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She had stayed with her brother and his wife many times. She had always gotten on well with her sister in law.

Julia was 35. A tall busty long haired blonde 5,11 blue eyes. Slim and athletic.

Her sister in law Carly was 5’9 busty with long dark hair green eyes.

Julia was married she was in town for a week, for a conference. Staying with her brother was a convenient 5 minute drive to the conference venue. She had been out for walks with Carly the two girls making the most of the time. Carly’s husband worked late most nights. They had often discussed fantasies and things they loved to do. Carly had embraced them more than Julia. Both had never expected there husbands to be into what they often talked about.

They went out for lunch as both had the afternoon off. The sun shone and the mercury rose. Carly wore a floral summer dress. The thin straps holding the V Neck dress over her D Cup bust revealing parts of her blue lacy bra. Her dark hair pushed back in a black headband. The dress revealing three quarters of her well tanned thighs.

Julia wore a high waisted navy pencil skirt. A black silk blouse and blue heels. Her blonde hair tied into a high pony tail.

They sat in the cafe sipping there orange juices and eating lunch. They laughed and joked. They were best friends. Jason liked they got on but sometimes wished they didn’t.

They arrived home at 1 pm. They sat in the lounge on the two seater. They talked. Julia kicked her heels off.

” You have nice legs ” Carly said.
” Thanks ” Julia said. ” You to.” She added reaching out putting her hand on her sister in laws knees. Carly reached over to Julia stroking her knee. Both girls looked over and laughed at themselves feeling each others legs.
” You have nice breasts to” Julia said sliding her hand up Carly front to her bust. They had seen each other naked many times, but never in a sexual way.
” Thank you ” Carly replied looking down at her husbands sister feeling her bust over her dress. Her nipples hardening. She smiled at Julia. ” You to ” Carly said reaching over to Julia’s bust fondling over her blouse.
” Been with a female? ” Carly asked.
” No” Julia said.

They leant across to each other and kissed lips . They french kissed there tongues teasing each other. They squeezed each others bust, feeling each others hardening nipples as they kissed. Julia slid a hand into Carly’s dress over her bra pushing the strap of her dress down. She kissed down Carly’s neck to her bust. Kissing her cleavage Julia slid her hand down to Carly’s thigh. She opened her leg sliding her hand up the inside of her thigh until her finger tips touched her underwear. Carly opened her legs as Julia ran her fingers up and down Carly’s underwear over her moistening pussy. Carly held Julia’s head into her bust as Julia slid a finger inside Carly’s underwear to her pussy rubbing her moist flesh. She kissed Carly’s lips as she slid a finger into her pussy.

” Fuck bitch ” Carly said reaching over unbuttoning Julia’s blouse. Each button revealing more of Julia’s black lacy bra and cleavage. Julia stood as Carly undid Julia skirt pulling down the zip. Julia dropped it to the floor stepping out of it standing in her matching bra and g string. She turned to Carly. Carly stood the girls embraced kissing. Carly kissing Julia’s busy. Julia pulled down Carly’s dress then panties. Carly sat as Julia knelt between her legs opening them. She leant in licking up her inside thigh around the outside of her pussy then with the tip of her tongue lightly over her pussy lips up to her clit and down ad she slid a hand up to Carly’s breasts fondling outside her bra, feeling her hard nipples as she licked Carly’s pussy lips and clit.

Julia slid a finger into Carly. She finger fucked her pussy as she licked up and down her pussy lips pushing her tongue inside them tasting her sweet juices. Carly lay back groaning as her husbands sister pleasured her pussy. She finger fucked and circled her clit with her tongue as Carly groaned and shuddered. Julia kept going as Carly Yelled ” Fuck” as she orgasmed. Julia kissed up her body to her breasts reaching behind unclipping Carly’s bra taking it off. She caressed her naked breasts her finger still in her pussy. Carly groaning as Julia still fingered her sucking her nipples. Carly reached behind Julia’s back unclipping her bra releasing her breasts. Julia rolled onto her back legs open as Carly rolled on top of her there breasts squashed against each other they kissed as Carly slid down Julia’s body sucking her nipples as she fondled them. They got onto the floor in a 69. Carly on top. They circled each others clits. Carly pushing Julia’s legs open licking up and down pushing her finger deep inside her. Julia lifted her head licking Carly. She pushed her tongue into Carly’s pussy as far as it would go. Both girls groaning and moaning.

“Hey Julie ” Carly said.
“What babe” Julia said.
” Shall I call a friend.” Carly said.
” Male or Female ” Julia asked.
” Female. Toni she hot sexy and has a delicious pussy.”
” Ok ” Julia said as Carly turned around on Julia straddling her. Carly looked up at Julia’s breasts as she reached for her phone dialing a number. She talked for a minute then hung up.
” Shes 5 minutes away.” Carly said she lay down on Julia kissing her lips. They french kissed and fondled each other. Moments later there was a knock at the door Carly stood and looked out the side window. Toni stood at the door waiting.

Toni a 33 yr old Brunette. Short shoulder length hair. She wore a short black skirt and heels and a blue sleeveless lace top her blue bra visible through the lace. Her hair up in a pony tail. Carly walked naked to the door opening it. Julia sat naked on the couch and Carly and Toni walked into the lounge. Julia stood as she was introduced. Toni looked up and down Julia’s body smiling. Toni was married as well.

Carly stood at Toni’s side she put her arm around Toni kissing her lips. Julia stood on Toni’s other side as Toni leant over to Julia kissing her. Julia fondled Toni’s bust as she kissed her lips. ” Lets get this bitch naked ” Carly said. Carly lifted Toni’s top over her head. Julia fondled her bust kissing her cleavage in her blue lacy bra. She unclipped it pulling it off. Julia caressed and sucked her nipples. Toni groaned as Carly undid her skirt dropping it to the ground. Toni sat down as Julia sat next to her both girls kissing and fondling each others breasts.

Carly removed Toni’s underwear revealing her pink shaved pussy opening her legs rubbing her pussy lips. Carly leant in flicking her clit with her tongue sliding a finger deep inside her pussy. Toni groaned as Julia stood on the couch presenting her pussy to Toni. Toni licked and sucked it as Carly licked and sucked hers.

They got up and walked to the main bedroom. They lay on the bed. They lay in a circle. Toni at Julia’s pussy. Carly at Toni’s Pussy and Julia and Carly’s. The girls licked and sucked each others pussies. They moaned and groaned then swapped around.

All afternoon the three girls had sex.

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