. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. He pushed his cock all the way down my throat and wrapped the leash a couple of times around my throat. Then he started throatfucking me. I looked around and saw that a crowd had formed around us. Here I was, being fucked by three bikers whose names I didn’t even know, simultaneously, while a crowd was watching. I was exactly what my collar said, a slut. The guy fucking my anus slapped my ass hard. He then did it again, and again. My orgasm hit me like an avalanche. I wanted to yell, scream, but I could only moan past the cock in my mouth, “UUUHHHMMMM” ! The guys fucking me didn’t let up and I kept coming, one orgasm following another with no chance to catch my breath. Then I felt the guy below me tense up as he shot my cunt full of cum. Then the biker holding my leash came and filled my mouth with his sperm. I swallowed some but he pulled his cock out of my mouth and shot load after load of cum onto my face. He wiped his cock clean in my hair, let go of my leash and just walked away. The guy behind me yelled as he came in my ass. When he was done he pulled out and presented his dirty shit streaked cock to my face. I opened my mouth and licked him clean, loving the depravity of licking my own shit of the cock that just fucked my ass, as a crowd watched. My arms were released and I slid off the guy beneath me, still shivering from coming so hard, so long. I slid off the couch and onto my knees on the floor.
Geronimo pushed his way through the crowd and walked up to me. He sniffed my face and started to lick the cum off my face. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue, Geronimo just kept licking and we sort of French kissed. I could see the tip of his big red dog cock just peeking out from its sheath and crawled forward ‘till I could grab it behind the base. I licked along its length a couple of times, loving the feel of it. He just felt so strong and powerful, and for me, an eighteen year old girl to suck his big dog cock, it was so wrong, so depraved, and with the crowd watching me, the feeling of shame just added to my lust. I took Geronimo’s cock in my mouth and started sucking. I really wanted Geronimo to blast my face full of cum while everybody was watching. I wanted, needed, the shame of everybody knowing I was his bitch. I took his big dog cock all the way, deepthroating him. I heard some guys in the crowd remark what I slut I was, how they would love to tie me down and fuck me ‘till I could take no more. Geronimo shot his first load of cum down my throat and I quickly pulled his cock out of my mouth and he completely plastered my face with his slimy cum while I kept jacking him off. The dogcum dripped off my face and onto my tits. I released Geronimo’s cock and he slowly walked off.
I had not even had a chance to catch my breath when a big Rottweiler walked up, jumped onto my back and started humping me. I fell forward onto my hands and knees. I reached back and guided his cock into my ass. I felt him grab my waist as his big dog cock entered my ass and he started fucking me as only a dog can. “UNGH, UNGH, UNGH, UNGH”, I moaned as I already felt my orgasm build. Larissa grabbed my hair and tilted my face up. She smiled at me, then she spit in my face, again and again. I was shocked, I felt more humiliated than ever before. Three bikers joined her and they kept spitting in my face ‘till the spit ran down my face and onto my tits. “Open your slut-hole-mouth, you cunt!”, Larissa yelled. I was so shocked and humiliated that I didn’t even think. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. They kept spitting in my mouth, filling it up completely with their spit, ‘till my mouth overflowed. My cheeks were bright red with the humiliation and shame, while the crowd watched and yee-hawed. “Swallow it, you cunt!”, one of the bikers growled. I obediently did as I was ordered and swallowed their mouthful of spit. That’s when the Rottweiler came and pumped my ass full of his slimy dog cum. It was enough to push me over the edge again and I screamed as I came, “UNGHOHYESSSS, FUCKMEFUCKMEFUCKMEGODFUCKME!!!” The dog had not been able to knot me, my eighteen year old ass just wasn’t big enough. He pulled out and I felt his cum run down my legs as I collapsed on the floor, shivering and moaning.
Larissa, Djamila and Kimberly helped me up and supported me as we left the lounge. My legs felt like they were made of rubber. They took me to Larissa’s room and Larissa and I crawled into the bed as Djamila and Kimberly left. I felt the sheets stick to my cum and spit covered body. Larissa held me tight and the feeling of my wet body against hers was sublime. She looked into my eyes and whispered, “You were great! You know you’re a real sub, don’t you? You would allow anything, as long as you’re feeling used…” I nodded. Larissa spit in my face, from about three inches away. I licked my lips. “Tomorrow you can do a rape scene for a movie we’re making”, she said, “you’ll love it!”


The next morning Larissa, Djamila and Kimberly helped me move into my own room. It was perfect, right next door to Djamila’s room, which I had come to think of as “Djamila and Kimberly’s room” as Kimberly always slept there anyway. Afterwards we had coffee in the lounge and Larissa briefed me on the scene I was to star in that afternoon. It was going to be shot in the alley behind the biker’s HQ and I was in for some seriously rough sex. Kimberly assured me that I could always call “time-out”, as it wasn’t live. It was taped and then put on the internet later on.
Kimberly and Djamila helped me with my make-up, I put on the white lace negligee and white knee high boots that I had been given for the shoot and then we made our way to the alley. Everything had been prepped for the scene and there was a crowd of about 40 bikers who had just come to watch.
On a sign from the director, who had introduced himself as Hank, I started to walk down the alley. From the opposite end five leather clad bikers walked towards me. We met in the middle, right next to a couple of dumpsters. All around the dumpster garbage bags were lying around spilling their contents. There was an old stained mattress half covered with thrash.
The bikers grabbed me and threw me onto the mattress. I felt something squishy under my elbow and squealed. It turned out to be half a hamburger… One of the bikers straddled me and I struggled to get free, futilely of course. I really got into it though, and scratched at his face. He growled and slapped me across the face, hard. “Stop fighting, bitch! It will hurt less… who knows, you might even enjoy yourself…”, he growled.
I lay still, panting, my cheek glowing, and glared up at him. He took the front of my negligee in both his hands and ripped it apart, exposing my tits. He pinched my nipples hard and I gasped. One of the other bikers grabbed my wrists and pulled my arms above my head. The biker straddling me fumbled a bit with his pants and got his cock out. He started rubbing it against my cunt. I wasn’t wet yet, so he spit on my cunt and started to push his cock in. Slowly he worked all eight inches in and started stroking. I felt squishy garbage stuff under my back and legs, the place smelled of garbage and urine. I felt ashamed and humiliated to be thrown into the thrash and fucked like this, but it also made me feel like a real slut, sexy and horny. I started to moan as the biker upped his tempo. “You see, told you you’d like it, bitch!”, the biker growled. Then he started groaning and shot all of his cum into my pulsing cunt. “Next”, he yelled as he got up.
“Turn her around”, the next biker said to the guy holding my arms. He started to rotate me and I wisely cooperated. I ended up lying on my stomach in all kinds of squishy, bad smelling stuff. There was some rotten fruit, half a sandwich and the squished half hamburger with an imprint from my elbow just inches from my face. I felt my cheeks redden with the humiliation of being raped like this, like so much garbage, even knowing I was acting in a scene for a movie.
The guy behind me spread my ass cheeks and spit on my ass a few times. Then he started pushing his dick in. I groaned as he worked it in, inch by inch. The guy in front of me let go of my arms and worked his legs under my arm pits, so he ended up sitting with his cock right in my face. He pinched my nostrils shut and I opened my mouth to breath. He immediately shoved his cock down my throat, and wiggled his ass forward so I couldn’t push his cock out of my mouth if I wanted to. The guy behind me began fucking my ass hard and with each shove I would be pushed forward and the cock of the biker in front of me would slide down my throat even deeper. I had trouble breathing but nowhere to go, being caught between two cocks. The guy fucking my ass didn’t last long and he shouted as he filled my ass with his cum. He pulled out and I felt his cum run from my ass, along my cunt. The guy in front of me grabbed my hair and pulled his cock out of my mouth and started shooting jet after jet of his warm sperm into my face. When he was done he released me and I slumped down on the dirty mattress. Number four pulled my hips up and shoved his cock into my now well fucked cunt and started jackhammering away. Number five presented his cock to my mouth and I opened up and took him into my mouth. He fisted both his hands in my hair and started face fucking me. None of these guys had any regard for me and I hadn’t come yet. As I looked to my side I saw the cameraman coming in for a close-up. I looked in the lens as the biker in front of me pushed his cock into my throat as deep as he could a few more times, then pulled out and plastered my face with his slimy cum. The cameraman came in even closer as I licked my lips and biker guy growled, “God, you’re a whore!!”
I rolled onto my back, covered in sperm and garbage and looked up at the five bikers who had just fucked me. There were three cameras surrounding me, filming me from different angles. I licked my lips. Then the first stream of hot yellow piss hit me, then the second, third, fourth and fifth. I had never been pissed on, although in the last week I had done some pretty far out stuff, like eating cum out of Kimberly’s ass and licking shit of cocks that been up someone’s ass…
“Open your fucking mouth, whore!”, one of the bikers said. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. Immediately all five streams of piss were directed into my mouth and I swallowed, but it was too much and most of it ran down the sides of my face and throat and soaked into the mattress.
When they were done another biker pushed through with two Rottweilers which he unleashed. They immediately started pawing me as was lying on my back. I rolled around and sat on my hands and knees. One of the dogs mounted me and started humping. After a few strokes his cock found my asshole and he immediately shoved it all the way in and started hammering away. By now I was pretty warmed up and I felt the building of my orgasm. The other dog started to hump my face and I took his cock behind the knot at the base and started licking and sucking it. I felt incredibly slutty and depraved, but by now I was so horny I would have done anything. I moaned as my orgasm hit. I shivered and spasmed uncontrollably but I managed to hold on to the dog cock and I kept sucking it. As my anus contracted and pulsed around the dog cock he came too and I felt him shoot every last spurt of his hot cum into my ass. He pulled out and I felt his slimy dog cum run down my legs. The dog cock in my mouth came too and let him plaster my face with his hot doggy sperm ‘till it ran down my chin and onto my tits. The dogs, having cum, were no longer interested and disappeared.
I collapsed and rolled onto my back again, covered in piss, dogcum and garbage, looking at three cameras and 40 or so bikers. All 40 then moved towards me on a sign from Hank and started spitting on me. I felt the spit hit me like rain, all over my body, in my hair, in my face. I opened my mouth stuck out my tongue, guys moved in closer to aim right into it. The cameraman moved in again for a close-up while I looked into the lens. They kept this up ‘till I was completely covered with their spit, and it ran down the sides of face and neck and body. Then two guys grabbed garbage bags, ripped them apart above me covered me with the stinking contents. I lay on the filthy, stinking piss and spit-soaked mattress, covered in dogcum, spit and stinking garbage and looked at the three cameras surrounding me, heard the bikers laughing, calling me garbageslut and pisswhore. The bikers all wondered off, the cameramen shut off their cameras and also walked away.
I lay there all by myself, spit, cum, piss and stinking garbage covering my body, and I was really confused. I had never felt so degraded in my life. I wondered how I had come to this. Tears started rolling down my cheeks as I realized I had become exactly what I had been called, a garbageslut, a pisswhore, and that that would be how I would go on the internet. What if people back in Jordan Valley ever saw this?
Then Larissa, Djamila and Kimberly walked up, took me by my hands and helped me up. I looked at them, expecting to see scorn and derision on their faces, but all I saw were their loving smiles.
“You were awesome!”, Djamila said. I heard Hank say you were going to be his biggest star yet”, Kimberly added, “sorry Larissa”. Larissa said, “Damn girl, next time I want to be right there in the scene with you, that was hot!” They hung a huge robe over my shoulders and took me to a big outdoor shower and cleaned me up, dressed me in a loose fitting knee length satin dress and led me to the lounge. Larissa ordered hot meals and plenty of wine for us all and we all snuggled into two big couches and ate. Bikers came up to me, introduced themselves and told me how much they had enjoyed the show.
That night Djamila and Kimberly crawled into bed with me and I slept like a babe.


When I awoke I was alone. In my own room. I let that sink in. I had my own room! After a short while there was a knock on the door. “Yeah, come in”, I yelled. The door opened and Larissa, Djamila and Kimberly came in. Kimberly was holding something behind her back. They all stood next to each other at the foot of the bed. “TADAAAAA!!”, they all shouted in unison as Kimberly threw a package on my bed. I sat up and looked at the package. “What’s that?”, I asked. “Open it and you’ll know!”, Djamila said. I grabbed the package and ripped the paper off. A present for me! There weren’t many of those in my past.

It was a black leather jacket with the club emblem on the back. A bitch being fucked by a big dog. Above was written in a half circle “MAD DOGS”, and in the bottom half in a corresponding half circle “BITCHES IN HEAT”. The whole thing was wreathed in roses and flames. On the front on the left half was a name, my name! “”Welcome honey!”, Djamila smiled. “You’re one of the bitches now!”, Kimberly added.

I looked at the jacket silently, tears welling in my eyes. “Hey babe, wazzup?”, Larissa asked. A sob escaped my throat. “This”, I hiccupped. “I never belonged anywhere. Even back home with my own family I wasn’t wanted. Oh, my stepdad wanted me… To get his rocks off anyway he could think of with his drunk minibrain”. I clutched the jacket to my chest.

“Well, you’re wanted here, honey! We like you! We love you! We think you’re great company!”, Djamila said. “We’re your family now, babe!”, Kimberly added. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I felt, for the first time in my life, what it was to be loved. All three girls climbed on my bed and started hugging me and covering me with sweet little kisses. Then they started tickling me and before I knew it I was a hysterical giggling mass of screaming girl trying to get away from their groping, tickling fingers.

Djamila was the first to stop and sit up. “Come on, girlfriend, get your ass in the shower, get dressed! We’re going shopping!”, she said. “Ooooh”, Kimberly said, “good idea! I’m gonna organize our chaperones!” The girls left the room. I showered and dressed. I put on my leather mini skirt, it was really short and was more like a belt, even in the way you had to put it on. You just wrapped it around your middle and then closed it with two push buttons on the right side, which left a nice split. I put on a shining silver tanktop and pulled on my cowboy boots. After a little hesitation I put on my “SLUT” collar. I liked the way it made me feel, all sexy and slutty. I finished the whole thing off with my new leather club jacket.

Kimberly knocked on my door and stuck her head in. “Good, you’re ready! Let’s go!” I followed her downstairs. “I really want to get a pair of those thigh high boots”, I said as we entered the ground floor. “Girl, you can buy pretty much anything you like, clothes, shoes, stuff for your room, and everything will be delivered right to your door!”, Kimberly laughed. “And José here will pick up the tab!”, Djamila joined in.
Four guys were to accompany us into town, as our safety escort and transport. They introduced themselves. José said he would pay for anything I wanted to get. The other guys’ names were Dallas, Knife and Chris. We got on the back of their Harleys and we roared out of the building, into the street. After a 15 minute ride we were in the center of town and parked the bikes in front of Cherry’s bar. “This bar is owned by Cherry. She is one of us”, José said.

The girls steered me down the sidewalk and after a short walk we entered a boutique filled with the greatest collection of slutty clothes and shoes I had ever seen. I got loads of stuff, miniskirts, leather leggings, leather shorts, sexy tops, some bondage gear, a couple of pairs of shoes and of course a pair of black vinyl thigh high “fuck me” boots. The other girls also got stuff, but not as much, as they already had rather large collections of slutty clothes. We arranged to have everything delivered, and true to his word, José pulled out a credit card and paid for the whole shebang.

We walked into town. I got some furniture for my room, a couple of framed artsy bondage/bdsm photo’s that made me really wet, and again arranged to have everything delivered. José used his card again. By then it was half past four and we decided to go back to Cherry’s bar.

We entered, ordered drinks and food and sat down to just talk. After a little while Cherry came up, introduced herself and joined us for a while. At about a quarter past nine we saddled up and rode back to HQ. My stuff had already been delivered and I busied myself putting my new clothes away and Djamila got one of the guys to come over and hang my framed bondage/bdsm photographs. When all was finished we went to the lounge and had a couple of drinks. It must have been around midnight when I made my way to my own room. Larissa and Geronimo sort of followed me and when I got to my own room and opened the door Larissa gave me a little push and both followed me inside.

“Hey”, I slurred, being just a little tipsy. “I want you to eat my pussy, bitch! Then you gonna eat my ass! I want you to make me cum!”, Larissa hissed between her teeth, sounding just a little more vicious then I was accustomed to. I looked at her, not quite knowing how to react. She pushed me back onto the bed, climbed on top of me, hiked up her skirt and straddled my face. I tried to mumble something, but to no avail, and started licking her pussy. Apparently she had been fucked sometime this evening. Her pussy was filled with slimy cum. I felt the now familiar feeling of shame, of being dominated, used and abused. I licked and sucked at her slimy cunt and loved the taste of her, of the feelings of shame and of not being in control. Larissa started to moan, “OOOOHHHYESSSSS, UUUNNNGGHHH, suck that doggysperm out of my cunt, you bitch!”

The notion that I was sucking dogsperm out of her cunt made me as horny as ever and I really started working on licking and sucking every last strand of warm dogcum from her cunt. After about five minutes Larissa yelled and came in my mouth. She slid back down my chest, looked in my eyes and hissed, “you fucking whore, you’re like a fucking garbage can! You’ll take anything I’ll throw in! SLUT!”

My cheeks were glowing red with the shame, knowing that everything she had said was the absolute truth. I was a slut, a whore, a painslave, a cumdump.

Larissa slapped my cheeks, first left, then right, then left again, then right again. After a while I lost count, just felt the glowing in my cheeks intensify. She stopped slapping me. She looked at me, smiled, then spit in my face, and kept spitting ‘till the spit trickled down both sides of my face and soaked into my pillow. I accepted everything silently. She felt behind her and felt my pussy. “Look at how fucking wet you are! All from eating dogcum out of my cunt and getting slapped and spit on! You’re the lowest subslut I’ve ever met!”, she growled in my ear.

“Time for you to eat my ass!” She turned around and pushed her anus towards my face. I knew she was right. I was a subslut, she could make me do anything. All she had to do was order me and I would obey. I took her ass cheeks and pulled them apart, giving me better access to her brown asshole. I licked across her ass a couple of times, then started to wiggle my tongue into her ass. At first it was difficult, but then Larissa relaxed her anus and it was real easy to push my tongue into her anus and wiggle it around. Larissa moaned as I started to tongue fuck her anus. Larissa’s ass was pretty stretched, so I had no problem getting my whole tongue in there. While I tongue fucked her, she started to pull on my labia, stretching them. I moaned. She then started to spank my clit, and I moaned louder. “You like that, don’t you, you dirty little painslave!”, she said. I moaned, as I couldn’t do much else with my tongue all the way up her ass.

She didn’t come again and after 20 minutes or so, she got off me and called Geronimo. She patted the bed and Geronimo jumped up. “Let me see how you suck his big dogcock! I want him to shoot his load into your face, slutbitch!”, she hissed. I turned around, and on my hands and knees reached under Geronimo. His cock was already fully exposed. He must have gotten hard just smelling us. I bent down and licked the entire length of his big dogcock. Pre-cum sprayed my face, my mouth. I licked my lips, opened my mouth and slowly sucked his cock down my throat. I kept deep throating him for about 5 minutes, then started licking him again. I loved the feel of his hard, smooth cock on my tongue, my face, in my mouth. “You filthy dirty dogwhore!”, Larissa hissed in my ear. “You can’t wait for him to fill your mouth with his puppyseed, can you? You want him to plaster your face with his hot dogsperm!”

All I could do was moan. How could I deny it? Just the thought of it started a fire in my cunt that raged out of control. Just then Geronimo came and filled my mouth with his hot cum. I pulled his dog cock out of my mouth and let the cum run from my mouth onto my tits while his cock kept spraying my face with his cum. When he was done he got off the bed and I fell back, and looked up at Larissa, who smiled at me. She spit in my face, again, and again. I licked my lips. “That was wonderful, you filthy, dirty dogwhore slavebitch!”, she smiled at me, as she laid down beside me and wrapped her arms around me.

Through all the confusion I still felt, I knew I could not deny that this is who I was, what I had become, a subslut, a dogwhore, a painslave… I knew that would accept all kinds of sexually depraved acts, no matter how dirty, gross or wrong. I was somehow programmed as a willing subject for whatever whoever wanted to do to me. And I loved the way it made me feel, the shame, the debasement, the humiliation.

Somehow I had come home.


When I woke up Larissa and Geronimo were gone. I lay in bed looking at my room. My face felt stiff from dried up dog cum and Larissa’s spit. My pussy got wet just thinking about last night. I got up, took a shower, toweled off and opened my wardrobe. I selected a short vinyl miniskirt, a bra that consisted of leather straps connected by metal rings that didn’t cover anything, but just went around. I put on my new thigh high “fuck me” boots. I looked in the mirror. I looked like a whore. My tits were pushed up nicely by the leather straps. I pinched my nipples. I put on my leather club jacket, but didn’t close it, so my tits would be visible for anyone who made a little effort. I finished the whole look off with my “SLUT” collar.

Then I made my way to the lounge and ordered breakfast. To my surprise Mike walked up. I hadn’t thought about him for days. “Hi, happy to see you’re still here and made friends”, he said. “Well, hard not to make friends here!”, I replied. We talked for a bit, and then he excused himself.

Then the club president made his way over to me. I hadn’t talked to him, but Djamila had pointed him out to me the first day. “Hi Bobbi”, he said.
“Hi Pres”, I answered. “I’ve got a proposition for you. Normally we would wait and work you up to this gradually, but this guy offered an outrageous amount of money to have you as entertainment for a weekend. Now, let me be clear. If you don’t wanna do this, that’s okay. You can still stay here as long as you like and we’ll go with the original plan. If you accept, you’ll never have to do a damn thing for the club again and we’ll take care of you for life!”
“Well, what does he want me to do?”, I asked. “Only guarantee you have is that you’ll be handed back to us Sunday morning with no more than welts and maybe scratches”, Pres said. I let that sink in for a moment. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but it seemed safe enough. “This club has provided me with the home I never had. I really want to do something to show my appreciation”, I explained to Pres.
“Okay”, he said, we’ll drop you off at this guys place in Reno this evening at seven. You’re there tonight, Saturday night, and we’ll pick you up Sunday morning”.
“Cool”, I answered.

That afternoon I talked with Djamila, Kimberly and Larissa, who all seemed to think I shouldn’t have accepted. That made me a little nervous, but as I said to them, I was guaranteed to have no more than welts and scratches on Sunday morning, so how bad could it be?

At four thirty we saddled up, ten Mad Dogs and me as only girl. Knife was my ride. We made the two hour drive to Reno and we rode up the drive to a big old ranch. I got off the bike. Knife parked it and walked to the door and rang the bell. I stood beside him when the door opened. “Hi, this here’s Bobbi. We’ll pick her up Sunday morning at ten. Make sure she’s okay!”, he said. I thought he sounded a little more menacing then necessary.

“Well, come in, Bobbi, we’ll take good care of you”, the guy smiled. I followed him inside and heard the Harley’s roar off. I followed him to a large room with a stage. “Take your clothes off”, the guy ordered. I quickly stripped. He put a blindfold on me, it was a sort of rubber cap that fit over my skull and covered the top part of my face. I couldn’t see jackshit! He then put leather cuffs on my wrists and connected the cuffs to chains. My ankles were cuffed as well and I was then chained to the floor, with my legs spread wide. There was a whirring noise and the chains on my wrists pulled tight. “The fun will start shortly…”, the guy said before he walked off.

I was alone, naked, blindfolded and chained up with my legs spread wide, my pussy fully exposed. I felt very vulnerable and wondered if the girls hadn’t been right after all. After a little while I heard the door open and people started to come in. I heard them walk around, they were talking. Every now and then my tits or ass got groped. My pussy started to get wet in anticipation.

Suddenly everything went silent. Then somebody said “Welcome everybody! This here is the garbage whore we know from the internet! She’s here for the weekend, just for our entertainment! So enjoy!”
I felt the shame color my cheeks a bright red. I was in a room full of people who had seen my rape scene… who had seen me raped by dogs, spit and pissed on and covered with garbage…

There was a whistling sound and then the whip hit my buttocks. I screamed. The guy meant business. I screamed again as the whip hit my ass again. Even my stepdad had never laid into me like this. The guy whipped my ass, my legs, my back, my belly, my tits. My whole body was a glowing mass of pain. I screamed every time the whip hit home. It seemed like the whipping went on forever, but it was probably twenty minutes or so. I felt a hand on my pussy. “Hmmm, you’re wet, bitch! You liked that, didn’t you?” the voice said. All I could do was moan as he slipped a finger in my pussy, which was very wet indeed. The finger disappeared.

I stood there trembling from all the intense emotions. I would have fallen onto my knees, had I not been chained to the ceiling. And this was only the beginning. I felt something wet and soft touch the skin of my leg. It sort of attached itself to me. Then the feeling repeated itself on my other leg, then on more places on my body. The wet sticky things started to move. I lost count of how many there were. They moved all over my body. They felt like sticky tongues slowly moving all over my body. I shivered and moaned, “ooooouuuuhhmmmmmyessss…”

“Do you know what they are?”, the voice asked. “Uuuhhhmmmm…. nooo?…”, I moaned in reply. “They’re slugs, bitch!” “UUUGGGHHHYESSS!!”, I moaned loudly as one of the slugs made his way across my pussy. Part of me was really grossed out and ashamed that I was getting off on a multitude of slugs making their slimy way across my body, but the feeling was so intense, like slowly being licked by dozens of sticky tongues all at the same time. Another slug made his way across my pussy and I screamed ‘OHGODYESSSI’MCOMINGGGG!!”

The slugs were removed and my blindfold was removed as well. There were about forty men in the room. There were video stills of my rape scene on all the walls. There was one where I had a cum spurting dog cock in my mouth. There was one of me where the five biker guys were pissing into my mouth. There was one where I was lying on my back, wet with piss, spit and cum, and covered with garbage.

A man came up and undid the chains that held me in place. I immediately fell to my knees as I just couldn’t stay upright. My legs felt like they were made of rubber. I was put in the doggy position, in some construction made from metal bars. My thighs were immobilized. My head was put in a stock-like device, and a bar was lowered over my back, pushing my back down, and consequently, my ass up.

Then a big crossbreed was released and he immediately mounted me. He got lucky on the second stroke and shoved his big powerful dog cock all the way into my pussy and started hammering away. Being constrained I couldn’t move an inch and all I could do was take the pounding like the bitch whore I was. “UHM, UHM, UHM, UHM”, I moaned with every stroke. It took the dog about five minutes and then I felt him fill my pussy with load after load of his hot cum. He hadn’t knotted me and when he was done he was led away. A big German Shepherd was released and he mounted me, but his cock was guided into my ass. Again the jack hammering started. “UNGH, UNGH, UNGH”, I moaned as the Shep hammered his big cock into my ass. After a little while I felt his slimy cum spurt into my ass. He pulled out and I felt the warm cum flow down my legs.

The next dog was led up, a Great Dane. He needed a couple of tries before he shoved his cock all the way into my pussy. He started fucking me. I looked at the men in the room. They had all crowded around to watch me, an eighteen year old girl, get dog raped. I felt my orgasm approach and licked my lips. Some of the men had cameras and took pictures or were filming. It didn’t matter anymore, I was a dog slut, a garbage whore, the only thing I was good for, was to be abused. It had always been like that. I screamed as I came. The Dane came as well and filled my pussy with more cum then it could hold. I felt his hot puppy seed flow down my thighs.

The next dog was led to my face. It was the biggest Rottweiler I had ever seen. “Suck him, you fucking whore!”, the guy said. I took the Rottie’s cock by the base and licked along the length of his shaft. Pre- cum spurted into my face and open mouth. I sucked his big strong dog cock slowly all the way into my mouth. The cameras were clicking and whirring. I looked from one to the other. I kept sucking and licking until the first jet of cum exploded into my mouth. I pulled the cock out of my mouth and let him shoot the rest of his slimy cum onto my face. I released his cock and the Rottie walked off. I just stood there, on my hands and knees, still being restrained. The crowd was turning away, but turned back around when the Dane came back over to me. He walked up to my face and lifted his leg. Next I knew his warm piss hit my face. The men all roared with laughter. I opened my mouth and let his hot dog piss enter my mouth. I swallowed some and let the rest just flow out and down my chin. When he was done the Dane walked off and I was left, restrained, dripping dog cum from my ass and pussy and dog piss from my face. Some of the men called me names, like piss whore, cumslut, slavebitch or dirty garbage whore. Then they all made their way over to the bar and just ignored me.

Later that evening they all returned to where I was, still restrained. They surrounded me and started spitting on me. I felt their spit hit me on my back, my ass, but most of them of course aimed at my face. “Open your dog piss whore’s mouth, cunt!”, one of them said. I opened my mouth and they all aimed in my mouth. I stuck out my tongue and let their spit slowly drip down my tongue.

When they were done they all left the room. One guy came up to me, released me from the restraining metal bars and took me to a small side room. There were four benches, filled with dogs. One bench was empty. “Only right that their bitch shares their accommodation, cunt!”, he said as he pointed to the empty bench. I obediently crawled inside and the guy put a padlock on it. I lay down on the blanket and felt the cum, piss and spit slowly dry up on my skin. I knew I couldn’t sink any lower than this.

Tomorrow would prove me wrong….

Part 9

I awoke sometime the next morning. My skin felt stiff with all the dried up cum and spit, but there wasn’t much I could do. I just lay there waiting for someone to come and get me, but it was likely that they wouldn’t come until late afternoon or evening, as the “party” wasn’t likely to start before then. I was wondering what they had in store for me. Last night had been pretty far out, with the slugs and all. I got wet just remembering the feeling of all those slimy slugs crawling across my skin.

Suddenly the door opened and the guy who had locked me in here last night walked in. He opened the bench. “Out. Time to shower”, he said. I showered and toweled off. He then led me back to the same stage where I had been used last night. He put me in a more elaborate restraining mechanism then I had been in last night, and this time it was electronically raised so I was higher off the ground. Another guy came in leading a naked girl, she was very pretty. Long blond hair, slim build, nice tits. She was chained to the ceiling. She looked at me. I could see despair in her eyes. She didn’t look like she wanted to be here at all. I had pretty much had enough myself, after last night. I mean, I had consented to come here and be subjected to pretty much anything except grievous bodily harm, but at the biker’s HQ there had always been a level of respect, I could always opt out, and Djamila, Kimberly and Larissa had always been there to comfort me afterwards. Here I was nothing, just an object to be abused and humiliated as much as possible, and it didn’t feel good. Actually I felt quite low and depressed. Even so, feeling the restraining bars around my ankles and thighs and wrists and throat, my legs spread and my pussy fully exposed, my pussy was getting wet.

People started to come in. They looked at us, but for now they left us alone. After about thirty minutes or so there were about 40 people in the room. The same guy as yesterday made the announcement. “Okay my friends! Let’s have some more fun! Garbage whore there is waiting to be fucked! I’d say FILL HER UP!!”

Immediately people started to come up to the stage. I felt someone push his cock into my pussy and start stroking. I must admit, even through the humiliation of being no more than a fucktoy, so much flesh, to be filled with cock and cum, I enjoyed the feeling of being filled with cock. Another man presented his dick to my face and I opened my mouth. He grabbed both sides of my head and started to fuck my mouth. After two minutes he withdrew his cock and slapped my cheeks with his flat hands a couple of times. I felt my cheeks start to glow. He then resumed fucking my mouth again. After two more minutes he came and shot his first load down my throat. Then he pulled his cock from my mouth and shot the rest of his hot cum in my face and hair. They guy fucking my pussy shouted and also came. I felt his seed spurt into my pussy. As he withdrew I immediately felt another cock enter my pussy. This guy stroked a few times, pulled out and then pushed his cock into my ass. He started to fuck me hard, shoving his cock as deep as possible with as much force as he could muster. “UNGH, UNGH, UNGH, UNGH”, I groaned with each stroke. I was a willing slut for these men. I needed to be fucked, to be spanked, to be used and humiliated. I needed the intensity in order to reach an orgasm.

Some guy reached under me and I felt the pain of sharp nipple clamps being put on my nipples. There were several on each nipple, and I gasped from the pain. The guy assfucking me grunted and came and filled my ass with his slimy cum. He then walked around me and had me clean his shitcaked cock. I licked and sucked the bitter tasting shit of his cock. When I was done he spit in my face and said, “you’re the filthiest fucking dogwhore I’ve ever seen, bitch!”

Someone else pushed his dick into my pussy and started fucking me. He dug his nails into the flesh of my side and fucked me for all he was worth. I felt the glow in my belly that meant an orgasm was fast approaching. Another guy came up and attached weights to the nipple clamps. The pain in my nipples intensified as with each stroke of the guy fucking me the weights swung back and forth. When he was done attaching weights he lowered his pants and held his cock in front of my face. He must not have washed in a couple of days, his cock smelled fishy and there was a yellowish cheesy substance almost entirely covering the head. “Stick out your tongue, whore!”, he growled, “I’ve saved this especially for you. Makes it extra tasty!” I obediently stuck out my tongue. He started wiping the cheesy substance from his cock onto my tongue. I looked sideways and saw another guy with a camera filming as I licked the cheese from his unwashed cock. My cheeks glowed red with the shame and humiliation, but again, it also made me extra horny. I licked and sucked until his dick was clean and he came in my mouth. He then wiped his cock in my hair, spit in my face and walked away. I looked in the lens of the camera and licked my lips, even as my cheeks still glowed with the humiliation. The guy fucking me came and shot load after load of cum into my pussy and it pushed me over the edge. “UUUHMMMYESSSSI’MCOMING!!!”, I moaned.

A man with a riding crop walked up and started to whip my ass. I yelled and squirmed, but there was nowhere to go. After two minutes of whipping my ass, he changed position and struck at my pussy. Pain exploded through me as the whip bit into my exposed flesh. He whipped my pussy for a few minutes as I yelled and screamed and begged him to stop. Tears rolled down my face, the pain was too much to bear. Finally he threw the whip away, pushed his cock into my ass and started to hammer away. I came almost immediately. I shivered and moaned as he kept fucking me and my orgasms just kept coming, one after the other. After a few minutes he withdrew his cock from my ass and pushed his dirty shit streaked cock into my mouth. I started sucking and let my tongue circle around his cock. Within thirty seconds he came and shot his slimy cum onto my face.

The evening went on like this, cocks being replaced as soon as they had shot their loads in one of my holes. My pussy and ass grew more sensitive with each fucking and after a while I couldn’t say where one orgasm ended and the next began. It must have been late, but I had lost all sense of time. I was released from the restraining mechanism and collapsed onto the floor. I just lay there and watched as they released the other girl from her chains and put her in the device I had just been released from. They put a funnel in her ass. I looked at her face. She looked really scared. I crawled to her face, afraid my legs still wouldn’t carry me. “Ssssshhhhh, it’ll be alright, don’t worry”, I whispered to her. “No, you don’t understand, me and three other girls are being held against our will”, she replied softly. “What? Here?”, I asked softly. A man approached. I quickly kissed her and pushed my tongue into her mouth. Smart girl responded by passionately kissing me back. “Two sluts make friends real quick!”, the guy yelled. We just kept kissing ‘till he had wandered off. “No”, she said, old dilapidated building on Water Tower Road, Bunkerville.”

A man grabbed my hair and pulled me away from her. For a second I was afraid he had overheard us, but he just pulled me to some sort of narrow table. He made me lie on it, on my back, and chained my wrists to the legs. The whole thing was about four feet off the ground. Then a big door opened and someone lead in a horse. The horse was lead over to me until it was above me and I could see his enormous cock. It hung down, would touch my mound and then spasm upwards. The horse neighed. Poles were inserted in brackets and my ankles were chained to the poles, my legs now raised into the air. “Please no, he’s too big, he’ll kill me”, I whimpered. I was really scared now. “Don’t worry, cunt, we promised that biker trash they’d have you back mostly unscathed tomorrow morning, and they will.”

He produced a rubber sheath which he put on the horse’s cock. It had a wide ring which would stop the horse from pushing his whole cock into me. Now he could only push half his cock into me, which was still an impressive, and intimidating, fifteen inches. I did not get much time to ponder this as someone guided the horse’s cock into my pussy. As soon as the horse felt his cock engulfed by warm wet flesh he started stroking and with each stroke more of his cock entered my pussy. After four strokes he had everything in, up to the rubber sheath. I had never felt so filled, so stretched. I had never been so powerfully fucked. I almost immediately started coming. “AHHHYESSSSSI’MCOMING!! UNGH, UNGH, UNGH, YESSSSMOREHARDEROHGODYESSSSJESUSSSSFUCKI’MCOMING!!!”, I shouted. After five minutes of continual orgasm the horse came and it was like someone had stuck a high powered garden hose up my pussy. There was way too much horse cum to accommodate and it exploded out of my pussy and ran down my asscrack.

My ankles were unchained, the poles removed from their brackets and the horse lead away. Another horse was lead up and put in position. The poles were inserted again, my ankles chained and the sheath put around the horse’s cock. The horse’s cock was guided into my ass this time and my ass painfully stretched to its limits. The horse didn’t care. It felt something warm around its cock and it just started fucking. I screamed and yelled as another long orgasm hit me. I shivered and trembled, moaned and yelled. “OHFUCKJESUSI’MCOMING!! UUUUUNNNGGGHHHYESSS! DON’TLETHIMSTOP! FUCKI’MCOMING!!”
The horse came and filled my ass with his hot cum. He pulled out and again the cum just ran out of my fuckhole and down my asscrack. I just laid there moaning, as they unchained my ankles, removed the poles and unchained my wrists.

Another horse was lead in and brought over to me. “Time to suck the biggest cock you ever had, cunt!”, the man said. I crawled under the horse, took his enormous cock in both hands and started jacking him off. I took the tip in my mouth and let my tongue play with the hole that would eject his load in a little while. I kept licking and sucking on the tip, all the while jacking him off with both hands. After ten minutes or so he came. He exploded into my mouth. There was way too much cum to swallow so I just spit and let him shoot load after load off his slimy cum onto my face. It all ran down my chin and onto my tits, and from there onto my belly and thighs. I was completely covered in slimy horse cum. The horse was lead away and I just sat there, looking around. I saw some guy pissing into the funnel in the blondes’ ass.

A guy came up to me, grabbed my hair and dragged me over to where she was. He removed the funnel. “Two men pissed in her ass! A nice piss enema for you! Drink up, you dirty animalcocksucking whore! I bet you can’t wait!”, he growled.
Not having much choice I put my mouth over her asshole and slurped. I was rewarded with a mouthful of piss. I swallowed, and sucked again, getting another mouthful of piss. I repeated this ‘till I lost count and the piss sloshed around in my belly. It was the most degrading thing I had ever done. Guys were standing around filming me, ordering me to keep my eyes open and look in their lenses. They spit on me as I was slurping piss from this girl’s ass. I was nothing in their eyes, just a stupid cunt, a slut, a whore who would suck for animal cum. It was harder and harder to get a mouthful of piss and I figured I had almost completed this task. I put my mouth on her ass for one final time and sucked. My mouth was filled with soft gooey shit. I gagged, but figured if I spat it out I would be in trouble. I swallowed as much as possible. It took three tries to get it all down, between gagging and trying not to puke. All the men were laughing, calling me a shit eating animal whore. I was pulled up by my hair and pushed towards the room with the benches where I was put in the same bench. “Enjoy the taste while you have it, cunt!”, the man snickered as he locked the bench.

I curled up on my side and cried. I had never felt so bad in my life. I had been subjected to the most degrading and humiliating acts I could imagine. I knew I was a worthless piece of shit eating, animalcocksucking subwhore. The worst thing was that deep down I knew I had enjoyed it, that the feelings of shame and humiliation had added to my orgasms.

Next morning I was woken up and told to shower. I showered, toweled off and put my clothes on. My pussy, no it wasn’t a pussy, it was a cunt, or a fuckhole, after this weekend I would never think of it as a pussy again. A pussy was soft and sweet. Mine had been fucked and filled with cum from dogs and horses, it had been whipped. It’s pussyness was eradicated and replaced with fuckholecuntness. My cunt then, and my ass, were still sore from all the fucking they had endured.

When I was done I was lead to the front door where ten Mad Dogs and Djamila and Kimberly were waiting for me. I couldn’t look at them, the shame was too great. I started running, right past them, and down the drive. The “fuck me” boots were great, but not for running, and in no time Djamila and Kimberly were jogging along either side of me. “Hey babe, wazzup?”, Djamila asked. Tears were running down my face. Kimberly caught me and stopped me and wrapped her arms around me. “That bad hey?”, she whispered in my ear. “Let me go”, I yelled. “Oh no girlfriend, not like this! We’re your family remember?”, Kimberly said. “And were gonna help you get through this, for sure!”, Djamila added. The roar of the bikes surrounded us. I realized they were right and running off on my own was probably not the smartest thing to do.

Two hours later we were back at HQ, in my room. I explained everything that had happened, that had been done to me, that I had done. I had come to the part where the horse had come all over me when I broke down again and started crying. Djamila tried to kiss me but I pushed her away. “You don’t wanna kiss me!”, I yelled. “Oh honey, but I do!”, she replied. “No, you don’t”, I yelled, “I drank a liter of piss from some girls ass ‘till she filled my mouth with shit, which I ate…!” I broke down and started sobbing uncontrollably. Kimberly and Djamila wrapped their arms around me and covered me with sweet little kisses all over. “Honey, we don’t care”, Kimberly cooed in my ear. “We love you anyway, baby”, Djamila whispered in my other ear.

“Oh my God”, I yelled, “that other girl. ‘She told me she and three others were being held against their will someplace.” “Motherfuckers!”, Djamila growled, “where?” “Uh, uh, lemme think, someplace called Bunkerville, old run down building on Water Tower Road.”

Kimberly left the room, as Djamila kept comforting me. A little while later a hum started in the building which soon grew to a roar. We left my room, went to the lounge and walked to the front windows. Kimberly joined us. Five minutes later 60 Harley’s roared into the street. “Off to Bunkerville”, Kimberly said. “Fifteen hour ride total”, Djamila said, “they’ll be back early tomorrow morning.”

We ordered food and two bottles of wine and went back to my room. We ate, drank wine and snuggled. I was still feeling pretty low, but not as bad as before. It was great to be accepted, even loved, even if I was the lowest, dirtiest slut even Djamila and Kimberly had ever met.

At seven thirty the next morning I woke up from the roar of the Harley’s returning. I got out of bed, put on a negligee and made my way to the lounge, followed by Djamila and Kimberly, eager for news. Bikers started pouring into the lounge, all of them smiling and laughing and looking really pleased with themselves. Then I saw her. The blond girl who’s shit I had eaten, together with three other girls. The blond saw me, smiled and ran over and hugged me so tight I could hardly breath. “You got us out, you got us out!”, she shouted. “Well, the boys did all the hard work!”, I smiled. The other girls made their way over to us. They were all wearing jeans, sweaters and leather jackets that the Mad Dogs must have taken for them. They introduced themselves. The blond I had already met was Lisa, one of the others was her sister, Donna, there was Bobby Sue, who had been sold into slavery by her redneck brothers and there was a Mexican girl, Carmelita, who had saved Lisa when she had been sold to some Mexican drugrunner.

We told them they were safe here for as long as necessary. We ordered food for them, showed them their rooms and told them to rest. Then we went back to my room and crawled back into bed ourselves. Four girls had been saved from lousy motherfuckers. Some good had come from this weekend after all. I smiled as I drifted off to sleep.


That afternoon was spent getting to know each other. We all told our life stories so far. We drank wine, ate and drank more wine. We explained to Donna, Lisa, Bobby Sue and Carmelita they could stay for as long as they liked. We explained how we paid for our lives as Bitches in Heat. They all agreed that having all sorts of kinky sex was not a problem, having it watched on line or sold was not a problem either, as long as they were free to say no, and free to do as they pleased when not having sex. It was great! There were now eight of us and we were all fast becoming friends.

That evening Geronimo followed me to my room when I retired. Just before I closed the door Lisa pushed it open again and entered. I closed the door behind her. We looked at each other and without saying a word we both stripped. She embraced me and her titties felt so good against mine, soft and yet firm. We kissed and our tongues wrestled for what seemed like forever, but was still not long enough.

She gently pushed me backwards until I was standing against the bed. She pushed me over and I let myself fall backwards onto the soft mattress. She straddled me and pinched my nipples. I moaned, “uuuhhmmmm…” “You like that, huh, you fucking dirty dogcock sucking garbage whore!”, she whispered at me. Just her talking to me like that, humiliating me, started the fire in my cunt. “Yesss, I like that, I like the pain, to be dominated…”, I whispered back.

She bent over and bit into my left nipple, hard. I gasped and arched my back. She then bit into my right nipple and I started moaning. “I want to see that dog fuck you!”, she growled. She made me kneel on the floor on my hands and knees. Geronimo didn’t need to be told what to do. He licked me a couple of times, mounted me and started humping. Lisa guided his big dog cock into my ass. He immediately started hammering away. No subtleness there. All he wanted was to make me his bitch, to pump his hot sperm as deep into my body as he could.

“UNGH, UNGH, UNGH, UNGH…”, I moaned as my orgasm started to build. Lisa sat in front of me. I looked in her eyes as I came. “You fucking slut! You come by being assfucked! By a dog! Nobody even looked at your cunt yet!”, she said. Then she slapped me, hard. And again, and again. My cheeks burned, but it made me even hornier, even wetter, being used and humiliated like this. She spit in my face until my face was dripping with her spit.

Geronimo, oblivious, just kept fucking me. I gasped as I felt his knot enter my anus. I felt him shoot jet after jet of his slimy cum into my ass. He turned and stood ass to ass with me for about fifteen minutes before his knot shrank enough for him to be able to pull out. I felt his slimy cum run down my thighs. Lisa scooped some up with her hands and held them in front of my face. “Lick it up whore!”, she ordered. I slowly stuck out my tongue and licked some of the brown shit stained dog cum from her hand as I looked in her eyes. I licked her hand until it was clean.

Lisa told me to lick Geronimo’s cock clean. I crawled over to where Geronimo was lying on the floor, his cock still fully exposed and started licking and sucking until it was clean. Then Lisa got down on all fours and tapped her back. Geronimo mounted her and Lisa guided his cock into her pussy. I felt a sharp jab of jealousy seeing that it didn’t matter to Geronimo in whose body he buried his cock. Geronimo hammered away, and Lisa started to orgasm almost immediately. She moaned and groaned and bit into the duvet to stifle her screams. Geronimo shot his cum deep into her pussy and then pulled out, not having tied.

Lisa told me to clean her and suck all the dog cum out of her cunt which I obediently did. I sucked and licked and was rewarded with mouth after mouth full of their combined juices.

We then crawled into bed and lay next to each other. She told me she really liked to dominate me, not because she was so dominant herself, she wasn’t. In most cases she was just as submissive as I was. She liked to see how far she could get me to go, though, which had somehow brought out a bit of a dominant side in her personality. I told her I didn’t mind, she could dominate me whenever she liked. She then suggested that we’d enter a more formal slave-mistress relationship. I thought about it for a minute and agreed, with the stipulation that the relationship could be altered or ended when one of us so wished. She had no problems with that.

She then produced a black leather collar with the word “SLAVE” on it in chrome studs. I took off my “SLUT” collar with mixed feelings. I had very much grown accustomed to how it made me feel. Lisa put the “SLAVE” collar on my neck and closed it with a small padlock. She then put wrist cuffs on my wrists and closed those with small padlocks too. She then put a collar on her throat which said “MISTRESS”.

She then whispered in my ear, “I have some ideas for piercings and tattoos that I want you to have… I’ll tell you about them tomorrow.”


The next morning I woke up with Lisa looking at me. She smiled at me and sent me to the shower to clean myself up. After I showered and came back to my room she showed me a sub-harness, which she had me put on. It consisted of leather straps which ran in triangles around my tits. From the tops ran straps across my shoulders, these crossed somewhere halfway down my back, ran between my buttocks, spreading them somewhat. They then ran either side of my cunt, spreading my pussy lips. From there they ran up to the triangles again. I looked in the mirror. Together with the “SLAVE” collar and wrist cuffs, I looked the part. She attached a 15 inch chain leash to the collar and led me out of my room.

We made our way to the lounge. As we entered people started looking our way and slowly but surely the whole lounge grew silent. Everybody was looking at us. Even here, one girl dressed like me, or rather undressed, being led on a chain by another, was not an everyday sight. I felt the shame color my cheeks. At the same time I felt my nipples harden and my cunt get wet. We made our way over to the table where Larissa, Kimberly and Djamila were having breakfast with Donna, Bobby Sue and Carmelita. After a short while most everybody picked up where they left off and went about their business.

“Well, what’s this then?”, asked Larissa. “She’s my slave!”, Lisa replied. “Well fuck, I thought you were my subtoy…”, Larissa said. Lisa was silent for a few seconds, then said, “Hey, I can share, no problem.” Lisa looked at me. “Actually, why don’t I pronounce you slavewhore to the entire club? All Mad Dogs and Bitches in Heat could use you as they like…. I think that would suit you perfectly!” I licked my lips while I thought about it. My nipples grew even harder and my cunt was as wet as it could be. All seven girls looked at me expectantly. “I know that look…”, Djamila said. “This could get interesting, oh yes!”, Kimberly added. “Fuck, why not?” , I said.

Lisa climbed on the table. “Announcement!”, she shouted. “From two o’clock this afternoon Bobbi here is gonna be every club members subwhore! She’ll fulfill your every kinky, dirty desire!” Again, everybody looked at me and I could see some guys already having ideas. I finished my breakfast, but eating was hard. There were a million butterflies in my stomach, whipping up a hurricane!

All through the morning and early afternoon Lisa talked to people, I knew she was planning an afternoon for me that I would not soon forget. Two o’clock came around and she walked up to me, grabbed the leash and pulled me to the stage at the back end of the lounge. I was led on stage, my ankles were fastened to rings in the floor that were about three feet apart. My wrist cuffs were fastened to a chain hanging from the ceiling which was then pulled tight. I stood there, in full view of everybody, my legs spread, my cunt wide open.

Lisa and Larissa both produced riding crops and started to whip my ass. I gasped as the whips bit into my flesh, again and again. Then Lisa moved in front of me and started to whip my tits, while Larissa continued to whip my ass. I bit my lower lip as I moaned. I closed my ass as I arched my back. “SMACK”, the whip bit into my exposed cunt. “AAUUUNNNGGHHHH!!”, I screamed. Lisa kept whipping my cunt and I yelled every time. Finally they lowered the chain that was fastened to the wrist cuffs. They unfastened the cuffs and I fell forward onto my hands and knees.

They quickly fastened the wrist cuffs again, this time to rings in the floor. Immediately guys started to climb up the stage and someone started to fuck my cunt. My cunt that was still on fire from the whipping. Some guy presented his cock to my face and I sucked and licked ‘till he came. He shot every last drop down my throat.
My cunt was super sensitive after the whipping and I almost immediately started to come. One orgasm followed another almost without pause. The next guy shoved his cock into my ass and started to fuck me as hard as he could. A new cock was stuck in my mouth and I just kept licking and sucking. I didn’t have a choice anyway. They guy fucking my ass came simultaneously with the guy who’s cock I was sucking. As one filled my ass with his slimy cum, the other shot load after load of his warm cum onto my face. The guy who had filled my ass with his cum presented his cock to my face. My cunt was already being filled with the next cock. I looked at the cock in front of me. There was a thick layer of my shit coating it. The smell filled my nostrils and I gagged. “Well slave, what you gonna do? It’s your own goddamn shit!”, he said. He slapped my cheeks hard. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue and slowly licked a mouthful of shit from his cock. It had a bitter taste. I kept licking. It took me about five minutes to clean his cock, and all the while he kept remarking how I seemed to enjoy licking my shit of his cock, and what a shit-eating slavebitch I was. When his dick was clean he spat in my face a couple of times and then just walked away. I licked my lips, waiting for the next cock to suck.

This went on for two hours or so, until every Mad Dog present had dumped his load in one of my holes. After a half hour or so, someone had taken a chair and positioned that under my stomach, to keep me up. The continuous orgasms had me collapsing onto the floor. Now I just hung over the chair like a limp doll, still chained to the floor. I was dripping cum from my cunt and ass and it ran down my thighs. Cum and spit dripped from my face and puddled on the floor below me.

Then the dogs were led up to me and I was mounted. Somebody guided a dog cock into my ass and the dog started to hammer away. I immediately started to come again. “UNGH, UNGH, UNGH, UNGH!!”, I moaned. Someone pushed a dog cock between my lips and I started to suck. The dog mounted my head and started to fuck my throat. As he came his cock was pulled from my mouth and he sprayed all his cum onto my face and into my open mouth. I felt the dog fucking my ass spasm and shoot all of his hot seed into my anus. I couldn’t help myself, I just kept coming. As soon as one dog came he was replaced by another. By the time I had serviced them all, I was so exhausted I almost blacked out.

I was released from the rings in the floor. Relief flooded through me. Finally rest!

Was I wrong! Somebody pushed a dumpster onto the stage. I was lifted up and placed in the dumpster. I was too exhausted to even protest, my limbs felt like overcooked spaghetti. I was put in a kneeling position, my ankles once again fastened, this time to the bottom of the dumpster. My wrists were fastened to the sides. Guys walked up carrying garbage bags and started to fill up the dumpster. I looked on with growing horror as it was filled with rotting garbage from the kitchen, left over hamburgers, half a fish, moldy bread. Left over sauce, and other kinds of stinking rotting refuse. I knew there was also garbage from the toilets, I saw tampons and sanitary pads. When the dumpster was filled up to my neck with stinking, rotting trash the lid was closed. There was a hole where my head stuck through. I looked around and saw everybody looking back at me, the garbage whore. The humiliation, the shame colored my cheeks a bright red. I could feel the garbage sticking to my body.

Some guy started to piss on my head. “Come on guys, let’s clean some of this cum off this bitch!”, he yelled. Immediately others joined in. Three, four, five, six guys were pissing on my head, drenching my hair and my face with their hot yellow piss. As soon as one was done, another would take his place. “Open your mouth, whore, don’t let all this golden goodness go to waste!”, someone shouted. I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. Immediately all the guys pissing on me started to aim for my mouth. I could feel the piss run down my face, down my throat and down the rest of my body, making the garbage stick to me even more. When the guys were done pissing they just left me, stuck in my garbage and piss filled dumpster, and went to the bar.

Every once in a while a Mad Dog would come up to me, and make me suck his cock. He would shoot his load in my face and go back to the bar to continue drinking. Some would also spit in my face. By now I was pretty much out of it. Suddenly there were about fifteen Mad Dogs standing in front of me. One slapped me. “Wake up, whore! Open your slut mouth and stick out your tongue!” I did as told. They started to spit in my face and into my mouth, ‘till the spit was running down my face, my tongue and my neck and ran into the dumpster to mix with the garbage and the piss. After fifteen minutes or so they were done and left me.

Larissa, Lisa, Djamila and Kimberly came up to me and instructed some guys to get me out of the dumpster. I stood on wobbly legs, being supported by Larissa and Djamila. Garbage stuck to my cum, piss and spit covered body. I had never felt so dirty, so humiliated. Even the rape scene in the alley had not been this bad.
The girls led me to a shower and washed me. When I was clean they covered me with soft little kisses and told me I was the most submissive whore they’d ever seen. I put on the sub-harness again, but was allowed to cover myself with a negligee as well.

We went back to the lounge and had dinner. We drank wine. I was a bit silent after all the intense experiences from this afternoon. At about nine o’clock Mike walked up to me and grabbed the leash. He didn’t say a word, just started to pull me along. “Oh God, oh God, oh God”, I thought. I had all but forgotten about Mike. Was he angry at what I had done? He pulled me into the corridor and into his room. He ordered me to sit on my hands and knees on his bed. He stuck his cock into my cunt, pulled it out and shoved it into my ass, all in one swift move. “UUUHHHMMMM”, I moaned. Mike kept fucking my ass like he expected to find gold there and within a minute I started to come again. Mike needed a couple more minutes and then shot his warm cum into my ass. He pulled me off the bed, pushed me down on my knees and had me clean his cock. Again I was licking my own shit of someone’s cock. When I was done he pulled me up by my hair and pushed me out of his room into the hallway and closed the door. I just stood there for a while, looking at the closed door, tears in my eyes.

Slowly I turned around and started down the hallway to my own room. I hadn’t gone far when another door opened, and I was pulled into a room. There were three Mad Dogs and they had me straddle one, his cock in my cunt. The next shoved his cock into my freshly fucked ass and the third had me suck his dick. Within fifteen minutes my ass and cunt were cum filled and my face was again covered with slimy cum and I was pushed out of the room. I stood in the hallway, cum running down my thighs and face.

I started down the hall again. I hadn’t gone far when a door opened and two Bitches stepped out. They looked at me, “oh look, it’s the garbage whore…”, one of them said. They both started to spit in my face. I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out. They spit in my mouth until the spit ran down my tongue and onto my tits. They laughed and passed me, going to the lounge.

I finally made it to my room. I closed the door and fell back onto my bed. I lay there, looking up at the ceiling, tears rolling down my cheeks. There would be no “Mike and me” now…. I was nothing now, just a whore, a slave, a cumdump for people to whip, to fuck, to spit or piss on….

There was a scratching at the door. I got up and opened the door. Geronimo walked in, followed by a big Rottweiler. I looked at his nametag, “Tecumseh”. Geronimo leapt up and put his front paws on my shoulders. He licked my face a couple of times. I opened my mouth and he licked my tongue, licked inside my mouth. I slowly fell forward, onto my hands and knees. Tecumseh immediately mounted me and, lucky bastard, found my cunt with the first thrust. He hammered away at my cunt like a dog possessed. I grabbed Geronimo’s cock and started sucking him off. I loved the feel of his cock, the power that coursed through it. Also, getting fucked again was a great escape from my depressed feelings. My cunt was now so sensitive that I started to come as soon as Tecumseh shoved his cock in and I moaned past Geronimo’s cock in my mouth, “UHM, UHM, UHM!” It didn’t take Tecumseh long to fill my cunt with his hot cum. He pulled out, my cunt so stretched he didn’t tie. Geronimo came and I pointed his cock at my face and had him shoot his entire load onto my face.

Tecumseh scratched at the door. I opened it and both dogs slipped through. I was alone again. I lay back on the bed again, dog cum running from my cunt and drying on my face. The door opened. Larissa and Lisa came in. I looked at them. They didn’t say a word, just fastened my wrist cuffs to the headboard and my ankles to the foot of the bed. Then they left.

All through the night guys would come in, fuck my cunt, or my ass, or had me suck them off, and then they would leave, all without saying a word. In the morning Lisa and Larissa came back in and looked at me. “You look well fucked, girl!”, Larissa said. They helped me into the shower and helped me wash. When we were done Kimberly and Donna were in the room. They had picked out clothes for me to wear. I put on black leather pants with holes down the side, a black leather top, cowboy boots and my club jacket. Of course I was still wearing my “SLAVE” collar with the 15 inch chain leash. We went to the lounge and had breakfast. Guys were coming up to me and told me they had enjoyed yesterday’s party, and were looking forward to the next.
After breakfast Donna, Lisa, Carmelita, Bobby Sue, Djamila, Kimberly, Larissa and I made our way down to ground level. About twenty Mad Dogs were waiting there, revving their Harleys. Suddenly someone pulled on my leash. It was Mike. “Hey Bobbi-baby! You’re riding with me!” My heart soared! I straddled his bike in front of him, the way I had done the day we met. “Where are we going?”, I asked.
He kissed me. “Sturgis, honey! Sturgis!”, he said. “Biggest Harley party in the world!”.

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