Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

Carianne had never even thought about having sex with an animal before, but was feeling tired and wanted to just lie down for a short nap. Carianne was 36 years old, small 34B breasts, light colored hair, grey eyes, around 5’7 with a brown hairy pussy, thin waist and long slim legs.

She owns a large dog called Max, a mix between black lab and rottie. It was sunny and she was alone laying in the garden and was tired, wearing just thin shorts, no panties, and a off the shoulder top. She was having a hard time getting comfortable and kept rolling over from side to side until finally she just got on her back and lay there that way. Finally, Carianne was able to doze off.

She felt soothing next to her and opened her eyes. It was her dog Max trying to cuddle up beside her, or that’s what she thought. So she slid over to make room for him. Max had his face by the inside of her thighs and the rest of his body down the length of her legs. He lay his face between her legs with his nose inches away from the flimsy material of her shorts, and she dozed back off. As she was asleep she could feel her dog breathing on her inside leg. It was kind of weird, but felt good at the same time. As she lay there, on her back, asleep but aware, Carianne just let herself relax more and more. She had never felt her dog breathing over her pussy before and that’s pretty much what he was doing, and normally she would have pushed his face away but it honestly felt really good and she didn’t see any harm in it, so, she didn’t do anything about it. Carianne did open her legs a little wider, causing the thatch of brown pubic hair to become visible beneath her loose shorts, she didn’t know why but she did. She thought she even got herself a little wet, but still, harmless. Max’s face was still laying there between the heat of her legs, he was breathing so heavy. God, it felt so good feeling the warmth of his breath across her shorts. She opened her legs wider and pulled her shorts to one side, her pussy mound on show and her labia exposed. Carianne wasn’t fully asleep, obviously, but she was very relaxed. She didn’t want to move and make him get up so she just lay there, letting him breathe onto her slit, getting wetter and wetter thinking ‘Oh my God this is so weird but she can’t move as it feels too good. He woke up, adjusted his body a little bit then sniffed her crotch, put his nose on her vagina and kept sniffing, then, licked the outside of her pussy lips a little. Carianne panicked, pushed his face away and stopped. She told him to lay back down, and she closed her eyes again. He lay his face back down and she thought that was the end of it. She thought to herself, ‘wow…this kinda went a little too far but it won’t happen again’. Carianne let herself relax again, and drifted back off to sleep, or tried to. She couldn’t stop thinking about how good it felt. ‘OMG what’s wrong with me??’ Well, she wanted to feel his warm breath hovering over her crotch again so she spread her legs wider still and nudged his face back over her soaked pussy and lay there with her eyes closed feeling her sex get wet again, hoping he’d smell her scent and react. He didn’t, at first. So she just closed her eyes once more and turned her head to the side and tried to forget that any of this just happened.

Next thing she knew, Max was shoving his face right between her legs, eagerly sniffing and licking. Carianne didn’t push him away this time. By now, she was already so wet and was getting what she wanted. She then slid her shorts even further to the side so he could get right to where the wetness was coming from. He licked all around her pussy and then suddenly she felt his long tongue going inside her hole ‘…OMG my dogs tongue is INSIDE my pussy!’. It was too late to change her mind after letting it get this far, Carianne’s cunt was so wet, it was throbbing! Carianne couldn’t stop. It felt SO good, she can’t even describe it in words, other than she got this warm flushing sensation all across her body, she felt like she was floating. her pussy couldn’t help but to grind against his eager tongue. As good as that felt, Carianne wanted more …like she wanted his cock inside her! It didn’t go that far, but she did orgasm several times while he tongue-fucked her wet hole trying to clean her soaked pussy. Carianne will write about this again the next time it happens, and she hopes it happens again soon.

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