Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

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My wife slipped out of bed one morning and went to our kitchen and returned snuggling up against me and said she brought something for me to practice with. I turned to her and said what are you talking about? My wife then pulled her hand from the covers and showed me a cucumber, which I responded with, and what is that for? I want you to imagine your sucking a cock, I want to see you sucking it up close, and then she placed it at my lips and said open like a good little cock sucker I know you are. So I opened my mouth and she slowly pushed it into my mouth and started moving it in and out saying that’s it honey, work this cock, after a few moments she straddled me and slid my hard cock deep into her and said it was a huge turn-on watching me, we continued this for a while and then she started climaxing saying oh fuck yes, make him cum, make him cum, and that’s when I exploded into her cunt, she rolled off of me and then said we need to go on another adventure. well it wasn’t long after we both showered and got dressed, her in a skirt, tube top and tennis shoes, and me in sweatpants, t-shirt and tennis shoes, we headed for our favorite Adult book store, parked in back and entered the store through a back entrance, paid the girl at the counter for passage to the Adult movie arcade. We walked around the isles a few times and noticed several guys eyeing us and watching our every move, then we moved to the back of the arcade and found a large viewing booth with wide cushioned benches on the back and side walls, we entered and this time I left the door unlatched, the moving playing was a couple guys having fun in a 69 position. So my wife laid down on the bench, pulled her skirt up, spread her legs and said I need you to fuck me now! So, I slid down my pants and proceeded to slide my hard cock into her already wet pussy. After fucking for only a minute or so, the door opened and one of the guys eyeing our movements entered and closed and latched the door behind him, started watching the movie and watching my wife and I fucking slowly, then he moved over beside the bench at our heads and pulled his cock out and started stroking it real slow, my wife smiled at me and said I know what you’re going to do, and with that I moved my head toward his cock and opened my mouth as he slid his hard shaft in touching the back of my throat, it wasn’t but a few moments after I started sucking with a smooth rhythm that he stiffened up leaning forward, moaned and started squirting his warm load down my throat, my wife had positioned her head close under and was watching his cock pulsating as he released his cum, I had to stop my cock moving in and out of her pussy so I wouldn’t cum myself, after milking his cock for a couple minutes, he stepped back zipped his pants, smiled and left the room. My wife asked me if I like his cum, which I smiled and nodded my head yes. Then the door opened again and another man entered shutting and latching the door behind him, came over to the bench and immediately asked to fuck my beautiful wife, now how could I deprive my wife of such pleasure, and before I could answer my wife asked to see his cock, so he pulled down his pants and revealed his long fat cock, she smiled and said hell yes, please do, fuck me good. So I pulled my cock out and let this guy get between my wife’s legs and watched him slide his cock into her awaiting pussy, she instantly arched her back and started moaning and saying how good it felt, he started out slowly moving his cock in and out and then increasing the rhythm until he was pounding my wife’s wet pussy deep, hard and fast. I moved over to my wife’s head and lowered my cock to her lips and she eagerly started sucking my hard-on, then this guy leaned down and started licking my cock and my wife let it slide out of her mouth and he quickly sucked it into his moist mouth and I almost shot my load right there and then, but, I managed to hold off for at least a minute or so before unloading my cum into his mouth and as he was swallowing we heard him grunting as he shoveled his cock deep into my wife making my wife cum also, she then said he’s like a fire hose and coached him on by telling him to cum big. I pulled back and he continued groaning saying fuck this feels good. After he finished, he got off the bench, pulled his pants up, thanked us both and left, I followed him to the door and latched it closed. I returned to my wife and she said, OMG he shot cum hard and long, I’m completely full of his cum, you got to clean his cum up, and with that being said, I knelt down between my wife’s legs and notice gobs of cum already oozing out from her darkened red pussy lips, so I immediately started licking and sucking every last drop of delicious cum from her steaming pussy. We then cleaned up with courtesy paper towel dispenser hanging on the wall, left after buying some play toys and drove home both with big smiles on our faces and realizing once again adding to our roll-playing adventures at home for months to come.

By Tommy

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