Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

Martin was a sixteen year old thug who was not liked, he was homophobic, racist and violent and suspected of being responsible for many local burglaries, Martin was stood outside the small corner shop in the shadows watching the shop, Martin knew that the Bengali owner of the shop had not been to the bank for a few days so he had guessed that there would be plenty of money in the shop he had seen the shop owner and his wife go home a hour ago and since they had left there had been no lights or movement in the shop, Martin started walking towards the shop and after a final check slipped round to the rear of the shop, inside the shop the owners son Ali who was two years younger than what Martin was sat waiting the owner had been tipped off that there might be a burglary, when Martin forced the window open Ali got ready he looked at the two German Shepherd dogs his dad had hired and said to them ” this is the thug that beats me up ” when Martin came in through the window legs first Ali released the dogs who started barking and ran towards the window, before Martin could react the dogs were on him the dogs grabbed a mouthfull each of the legs of Martins joggers and started to pull growling as they did, Ali watched as the dogs were pulling at Martins joggers, the joggers started to slide down and after a minute they had slid right down, Ali saw that Martin had no underwear on and he had clear view of Martins seven inch dick as it flopped around, Martin was trying to pull himself back up but could not and fell to the floor when he lost his grip on the window frame, as he fell his tee shirt got snagged in a metal hook and ripped straight up the back, as he tried to fight off the dogs the remains of Martin’s tee shirt fell from his body, his joggers were on by one foot only, Martin tried to stand but fell backwards onto his back, one of the dogs lay across his chest snarling in his face, Martin was to scared to move and lay still as he lay they Martin felt a dog licking his legs when it started to lick his dick Martin became more scared, Ali was sat watching the scene as he watched he saw Steve’s dick grow to a full nine inch erection which the dog carried on licking, Martin was regreting taking the viagra before leaving home and was wishing the dog would stop licking his dick, Ali sat watching enjoying what he was seeing and after five minutes smiled when Martin squirted cum in four spurts, the dog on Martins chest got off Martin pushed the other dog away and got as he turned to reached up for the window he lost his balance and fell forward over a box as he did one of the dogs jumped at him, Martin felt the dogs paws on his shoulders and a damp patch on his bum cheeks and realised that it was the dogs dick, Martin tried to get up but the weight of the dog was to much for him and he could not get up, Martin felt the damp patch sliding around on his bum cheeks and when it slid down the crack of his bum he struggled harder but still could not get up then to his horror Martin felt the dogs dick pushing into his bum and screamed when it slid right in, Ali sat watching in awe as the dog humped away into the violent thug’s bum wishing it was him and not the dog, Martin could not do anything he was powerless to stop the dog as it pounded away into his bum after ten minutes Martin felt the dogs dick twitching and realising the dog had cum knew his ordeal would soon be over and when the dog withdrew it’s dick Steve very quickly scrammbled up through the window and ran home never to commit another burglary and became quiet and less violent.

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